I peered into the rearview mirror and saw the familiar VW logo of Jenna’s Jetta. Not that I was worried about her finding her way. We’d been driving this route to the beach for over 15 of her 20 years, so she certainly knew the route. It was pretty much a straight shot from Columbia to Charleston on I-26 and then a short jog over to Isle of Palms. Nothing to it.

I turned to look at Patty, my wife of twenty-five years, as she stretched out her long tan legs in the passenger’s seat. She’d been my college sweetheart and she still looked damn fine for having just passed fifty. She’d given me two wonderful daughters and been instrumental in the success of our real estate business back in Columbia. The villa at the beach had been a reward for our hard work and good fortune and had served our family well over the past fifteen years.

I was sad that our older daughter, Laura, wouldn’t be joining us for our yearly August week at the beach this year. But she was gainfully employed in New York and seemed happy with her new city life, so I had to feel good that she was well on her way toward adulthood.

And so to take Laura’s place on our annual pilgrimage this year, Jenna had talked me into letting her college roommate join us for the week. Lisette, or Lissie as I learned to call her, had actually flown down on Thursday and spent a few days at our home before our departure this morning. After a week at the beach they’d both garner their forces and head back to Clemson for their junior year.

We had met Lissie before, at Parents Weekends and the like. But this was the first time I’d spent any time around her. The girls had spent the previous two days shopping and hanging around the house, getting ready for our week away.

It hadn’t taken much arm-twisting on Jenna’s part to convince me to let Lissie join us. She was a stunningly beautiful young lady and had a disarmingly genuine personality one wouldn’t expect from such a beauty. She was from Maryland and, therefore, had a passion for soft shell crabs and the Orioles. She was courteous and polite and so very, very easy on the eyes. I smiled as the thought of being surrounded by three beautiful ladies in bikinis for a week permeated my thoughts.

“What are you smiling about, big shot?” asked Patty.

“Oh, nothing, hon. Just thinking about getting to the beach. That’s all,” I lied.

“The girls still behind us?”

“Yes they are,” I stated as I checked in the rearview mirror again. I eased off I-26 , onto 526, hit cruise control at 65, cranked up the sound a notch, and sat back to enjoy the last twemty minutes to the South Carolina seaside.


I grabbed Patty’s hand as we bobbed and weaved along East Bay Avenue, trying to stay up with the girls. It was hard to believe that two young ladies in such short dresses and high heels could keep up such a pace. It almost seemed like the folks walking the street sort of parted ways as they strolled past them. There was an assuredness and confidence in their walk that turned more than a few heads. No doubt if I had been walking the other way I would have done a 180 to admire the rear view as well. And what a view it was. Damn, these girls looked hot; even if one of them was my daughter. I hustled and pulled Patty along so I could keep their twitching little rear ends in view.

We arrived at Magnolias and were seated at our table promptly. I felt quite sure we would get excellent service from the all male staff this evening. We ordered and proceeded to have a wonderful evening.

The past few days had been just what the doctor ordered: lots of sun and beach time mixed in with good food, drinks and laughter. It’s why we loved coming back here each year. The younger girls had gotten into a routine that hadn’t varied: spend the day at the beach, drive into Charleston with us for dinner, then they’d head off to the clubs while Patty and I returned to the villa.

Lissie was a completely charming young lady and was constantly thanking us for our hospitality. I kept telling her it was our pleasure, which was surely true. I couldn’t tell what I enjoyed more: watching Jenna and Lissie bounce around in their skimpy bikinis or strut down the street in their short little sundresses and high heels. I was calling on all my resources to resist simply staring at Lissie most of the time. She had a beguiling “girl-next-door” beauty that seemed to deepen the more I was around her.

She was a few inches taller than Jenna’s 5′-6″ and had a long lean model’s body. Her slender legs went on forever, and meshed into the sweetest hips and ass I had ever seen. She looked fabulous in anything she put on, even the tight little cotton pajama bottoms she lounged around in later in the evenings. Her breasts sat high and hung full and round on her sinuous torso. They looked like they’d be incredibly soft and smooth to the touch. Her nipples were often quite visible through her bikini top; a fact she had to be aware of.

