Lola and Joey Ch. 25


She (Amanda) had a standing invitation to eat breakfast at her grandparents, which she loved because she loved to eat and had fond memories of the big spread they always prepared when she was a little girl and slept over. Even then, she had a big appetite!

She hadn’t visited recently and was salivating in anticipation of a tasty breakfast. She had hotel work clothing stored at home and the hotel. The outfit she wanted to wear was at the hotel. No sense getting dressed twice, so she wore a coat over her nighty and drove the few minutes it took to get from her parent’s house to her grandparents and entered without knocking. She was family. She didn’t need to knock!

A wave of pleasant memories flooded her when she entered her grandparent’s place. A picture of Rufus (her old husky) and her was sitting on the counter. Rufus was such a good dog, even if he ran away frequently. He loved her, but there was an inherent wanderlust in his Husky genes.

The smell of bacon wafted by her nose. Her grandpa always cooked up a ton of bacon when she visited!

Breakfast was casual at her grandparents but not like at home. Her grandparents were NOT sitting in their underwear like her dad did. That was good. She didn’t want to see her grandpa in his undies! Her grandpa was in his traditional robe and slippers, and her grandma was barefoot in a knee-length nighty, just like she remembered.

Unfortunately, I was a bit underdressed. I had on the pink babydoll I always wore at home. My grandparents didn’t bat an eye when I took my coat off, though. They didn’t care. There were happy to see me!

“Hi, grandma, grandpa!” She exclaimed and sat down. The food smelled delicious! There was a huge spread of toast, and bacon and butter and jam, and milk, and different juices and fruit and pancakes and pan-fries, and she was famished. Her mouth watered. Breakfast was her favorite meal, and her grandma always said she had a hollow leg, given how much she could eat.

Time to dig in!

The first mouthful of food entered her mouth, and then Eddie walked in. Eddie? There had been no knock; he’d just entered. Did they invite him for breakfast? Perhaps, but he hadn’t knocked. Was he that familiar with her grandparents that he entered unannounced?

He wasn’t dressed in his usual business attire. Far from it! He had on a t-shirt and some loose track pants cut off below the knee. No shoes. And she finally noticed the silhouette of the big thing that Catherine had recently mentioned. It was like a third leg! You couldn’t NOT see it. But it was the first time she did see it. Odd!

It was so evident that she looked at her grandparents to see how they were reacting to his thing, but they weren’t! It was as if nothing was amiss! Did that mean they’d already seen his whopper and were used to it? Just how close were they to Eddie?

Suddenly, she felt self-conscious in her skimpy babydoll and looked down to make sure nothing was showing. Suddenly, the nighty that her grandma was wearing seemed inappropriately short. It wasn’t see-through, but it showed a lot of cleavage and had risen above her knees as she crossed her legs. Then she noticed her grandma’s nails and toenails were blazing red hot, which seemed un-grandmotherly! Grandma! What are you doing flaunting yourself to a non-Granger male? But her grandpa didn’t seem fazed at all by the briefness of his wife’s and Eddie’s attire. Had her grandpa noticed Eddie’s big thing?

The nostalgic breakfast atmosphere was gone!

It was hard to keep her eyes off the bulge under Eddie’s shorts. It was close enough to touch! She took a bite of food, and then her eyes dropped down. It was very distracting, and she felt a familiar hardening of her nipples. Damn! The great betrayers were betraying her again. They were always large and got larger and darker when she got aroused, and currently, they were quite visible under her thin babydoll. She started crossing her thighs to relieve the sexual itch developing between her legs, and her face started to feel flushed from arousal and embarrassment.

Eddie and her grandparents were chattering away as if they were best buddies, but she was so distracted by his thing that she wasn’t following the conversation until she heard her name.


She looked up. Everyone was staring at her.

“What do you think?” Her grandma asked.

“What? Sorry, grandma, say again?”

“What do you think about helping Eddie hire a new employee?”

“New employee? What?”

Her grandma smiled sympathetically. “Eddie’s firm is so impressed with his work that they want to expand the Silver City office. They’re talking about hiring several new employees to help Eddie, a secretary and one or two accounting grads from the local university. Apparently, it’s cheaper to get help here than in El Paso, and real estate costs are lower. He’s never hired anyone, though, so he asked if we could help. It’s a big responsibility, and he doesn’t want to blow it. You and I have interviewed lots of people, and you’re an excellent judge of character. What escort şişli do you think? Are you available?”

