Lonely One


The other night on the way home from work mom called and asked if I would like to come over for diner on Friday night after work. She said she was lonely and wanted some company. Ever since dad passed away three years ago, she basically kept to herself. My dad controlled the house finances and I feel controlled her. She was lonely and not to sure about anything and dating was her big draw back. For thirty five years dad kept her on a tight leash. She was an at home raising the kids and keeping the house up to his standards. The more I thought about it the more I realized she was his submissive slave.

I knew from the way she spoke to me I had to do something special for her and for me so I told her I would like to take her out for dinner instead. At first she was a little reluctant but when I got insistent, she thought that was a great idea.

I have a date with my son, she said all bubbly. I asked mom to get dressed up real nice and I would take her some place fancy for supper and maybe have a dance or two. Now she was really excited.

I told her I’d make all the arrangements and that I’d be by around five. Mom was all excited and told me she couldn’t wait until Friday was here.

Friday afternoon, I picked up a couple bottles of wine from a friend of mine who makes his own special stock. At thirty five dollars a bottle it had better be special. He guaranteed me that who ever I served his wine too, I’d be the luckiest man on earth for the rest of the night. He told me he served a woman two glasses of his wine and anything he wanted she did for him. I was skeptical but figured I had nothing to loose.

I knew we had plenty of time because our reservation wasn’t until seven, which gave us extra time to talk before we went out. When I arrived at mom’s she made my jaw drop to the floor. She was dressed so sexy. For a sixty five year old woman she had the body of a forty year old. We hugged and gave each other our regular style kiss and I told her she looked fantastic. I could tell she had already started drinking cause I could smell it on her breath.

Mom is only five foot six and has child bearing hips but she is very attractive. She was wearing a very tight black dress that hugged every inch of her body. It had a plunging neck line that showed off a lot of cleavage. The hem line was half way up her thighs showing off her delicious black pantyhose legs. The toes and heels of her pantyhose were twice as black. When she turned and walked away from me I grabbed my stiffening cock and straightened it in my pants. She was giving me a real good hard-on seeing her dressed like this.

I took the wine into the kitchen and opened a bottle telling her it was a special night and she deserved to drink nothing but the best. We both sat on the sofa facing each other with me staring at her sexy black gams, and the glowing valley between her two huge tits. She made a great deal of small talk, mostly telling me how lonely she has been and that none of the other siblings call her that often. The entire time she spoke I listened to her but I could not stop staring at her. After the third glass of wine, I could tell mom was starting to feel the effects of the alcohol and was getting all giggly and her eyes had pools in them.

Grabbing a tissue I handed it to her and asked her to do me a favor. For the rest of the night I want you to concentrate on us. Tonight it is you and me. Nobody else matters. With a half broken smile and a tear running down her cheek she agreed. When she got up and turned on some soft music she came back stood in front of me, and asked if I liked her dress. She turned real slow giving me every opportunity to check her out from head to toe.

Facing me she asked if her dress was nice enough to go out for dinner. I told her I loved it and it was perfect. I told her she looked extremely sexy and I would be proud and honored to have her on my arm tonight but she had one flaw. What’s the matter she said with big concern. I told her I loved her dress and I loved the way she looked in but I could see her panty lines in the back of her dress. Mom turns her ass to me and asks me were. Boldly I reached out and traced the line around each cheek of her ass. Here and here I told her. Mom gulped down her fourth glass of wine and said I will be rite back. As she walked away I asked her not to change the dress because I loved it. She just turned and smiled at me as I watched her ass wiggled rounding the corner as she went to her room for a few minutes.

When she came out, mom walked over and stood directly in front of me again, turned around sticking her ass within inches of my face and asked if I could see any more lines in her dress. With both hands I reached out grabbing both cheeks of her ass and gave them both a gentle squeeze. When I looked down at her legs she was now wearing taupe pantyhose. As I touched her ass, caressing it softly I told her no, I think there gone. When my thumb ran down the crack of her ass I gave each cheek a gentle squeeze rite at her butt Escort hole.