But it was her exquisite face and long flowing auburn hair Gölbaşı Escort that kept getting my attention. She had the kind of chameleon-like beauty that seemed to change with her smile and demeanor. She could look incredibly sexy one minute and like an innocent college kid the next. Her large almond eyes would light up when she smiled, or smolder at other times when she seemed to have something else on her mind. Beauty, brains and body — she had the whole package in spades.

And it might have been my hopeful imagination, but she was a very subtle flirt as well. There were numerous times when I caught her smiling or looking at me when a possibly suggestive comment or innuendo had been made. She leaned over more than once to allow me to gaze at her sumptuous cleavage. And despite my best efforts, I kept leering and getting caught. I’d be watching her cute rear while she was chopping a tomato when she’d suddenly fling her hair, turn and look at me before I could pretend to be looking elsewhere.

“How do you like your tomato sliced, Mr. G?”

“Uh, with a knife, I guess,” I’d reply.

“Very funny. This tomato is so thick and juicy. Perfectly ripe,” she stated matter-of-factly as she licked her fingers seductively.

“That’s just the way I like ’em,” I replied.

She’d smile and turn away, cock her hip seductively and keep slicing. I felt exposed and guilty, but she seemed to take it in stride and, in fact, seemed to enjoy my attention and sense of humor. Certainly she did nothing to hide her body or cover up her ridiculously smooth flesh.

The meal was fabulous and a wonderful bottle of cabernet did nothing to dampen our spirits. The girls were talking about college and the year ahead. The excitement in their voices was palpable and we were happy for their youth and enthusiasm. Somewhere during dessert Patty turned to me.

“Jack, did you remember that Jenna and I have to head back to Columbia for a few hours tomorrow morning?”

I had, in fact, forgotten. But I was reminded now of Jenna’s need to visit the dentist and Patty’s feeling that she had a few things to do back in town. She’d decided to go with Jenna and keep her company for the drive there and back.

“We’re going to leave early, so we should be back by early afternoon. Did you make a reservation for tomorrow night?”

“I did, honey. That’s no problem. I’m sure Lissie and I will find a way to occupy ourselves.”

I stole a quick glance at Lissie and found her eyes smiling at me over the rim of her glass. This was all in my imagination, but I couldn’t help but fantasize just a little. I felt my cock thicken just slightly at the very thought of spending a few hours, however innocently, with this gorgeous co-ed.

We enjoyed the rest of our meal, the overly attentive waiters, and made our way out into the warm Charleston night after dinner. The girls swayed off up East Bay to meet some friends and Patty and I walked hand-in-hand back to the car.

“Lissie is a sweet girl, isn’t she Jack?”

“Very sweet,” I replied. Images of her sweet body were dancing in my head.

Patty was in a good mood after a few glasses of wine, so we talked and laughed all the way back to the villa. I watched my wife’s tight little ass as she walked up the steps and gave her a squeeze. She could still get my motor running after all these years. Sometimes extracurricular thoughts played into it as well.

“You’re pretty sweet too,” I whispered in her ear as I unlocked the door.

“Not that sweet,” she retorted as she tugged on my half-stiff cock and giggled.

We were in the bedroom in no time, clothes everywhere. We’d always found the beach a stimulating place sexually, especially when our daughters weren’t around. And tonight was no exception. Before long we were fucking intensely, but I couldn’t get the image of Lissie out of my head. I suddenly found myself thrusting with a speed and depth that surprised even me. A few minutes after we were finished Patty turned to me.

“Wow. What got into you tonight, tiger?”

“I’m not sure. Must have been the oysters.”

“Well make sure you order them again next time.”

She curled into my arms and we drifted off to sleep.


I squinted through the slats of the wooden blinds and realized the morning was further along than I thought. Patty had been up early and was gone. The thought suddenly dawned on me that it was just Lissie and me in the house. I stroked my cock lightly thinking about the day.

The girls had come home late last night, so I was pretty sure that Patty was driving while Jenna slept on the two hour trip back to Columbia. No doubt Lissie would be sleeping late as well. I, unfortunately, had a meeting with an associate in Mount Pleasant later in the morning that would cut seriously into the few hours Lissie and I would be alone together. I wasn’t sure why I was so fixated on this fact, but I found that, more and more, I just wanted to be in her presence.

I showered, dressed and headed Gölbaşı Escort Bayan downstairs to make coffee. I was halfway through the paper when I heard rustling upstairs, a toilet flush and a few moments later the patter of tender feet descending the stairs. When I looked up Lissie was standing at the bottom of the stairs, hands above her head, stretching and yawning. Her long luscious hair was tangled and matted and looked sexy as hell. She had that sort of “just fucked” look.

