Lucky Me Ch. 02


Dinner was good, but eating it was exciting. Sitting down at the table seeing mom and my aunt, neither one of which happened to be wearing much, just kept the idea of “Doing something fun and naughty,” as my aunt had stated it, at the forefront of my thoughts. I’m not even sure I had tasted what I was eating. Glancing over at the two of them sitting kitty-corner and across from me had its special moments.

Deciding to entice me perhaps, or keep the mood being one of anticipation and longing, my aunt had worn what was nothing more than a flimsy wisp of mixed lace and chiffon, the white top she had on barely concealing her full firm breasts. The hint of her large tan nipples playing peek-a-boob with me across the way. Every time she shifted, or moved her arm, I caught glances of her amazing nipples as they pressed against the thin fine material of the pull over “naughty top” she was wearing.

Not to be outdone either, mom had worn something similar, but even more alluring in a way. Though throwing on a red cover up, which was also lacy, she wore beneath that a very sexy looking bra with nipple cut outs. And though mom’s areolas weren’t quite as large around as my aunts were, her nipples were without a doubt considerably thicker, longer, and almost permanently hard so it seemed. Though I think that had a lot to do with her sitting there the way she was, and the three of us eating, discussing past-time adventures. Something I was totally blown away by that they were for one, laughing and giggling like school chums together as we continued eating our dinner together. Needless to say, I had a rock-hard cock the entire time we sat there at the dinner table. And it was nice, since I was only wearing my bathrobe, that I had no need to worry about confining, or concealing it. Twice already my Aunt had reached over, giving it a little quick caress as though wanting to ensure it stayed hard. It certainly wasn’t necessary, though it was definitely appreciated. Just hearing them talk about some of the stuff they had done together was enough to keep it that way.

“Do you remember that night we went out on that date together?”

“Do I!” Mom chuckled now glancing over towards me. “It was the one and only time that your aunt and I went out on a double date, just before I met and eventually married your father,” she left off as my aunt picked the story back up again.

“Yeah, Carol had come home from the University to attend my high school graduation. It just so happened that the guy I was seeing at the time was the brother of a guy Carol had dated back when she was in high school. When he heard that Carol would be back in town to see me graduate, he thought it might be fun if the four of us actually went out on a date together. Sounded fun and interesting to us too, so we did.”

“Interesting isn’t exactly the word I’d use,” mom laughed openly. “Even then, you were always the one getting me into trouble!” Mom quipped.

“Oh, and like you didn’t enjoy it,” Kathy challenged.

“So what happened?” I asked.

“What happened was, we went out to a drive-in movie, which they had a lot of back then. Steve, Carol’s then boyfriend, owned a Chevy Super Sport, which had a bench seat in the front rather than bucket seats. Dan…Steve’s older brother and my sort of semi-ex boyfriend sat with me in the back. So it was odd in a way, almost felt like the two of us were chaperoning those two.”

“Except, you two were fooling around from the get-go. Almost from the moment we got to the drive-in shortly after the movie started, he already had your blouse open and was playing with your tits.”

I noticed as though mom was actually reliving the moment that her hand came up, cupping one of her breasts fondling it for a moment, sending a nice throbbing surge of excitement into my already hard prick.

“Dan always did love my breasts,” mom sighed pleasurably, obviously recalling the moment. “But we weren’t the only ones getting carried away either,” mom accused Kathy grinning at her. “Whose head suddenly disappeared down into whose lap?” she asked.

“Yeah well,” Kathy laughed. “I was still a virgin at the time, and it was the one way I knew for sure would keep Steve at bay. I knew if I kept giving him those, I’d keep him interested though saving myself for when the right man came along. Who knew that the right man would be a woman?”

“Excuse me?” I said interrupting her. “What did you mean by that?”

“Another story…for another time,” Aunt Kathy said. “Unless you don’t want to hear what happened later,” she asked me.

“Actually both,” I hoped though I was interested in hearing what did happen next, as it obviously had something to do with mom too.

“Go ahead Kathy, finish the story while I clear away the dishes so we can all get a bit more comfortable back in the living room,” mom said standing up. Once again I took note of her amazingly hard nipples, which appeared, to me to have actually gotten even harder than they had been.