“Sure, grandma. I’ll help. Let me know when,” she said, distracted, as her eyes drifted down again.

“I need to get going,” she said abruptly a few minutes later. Whew! She needed to get out of the hothouse of sexual arousal at her grandparent’s breakfast table!

Dave and Susan smirked at each other.

Eddie exited a few minutes later.

“That was priceless, Dave!” Susan laughed. “I wish we had it on film! I’ll never forget the look of surprise on Amanda’s face when Eddie walked in and sat beside her. She was in shock! Did you see how often Amanda looked down? She couldn’t keep her eyes off Eddie’s shorts! And Eddie didn’t panic when he saw Amanda. Remember when he used to get so nervous around Amanda that he couldn’t even look her in the eye. I think there’s hope for her and Eddie yet!”

“I do too,” he said. “He’s been much more relaxed around Amanda since you came up with your idea to show him our scrapbook of the girls. There were some priceless pictures of Amanda in all her quirky, stubborn glory when she was little. Eddie was so smitten that he had her up on a pedestal. The pictures helped humanize her.”

“I agree. Eddie saw Amanda’s white dresses with stains on most of them. She either spilled food on herself or got dirty just about every day!”

“Ya, then there was the picture of her scowling in the principal’s office at her teacher when the school called us because Amanda was disrupting the class again and they couldn’t contact Lola or Joey.”

“Or the one from the schoolyard where Amanda’s face was all bloodied after she got in a fight with three kids at school. At least Eddie knows how to tell Amanda and Catherine apart by the scar on Amanda’s forehead.”

“Ya, and he knows not to pick a fight with her! She’d kick his ass!”

“Yes, the pictures and the stories behind them were helpful. They showed Eddie that Amanda was a human being, not some goddess.”

“Do you think Eddie noticed Amanda checking him out?” She asked.

“I don’t know. Amanda was pretty blatant, but Eddie doesn’t think of himself as a stud. To him, his size is a problem to hide, not something to flaunt, so he’s not expecting women to check him out.”

“I agree. Well, hopefully, Amanda will continue to come to breakfast and get to know Eddie better. He’s such a nice boy. He’d be a good match for Amanda.”


Her curiosity distracted her all day. She couldn’t wait to corner her grandma and find out the scoop about Eddie. She finally got a chance after the last guest checked out.


“Yes, Amanda?”

“Can I ask you a question?’

“Of course.”

“Does Eddie eat breakfast with you and grandpa all the time?”

She smiled. She’d been waiting for Amanda to ask about breakfast.

“Most days.”

“How long has he been joining you?”

“A few months. We invited Eddie since he was living right next door.”

“So, he came over from his place this morning?”

“No, we had a threesome, and it was a passionate night, so we let him stay.” She said with a straight face. She loved teasing Amanda.

Amanda’s face turned beet red. She let her granddaughter stew for a few seconds and then broke out laughing. “Of course, he came from his place! You don’t think he was sleeping with me, do you?” She said with a grin.

Amanda sputtered. “Of course not, grandma! I was just curious. I was surprised to see him. I thought it would just be me at breakfast.”

“Did it bother you that Eddie was there?”

“No. He’s okay. I just wasn’t expecting to see anyone else.” She didn’t mind Eddie but was expecting to have her grandparents to herself like old times, and having his big thing next to her was unsettling!

“Good! I hope you’ll continue to join us. Eddie is a lovely boy.” She paused and grinned. “And I think he likes you, Amanda.”

Amanda smiled back. “I know he does, grandma. The first day we met, he was so nervous he could hardly speak.”

“He’s cute,” her grandma said.

He was cute. Eddie looked a bit like a younger version of her dad, although he was a bit shorter. He wasn’t as handsome as Nathan, but he was no slouch in the looks department.

“And he’s very polite and full of energy. He reminds me of your grandfather when he was younger,” her grandma said.

Amanda was impressed with what Eddie had done. Their new hotel accounting fee was way less than before, and he’d given good deals to many other businesses in town. Plus, he was hiring new employees, which was good for the local economy.

At the moment, though, she was dying to know if her grandma had noticed how big Eddie was! Her grandma must have seen it! It was so obvious, but neither of her grandparents reacted at all when Eddie walked in.

It was awkward talking to her grandma about sex, but her curiosity was killing her. “Grandma, did you happen to notice that Eddie seems quite nişantaşı escort big below?”

