Cum Inmouth

‘She needs a good shagging,’ my wife Kathy observed, not for the first time, of her sister-in-law. Lorna, the lady in question, had just lost her temper with her husband, Geoffrey (Kathy’s brother), over some slight or remark, I forget what, and had retired upstairs to sulk. The couple were staying with us for the week, and already on the second day the atmosphere was somewhat strained. Lorna is, and has been for as long as I’ve known her (which is when she became my sister-in-law), a tense, uptight person, prone to mood swings, quick to rant about the many bees (almost a hive) in her bonnet, and liable to fly off the handle or become sullen for reasons I could only guess at. She’s small and mousy, with long brown hair, slim, although her hips have filled out now she’s in her forties, but can look quite pretty when she smiles, which isn’t very often. Her husband, Geoff, is tall and absurdly handsome, with thick dark hair now speckled with grey and a smile which must make ladies (except his wife) go wet between the legs.

‘I don’t know what he sees in her,’ Kathy has been known to say. ‘It must be the sex.’ My wife thinks the world revolves around sex, and in her case it probably does. She’s blonde and lissome, with protrusions in all the right places, and sensuously attractive, with full lips and bedroom eyes. She can twist me round her finger just by smiling and raising an eyebrow. When we first started dating, quite young, I was amazed by the breadth of her sexual experience, and she loses no opportunity to hone her skills. ‘A good shag’ is her remedy for most things — argument, boredom, feeling down, feeling stressed — and I must say it usually works.

We get together with Lorna and Geoff maybe three or four times a year, more as a matter of duty on my part than because I want to. I get on fine with Geoff, and to tell the truth Lorna has always been polite and well-mannered to me, but the general level of tension is higher than I like and I’m always relieved when we have said our goodbyes. The one consolation is that I’ve noticed my wife is even more horny than usual when they’re around, as if to emphasize to me how lucky I am. I don’t need reminding. If I were Geoff I would have left Lorna, or hit her, by now. Although he often wears a resigned expression, he has never criticised his wife’s behaviour to us, and is remarkably tolerant and placatory to her. Maybe it is the sex, after all.

That afternoon Lorna wanted to go to a plant nursery close by, to stock up on some unusual seeds (she’s a keen gardener), and I needed to replace a hosepipe that had started spraying me unpredictably. Kathy and her brother had some financial things to sort out relating to their father’s estate — he had died, slowly and messily, the year before, following their mother’s equally slow and messy death a few years earlier. For several years our life had been dominated by hospitals, carers, nursing homes, powers-of-attorney, wills and the like. So it was obvious that Lorna and I should drive to the nursery while Kathy and Geoff discussed trusts and so on.

It was a warm day and Lorna wore a short-sleeved T-shirt and a loose knee-length skirt, with bare legs and sandals. She had got her hair up and actually looked reasonably attractive — she tends to relax a bit when she’s on her own, although I have to be careful not to let the conversation stray onto one of her hobby-horses, such as politics, health care, public transport, animal rights, climate change or, worst of all, their inability to have children. Gardens are a fairly safe topic, so that is what we chatted about. I found myself glancing at the outline of her bra (thin straps, probably padded cups) under her T-shirt, wondering what her breasts were like, how they compared with Kathy’s firm handfuls.

Unfortunately the nursery didn’t have the seeds she wanted, nor a hosepipe with the right fittings, and Lorna didn’t want a coffee, so we headed back home. She sank into monosyllables as we neared the house, either depressed at a wasted journey or fed up with the thought of seeing her husband again. I parked the car and she just sat there staring ahead.

‘OK?’ I said brightly.

‘I have a feeling …’ she said, and gave me a sort of despairing look. I actually felt sorry for her, although I didn’t know what was troubling her. She touched me on the hand — quite unusual, Lorna doesn’t go for physical contact, kisses and hugs and so on — and then withdrew and got out of the car.

The house was quiet, and I wondered if Kathy and Geoff were in the garden, but I looked out of the kitchen window and couldn’t see them. Lorna tugged at my sleeve.

‘Upstairs,’ she whispered, and I allowed myself to be drawn up the stairs and to the doorway of the guest bedroom. There on the bed lay my wife and her brother, both naked. Geoff was on his back and Kathy straddled him, impaled on his cock, rising and falling so that the great shaft — for it was a sizeable length and girth — disappeared right inside her on every stroke. Escort His hips rose to meet her in synchrony, with a loud slurping noise. Her shaven labia clung to his shaft as he withdrew. There was a ring of white froth around the base of his cock. His hands clutched at Kathy’s buttocks, pulling them wide. I could hear them grunting and panting.

