Loving Lovely, The First Encounter


Loving Lovely, The First EncounterAgain, it had been some time since my last sex-adventure. Recently, I received a PM, requesting my first encounter with my pinay, Lovely. If anyone had follow my stories, Lovely is a domestic helper with my mom, staying with my mom. I had been dating her for almost close to a year now.Of the many things, I would love to write and share about my hot, beautiful, loving Lovely. My first hit-on Lovely was actually a proposition from her. Many of you might remember that Philippines was hit by the crazy weather and Lovely’s house was not miss. To add on her father pass away, last year, she was very much in need of some financial assistance. I don’t really remember how we landed on the subject, but she was asking me a favour and in return, let me bonk her. It was an offer that not many men would let it slip.Let me first describe my Lovely. She is an above average pinay with a wonderful smile and beautiful hazel eyes. Her assert above her waist is very well sculpted and really defined her nice body contour. I think they are perfectly made for my hands, tongue and mouth. But my favorite parts of her body is her amazing, firm, and perfectly shaped ass and her wonderfully shaven and delicious pussy.Playing a gentleman figure, I offer to assist her with her financial burden and brush off any return favour from her. I told her to go back Philippines and settle her family issues and when she comes back, we can head out some time. I trust my moved had made a real great impression on her. We started to chat more after that incident and our discussion went quite personal. I understand that she had broke-up with her boyfriend before she came Singapore and she had not been having sex for many years. I can send the lust she had in her eyes as we talk, but I would have to wait till she is back.My first date with her was almost a month after her return. She seems very eager to come back. We make plans on her off day and I told her not to worry, just follow my lead, be my date and I will assure her a wonderful day spend.That Sunday had arrived…She was dress in a very simple tee-top and a tight mini skirt. The tee was so cladding that her boobs was really a stand-out. That tight mini also showcase her nice ass perfectly. She didn’t dress to kill, but the simple look made her more outstanding.I had ran over my plans on how to score with her on our first date, but you never know what might went wrong. So I took it very cool and steady. I drove her to Changi Village to have nasi lemak, a dish that I knew from her that she love very much in Singapore. She love the chilli too.It was a long drive (I actually drove slow) and along the way, we talk about her trip back and how she had to settle her family problem after her father pass away, especially she is very attached to her father. Tears was found on her eyes, so I quickly change the subject and did a great move by poking a finger onto her torso, tickling her. That broke the moody ambience and we joke on it while my hand found the way, resting on her thigh, which she didn’t object. That’s my cue for confirmation! Oh-Yeh~!I shall cut the boring story and fast forward…After breakfast, I drop a hint on maybe we should find a place and just relax. Her shy smile on her türbanlı afyon escort face, as she nodded her head, looking down, assured me that she is all ready for me.Without further thoughts, I drove off to my favourite local transit hotel and gotten a room for us. And that’s where it all happened…Once in the room, I grab her towards me and hugged her tight. I could feel her body trembling as she slowly return my embrace. I released her and lifted her face and look deep into her. Without a word, I planted a kiss on her lips. From small light peck, it grew more intense, till we are actually frenching and tongue fighting. Both my hands was on her ass grabbing it, feeling the roundness and at the same time, I lifted her skirt, as my hands touches her bare ass cheeks. She was wearing a G-string… This is gonna be interesting.Half pushing, half carrying, I moved her onto the bed. We kiss and tease. She is more relaxed and becoming playful. My aim is to get her wild! We help each other to get naked, all the while, not forgetting not to stop our kissing. Finally when we are both in our birthday suite, I admire her body and my hands was on her boobs, caressing them. It is a pair of round firm tits! My cock was already hard rock.Quickly, I capped my dick and knee between her spread legs. That was another spectacular sight. A clean shaven light pinkish virginal lips was smiling at me. I took my cock and start to rub on her pussy. With a few stroke, her nectar starts to flows, coating the tip of my rubbered cock while I wet her more. I continue to wipe her pussy with my cock and each wipe; I push myself forward to try to get the cock head to open her pussy lips. After a few try, I position nicely and start to shove my cock in. It was difficult. Man~! She is freaking tight as a virgin!She was screaming when I push in. I’m not sure whether it was pain or pleasure, because her scream was very intense! But I don’t have to guess too long as she starts to buck her hips forward, trying to get my cock in too.The head of my cock was touching her, easing between her lips. They stretched a little wider, accepting me and closing upon me. Lovely gave a little sigh of relief as I started to push into her. I’d almost forgotten that she hasn’t had sex for a long while hence she was tight as virgin. My overwhelming desire was to just ram straight past it and take her, but I pressed firmly against Lovely, slowly bringing more pressure to bear.A little more pressure and I was moving into her passage. It wasn’t a war won without casualties, though. Lovely gave a small squeal of pain and bit my lip. Quite hard. I also made a small yipping sound. With that initial entry over I pushed slowly but firmly home, feeling Lovely rising to meet me, eager for this new experience to continue.Pushing, pushing, I could feel Lovely’s passage clinging to me, stretching, expanding to accept me. Slowly but surely I went deeper, filling Lovely while she made little sounds of appreciation. At the start, anyway. I pulled back, just a little, and returned, hearing Lovely giving a happy little sigh and pushing to take me again. Another little movement, with another happy response. This continued for a few moments, and I türbanlı afyon escort bayan could sense Lovely getting a little frustrated. She was expecting more than she was currently getting.This was my cue to