Letting out a soft moan, mom bent over a bit further while I continued to fondled her ass. Grabbing the bottle of wine, she filled her glass again as I continued to fondle her. When her glass was full, she stood up took a big sip, turned around and asked if I would dance with her. Joining her out in the middle of the living room and she pulled me tight into her, she laid her head on my chest. Suddenly it dawned on me she was humping my leg. I mean she had her right hand behind me on my ass and pulling me tight into her crotch. The next thing I know she grabs me by the neck looks into my eyes and says I love you so much and kisses me. As we looked at each other she pulls my head down to her and kisses me again but now it was different. This time she is making out with me.

Making small turns in the middle of the room swaying to the music, I decided to follow her lead. When I slid my right hand down over her ass and pushed her crotch even harder into my leg, I slipped my middle finger between the cheeks of her ass forcing her pantyhose up the crack of her ass. I knew I was in her bung hole. When I didn’t let up, she grabbed a hand full of hair and really started making out with plenty of tongue, and lots of moaning. I was trying to pull up the back of her skirt so I could fondle her pantyhose ass but the skirt was to tight. When the song ended she stopped kissing me long enough to say one more song then we can go.

As the next song started and we continued making out, I rolled my left hand around to the side of her tit, and down her ribs. Stretching out my thumb straight out, I slid my hand over her right tit until I found her nipple with my thumb. When she felt me playing with her nipple, she drew a deep breath and picked up the tempo of her kissing me and was grinding her crotch up and down on my thigh. When she didn’t stop me from playing with her nipple, I really got a hand full of tit and rolled her nipple until it was hard as pencil eraser. The only thing that stopped me from throwing her to the ground and rapping her was the fact that she was my mother.

When the song ended mom took as step back and excused herself and headed for the bathroom. At first I thought I had gone to far but as she was about to turn the corner she turned and smiled at me saying: I think we have time for one more glass of wine, and asked me to pour one for her. I was still nursing my first glass and now she was on her fifth.

When mom walked back into the room she was smiling from ear to ear. This time she sat rite up against me. She reached over to the table grabbing her glass of wine and placed her hand on my thigh rubbing it back and forth. I could feel her nails lightly racking across the thin material of my slacks making my dick grow even harder. I had such a hard time not staring at her tits and legs, and I think she sensed it too. We kissed off and on making more small talk and as I looked into her eyes I realized mom was feeling pretty good from all the wine she consumed. I knew she loved her wine I didn’t realize was just how excited she got when she was intoxicated. By the time we were ready to leave, I wasn’t even sure if she had noticed the effect she was having on me making my dick so big.

Mom threw a wrap over her shoulders and slipped her feet into a pair of shiny black pumps. As helped her into my truck, I was blessed with a quick glimpse of her pantyhose crotch. My god what was I doing. This was my mother and I was harder then nails. I walked around the back of the truck where I quickly adjusted my cock again, then slid my ass in the drivers seat. Mom slid over resting her head on my shoulder then her hand was back on my thigh again. Then I noticed that she actually looked down at my crotch, sliding her fingers up and down the length of my thigh. I sensed she wanted to touch my raging hard on but would always stop short.

During the entire ride to the restaurant and even while we ate she kept rubbing my leg. The meal was great. We sat in a booth out of plain sight from everyone else. Mom had three more glasses of wine while we ate but now her hand was getting closer and closer to my crotch. When I finished, I sat up real close to her and slipped my hand under the table and fondled her right thigh. Her skirt was so high I could see the dark panty line of her pantyhose. In fact if it was any higher I could have seen her crotch.

When my hand first touched her silky leg I thought I was going to explode in my pants. Her leg was hot and soft and as my fingers slid inside her thigh, she closed her eyes for a second then slowly opened them. She let out a tiny moan then looked me in the eyes. I held my glass of wine high in the air with my left hand as my right hand slid down to her knee gently squeezing her soft silkiness. Staring her in the eyes I took a sip of wine as I slowly I slid my hand back up the inside of her leg, feeling the heat of her skin through her pantyhose. When I Escort Bayan reached the thicker texture of pantyhose on her leg, I stopped and fumbled around playing with the inside of her thigh, moving from one leg to the other. Mom closed her eyes again for only a brief second then thanked me for taking her out to dinner. She reached over and grabbed her glass of wine and we toasted each other. To Us. As she tilted her glass back I felt her hand slide up my leg and she was pushing the side of her hand against my cock rocking it back and forth across the length. I naturally closed my legs squeezing her hand holding it their for a second. It felt so good.

