Lori and Daddy Ch. 01

Big Tits

Hi this is my first story for a while. I hope you like it. Any feedback and comments would be much appreciated thanks.

He sat on the sofa holding the note, waiting for his daughter to come in through the door. Since his wife started working long hours at the office it was up to him to handle most matters involving their daughter, Lori, and problems at school defiantly came into it!!

He read the note again. It was from the head master saying that he had received complaints from members of staff about his daughter’s school attire. He groaned remembering the days when she was little and problems like this hadn’t even crossed his mind. He realised that he had never really paid attention to how his daughter dressed for school; he thought the uniform was pretty standard. She was only 16 when they had enrolled her at the private school. Now two years later it seemed she was having more and more problems, but this was the first of this kind.

He sat up when he heard a key in the font door. As she walked in he felt himself catch his breath. Could this really be his little baby girl? He immediately noticed the length of her skirt, it barely covered the curve of her nicely rounded ass, showing off her long, slender legs. He couldn’t stop his gaze from drifting upwards. Her school shirt was pulled incredibly tightly around her breasts, which were a LOT bigger than he ever remembered them being before.

“Oh my god, I shouldn’t be looking at her like this!” He thought, but he couldn’t help it. He was only human and due to the lack of attention from his wife he started to feel a stirring in his trousers. “C-come here young lady” He noticed his stammer and secretly cussed himself for it.

“What is it daddy?” Lori asked, walking over and standing in front of him. She looked at her daddy seeing if she could sense whether this was a good or bad thing. He was wearing his usual t-shirt and shorts and looked quite relaxed so she hoped it wasn’t something too wrong. She always thought he was quite attractive for an older guy, more mature than the boys at school and better built too. That’s when she noticed it. She wasn’t entirely sure, but she could swear she saw a slight twitch from her daddy’s crotch.

“I’ve had a letter from your headmaster, and he’s not very happy”

“He’s never very happy daddy” Lori replied putting on her innocent face, biting her bottom lip. He saw this and felt another twinge in his shorts,

“Why does she have to look soo cute and sexy?” He thought to himself. Lori defiantly saw another movement from her daddy’s crotch. And when she looked into his eyes she saw the same look she got from her male teachers. She knew they were always checking her out and she liked that she could tease them. It was more of a challenge than the boys in her class who got hard at EVERYTHING. She loved that she could have this effect on grown men and started to wonder how far she could tease her daddy.

“It’s about your uniform Lori” Her daddy started. Lori had a feeling it would be about this, but it was ok she thought it was an excellent way to start her game.

“My uniform daddy?” She asked in her sweetest angelic voice, pouting a little.

“Yes, some of the staff thinks you dress a little… ummm… inappropriately…” He shifted his position a little. He could feel the warmth in his crotch that signalled an impending erection. He didn’t want it, but he knew he wouldn’t be able to stop it soon.

“They do?” She gave a half startled look, “Oh daddy, it’s not my fault, I don’t mean to be a bad girl, and I hate the uniform.”

The use of her words ‘bad girl’ caused his heart to beat a little faster. Lori had no idea of knowing that before she was born, when he and his wife had quite a healthy sex life role-play was a big part. When his wife played the innocent ‘naughty girl’ it drove him wild. Now it was his daughter unwittingly playing that role and it became harder for him to stay in control of his groin.

“Y-you’re not a bad girl, baby…”

“Oh, but I am daddy, if they’re sending notes home about me, I’m a bad, bad girl” Lori pouted again. She thought she had over done it with the last bit, but from the uncomfortable look on her daddy’s face she knew it was working. She linked her hands behind her back thrusting her chest escort bayan şişli out. She knew this strained her little shirt a lot and it was one of her favourite techniques for her teachers at school.

He could feel himself start to sweat now. His little girl wasn’t so little anymore and when she pushed her chest out he thought the buttons on her shirt were going to burst. Through the gaps between each button he could clearly see his little girl’s deep cleavage.

“The uniform is soo uncomfortable daddy, it’s too small…. Should I show you daddy?”

“I…I t-think you should y-yeah, if it’s not your fault we should check…” What am I saying!?!?! He thought. I’ve just agreed to let my daughter parade her tight little uniform in front of me, to practically pose for me… oh god, she looks good….

Lori was starting to get into it now.

“It’s just too tight all over. Look, if I stretch my arms back my shirt almost rips open, even when I’m just standing normally I can feel it squeezing my breasts.” She looked up. “You don’t mind me talking about my breasts do you daddy?”

“N-no b-baby. It’s good that you c-can tell me about this. A-and I do n-need to know where the problems are so we can put them r-right…”

“Ok daddy” Lori smiled. She took a quick glance down at his crotch; it was defiantly starting to look like there was quite a bulge forming. She felt a shock of excitement run through her body.