She was wearing what I guess could be described as thin cotton pajamas. They were baby blue with little white clouds. The elastic band of the shorts sat low on her flaring hips and the fabric hugged her bottom and then flared slightly at the top of her long lean thighs. The short top was stretched across her delicious breasts and cropped a few inches below. As she stretched her navel and tiny waist were on full display. Her nipples were clearly defined through the thin cotton fabric, and she had to know this. She smiled at me as I ogled.

“Morning Mr. G. Any good news in the paper?”

“Uhh, no, I, uhh… The Orioles lost.” Caught staring again. I was a hopeless case.

“You know where everything is. Help yourself. Coffee is ready,” I stammered.

“Ohh. How sweet. Thank you, Mr. G.”

She sashayed over to the counter and poured a cup. Her body jiggled with each step, clouds bouncing. I tried to go back to reading the paper. She opened the refrigerator and bent over, the cotton bottom tucked tightly into the crevice of her nice round cheeks. I watched from behind as her round rump stretched the thin fabric of her pajama bottoms. I thought I could even see the slight bulge of her labia between her legs.

She grabbed some yogurt, a banana, a cup of coffee and headed over to sit at the table. I tried not to watch as she slipped the banana into her mouth, but she caught me sneaking a peak once again. I felt like I was losing my self-control.

“So, I’m going down to the beach soon. Do you want to come?” She smiled with her eyes as she took another bite of her banana.

“I’d love to come,” I said in a dead-pan. “But, unfortunately, I have to go into Mount Pleasant for a meeting. So perhaps I can join you when I get back.”

“Oooh. That’s too bad. But I’ll let you off the hook this time.” She finished her breakfast and headed upstairs to change. I didn’t have to leave for another hour so I debated doing a brief jaunt down to the beach with Lissie, but I knew this would look completely transparent.

A few minutes later she came down the stairs again, clad in the briefest orange bikini. She’d been working on her tan for a few days now, and her bronze skin was lustrous. She strode up to me as I remained on the stool at the counter.

“Well since Jenna isn’t here, you have to do her job and lather me up with lotion — just in the places I can’t reach.” She handed me the bottle and turned her back to me.

The slim strings of the bikini arched over her slender hips and flared into a small triangle covering her beautiful protruding ass. Another slim string wrapped around the middle of her back holding her top in place. The rear view was astounding and I felt my heart racing. I squirted a generous amount of the warm white lotion into my hand.

“Is this really part of my job description,” I joked.

“It can be,” she retorted.

She lowered the straps off her shoulders and held her breasts to keep the cups in place. If I’d had four hands I would have offered to do that job as well. I spread my palms across her shoulders and massaged the lotion into her skin. Her upper body felt tight and toned. I rubbed the lotion over her shoulders and upper back, all the areas above the string of her top. My rubbing turned into a bit more of a massage, despite my efforts to maintain a “friend’s father” demeanor. She moaned lightly.

“Oooh. That feels so good. You have nice hands, Mr. G.”

“Thank you. You have nice, uh…you’re nice too, Lissie,” I stammered suavely. “You have a nice everything.”

Lissie giggled, threw her hair over her shoulder and turned to smile at me with those big brown eyes. I squeezed some more lotion and spread my palms across the small of her back. She had a tiny waist and her back arched out prominently to her sweet round buns, barely covered by the orange material. I continued to rub and massage the lotion into her ski, skirting the upper slope of her exquisite ass and wanting so badly to slide my hand right into her bikini bottom.

“I’m trying to do a quality job here,” I stated unconvincingly. She let out a soft, but very sexy, moan.

“I can feel that. Excellent quality. You’re hired,” she laughed.

I finished and wanted to give those round cheeks a little pinch or slap, but I resisted with a sigh.

“I’ll be happy to return the favor some time,” she smiled.

“I will most definitely look forward to that, Lissie.”

I saw her steal a glance down at my groin. Fortunately, I had on baggy shorts, or else Escort Gölbaşı she would have clearly discerned my raging erection. She thanked me profusely, padded toward the door and blew me an innocent little kiss.

“Come find me later,” she prodded. It was said in all innocence, but it sounded seductive as hell.