Just as I was pouring mom another glass of wine, the waitress came by to clear off the table. Mom was bold and kept her hand in my crotch the entire time. Then I felt her thumb gently sliding the length of cock as her finger tips scratched at my balls. I looked at mom and she winked at me. The waitress was taking her sweet old time clearing the table while mom just stared at me while she continued to sip on her wine and fondle me with her thumb. By now my cock was jumping all over the place in my pants and I knew she could feel it stir. When the waitress left us, mom placed her leg over my knee, spreading her legs wide open. I didn’t actually look down but I could tell she was wide open. We clinked glasses together and I told mom; Here’s to a new beginning. My hand was back on her leg as I tilted my glass, staring her in the eyes as I fondled higher up the inside of her thigh. Only this time I didn’t stop until the side of my hand was touching her crotch. As I fingered he pussy through her pantyhose, mom literally grabbed my entire cock through my slacks.

Staring at her, mom’s eyes got real big when she slid her hand the length of my stiff shaft. When I felt her thumb hit the head of my dick, I thought I was going to cum. She could feel my dick jumping in my pants. When I rubbed my hand up and down the length of her crotch, she laid her head on my shoulder and moaned softly. The cotton gusset of her pantyhose were soaked with excitement. A few seconds later I heard her whimpering. She raised her head off my shoulder and looked at me with tears running down her face. When I asked her if she was OK; she simply stated that she hasn’t been this happy in a long time. Mom gulped down the rest of her wine and said; Let’s get out of here.

Using the napkin she dried the tears from her face and we left. What floored me was as we walked back to the truck, she wrapped her arm around my back and grabbed a hand full of my ass. She looked at me saying; I love you, you know!

I looked her deep in the eyes and told her that I loved her more then she could ever imagine. Standing in the middle of the parking lot we kissed a long hard kiss, while we each fondled each other’s ass’s. When we got into the truck, mom sat real close again and before we left she took my face between her hands and kissed me like I had never been kissed before. Her tongue was almost down my throat licking my tonsils.

While we were making out in the front seat of the truck, I slid my hand up to the side of her tit and gave it a gentle squeeze. She gasped when I touched her nipple but she just continued to kiss me. When she broke off the kiss she looked at me and said in a soft seductive voice; Lets go home. While I was busy maneuvering the truck out of the parking lot, Mom was shifting her seat pulling her skirt up to her waist. When I looked down her entire crotch was visible. As we got under way I looked at her and she laid her head against my shoulder. Looking down again her legs were open and her crotch was completely exposed. The evening street light gave me quick visual sight of the cotton panel in her pantyhose. Before I knew it she had her hand back on my leg and was fondling my cock again, only this time without any reservations.

About a mile out of the city, mom started stroking the length my erection through my pants. When I slid my hand between us and started caressing her leg, she said; I see you still like pantyhose. I was shocked at first to think she realized that I had a fetish for pantyhose but I guess being a mom you would notice these things about your siblings. Naturally I wasn’t going to deny it. I love them; I told her, but most of all I love seeing her in them and the fact that she was willing to wear them for me. Then I rubbed my hand up her leg until I was touching her pussy.

When she felt my hand in her crotch she move her ass to the edge of the seat so I could apply more pressure. I could feel her hips rocking, forcing her pussy against the side of my hand wanting me to stimulate her harder. I told mom that I didn’t just like pantyhose, I LOVE PANTYHOSE. I was going to ask her how she knew I had an obsession for pantyhose but figured it didn’t really matter at this point because she did know and that’s all that matters. Under the influence of alcohol she unzipped my pants, reached in and grabbed my throbbing cock Bayan Escort with her warm dainty fingers and was masturbating me slowly. In a very short period of time she almost had me cumming.