“That’s the shirt, the skirt is worse daddy. It only just manages to cover my bum.” She stopped, turning sideways running her hands over the curve of her cute round ass. Then turning her back to him she looked over her shoulder. “And it’s soo tight you can always see the outline of my knickers, look, see daddy?”

This was too much she was now asking him to look at her cute little butt. He had to cross his legs; his cock was growing into a full-blown erection. The sexual urges he was feeling were beginning to overpower the thoughts of reason in his mind. He wanted so much to grab the ass that was right in front of him. He could clearly see the outline of his daughter’s underwear clinging to her buttocks and disappearing between them. Then Lori did something that shocked him.

“And look daddy if I bend over to like pick something up it rides up even higher…”


“The teachers at school always ask me to pick things up for them.”

He was speechless. A little higher? He thought, you can see Everything! As if in slow motion as Lori bent over her tight little skirt slid up what little of her thighs it touched and more. Straining further as it rode over the curve of her body until the line of her knickers could be seen. He could easily see then disappear between her legs, covering her young pussy. His cock lurched in his shorts. I shouldn’t be thinking like this!

“T-they do?”

“All the time.” She lied. It was actually her dropping stuff in front of them so she could tease them further. And whenever she straightened up she could always see a bugle pressing out from their trousers. Recently she had started ‘accidentally’ brushing it with her hands as she stood.

As she stood up and turned to face her daddy again she saw the look of frustration on his face. She also saw the bulge, which was almost a tent now, in his shorts. She felt disappointed that she couldn’t brush it. For the first time she actually had a REAL urge to. She wasn’t sure if it was because this was one was a lot bigger than others she had seen or because it was attached to her daddy, which made it really naughty….

“It’s all worse when it’s cold daddy.” Lori continued.

“I-it is?” He asked desperately trying to adjust his growing member without making it too obvious. Lori wasn’t sure how much further she could take this, not only because she was teasing her daddy, but because she was starting to get some familiar feelings of her own while looking at the effect she was having.

“Oh yes, when it’s cold and wet you can see everything cos my shirt is too small.”

“You mean you can see your bra?” He almost gasped

“Yes… umm… well, when I wear one daddy. Otherwise you can clearly see my breasts and my nipples stick out too.” Lori pouted again.

“Y-you don’t always sarıyer escort w-wear a bra?” Why is she doing this to me!?

“I’ve out grown most of mine now and mummy hasn’t taken me to buy more yet. I grow out of them too fast. This one barely fits, look daddy.” And before he could say anything she popped open all of the buttons from her shirt and pulled it wide open.

He just gasped. He didn’t care that it was his little baby girl, there in front of him were the most gorgeous breasts he had ever seen. The black bra struggled to contain the large orbs inside. The cross link didn’t even make contact with her body. The cleavage was so deep and looked so smooth he immediately imagined sliding his cock up it, pressing those wonderfully large breasts around his throbbing shaft.

Lori had never teased anyone this far before. It wasn’t that cold in the living room, but she could feel her nipples becoming erect. She also felt a nice warmth in her crotch. Her daddy had leaned forward ever so slightly and parted his legs in doing so. She just stared at her daddy’s crotch. It was tented up proudly and she let out a little gasp herself, it was huge!!! None of her teachers had been that big!

“Am I a naughty girl for not wearing a bra daddy?”

“Yes baby girl, very naughty…” What am I saying? Oh god I’ve blown it now. He thought.

“I’m sorry daddy, but look I don’t really need one though…” Lori wasn’t sure what she was doing, but she knew she wasn’t going to back down now. She had a new goal; she didn’t just want to tease her daddy. She wanted to really make him squirm…

“I d-don’t thi…” before he could finish Lori had dropped her shirt from her shoulders and had unclasped her bra. Dropping it next to her shirt she linked her hands behind her back again, thrusting her chest out.

He was speechless. He could feel his tongue sliding out of his mouth; he didn’t care in the slightest. His baby’s large breasts hung there defying gravity. They looked so round and full, her little pink nipples were hard and standing out, begging to be sucked. It was all he could do to stop himself.

Lori sensed that her daddy wanted to touch her breasts and she had to admit to herself she wanted to feel it too. She decided to take the next step.

“You don’t mind me showing you this do you daddy?”

“Wha-what?” He started

“It’s just that when the teachers get a bulge like the one you have that’s when I get in trouble. Does that make me a naughty girl daddy?” He looked down and he knew there was no way of hiding it now.

“I-it depends baby; do you do anything to them, like touch them?”

“Oh daddy, I am a bad, naughty girl!!” Lori cried, putting on a very convincing ‘about to cry’ face.

“Why baby girl, tell your daddy…”

“Because when I see them with a bulge like that I just… I…”

“Go on baby”

“I have to touch it a little, I can’t help it!”

“That’s VERY naughty baby girl!”

“It’s not that bad daddy, just a little touch like this…” saying that Lori got onto her knees between her daddy’s legs and gently ran her hand over the large bulge in his shorts.