“Well sisli escort by now of course, we had both of the boys extremely horny, we’d been fondling and playing with the two of them all the way through the movie. We were pretty horny ourselves too of course, which is when she came up with what turned out to be a really wicked idea. During the intermission, we headed inside the concession area to use the restrooms…that, and to remove our panties which we thought would be a nice surprise for the guys. Except while we were in the bathroom doing that, your mom said: “Wouldn’t it shock the two of them if we returned and switched places?” I know she was only joking…well sort of, but then I said “Yeah…let’s do that!” So we come walking back to the car, but instead of your mom getting into the backseat again, I did. And she got into the front seat. You should have seen the look on their faces when we did that. I mean Steve still had his dick out, and at first he looked bewildered trying to hide it with his hands. Except that your mom suddenly undid her blouse again, letting Steve have a good look at her tits.”

Mom came strolling back into the dining area to collect more dishes. “And as I did that, I looked over the back seat, Kathy was already bending over sucking Dan’s cock, and he had the same surprised expression on his face too, though he sure didn’t look like he was none too disappointed in our having done that. So then I bent over and started sucking Steve off. Needless to say, it turned out to be one hell of an evening.”

“Wow!” I exclaimed. “I can’t believe the two of you did that, so then what happened?”

“Actually, that’s not even the best part…what happened next was what was really interesting,” Kathy continued as mom disappeared once again, though not before removing the top she was wearing, as she looked over her shoulder at us.

“Why don’t we move this into the family room?” She suggested. “I’ll open a bottle of wine, and we’ll continue this in there.”

Aunt Kathy wheeled me into the room, continuing the story. “So the boys finally take us home, though we’re still horny as hell. They had finger-fucked the two of us a little, though neither one of us had climaxed from it. Unfortunately, back then…once the guys had gotten their rocks off, and with the second movie now over, all they wanted to do was go home and sleep, so they dropped us off. Racing up to our bedroom, which we were still sharing at the time, we hurriedly undressed and slipped into the bed naked together. Now…as you’ve already surmised by some of the things you’ve heard, your mom and I had been exploring and experimenting with one another a little. But so far…we hadn’t really done much of anything else, not up until that night anyway, which is when things really started happening between us. Anyway, there we were, lying side by side in bed together, naked. Each of us fingering the other when suddenly the door opens, and our mom comes walking in!”

“Grandma caught the two of you?” I asked in shocked surprise.

“Well…yes, and no. She didn’t actually catch us, I mean we were under the covers. But she’d heard us come home, not totally asleep yet, and had been curious all night as to how the date had gone. Especially as it was the first time we’d ever gone out on a double date together. So anyway, she comes in, sits down on the edge of the bed. Now…it’s in the dark, thankfully she hadn’t turned the light on, the only light coming in through the doorway from the hall, though there’s just enough light to vaguely see her sitting there on the edge of the bed. So now she’s asking us how things went etc. But the funny thing was…I still had my hand on your mom’s pussy, and in fact…now started to purposely tease her with our mom sitting there talking to us. Not like she could do much of anything about it either, except to somehow try and act normal, the whole time I’m fingering her.”

“You really were a mischievous little cunt,” mom accused. “Though it certainly did add to the excitement of it all admittedly.”

“Holy shit!” I responded to that. “So you kept fingering mom with grandma sitting there?”

“Oh yeah…I did. And then your mom reached over and started doing the same thing to me! So now…there we are, the two of us laying in bed naked, each one of us with our hands between the legs of the other, diddling clits, and our mom asking us about how the date went.”

What I was now actually enjoying myself, was seeing mom and my aunt sitting down in front of me on the couch. As though recalling that very moment, my aunt suddenly reached over quite nonchalantly, and began petting mom’s mound through the sheer pair of panties she was still wearing. Mom in fact even spread her legs a bit so as to allow my aunt even better access to her while she continued.

“So finally she stands up, looking like she’s about to leave, which we’re both anxious for of course, as we’re both incredibly horny as hell. Neither one of us getting off şişli esc ourselves, and now needing to more than ever. Mom walks over to the door, about to leave, and then stops, turning back around to face us. And she says: “What you’re doing? Brings back a few fond memories for me too…if my sister were still alive, I might be tempted to do that again as well. Have fun you two…but please, for dad’s sake, as you don’t want to be giving him a heart attack, try and keep the noise down…ok?” And then with that…mom left the room closing the door behind her!”

