Lilith visits Villa Azteca



By Aleq de Satyr


Lilith Medea is a 60-year-old Jewish freelance journalist, a writer, and a radical Feminist-Socialist activist. A few months ago, I had the privilege of reviewing and editing Lilith’s big, new novel titled “Lost and Found” and other esoteric writings. The novel is a white-hot fury, sprawling, and profane picaresque slutty older woman’s juicy journey of dreams, nightmares, and fantasies thru “madness”… The language is explicit and flowery and full of wry Jewish humor, simply stunning. Sixty years for her is not really old.

“I have the cunt of a 30 year old’s tight, elastic and buoyant and the libido of a 20 year old’s” she claims…She has always been on the go, very fit and highly spirited. Lilith Medea is her pseudonym. We have been very intimate friends for a very long time. Indeed, we sunbathe in the nude and have watched each other being fucked. We are both bisexual but have never fucked each other. Our friendship is both genuine and authentic for a Jew and an Indian who are both very hairy…LOL. We are not exactly centerfolds but fucking delectable crones.

Lilith had been divorced for some time. She still looks good, attractive, sensual, sultry and surprisingly younger, her weathered face notwithstanding; with a slender body, nicely rounded bubble ass, long beautiful smoky-gray hair, a very thick and hairy bush and gray-green cat-like eyes; thick dark eyebrows and full lips and a hippy at heart. She is a mensch (mature, wise) with an inscrutable Sphinx-like demeanor. She describes herself as a “multi-cultural, bi-lingual Jewish, Afro-mantic Feminist” who treasures her old faded denims, and debunks the conventionally glamorous look. This tale is an excerpt from her unpublished memoirs.


Call me Lilith

My fuck-buddy and lover Rico came over on the day of the summer solstice to bid me farewell. He had to attend to some family problems in Brazil. He had come to fuck me before leaving and he did fuck me but good; most assiduously with total dedication. I thrashed about and moaned, my cunt dripping juice profusely. The aroma of my cunt hung heavily in the room, melodic arias emanated from a CD. Our bodies wet and panting, riding wave after wave of orgasmic explosions…And we fucked again and again, lavishly…My every orgasm was a prelude to the next fuck… And I came and came, again and again until I could come no more; and finally my tears. I was an unleashed sex-enthusiast and at my age?

“O God, I can fuck like this forever. I feel like a young woman again” I chirped. For two days we were closeted in my lonely house, fucking endlessly…I appreciated the good quality sex. Fucking elevated to an art form…And when I was on top, Oh my Goddess, I rode his hard cock expertly with aplomb while maintaining eye contact and whispering obscenities in English and Yiddish, my body shaking and trembling. “You are a true Revelation!! They don’t make them like that anymore! He said later. “You are always welcomed to my cunt” I gushed as he was leaving, handing him a symbolic key….


After Rico’s departure I became extremely despondent and lonely and very horny. My cunt ached, my clitoris throbbed incessantly… Rico had been fucking me regularly since Easter when we met. I simply love and enjoy his huge 10 inch long thick Black cock, his prowess, expertise and stamina; how he plows my drenched cunt endlessly. I tried masturbation but it simply was not satisfactory. Not the same as a hard male body pounding a very hard dick into your cunt and flooding you with thick hot spunk.

I’d been reading about the legend of Lilith the Jewish sex Goddess, the first Feminist Goddess and was inspired by her credo “Unleash your inner wild woman” to all women….Lilith is associated with sexual energy, creativity, rebellion, and feminine power. She is a symbol of divine matriarchal energy that refuses to be dominated or controlled. Goddess Lilith, catapulted me on the journey that has been my Küçükköy escort bayan dream these past few years– I decided to adopt her name– In that time, Lilith has slowly returned into my body and made me earthy, passionate, energetic, outspoken and sometimes outrageous…Now, weathered, I plan to emerge from a voluntary celibacy and exercise some wildness and power… Yes Lilith, you have a very hungry cunt; what you need is a really good, mind blowing fuck for hours and hours I thought to myself. Men fuck women, not the other way around…I want to change that now I thought. And I was so ready and eager to do just that.

Villa Azteca is a lush retreat owned by the 62 year old Pagan-Gothic celebrity and pan-sexual, Yulia de Azteca, aka the whore of Babylon whose exclusive cable adult TV show “The New Paganism” has become quite a hit with viewers…She is also a celebrated artist. Painting spectacular landscapes with erotic motifs is both her hobby and vocation, which had brought her to the American South West, after traveling around the world. Her paintings had been exhibited at Art Fairs. Yulia has been a confidante of mine for two years. She has been described as a temptress, alluring and rapacious, and a grade A bitch; the stuff of legend, wandering thru a world of privilege and decadence. She has had three husbands all of whom died mysteriously leaving her with abundant wealth. Her life had been dramatic. She is fiery, controlling and temperamental and her pastime is fucking. Yulia is not beautiful in the glamorous sense but alluring, tempting, lascivious, sensual…Exuding liveliness and femininity. She is frank and startling and steamy. Her rich voice a sultry sound which many find attractive…Somehow she respected and deferred to me.