“Below?” Susan responded innocently.

Amanda’s face started to blush. “You know, his thing!”

“Oh!” She exclaimed in mock surprise. “His thing!” She smiled. “Yes, I did notice. It’s hard not to notice. It’s quite impressive.”

“It’s huge grandma, which is why I was surprised he wore loose cutoffs. It’s like he had an Anaconda in his pants!”

“Your grandfather and I told him to dress casually, Amanda. We didn’t want Eddie to get dressed up for breakfast.”

“You did? How long have you known?”

“A while. I accidentally saw it several months ago.”

“You did? You mean saw it for real as opposed to just under his clothing?”

“Yes, I saw it in the flesh.”


“I went to water his plants in the middle of the day and didn’t realize he was home. I caught him taking care of himself.”

“You did?” Amanda said, amazed.

“Yes. It was quite a shock. I’ve never seen one that big. Then your grandfather saw it.” She explained to Amanda how Eddie got drunk, and they had to undress him.

“Wow! I had no idea he’s so big!” Amanda exclaimed. “I never noticed it before.”

“He hides it. He has long underwear that pulls it snug against his leg, and he wears loose dress pants.”

“Oh!” It made sense, but how did her grandma know? She was about to ask when her grandma answered.

“After I saw him, I went through his drawers and discovered his long underwear.”

She was shocked. It was the kind of thing she would do but didn’t expect it from her grandmother! “Does he know you and grandpa saw him?”

“Yes, that’s why we told him to dress casually at breakfast. It must be uncomfortable binding your penis to your leg all day.”

“Don’t you find it distracting with it wagging around?”

“I did at first, but I’m getting used to it, although sometimes it still catches me off guard. It certainly has rejuvenated my love life with your grandfather!”

Wow! There was still life left in her grandparent’s sex life, thanks to Eddie! She wondered if that was why her grandma had been acting perky lately.

She grinned. “Grandma, is that why you’ve been acting different lately?”

A naughty smile crossed her grandma’s face. “Maybe.”

She laughed. Cool! Her grandma was getting aroused over Eddie’s thing, spicing up her sex life with grandpa! Now she was all curious! “What’s it look like, grandma?”

Her grandma smiled coyly. “I can show you if you’d like.”


“I have several pictures of it. Your grandpa took them when Eddie passed out.”

Holy crap! She definitely wanted to see them! “Show me!”

Her grandma passed her phone. “Oh, my God! Look at that thing, grandma! It looks gigantic on his slim frame. Look at the color, dark purple, almost black! There must be ten pints of blood in that thing! I can see why you’ve been distracted! You need to email these to me!”

“So you’ll come to breakfast tomorrow with us?” Susan grinned.

“I think I just may, grandma!”

“Good! I’ll sit beside your grandpa so you can sit with Eddie.”

Amanda grinned. Sneaky grandma!

“One more thing, Amanda. Eddie is quite taken with your plants. He says it makes for a very peaceful setting when he’s at home. But he’s unsure how to water and care for them. Would you like to show him?” Her grandma smiled mischievously.

Wow! Her grandma was really sneaky, but it was a great idea! “I will, grandma! Thanks! See you tomorrow morning!”


Breakfast was an eye-opening experience, Eddie thought.

He wasn’t paralyzed around Amanda anymore. The pictures and stories from Dave and Susan of Amanda growing up had blunted most of his paralysis. Watching her eat demolished the rest.

She didn’t have poor table manners, but she was an enthusiastic eater. She enjoyed eating and had a prodigious appetite. He was amazed at the food she was able to pack away! She filled her plate with everything on the table. When that was done, she looked around to see what was left. She always asked if anyone wanted more. If not, then she dumped what remained onto her plate. Then she repeated the process with the other serving dishes until all the food was gone. Every few minutes, like clockwork, she straightened her back, put her fingers to her mouth, burped softly, apologized, and then continued eating.

Watching her eat definitely humanized her!

On the other hand, listening to her talk with Susan about the hotel awed him. He was proud of all the job-related tasks that he’d mastered, but he was just one cog in a big wheel. He’d be nothing without the expertise of the head office in El Paso.

Susan and Amanda ran everything! The two did the marketing, buying, room cleaning, building maintenance, accounting, web site design, hiring, customer service, and everything else! And if anything, Amanda knew more than Susan. She knew how to update the website which her dad fatih escort built and was computer savvy, whereas Susan wasn’t.