“Fucking A! No shit? She knew?”

“Oh yeah…she knew, even spoke to us about it days later. But what was so surprising about it, was that she’d obviously done something similar herself, which we later discussed and openly talked about. Needless to say, after that, is when your mom and I continued doing things like that together, up until the time she met and eventually married your father anyway. But yeah…that night, we went down on one another for the very first time, finally had those orgasms we’d been in desperate need of. But the final chapter on this story was, after we’d done that, when we were just laying there trying to collect our senses again. We heard the door to the bedroom softly closing, and then footsteps heading off back to mom and dad’s bedroom. Never did learn who it was that had maybe peeked in on us. Though we both felt more than likely it had been mom. Not sure what dad would have done had he been the one standing there. But like I said…we never did find out, even days later when we talked to mom so openly about what she’d done with her sister. The subject, that moment…never came up again, and was never mentioned again either.”

“Wow!” I said sitting back in my chair, though my eyes were now glued on the two of them as they sat there side-by-side, still fondling and petting one another.

“Well, now I’m all worked up again,” mom openly admitted. “Especially with your finger’s probing my pussy the way they are. So…anyone have something they’d like to see or do? Something anyone’s been thinking about since we mentioned it earlier?”

I actually had several, but decided to defer to the two of them, let them get the ball rolling so to speak. “Well, you two are already doing something I’m interested in watching, so why don’t we just start with that?” I suggested hopefully.

“I don’t mind starting there either,” my Aunt said. “Though I do have something in mind I wouldn’t mind doing…and trying either shortly afterwards,” she added wickedly the way she said it, likewise looking at me as I sat there unashamedly stroking my own cock now while watching them. Scooting down off the couch onto the floor, she quickly spread mom’s legs even further apart than they already were, after first removing the thin pair of panties she’d been wearing. Watching my aunt Kathy as she now began obviously licking moms cunt was a treat in and of itself, but so was watching mom now reaching up as she began tweaking and thumbing those amazing hard nipples of hers. They looked so damn fucking hot, poking out…sticking out of that sexy assed bra she was wearing, almost looking as though they were trying to pour out of it the way she sat there as she fingered and toyed with them herself.

“Fuck that’s hot seeing you do that to yourself mom,” I told her unashamedly, still stroking myself. She looked up, smiling at me.

“And that’s hot…seeing you doing that. I remember back a while ago, catching you jerking off in the shower, though you never knew that I did. Seeing you work your cock, sticking it under the pulsating shower massage. I got so horny then, I had to run back into my own room, grab my vibrator, and give myself a nice little orgasm after watching you do that. Now…here I am, getting to see you while your aunt’s licking my cunt. Who’d have thought?”

“You can say that again,” I agreed, now standing up, hobbling over to sit next to her on the couch. “And who’d have thought I’d ever been able to do this…” I added, leaning over and now capturing one of those incredible long, hard nipples between my lips as I began sucking it.


“My turn!” mom announced a few minutes later, though she had been quite enjoying my sucking on her tits, along with my aunt Kathy licking her cunt.

“Oh yes!” Kathy agreed. “But…now might be a good time to include the other thing I’ve been thinking about too,” she added.

“Which is?” mom asked curiously excited.

“I want to feel Jim’s cock inside my pussy while you do that,” Kathy told us both, which sounded like a delightful idea.

“Oh yes…and then I want to feel that too!” mom added with a twinkle in her own eye. We quickly repositioned ourselves there on the couch, me now sitting down first as my aunt hovered above me for a moment, finally settling herself down over my cock, though not before mom had wrapped her hand around it for a moment, teasing aunt Kathy’s pussy with it, before guiding it escort sisli in. Seconds later, my aunts slick sweet cunt was easing itself down over my shaft. Her warm tight slippery fuck-tunnel gripping me, harboring my shaft as I felt her impale herself on it fully and completely.

“Oh fuck!” I moaned simply sitting there, throbbing away wildly inside her though she merely sat, allowing herself to get used to the sensation, thankfully for me.

“Ok honey…now you can lick it…lick us both,” my aunt giggled hotly.