I could not have described my feelings at that moment. The sight was supremely erotic — far more so than the films Kathy and I sometimes watched together, more so even than the videos we occasionally took of our own love-making — and I found myself becoming aroused. The fact that it was my wife being cuckolded before my eyes, and by her own brother to boot, merely caused a sort of numbness. I couldn’t tear my gaze away.

As I watched, Geoff gathered up some of the froth and smeared it over my wife’s anus, which was tightly stretched by her posture. I saw him dip one and then two fingers into her rear entrance, which dilated to let him lubricate it. Then, as she rose off him, he grasped his erection and fed it with what looked like the ease of long practice into her arse. She sank down onto it without breaking her rhythm and they continued their pumping just as before. Now Kathy is no stranger to anal sex — in fact that was one of my many delights on our very first dates — but it was more than obvious that her brother was no stranger to her arse either.

Lorna was tugging at my arm, insistently, and she pulled me into our bedroom and sat on the bed, her fists stuffed against her mouth, her eyes like saucers. I put my arms around her and hugged her tightly, feeling as if I was about to go into shock myself. She sagged against me, and I must admit that her warm slender body was a comfort. She was making a low moaning sound into my chest. Suddenly she lifted her dishevelled head, gripped my ears in her hands, tightly, and stared into my eyes.

‘Did you see the foam around his prick?’ she gasped. ‘He must have come inside her already …’

She dropped her hand and to my shock began to fumble at my crotch. She got my belt and flies undone surprisingly quickly and started to rub my cock in her fist, and of its own accord it swelled to rigidity. With her other hand she was trying to reach under her skirt and pull her panties off.

‘Fuck me,’ she whispered. ‘Oh, I want to be fucked, please!’

At that point my cock took over my brain. When a non-ugly female who is neither too old nor too young starts to stroke your erection and begs you to fuck her, not many men could look at the situation rationally, even if she is your sister-in-law and your wife and her brother are shagging next door. I helped Lorna to remove her panties (white, small, plain, cotton) and she bent over the bed. I lifted her thin skirt up to her waist and exposed her pale thighs and the lightly flossed pussy between them. My cock led the way into her hot and surprisingly wet interior. I got hold of her hips and pulled her back onto me, sheathing myself in her tunnel all the way to my root. Lorna grunted with what might have been discomfort, but then slammed her buttocks back at me. We rutted with a fast and furious rhythm and I think that she had an orgasm just before mine, although it was hard to tell.

After I had emptied my balls deep into her, we collapsed slowly on the bed and hugged each other tightly. Lorna sobbed quietly against my neck.

‘I knew,’ she whispered after a while. ‘I knew really, but I didn’t want to believe it. I thought that if I ignored it, it would go away. Did you know?’

‘No … I had no idea. None at all.’

‘I see the way he looks at her. Ever since I’ve known him, they’ve had that way of behaving together. Hadn’t you noticed?’

I knew that Kathy and her brother were close siblings, affectionate, always giving each other little squeezes and kisses, but then she was like that with everyone. ‘I thought it was just her way.’

‘And all the time they were spending together, you know, when his mum was ill, and then his dad, staying over at the house. And he was always tired out when he came back, wasn’t interested in me for days. Oh I know I can be a bit awkward’ — that was something of an understatement — ‘but I need loving, just like anyone else.’

Now that I thought about it, I realised that Kathy was, by contrast, hornier than usual after a trip to see her brother. And when we were staying together, as now, she seemed to want more sex than ever. Maybe that’s how it affects women.

‘What shall we do?’ I said.

‘I don’t know! I’ve spent years worrying about what will happen when it all comes out. Oh god what a mess …’

I kissed the top of her head, feeling a sudden wave of affection and sympathy.

‘You’re nice to me,’ she muttered. ‘Come on, I need a cup of tea.’

Lorna pulled her panties back on, avoiding my eyes, while I zipped up. I found it hard to grasp that I had just fucked my sister-in-law, or that my wife’s arse was presumably Escort Bayan still impaled on her brother’s cock. It was too much to absorb.

