LK Lets Jim Have Her Ass

Big Dicks

LK is Trying too Hard to Cum with Jim!It’s Saturday afternoon, two days after Jim was here last.”Do you think we can have Jim come over this evening?” LK asked.”You have been busy lately. Remember when you only wanted to have one play date a month?” I said.”Yes, but he can shoot his sperm in me so powerful. It’s addicting.””I’ll text Jim, but more fucking less cuddling,” I said.”Thank you, my dear,” LK said.Jim came over, and the evening went like any other,He was able cum the first time he fucked her. But the following six times, he couldn’t get hard enough.After Jim left, she asked, “Is something wrong with me?”No, why do you ask?””He wasn’t able to get hard after the first time.””Maybe he is still nervous!”Can other women cum on their husband and boyfriend’s dick?””I’ve only had one other woman that could cum with me, and it was only a couple of times. I’ve heard that most women can’t. They can only cum by clit stimulation,” I said.”I’ve cum on your dick twice! I’ve been on the edge of cumming so many https://escortium.org times, but I need you guys to last a little longer.””Quit being so sexy, and maybe I can last longer! But relax and enjoy the experience! Quit trying so hard, and it will come,” I said.”Being that young, you would think he would be hard all the time,” LK said.”Give him a couple more tries and see if he improves.” My First Cream pieIt’s been four days, and LK hasn’t asked for Jim until this evening.Right when she walked in the door from work, she asked,”Let’s have Jim over tonight. Can you text him, please?””Hello to you too, sure I will get on that right away for you!” I said.”Sorry, sweetheart! How was your day? Could we please have Jim over tonight?”I text Jim, and he texts back immediately, saying he is on his way. He was knocking on the door within fifteen minutes. I let him in, and he walks straight to the bedroom. LK was taking off her work clothes and heading to the bathroom.”Both of you undress and get in bed, and I’ll be right out.”I stripped, Jim left his underwear on, and we sat waiting for LK to come out of the bathroom, not a word said between us. LK walked out naked and sat between us.”My nipples need some attention!”Jim and I went for a nipple but stopped to see whom she wanted first. She held out both of her boobs to us.”I have two of them. One of you can suck on a nipple each.”We both started sucking a nipple while enjoying the double attention.Looking at me, “Since you are naked, I want to suck your dick first!”I lay down on the bed, and she moved over to me and stopped.”Stand next to the bed!” I stood, and she lay on her stomach at the edge of the bed.”I want you to fuck my mouth.”She took my dick into her mouth, and I started moving my hips fucking her mouth. Jim got between her legs and pushed a finger into her pussy.She stopped and turned to Jim, “Easy there, I’m not wet enough for you to jab your finger into me! Work it in slowly.”She returned to let me fuck her mouth, and Jim took his time pushing his finger into LK. All of us were enjoying the moment, but then she turned around.”If you want me to suck your dick, you must drop the underwear!”Jim pulled them off and stood on LK’s side of the bed. She lay on her stomach and started sucking Jim while I got between her legs and began licking her ass. She sucked Jim’s dick for a few minutes and then began to crawl toward the middle of the bed. Jim grabbed her leg and pulled her back to the side of the bed. She was on her stomach with her legs hanging off when he pushed his dick into her pussy and was fucking her at a fast pace standing.LK was lifting her butt to accept Jim’s dick pounding into her, her body was reacting to every stroke he pushed into her. She was moaning, and her face was flush, with her breathing getting more rapid. She lowered her head and wanted every stroke Jim was giving her. He lasted for over two minutes, then he started shooting his cum deep inside her pussy. Pushing with every stream of sperm leaving his dick. LK had her head down her fist clenched. Just trying to get to that next level to orgasm.

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