I know my Aunt was certainly enjoying herself, as was I. There’s just nothing like being inside a nice wet, slick hot pussy, and then having someone else occasionally licking it too. Mom was driving the two of us nuts…literally. With me sliding slowly in and out of my aunts cunt, mom sucking, licking and flicking away at her clit, she was shuddering and gyrating wildly on top of me, moaning and groaning unlike I’d ever heard anyone do before, not to mention verbally expressing herself, which was another major turn on for me.

“Oh yeah, suck that fucking clit sis! Suck it! Fuck my cunt Jim, fuck your aunts naughty, hot wet cunt baby…fuck it, suck it…fuck it…oh god, suck it! That’s it! That’s it…oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Make me fucking come!”

Suddenly she was. I felt the vise-like grip of my aunt’s pussy suddenly clamp down over and around my cock. She buried herself on my shaft, and then just sat there, which allowed me to feel the intense contractions as she surrounded me. Simultaneously, with mom still maddeningly pulling on her clit, my aunt came, squirting when she did. Something I guess mom had half been expecting her to do.

“Oh yeah, squirt baby…squirt, that’s it…shower me with your pussy juice honey…more! More! Yeah, yeah…give me more!”

I could feel the sudden increase of juice myself, felt the inside of her cunt suddenly liquefy, more contractions, and then more liquid as her warmth bathed me, soon pouring out to saturate my balls as mom tried frantically to keep up, though Aunt Kathy seemed to surprise everyone including herself by the sudden somewhat unexpected deluge she began ejaculating out of her cunt, into mom’s face, and again down my shaft splashing all over my balls. And then as though passing out, Kathy collapsed, toppling over sideways like a rag doll.

“Holy fucking shit!” She exclaimed moments later, only then extricating herself off of me.

“As soon as you’ve ah…collected yourself, I’d rather like trying that as well,” mom said as she then began positioning herself over my still very hard…if not even harder cock.

“Ready to fuck mommy again baby?” She asked. Though there was no need for an answer, nor did mom really expect one either as she then held my cock, likewise teasing herself with the tip of my prick, slapping it against her swollen lips along with her hard knotted little clit.

“Fuck yes,” I groaned. “Ready whenever you are!”

And suddenly…I was in heaven again. It was amazing to me, the subtle differences of the two. At first, my Aunt was a bit tighter, though she quickly loosened up a little, especially with all that slick liquid moisture. Mom wasn’t nearly as tight, but damn she was slippery slick. And even with Kathy’s squirting, as wet as it was, had been…it wasn’t nearly as slick-slippery as the way mom’s cunt felt. And I loved the sound of that squishy, juicy pussy. Hearing her as she slid down my shaft, the slap of flesh meeting flesh, and then that erotic “squish” sound as I skewered her. Something that even Kathy found extremely hot.

“Oh fuck that sounds naughty!” she exclaimed, soon after scrambling over, placing herself between mom’s legs just the way mom had been doing to her. Once again I felt her hand periodically grabbing my cock, actually holding it, fucking it into mom’s split. That…or her hand cupping my balls, toying with them as she sucked, licked and lapped away at mom’s juicy lips. Mom too was quivering, thrashing about almost wildly now. Reaching around, I grabbed onto her tits, enjoying the feel of them in my hands, their full weight, so sex, so alluring as she bounced. Taking advantage of that, I then pinched each of her rock-hard nipples, fingers holding, pulling, even twisting a little.

“Oh fuck! Yes, yes! Pull on em baby! Pull on em! That’s it honey…twist mommies hard titties! Yank on em baby…harder! Harder now…harder!”

God, I was doing that and more, all the while doing so with a cast on one arm and another smaller one around my wrist, though at the moment, I didn’t feel the weight of either, only the luscious beautiful weight of mom’s full heavy breasts as I continued toying with them both. She…still sliding up and down my throbbing muscle, which I could feel was only moments away now from spewing off inside her, telling her so.

“Fuck…I’m so fucking close!”

“Make him squirt all over my cunt!” Mom suddenly cried out, telling her sister what to do. “When he comes…rub it, jerk it, make it shoot all over my lips and clit!”

Having just pained the image of that, I felt my balls tighten into what felt like an A-corn. “Fuck! Oh man…it’s….it’s….oh fuck, it’s coming!” I screamed out at the top of my lungs.

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