Amanda was also an excellent public speaker. Occasionally, the Silver City Board of Commerce asked local business people to speak, and Susan usually sent Amanda. He saw Amanda speak once and was blown away. She was so young but spoke like a seasoned pro and was very proud of her hotel and Silver City.

Amanda came up with some of their more successful marketing ideas, like linking up with the local University and the Gila Regional Health Center as a place to stay.

Amanda also encouraged part-time positions, which were great for young mothers who needed to work but didn’t want to work full time. It was a very family-friendly, flexible place to work, and the staff was very loyal. The turnover rate was almost non-existent, which was a good sign.

And it was Amanda who encouraged hiring bilingual staff. Except for Susan, everyone was fluent in Spanish, which was good for business, with half of Silver City being Hispanic. Apparently, Amanda was totally fluent in Spanish and didn’t even have an accent. Impressive!

So, he was still in awe of Amanda but no longer a tongue-tied idiot over her looks. Now he was in awe of Amanda, the person, and her looks!

Couldn’t forget the looks because she was a babe! Long black straight, glossy hair, gorgeous face, beautiful tits, curvy ass, and legs that went on forever! And she sat right beside him every day now, barefoot, with next to nothing on, and it seemed like she was sitting closer every day. Best of all, she was very touchy-feely! She touched him all the time. He loved it!


I waited for the hammer to drop concerning my outbreak at the mall, Catherine thought.

I didn’t regret what I said because it was horrible what the mom and grandmother said about gay people, and the daughter felt terrible. But I was worried about Kate. What if someone had a cellphone and filmed me going ballistic. Silver City is a small place. What if someone saw the event and knew Kate and I were friends and put two and two together and figured out Kate was gay? What if someone at the vet place where Kate works found out and she got laid off because of me. Kate worked really hard to put herself through college to be a vet technician and had a good job now that she loved. What if she lost it because of me?

Nothing had happened yet, though. I didn’t see any posts on Facebook or Twitter, or anywhere else. I started to relax, and then Kate called me and told me she needed to see me right away. She didn’t ask me. She told me. It was unlike Kate, which worried me.

Kate’s dad answered the door, and it was odd. He greeted me with a dour look, which was out of character for him. Usually, he’s very friendly. But, something was up because even though he looked upset, he didn’t feel upset. He felt playful! He was hiding something from me! Hmmm!

Kate and her mom were waiting in the living room, and they looked upset too but didn’t feel upset. And they felt playful as well! Something was up!

I wasn’t sure what to think!

“Catherine! I have something for you to see.” Kate said firmly. She passed me her phone. Oh my god! Someone had filmed my outburst at the mall! Shit!

“Someone at work showed me this, Catherine! Everyone at work has seen this, Catherine, including my boss!” Kate said firmly.

Fuck! I felt terrible! “I’m sorry, Kate, but you should have heard what the mom and grandmother were saying about gay people! It was awful, and I think the daughter is gay, and she looked terrible. I had to say something! I’m not an abomination, and neither are you! I’m tired of hiding and listening to people spout hateful things about me when they don’t even know me. I’m sorry about everyone at your work seeing it. Are you in trouble?”

All at once, Kate and her mom and dad burst out laughing. I was confused.

Kate turned the volume up on my phone. You could hear my rant clear as day. They listened to the whole thing, and their eyes were watering.

When it was over, Kate looked at me lovingly. “I must have watched this ten times, and every time I do, it sends a shiver down my spine! I can’t believe you did that in front of everyone! It was AWESOME! I’m so proud of you! You were like some gay warrior queen! The look of shock on the mom and grandma’s face is priceless.”

I was SO!!!!! relieved! “So you’re not mad at me?”

“Nope! I’m proud of you!”

“And you’re not in trouble at work?”

“Nope! In fact, my boss was the one that showed me. She called me into her office and showed me the clip. Then she asked if the crazy girl in the clip was the same girl I hung around with. I just about slithered down my chair, waiting for the worst. I told her it was you. Then she told me to relax. She said she thought I was gay but wasn’t sure. Apparently, everyone at work already assumed I was gay but just never brought it up. Now it’s out in the open, and nobody at work cares! I can’t believe it! I don’t need to hide at work anymore!”

Kate’s dad and mom crowded around and gave me a big hug and then grinned. “Let’s watch it again! I love the way the mom and grandma cringed in their seats. You scared the hell out of them, Catherine!”

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