Yulia finally invited me over to her Villa Azteca on the outskirts of the city for the interview she had long promised my Feminist Journal of the Arts, The Quim which she so generously supports. Rumor had it that Yulia kept a harem of young studs who serviced her and I intended to find out. It was a very warm Friday afternoon when I arrived at the Villa clad casually in a tank top no bra, wrap around denim skirt no panties and rope sandals. A Gothic young woman, early 20’s with a Mohawk hair style called Jeni Talia welcomed me at the front door. She wore a short tunic that barely covered her bubble ass and slim shaved cunt.

Yulia received me in her parlor adorned with carvings and copper statues and paneled in red brocade…The floor was carpeted and furnished with futon- recliners, couches and ottomans. Soft meditative music filled the place with pleasant sound mixed with the scent of jasmine and cinnamon. Her kohled eyelids and long lashes were mesmerizing. She had some magic about her that afternoon, a subtle heat, a curious vividness and a hint of unlimited sexual possibilities…Her fragrance enveloped me like a morning fog as we sat naked at her insistence, facing one another, drinking cognac, smoking a joint eating smoked sea food. I feasted my eyes on her gorgeous shaved pierced cunt, spread out before me; her breasts, her soft-hard belly, her meaty vulva, her big turgid clitoris. I fell in love with her. She suggested we put the interview on hold; we talked intimately, laughed a lot admired each other’s bodies. Our banter had become lewd, erotic, making horny my pussy wet.

“I’d love to fuck you Lilith” she whispered, I took a long drag on my joint. “I’m flattered, and I’d love that” I said…”But there is time, first you need a welcome treat” she said. Then in walked a young dude wearing a velour robe opened to reveal a semi erect very big cock. His name was Rocky; he is part Creole part Navajo, one of Yulia’s four “companions” who live in the villa. His smooth mocha complexion was very sexy, his athletic body very hot. He wasted no time getting fresh with me after a drink and a few drags on a joint. He stroked my breasts my belly thighs and my cunt admiring how hairy it was. I was very much Escort Mecidiyeköy aroused, my wet cunt clenched my clitoris throbbed…Yulia watched as Rocky held me in his arms nibbling at my nipples. His thighs were hard against my own as he rubbed himself like a big cat against me from behind. I felt his immense cock, hard, aroused, rubbing slowly, luxuriously against my ass crack and pressed it against my swollen cunt, the tip probing up and down my vulva, clitoris, driving me crazy, hungry to feel him inside me..

Rocky turned me around bending me across the futon. I felt his cock huge, hard like a log sliding up and down my juicy vulva from behind. I began to tremble as he started to thrust into me. I groaned and raised myself higher to swallow him deeper. His cock was so hard, so strong, thrusting relentlessly in and out of my soaking pussy. I was so wet I could hear his cock moving inside me eliciting slurpy, squishy, sounds while I farted repeatedly…He fucked and fucked my cunt inside and out, slowly, patiently for a long time; The pleasure was excruciating…My body began to quake as I felt a long convulsive orgasm sweep thru me. He pulled out of my cunt and fucked me in the ass for long moments, it felt very good. Then on my back with my legs wide open and up in the air Rocky pounded my cunt deep, mercilessly, relentlessly grunting noisily as the sounds from my cunt got louder with juices flowing out of my pussy. He fucked me and fucked me very hard as I howled with pleasure. A veritable sex athlete he was…

“You love it don’t you; this is how I fuck cougars” he said. And still he fucked me as I came and came non-stop…Finally he erupted inside me pouring gallons of hot spunk into my twat…I drifted off into sleep briefly.

When I woke up Rocky had turned his attention to Yulia fucking her passionately, his ass and thigh muscles rippled strongly as he pounded her cunt.

“O go deep” she said shuddering, “go deep”, as Rocky repeatedly pounded his hard cock balls deep into her…His thrusts were precise, centered, strong, slow, compelling. Yulia clung to him her cunt closed tight around his cock. She moaned Rocky’s name like a timeless desert song, her body keeping rhythm with his…Her gasps echoed in the room.