“I will. You can count on it,” I smiled. “Save me some lotion.”

She smiled again and slid out the door. I began to wonder what I was getting myself into.

I headed out an hour later, wishing my day had been structured differently. But it was all for the best, I decided. This was my daughter’s roommate, we were talking about here. I had to be an adult. What had gotten into me?

I put the thoughts out of my mind and headed off to my meeting. Returning to the real world put the crazy thoughts I’d been having out my mind for a few hours. I stopped at the store on the way back to the Isle and picked up a few things we needed. I was figuring Patty and Jenna would be home by the time I returned, but Jenna’s car wasn’t there when I pulled into the driveway. I headed up the stairs, groceries in hand, and figured I’d head down to the beach if Lissie wasn’t in the house.

I was barely in the door when my cell phone rang. It was Patty.

“Jack. I’ve got bad news. We’re having car problems, an alternator, I think. The car place says they can’t get the part they need until tomorrow morning first thing, so we’re going to have to spend the night here and head down tomorrow morning. I’m really sorry.”

“Geez, Patty. Don’t be sorry. That’s a bummer. I can’t believe they can’t fix it today.”

“Well they say they’re backed up, or whatever. It’s okay. How are you and Lissie doing?”

“Actually I just walked in from my meeting and I think she’s still down at the beach so…I guess we’re doing fine,” I replied.

“Well you guys should still use our reservation tonight. Don’t stay home on account of us. I’ll call you first thing in the morning and give you the scoop. Love you.”

“Love you too,” I replied.

She hung up. My mind was racing. The first thing I did was call the restaurant and change our reservation from four to two people. Then I went upstairs and changed into my swim trunks. The potential, the possibilities, rattled around in my brain. On the way out the door I poured vodka, ice and cranberry juice into two insulated cups, grabbed my shades and a chair and headed out the door. This was going to be a very interesting afternoon.

I strode across the boardwalk over the dunes and down onto the hard-packed sand of the typical South Carolina beach. I looked to where we had been hanging out the past few days and only saw Lissie’s chair and bag. Figuring she must have gone for a walk, I sat down in my chair, took a deep swig and made myself comfortable.

One thing I love about the beach is watching people. Every size and shape walks by eventually and it’s a constant parade of sunburned humanity, ranging from the flabby to the fantastic. And I’ve always loved checking out the gorgeous women that love to parade and promenade along the shore. I watched several as they came and went, when one some distance away caught my eye: exquisite shape, long legs, walked like a model. It took me a few seconds to realize that it was Lissie.

Her bikini fit her like a glove. The top seemed to barely support her breasts as her cleavage bobbled noticeably with each step. Her hips swayed as she sauntered through the sand. Most days I would have been agog watching a woman like this walk by, wondering what it would be like to be with her. Now, instead, that beautiful woman was walking up to join me. Will wonders never cease?

She smiled as she approached and realized I’d come down to join her.

“Finally. It’s been so lonely down here. Are Patty and Jenna back yet?” she asked.

“Actually, no. There’s a bit of a problem.” I went on to explain the circumstances and watched Lissie’s response. The corners of her mouth curled in a sultry smile as I finished my saga.

“Oh my. That’s a bummer. Whatever are we going to do with ourselves?” she asked with a shrug.

“Well I took the liberty of changing our reservations at the restaurant, so if you’re up for it, we can still head into Charleston for a nice meal. It’s a great place. You’ll like it.” I caught myself. “Or not. If you’d prefer we can hang out here.” I looked at her quizzically.

“No, no. That sounds great. I’d love to go into Charleston again,” she replied with enthusiasm. “Maybe I can wear my new dress,” she added with a sly grin.

“You can wear anything you want, Lissie. I’d love to see your new dress.”

“Oooh. This is going to be fun,” Lissie smiled.

She sat down in the chair next to mine, then spied the cup slid into the cup holder of her chair and looked at me with a questioning gaze.

“Just a little cool libation for your sipping pleasure,” I said.

She took a sip and a broad grin spread across her face.

“Mr. G. You really know how to treat a lady.”

“I try, sweetie.”

We sat and watched the bodies walk by, enjoying the parade of flesh. We commented on the various men and women that appealed to us and basked in the warm afternoon sun, the icy drink and the display of skin. Suddenly Lissie jumped up.

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