Lost in Time Pt. 02

Big Tits

I slept pretty good last night. Maybe it was from all the hours I’d been working, or the hours behind the wheel yesterday, or the physical exertion from last night, or maybe it was the smell of these sheets. God, how I love the smell of fresh sheets! On my days off, I usually slept in, trying to catch up on what I lost during the week. This morning, I awoke to the smell of a beautiful blond who was leaning over me with a good morning kiss.

“Good morning handsome.” She kissed me again, kind of slow and tender like. She had one hand on my cheek and the other on my piss filled cock. “I have to leave early now but will be home sometime after lunch, I hope you can stay another night.” She gave me a good squeeze, another kiss and then she was gone.

I had a lot on my mind at this very moment, but first I needed to run to the bathroom and take a leek and wash the stink off from last night with a hot shower. I let the water run before I pulled the curtain and the water felt luxurious as I just let it run over my sore body. Now I was hoping that the bar soar didn’t have some kind of girly scent. I gave my cock a good lathering and a couple of slow strokes for good luck. I must have used all the hot water cause it was cooling off rapidly when I finally turned it off. When I returned to my room to dress, the clock said it was 9:30 and my stomach was growling.

I made my way to the dinner and was surprised to see the breakfast crowd was mostly gone. There were dirty dishes still on several tables so I sat at the counter. “I talked to her last night and she was disappointed that you didn’t call.” Her name was Janet or at least that’s what the name tag said. I didn’t remember her but she knew who I was. “Molly described you to the T.” and if I was you I’d call her this morning.

I ordered the special and took my coffee outside and pulled my cell from my hip pocket. It’s hard to hold your coffee, a phone, and a piece of paper with a phone number all at the same time. She answered on the second ring and invited me to come and set on her porch swing. The directions seemed pretty simple; what did I Keçiören Escort have to lose?

The food appeared just as I returned and Janet hovered over me with the coffee pot. She looked like somebodies grandmother; short with an almost square body, stocky legs, a big ass and a ledge for tits. I don’t know how big they were but she couldn’t see her feet and her bra size had at least 2 letters. I was just pushing my plate away when she blew on my neck and said, “If you stay the night, I’m off tomorrow.” I paid my bill and went out the door with a smile on my face. I had been around some aggressive women, but this was a little strange.

It’s only six blocks and her directions were simple and straight forward so I only had to ask directions once from an old man walking his dog. From a half a block away I could see her in the doorway of a white cape cod. The screen door was already cracked open; I think she was anxious for my arrival. As I stepped inside she pulled me into a warm kiss and then another. She was wearing a flimsy shirt with writing on it and a pair of those silky runners’ shorts. She led my through the house to the back porch. It was one of those that covered the whole length of the house. It was the obvious gathering place as there were leather arm chairs, bean bags, books of all kinds, a big screen TV and a wooden swing that was hung from the ceiling on chains. There was a big smile on her face when she said;” you want to help me rock my swing?”

Before I could answer she threw her arms around my neck and tried to beat my brains out with her tongue. I grabbed a handful of her ass and pulled her close. There was no doubt that she could feel my growing cock against her belly. Her hand dropped and found my muscle and gave it a slow stroke or two. She led me to the swing and gave a little push to set down. There was a soft cushion against the wooden slats and as she straddled my legs and covered my face with her kisses, I was hoping the chains wouldn’t break.

As you might imagine, there was a lot going on all at the same time. I had my hands on her ass and Keçiören Escort Bayan then one went up her shirt to caress her back and then her breast. The snaps on her bra released their hold much easier than expected and I found a nipple that was hard as a rock! Her hands found mine and together we squeezed, and tormented her tits. Suddenly she come up for a breath and just about tore her t-shirt and bra off. Man, this girl was hot. She began to grind her hips against my hardening cock with intensity. One of us was going to have to make a move pretty quick or we were both going to explode into a messy puddle. It was her. “Let’s switch.”

Without waiting for me to respond she was on her feet and helped me up. She dropped her shorts to the floor and sat on the edge of the swing. I had my belt and she had my zipper and it all came off at the drop of a hat. She had her hands on my cock and then her mouth and was bobbing up and down with passion. “You better be careful, or get ready to swallow.” I wasn’t kidding and neither was she. She started to hum and work her tongue across my helmet swallowing more of my cock as she went. She sure knew what she was doing and it was obvious she really enjoyed sucking my cock. My balls began to tighten and I was about to blow, “Here I come baby!” There wouldn’t be a mouthful after last night but she took all three blasts of my juice and continued to bob and suck. To my surprise, she was able to keep him erect.

When she released her grip her hand pulled my cock to her awaiting cunt. The cushion was wet beneath her and I entered without any resistance. On the second stroke I was buried all the way to my nuts. I began a steady rhythm of slow deep strokes, each time buried to the hilt inside her tight honey pot. “Fuck me baby, fuck me hard.” She only needed to tell me once.

Her legs were over my shoulders and I had a tight grip on her hips as I pounded her pussy with all I had. The swing chains were squealing and she was moaning pretty loud; load enough that the old man on the street could probably hear us. I love the sound of my thighs Escort Keçiören slapping against a wet ass and from the noises she was making, I must be doing something right. “That’s it baby, right there. Fuck meeeeee.” I could feel her squirt her cum all over my cock. She held tight to my neck as her body continued to quiver and shake. Her massive orgasm was what I needed to push me over the top for the fourth time in the last 12 or 13 hours.

She loosened her arm lock around my neck and gave me a little push to have me back up some. She rose from the swing and threw the cushion on the floor amongst the pillows and lay down. Her long legs, narrow hips and waist, her 34B tits were on full display as I spooned in behind her and our breathing became shallow and soon we were asleep.

We awoke with a start; really, she jumped up and almost scared the shit out of me. “What time is it? Oh crap, I’ve got to work the dinner crowd and I’m going to be late!” We were both standing naked on her back porch when she kissed me and said, “This isn’t over baby but I’ve got to go. Call me.” She grabbed her clothes and ran for the shower. I picked up my clothes and walked to the kitchen sink to have a quick wipe up. After dressing, I walked to the bathroom and told her I’d call. “You’d better!”

I knew I could find my way back to the B I may never leave this place if the women didn’t fuck me to death. I was lost in that thought with a smile on my face when her car brought me back to reality. She was pulling into her drive and she waved hello. As I entered the drive she was standing beside the car with a big smile on her face, “I hope you’re hungry. I brought Chinese.”

I took her bags and we entered the house. I placed the bags on the kitchen table and said I needed to go to the bathroom. “Don’t be long lover!” she called out from the kitchen. I washed myself all the way to my knees because I knew what was going to happen later. I didn’t want the scent of Molly to interfere with our playtime.

“Listen, I hope you don’t mind, but after lunch, I’m gonna need a nap. I went for a walk after breakfast and I know that when I eat again, I’m gonna crash.” A twinkle in her eyes and a big smile on her face gave him the answer he needed. “I think that would be a wonderful idea. I haven’t had an afternoon nap in forever” she said. I hope it’s a long one, he thought, I’m gonna need my energy.

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