“More, more, give me more, I will wait for you!!” she wailed as the long, feverish fucking became intense, passionate, gloriously modulated…A breathtaking, sweetly endless Tantric fucking…Then finally Rocky burst into her in long, luxurious jets, pouring, spilling his hot cum into her as she flew to the sky screaming his name… They continued to fuck as I headed to the bathroom to wash myself with Rocky’s thick semen running down my inner thighs. I felt refreshed, rejuvenated satiated after a soothing sensual massage by Jeni. I decided to stay for a while to find out what Yulia had instore for me. I slept soundly for hours…

The next day was very hot so we retreated to the poolside where I met the rest of the “companions”. Miray an attractive sultry woman in her early 40’s of Turkish origin with a shaved pierced cunt and nipples, tattoos on her ass cheeks and rings on all fingers. She exuded tremendous sensuality. Then there was Izil, a Tuareg African in his early 30’s from the Sahel region. His briefs were filled with a huge bulge that got my attention. His coffee-colored very athletic body shone like polished wood; quite an interesting company I thought. There was lots of food booze and pot. Yulia is extravagant. She and Rocky were already at the poolside fucking seriously when I arrived. I got high very quickly feeling elated enjoying the sun naked on a rubber mat, sipping gin and tonic, playing with my thick bush when Izil approached me with a massive erection that blew my mind. OMG I thought, he was hung like a stallion and he intended to fuck me. Jeni giggled beside me as she sensed my consternation.

“It’s no big deal he fucks me regularly” she said. I looked at her slim cunt in disbelieve. She continued Merter escort to play melodic tunes on her guitar; the ambience was serene charged with eroticism. Izil stroked my hair my boobs sucked my clitoris for long moments until I was soaking wet. His mega thick cock was bulging with thick veins, very fucking hard heavy and super strong. It was very scary yet fascinating. “Do you want all of it in your cunt” he asked. I nodded.

Opening the folds of my hairy labia, he pushed his monster cock gently into my saturating warm wetness. My cunt was all swollen with passion. God that felt wonderful. Thrusting in deeply, pulling out; in and out ad infinitum. Watching my face with pleasure as everything else in the world disappeared for me. The walls of my cunt sucking the cock, gripping and kneading, pulling it deeper and deeper into my womb forever. Delicious, Oh, Goddess, so wonderful. I let him ride me, dizzy with pleasure; I let him command my body with his skill as the fires of my orgasms consumed me and I came and came nonstop. Izil continued to fuck me deep, hard and strong for a very long time and I wanted it that way. I couldn’t be filled enough. My eyes grew wide and greedy as he drove his cock into me magnificently. “Fuck her harder Izil she wants it” encouraged Jeni.

I came again and again like a storm, with huge cries, my body shaking violently. “Good baby, give it all to me” said Izil, gushing inside me also with a wrenching groan, soaking the towel with lots of overflowed semen, his body wracked with the after-shocks, while laughing and sighing and hugging each other in the pure joy of living and fucking. When he pulled out of me semen gushed out to form a puddle under my ass… An hour later Izil refreshed himself with a full glass of cognac and a joint. Then lying on his back, his dick again hard rigid and straight, Miray straddled him and sank down on the rigid pole impaling herself. I watched the entire mammoth dick disappear inside the woman. Then she rode him like an accomplished equestrian on and on until she exploded in a powerful orgasm with a loud cry, her body trembling and shaking violently. Izil was totally magnificent. Indeed, he fucked me royally again that evening at his quarters, drenching me with more semen. “You have a very splendid cunt, so fucking tight” he whispered. We slept soundly spoon fashion his cock buried deep inside me.

Sunday afternoon on my third day at the Villa. Sweet and fragrant melodies, exotic and sacred music in Yulia’s boudoir. Yulia Jeni and I lounged naked on silken sheets on a wide mattress with graceful abandon, passing around a pipe of sensimilia and hashish. Yulia had fucked me senseless, doggy-style earlier with a massive black strap on cock that almost wrecked my cunt…Frolicking with Yulia’s juicy cunt with exquisite thoroughness, I ate her ravenously. Her hair spread out like a mane. The peaks of her tits straining upward, imposingly; her pierced clitoris in magnificent erection as I exposed her dark and moist twat to light and air. Pinching, fondling the straining clitoris, the hot juicy vulva, pressing my mouth between the engorged, salty lips. She rotated her hips grinding against my face, fully enjoying the sucking, biting and licking, in a frenzy. Jeni began to lick my cunt, my clitoris slurping and sucking while she vibrated her own little cunt with a motorized dildo. Yulia came and came, screaming and thrashing about, and I came with her again…Rocky walked in then with a silly grin and a huge rampant erection, he must have heard our cries.

He climbed onto the bed took the dildo away from Jeni, spread her legs wide open and sank his bobbing erection into her; amazing how that slim little cunt gobbled up the huge dick. Rocky fucked her slowly with smoldering intensity while Yulia and I watched…Jeni sobbed and whimpered with pleasure then howled in an intense orgasm her raised legs shaking and trembling. It was a wonderful beginning to a beautiful relationship. The interview was still on hold but as they say first things first. I departed from Azteca profoundly shaken by the experience…Quite a re awakening for me. I have been royally, irrevocably fucked senseless, filled with gallons of spunk. My hungry cunt was totally satiated, my thirst and hunger slaked. Mazel tov!! Call me Lilith.


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