We sat in the kitchen with a pot of tea but conversation was desultory. Lorna had withdrawn into her shell and just stared at the table. After a while we heard the sound of the shower upstairs, and then Kathy appeared sporting an obvious post-coital afterglow. She was surprised to see us but recovered instantly.

‘Oh hi, you two! Back already?’

‘A failed mission,’ I said, trying to keep my voice normal. ‘No seeds and no hose either.’

‘Oh, what a shame. Still, I bet you stayed for a coffee and a look round.’ You hope we did, I thought.

Geoff came in, looking like a cat that had just had the cream. He didn’t greet his wife in any way, but that was normal. Gradually the atmosphere lightened, although Lorna was still quiet, and we got on to what to cook for dinner and other non-controversial topics. I looked at my wife, glowing and happy. I couldn’t decide whether I loathed and despised her or was still madly in love with her and wanted to take her upstairs and shag the living daylights out of her. About fifty-fifty, I suppose.

It was hard to behave normally over dinner. Lorna was very quiet and I noticed she drank more wine than usual. Kathy and Geoff were exactly as usual, bouncing jokes and anecdotes off each other — but then, they had had decades of practice at deceiving us. Finally, the dessert was finished and we sat back.

Lorna broke the silence. Her eyes were bright and her voice was high and brittle and just a little slurred.

‘So, Kathy, for how long have you been having sex with your brother?’

It was one of those moments when you could have cut the atmosphere with a knife. We were all paralysed. Eventually Geoff coughed.

‘Um … all our lives, really. I can’t remember when we started. It’s just … something we’ve always done.’

Kathy had gone white and for once she was fumbling for words. ‘It’s not … I mean …’

‘We came back this afternoon,’ Lorna went on. ‘We saw you committing incest on the bed.’

‘Oh god,’ muttered Kathy — not, I suspected, at the thought of being seen, for she was a bit of an exhibitionist along with all her other kinks, but at the use of the term ‘incest’.

‘But it’s OK,’ Lorna’s voice was barely controlled. ‘Because Phil and I fucked this afternoon. On your bed. While you were fucking. In fact I’ve still got his spunk inside me now. It’s been leaking out into my knickers while we’ve been having dinner.’

All eyes turned on me, and all I could do was nod. I wanted to say that it was the first time, that it was Lorna who initiated it, that I didn’t even really fancy her, but I decided that none of these statements, especially the last, would help the situation.

‘So,’ Lorna continued, inexorably, ‘you two can go and spend the night together and do what you’ve been doing ever since you were babes in arms, from what you say. Phil and I, on the other hand, are going to go to bed and I will be unfaithful for only the second time in my life, the first being this afternoon. And I am going to be gloriously, dirtily and obscenely unfaithful. Come on.’ She stood up, grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the chair. I made a little shrug of powerlessness, but really there was no standing up to Lorna in one of her moods and in fact I was quite grateful to escape the atmosphere of the dining room.

In the hallway Lorna stopped, dragged off her panties and hurled them back into the room, then stormed upstairs, pulling off her T-shirt and bra and leaving them scattered on the treads. By the time she was in our bedroom, with me following like a sheep, she had got rid of the skirt and sandals and was standing there naked. Her nipples were hard and brown, her pussy was covered with a small triangle of brown hair. I saw tears glistening in her eyes.

‘I want to suck you off,’ she said harshly. ‘I want you to come in my mouth. I want to swallow all your spunk. I’ve never done that before.’

‘You don’t have to do this, you know, Lorna.’

‘I want to do it.’

She sank to her knees in front of me and opened my trousers. My cock was swelling with its usual independence, and Lorna took it in her hot mouth and helped it to rise to full length and rigidity. She sucked enthusiastically, almost frantically, but clumsily, catching her teeth on my skin every so often. Soon her saliva was running down my balls. I resisted the temptation to grab her head and force my shaft down her throat, although in her current manic state maybe that was what she wanted.

Pausing to catch her breath, she looked up at me. ‘I bet Kathy swallows spunk. I bet she’s swallowed gallons of yours — and his.’

‘Yes she does,’ I said. ‘She loves it when I empty a load in her mouth. Which is what I’m going to do to you soon.’

Lorna moaned and took my cock into her mouth again. Her fist squeezed the base of Bayan Escort my shaft. What she lacked in technique she made up for in fervour, and soon I was arching my back and my knees were trembling as the orgasm approached. Hot sperm rushed up my tubes and spurted into my sister-in-law’s mouth. She gulped and coughed as jet after jet of thin fluid filled her throat, then swallowed furiously to keep up with my emissions.