get a move on. I pulled further back and then drove in a lot more firmly, eliciting a startled squeak from Lovely. But a pleased squeak, I noticed. Slowly I started extending the length of the strokes I was making, picking up the speed with which I thrust back in. Lovely was responding eagerly, lifting her hips to accept me, little sounds of pleasure and lust babbling out of her. Of her own accord, Lovely lifted her legs and wrapped them around me, her fingers digging into my shoulders as we came together. We were moving quite a bit faster now, holding a nice natural tempo as we banged together. I held it like that for as long as I could, letting Lovely’s excitement build, pushing her down that road to her first orgasm, with me.Lovely was gasping and making eager little sounds, with those sounds starting to take on a desperate edge as she built steadily towards a climax. She was tossing her head from side to side. There was a pleading note to what she was trying to say, and I did my best to answer the plea. I drove in harder and faster, picking up speed by reducing the length of the strokes. Lovely was frantic now, clinging tightly, almost screaming her need. I caught her head and held it still, covering her mouth with my own as I finally let fly, squirting hard into her, letting my seed splash deep within her. She shuddered, trembling with the force of her own climax, her voice a wail of satisfied want, and then she sagged beneath me, trembling slightly as little aftershocks continued to run through her.I slipped my deflated cock out from her and went to the shower while Lovely still lay on the bed. She had a smile on her face with her eyes closed. After a quick wash down and towel dry, I slide behind Lovely and hug her. What next came as a surprise and an excitement! Lovely moved her hand behind, grabbed my cock and starts giving it a soft slow stroke. My rod was gaining conscious as it grows in her palm.She turn around and face me, cock still in her hand. She looked at me with those magically hazel eyes. She leaned toward me and kissed me as I pulled her close as we kissed. I put mine on her chest, feeling the firmness of her breast. I played with the nipple and it became hard immediately. I fondled both her breasts while we kissed and she stroked me.”Suck me? ” I ask?She glance at me and smile. In a swift motion, she was kneeing in between my thigh with my now fully hard cock bobbing as it stood up, with Lovely looking straight down the barrel. She took my balls in her left hand, gently stroking with her right, then licked and kissed my nuts, finishing by running her tongue up the shaft. Lovely took my cock in her mouth, first just the head, swirling her tongue over it, then taking as much of the shaft in her mouth as she could, then pulling back off so she once again had just the head. Her tongue was magic, making the head swell. She’d pull off and look at it, then squeeze my balls and stroke me before taking me back in.After about ten minutes of this, türbanlı escort afyon Lovely took the head in her mouth, licked hard, then took me all the way in. I looked down at her, her tits swaying as she bobbed up and down on me. She pulled back off, licked the head again, then took me deep, her tongue on the underside of my shaft. I was getting really close, and I told Lovely I was going to come. I lifted her up so she was sitting on my lap. I don’t wanna cum in her mouth. I want another good fuck with her and seed her (with a protection, of-cos). We kissed, and I could taste my cock smell from her mouth. As we broke out kiss, I eased her down on the bed, lifting her legs over my shoulder. I now had easy access to her pussy, I could see her labia opening as I spread her legs, and I knew I was in for a feast.I knelt in front of her, kissing her thighs as I worked up to where paradise awaits. I kissed around her pussy, but not directly on it. Lovely squirmed as I teased her. I looked at Lovely, my eyes meeting hers, and went down slowly, my tongue finally hitting her clit, making her jump. I then put it inside her, licking her pussy walls and then back over her clit. I played over it for a full minute, just sucking gently as she got more and more excited. I licked inside her again, then around her labia, then onto her clit. That set her off, and she came like a tidal wave, covering my face in her free flowing juice.I climbed up over her, and rubbed the head of my cock on her clit, sending her into high gear, and she cried out. Lovely reached for my swelling hard on, taking it in her hand and pushing it in, while exclaiming in a hoarse whisper, “fuck me, fuck me!”Lovely was wide open and I went in easily, but I paced myself to prolong the pleasure for her. When I finally was in her all the way, she sighed hard as my balls came to rest on her ass. She wrapped her legs around me, holding me in, and we stayed in that position for a few minutes, kissing passionately as we savoured the feeling of being joined. I slowly started pumping in and out of Lovely’s soaked pussy, occasionally pulling out and teasing her clit, which made her squirm. I played my cock over her clit again and put my once again swelling dick all the way in her, now hard enough that I was reaching her cervix.I held Lovely tight and in a swift motion, we flip over. She lowered herself down to take about half of me, then lifted up so I came out and teased her clit, then slid me back in till I felt my balls on her ass. I took her hands in mine as she started to ride me slowly, bearing down on me, grinding her clit into the hair above my cock. I let go of her hands and took hold of her ass, pulling her into me, making my cock bottom out on her cervix.”OH!!” she exclaimed as I hit her deep and held her.I pulled out, teased her clit and pushed back in till my balls were up against her ass. I was almost there. I start to pump her hard and fast, as she started to shiver while an orgasm washed over her. She leaned forward and kissed me hard and deep, thrusting her hips on my cock, which sent me over the top. I started to come, a short burst, then a long hard one, followed by a half dozen more that hit Lovely deep, making her release our kiss and cry out as my cum splashed. She bent back over and kissed me again, this time till my cock stopped pulsing inside her.She let go and sat up, her hazel eyes glowing and smiling at me, and I knew that wasn’t the last I’m going to see her … and indeed, our adventure had been going on for coming close to a year and I’m still looking forward to many good times with her…

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