She got me so excited, I had to pull off on the shoulder of the road and I turned down a county gravel road and stopped before I got us into an accident. Mom was really pulling on my cock at this point so when I stopped, I asked her if she wanted to see it. When she said yes, I shut off the engine and quickly pulled my pants down to my ankles. Mom sat and stared at it for a second then she reached out and touched it. When she wrapped her hand around it and stroked me a couple of times, pre-cum started to oozing it’s way out. Mom used her thumb to smear my sticky substance all over the head of my dick. She just wouldn’t take her eyes off it for a second. I could tell she was all excited and when she looked at me for just a brief second, her eyes were glazed over. Leaning over I kissed her neck then whispered in her ear; SUCK IT for me!.

To be honest at first I didn’t think she’d do it, but then she slowly started to lower head to my crotch. At first she just licked the head with the tip of her tongue, but then lust took over and she swallowed it. In a flash I had my hand inside the top of her dress and was fondling her tit through the soft sheer bra she was wearing. The more I played with her tit and the harder I pinched her nipples the more intense she became working my cock in her sweet mouth. Before long she was bobbing up and down on it sucking it like crazy.

OOOOHHH shit did that feel good. Suck it mom, I groaned; suck it hard.

Mom sucked on my cock harder and faster then I could ever imagine.

I’m going to cum I growled at her. Taste my cum in your mouth and swallow my seed, and my cock exploded several times into her mouth spewing gobs of semen with each explosion. By this time her nipple was so swollen it was actually bigger then my baby finger. I could here mom moaning and groaning as she kept swallowing hard trying not to loose a drop.

Even after she milked me dry she continued to give me head and I told her how much I loved the way her mouth felt on my cock. As she continued sucking me, I informed her of how much wanted to taste her pussy. I want to bury my face between your legs and eat your pussy until you cum all over my face and in my mouth.

Keep sucking mom and don’t stop. It feels so good; and she did just that. We sat on the side of the road for nearly twenty minutes while she hungrily sucked my cock back to full staff. When mom finally sat up and looked at me she said; Lets go home so I can do this again. Let me tell you, we made it home in record time. Mom never once let go of my dick the entire ride home masturbating me slowly and softly.

On the way home, Mom laid her head on my shoulder and was staring down at my cock while my hand was down the front of her dress. She confessed that she had never done this to my dad and always wanted to but he didn’t think it was sanitary. She went on explaining how she has had so many fantasies of sucking his cock but she could never convince him of letting her try.

When we arrived at the house, I pulled up my pants but I left them undone and when we were in the house, I dropped them and left them in a pile on the floor at the back door. While I was taking my shirt off mom dropped to her knees and was sucking on my cock again. Gently I grabbed the sides of her head and told her she was so good at sucking cock.

When I was completely naked, I lifted her off her knees and we made our way to the bedroom. I watched Mom as she pulled her dress up over her head, staring at her in just her taupe pantyhose. Then I was blessed by the sight of her large shapely breast. Mom was no slouch in the tit department. She has 40DD and the areolas are at least three inches across and both her nipples were the size of my finger tip. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her tits as she climbed into bed, and laid in the middle. She was naked except her pantyhose. When I climbed into bed next to her, I turned so we could mutually give each other oral sex. Mom decide she wanted to be on her back so she could take me. I ripped a hole in the crotch of her pantyhose and played with her pussy stroking her until her clit was fully exposed. She had a strong musky odor but I went down on her and sucked her clit hard circling it with my stiff tongue.

Within seconds of my first contact with her clit mom screamed with a violent orgasm and squealed that she couldn’t stop cuming. I continued to eat her pussy, sucking her clit and fingering her sex, while she sprayed my face with her violent orgasms. I slid my hands under her ass forcing my face into her crotch as she moaned and groaned loudly.

A bit later, I turned and placed myself between her legs pulling them over my shoulders. My dick was resting on top of her pubic mound while I took her feet and sucked on her toes through her pantyhose. I was so turned on seeing her lay their with her feet in my face, I simply leaned forward and stuffed my dick into her. She was so wet, I slid into her pussy with no problem what so ever. The warm wet velvety feeling of being inside her was beyond any fantasy I ever dreamed possible.

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