When my balls were clenching on empty she released me and slumped back against the side of the bed, gasping for breath. She wore a shocked expression. A little trickle of cum was running down her chin, but she’d managed to drink most of it — not bad if it really was her first time.

‘Was I OK?’

‘For someone who’s never sucked a cock before, you were great, Lorna.’

‘There are lots of things I’ve never done,’ she said, crawling onto the bed and spreading her legs obscenely. ‘Do you know no-one’s ever seen me masturbate? Can you believe that?’ She covered her pussy with her hand and started to rub, delving her fingers into her hair-fringed slit. ‘Can you see OK? I want you to see everything!’ She spread her thighs even wider, and pushed her labia apart with her fingers.

‘Does Kathy let you watch her masturbating? I bet she loves to do it in front of you. I bet she masturbates for him too, I bet they do it together, watching each other. I bet they’ve been doing it since they were kids.’

She was working herself up into a sexual fury, fingers flashing over her slippery vagina. I couldn’t take my eyes off her gaping lips and the dark pink tunnel between. She arched her back and lifted her bum right off the bed, thigh and stomach muscles tense.

‘Oh god I’m going to come soon! Can you see? Can you see me about to come? Here it comes! Yes! Yes!’ She was shouting now, perhaps hoping that her husband and Kathy would hear. Her body vibrated and her bum thudded down into the mattress as the orgasm broke over her. I could see her wanting to squeeze her thighs together but forcing them to stay spread so that I could see the contractions in her vagina. Her fingers trembled on her clitoris, keeping the climax going for minutes.

Suddenly she curled over into a fetal position, hand still between her legs. Her shuddering died away gradually and her breathing returned to normal. I sat on the bed next to her and stroked her hot flank.

‘Did you enjoy watching that? Could you see well enough?’

‘It was amazing.’

‘I’ve never come as hard as that, ever,’ she said. ‘Geoff’s never seen me like that. If you give me a few minutes to recover, I’ll do it again for you. Would you like that?’

‘You do whatever you feel like doing, Lorna.’ I couldn’t imagine what she would do if I said no.

She was silent for a while, then murmured, ‘Kathy shaves her pubes, doesn’t she?’

‘Yes — always has done.’

‘I bet she started doing it for his benefit. So he could see her cunt better. His sister’s cunt. So he didn’t get hairs in his mouth when he licked his sister’s cunt. I’m going to start shaving. I want everyone to see my cunt. I’m going to take photos of it and put them on the internet. Then thousands of men will see it and masturbate over my cunt — his wife’s cunt.’

She had rolled onto her back and started rubbing her pussy again, exciting herself with images of men wanking over photos of her. Something had been awakened in her, some dormant sexuality, and it was roused and hungry. She lifted her bum off the bed and stuffed the pillows under it so that her back was arched and her pubes jutted into the air. I knelt between her legs as instructed to watch her masturbate again. It took much longer this time for her to achieve orgasm, or maybe she was spinning out the pleasure as long as she could. Her pussy gaped and I could see juices oozing out of her tunnel and running into the crack of her arse and soaking into the pillow. It was pornographic in the extreme and I could imagine that a video posted online would attract a lot of viewers.

Eventually she achieved another tremendous, noisy climax, the sinews in her thighs knotting, her stomach muscles rippling. I could almost hear the thud, thud as the contractions ripped through her body. Once again she slumped sideways and buried her hands between her legs, shuddering.

‘Take your clothes off and hug me,’ she whispered. ‘Please.’

I obeyed, dragging the duvet over us. I hugged her still-quivering body and my cock stirred and began to swell. I was just wondering about using it somewhere on her when I realised that she was asleep, still holding me tightly in her arms. It took me, however, much longer to fall into a doze. I strained my ears for the sounds of Kathy and her brother in the next room, but couldn’t detect anything. Perhaps they were abstaining.

I was dreaming that my wife was sucking my cock. I was hard and straining into her mouth, and her head moved slowly and luxuriously against my stomach. Gradually I realised that it was not a dream, and that it was not my wife. Lorna released my erection.

‘I want to have anal sex,’ she mumbled into my groin. ‘They do it. I want to do it too.’

I stroked her back. ‘Are you sure? It can be quite painful the first time.’

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