He let out a low moan and closed his eyes. “Oh baby girl that is very naughty, you shouldn’t do that, I’m your daddy….” His voice trailed off.

“Sorry daddy, I don’t mean to be a naughty girl” she continued to stroke her daddy’s cock through his shorts, “Don’t you like it when I do this?”

“It’s not that I don’t like it baby girl it’s just….”

“Well if you like it then what’s the problem daddy? Can I tell you a secret daddy?”

He looked down at his baby girl; she had a devious little grin on her face. She had stopped stroking his now throbbing penis and was sitting on her knees between his legs. Her big heavy breasts were rising and falling with each of her deep breaths. A few strands of her auburn hair had escaped her ponytail and were now framing her cute face.

“Go on baby.”

“I like being naughty.” She leant forward, putting her hands on his knees, “and I think” she slid herself up her daddy’s body, “that you like me to be naughty” her face a few cm from his she whispered the last few words, “you want to be naughty too.”

He could feel her large breasts and hard little nipples pressing çapa escort into his chest, her knickers were resting against his twitching cock and he could feel the heat coming from her even through his shorts and boxers. He didn’t realise he was doing it, but his hands went to the small of her back and were gently stroking her up and down. Lori let out a little moan. She had only wanted to tease her daddy, but now she wanted more. She could feel his cock growing beneath her, pressing into her panty covered pussy. She could feel her pussy burning with desire. She had seen cocks before. Well she had convinced some boys at school to show her theirs, but they were nothing compared to how big her daddy’s felt. The feel of her daddy’s big hands on her back sent shivers down her spine and all through her body.

She lay on top of him for what seemed like ages, their lips ever so close. Lori slowly slid out her tongue and licked her lips, almost licking her daddy’s as well. She slowly stood up and pulled her shirt on doing up just one button below the curve of her breasts.

“I’m sorry daddy; I didn’t mean to be naughty.”

“Don’t worry baby girl, you’re right, I do like you being naughty….” He knew what he was saying was wrong, but the sight of his little girl in front of him, her breasts spilling out of her shirt, her tight skirt bunched up slightly revealing the smallest part of her sweet young pussy covered in black knickers. His hands sub-consciously started to stroke his bulge over his shorts.

“You really like me being a naughty little girl daddy?” Lori knelt between her daddy’s legs again, “Then let your bad girl do that.”

She moved her father’s hands away from his crotch and continued to stroke it for him. “Do you like that daddy? Do you like your little girl stroking your big hard cock?”

“Oh yes baby girl, I like that a lot” The feeling of having his little girl stroke him off mixed with her talking dirty had over come any feeling of right and wrong.

“I told you I was a naughty girl daddy.” Lori started to get into it and she hooked her fingers under the waist band of his shorts and pulled them off along with his boxers.

“Oh you’re such a naughty girl, baby, look at what you’ve done to your daddy.” He groaned as his large and now throbbing madly cock sprang free.

“Oh I’m sorry daddy,” Lori replied, getting into it, “Let me help you out with that.” She gripped the base of his cock in one hand and slowly stroked it up and down with the other. Moans of pleasure were coming from her daddy and she enjoyed the feeling of his cock in her small hands. Her mouth started to water, but that wasn’t the only part of her she could feel getting wet. As she stroked faster, Lori started to squeeze and massage his heavy balls. Tugging on the softly. Another louder groan came from him.

“Does daddy like it when I do that?”

“Oh yes baby girl. This is soo fucking naughty. What would your mother say if she walked in on us now?”

“I don’t care daddy, but if you’d like me to stop just in case…” Lori let go of her daddy’s cock which had started leaking pre-cum a lot.

“No baby don’t stop! I can handle your mother, just please don’t stop.”

“Ok then daddy” Lori said as sweetly as possible, gripping his cock once again. Stroking it harder and faster than before it wasn’t long before her daddy was moaning out,

“Oh god baby, your daddy’s gonna cum….!” Not knowing exactly what this meant Lori kept wanking him off.

“Here it comes!” he cried. Looking down at his little girl he saw the look of concentration on her face as she stroked him better than he could ever remember his wife doing it. Her large breasts which were fighting their way out of her shirt, bobbed wildly. Then he felt it. His balls erupted releasing the cum that had been stored up for ages. Lori was shocked at what happened and how much there was. The first squirt shot into the air and landed on her cheek. The next three hit her chin, shirt and one in her cleavage.

Lori leant back a bit and her daddy groaned as he emptied his balls over her arms and shirt, drenching it with his cum. After what seemed like a pint of cum it started oozing out over Lori’s hands. She instinctively squeezed the last drops of cum up and out of her daddy’s shrinking shaft.

Lori stood up, her shirt turning transparent due to the cum soaking in. Her daddy lloked at his cum dripping off her face and chin. Lori wiped what was on her hands on her skirt.

“You’re such a naughty girl baby.”

“You haven’t heard the half of it daddy.”

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