Lunch Break Meeting


Lunch Break MeetingLunch Time MeetingIt was another boring day at work for James and looked like carrying on that way. Out of boredom and in need of some excitement he began browsing some gay hook-up sites, which he had used before, though not having actually met up with anyone for many months. Looking at the sites, or more accurately the pictures of all the naked or semi naked men and so many hard cocks, reading their profiles and their sexual preferences and interests did add some excitement to James’ day. But now his thoughts changed to the fact that he would have some free time on Monday the following week, with his wife being at work giving him a rare free day alone, and the fun that he could have with this free time, fun with another man…a hard cock more accurately…which he had not had the opportunity to experience for quite a while.Looking at the profiles in more detail looking for those that could accommodate and lived nearby, the thought of having some pleasure with a hard cock soon becoming more arousing. There were a few that were not too far away, giving the opportunity to meet and enjoy some hard cock fun. A few messages were sent, though most of the possibilities were not online at the time James was looking but one was, and it was one that he liked the sound of. A man slightly older with interests listed as oral, anal, bondage, spanking, watersports, roleplay and the picture accompanying his profile showed an impressive looking cock. With growing arousal James sent a message through the site,“Love the picture of your cock Sir. Would love to suck you and swallow. I am free Monday morning.”The answer was something James was unsure of how to read or interpret,“You worthless cunt”Taking a chance James replied with two words that would either end the conversation or encourage it.“Yes Sir”“Your number cunt?”Almost without thinking James gave his mobile number to this complete stranger, hoping for some texting to alleviate the boredom of the day but almost instantly there was a call to his mobile. But being in a busy office James could not answer it, and then a text came.“cant talk cunt?”James replied explaining that he was at work, but would try to call soon. After about 30 minutes James couldn’t wait any longer making an excuse he went outside and called the stranger.During the brief conversation the stranger only referred to James as ‘cunt’ or ‘filthy cunt’ and James only referred to the stranger as ‘Sir’. Though spoke of a possible meeting after the weekend with the stranger ‘Sir’ describing what was to happen with James agree to all the instructions and details.“You will arrive wearing stockings cunt, and strip when entering my house then put on the blindfold.”“Yes Sir”“I am going to tie you up and that includes your cock and balls. You are going to be spanked and punished you worthless cunt. You’re going to choke on my cock and take my fucking cum…then you are aydın rus escort going to be pissed on. Is that understood?”“Yes Sir”The brief conversation had James more aroused than he had been in a long time, and could hardly wait until Monday. Returning to his office James quickly looked up how long it would take to drive to this stranger’s house. Working out if he made up a reason to leave the office then added his lunch break, he could drive to the stranger and have about 20 minutes of fun before returning to work. James texted the stranger this idea, and he agree and gave James the postcode, telling James to text when he arrived.The next couple of hours passed incredibly slowly, with the respite being occasional texts, one of which told James that when he arrived he would strip as soon as walking in the door with any questions, also to buy some stockings.When the time arrived James made his way to the postcode the stranger had supplied, nearing his destination James stopped at a small shop hoping they sold stockings, but was out of luck. Not wanting to waste time looking for another shop James text the stranger.“Nearly there Sir. Is there a shop nearby to buy stockings?”“No. Just fucking get here cunt.”When James arrived at the destination a few minutes later, he text to say he had arrived and asked for the house number, which was given in a return text immediately. James approached the door aroused, but also apprehensive he was about to enter the house of a stranger whose name he did not even know, having only referred to him as Sir. There was a moment of doubt, should he just get back in his car and leave…but without him thinking he knocked at the door. It was opened immediately by a naked man, he was about six foot, a little taller than James and also a little slimmer, clean shaven with short brown hair, but what stood out to James was this stranger’s cock. Hanging between the strangers legs was an impressive cock, although semi flaccid it was still about 6 inches long and thick. Without a word the man walked into the living room followed by James. On entering the room the man turned to James and gave his command.“Strip.”James stripped immediately, now naked as the stranger in his house, unsure what was going to happen. Once naked the stranger gave his next command, pointing to the middle of the room.“Get on your knees.”“Yes Sir” The words came out instinctively, with no thought. James had just automatically without any conscious decision accepted his role as ‘Sir’s’ plaything, and was following orders without question or hesitation.‘Sir’ now stood in front of James, his cock only inches from James’ mouth as ‘Sir’ wanked a now hard, thick 8 inch cock (James estimated). Without a word Sir stepped forward and James opened his mouth to accept ‘Sir’s’ cock and began sucking. James used only his mouth, hands resting on his thighs as he had aydın rus escort bayan not been instructed to move them, though that instruction soon came.“Play with yourself.”James began to wank his growing cock while sucking ‘Sir’s’ thick cock, loving the sensation of being naked with a stranger and being told what t do, and following those instructions without question. James’ only purpose in this moment to pleasure ‘Sir’ however ‘Sir’ commanded. Moving his head James sucked and pleasured ‘Sir’s’ cock, then he felt ‘Sir’s’ hands grip his head and pull James towards him, forcing ‘Sir’s’ cock into James’ throat, he was held there choking on ‘Sir’s’ cock, gagging when he was released the cock slid from his mouth. James’ head was then pushed to the side and forced between ‘Sir’s’ legs, James sucked and licked ‘Sir’s’ balls trying to get his tongue to ‘Sir’s’ arse. James’ head was pulled back as ‘Sir’ slapped his cock against James’ face…wanking and slapping James with it, treating James like a ply-thing, a slut, a whore. With James loving it and continuing to wank his own cock as he had not been told to stop. “You fucking filthy cunt….suck it.”The hard cock was thrust back into James’ open mouth, hands holding his head still his mouth was fucked roughly, at times the hard cock forced down James’ throat as his head was held, making James gag and choke, drool now running down his chin from the fucking his mouth and throat was taking. After sometime it may have been seconds or minutes James was unsure, focused only on the cock in his mouth, ‘Sir’ pulled his cock from James’ mouth and shoved James by the shoulder so that James fell backwards, laid on the floor. Falling backwards had taken James’ hand from his cock, rather than return to wanking James lay with his arms stretch out, flat against the carpet, also closing his eyes so as not to see anything imagining that he was wearing the blindfold mentioned earlier when talking on the phone with the stranger he now called ‘Sir’. James felt hands on his cock, wanking him, then a slap as ‘Sir’s’ other hand landed heavily on James’ balls making him jerk and take a deep breath…’Sir’s’ hand land again and again as he continued to wank James. Then he felt legs against his body as one hand held his cock, then the feel of the tight grip of ‘sir’s’ arse as he pushed down on James’ cock. Though James’ cock was in ‘Sir’s’ arse it was James that was being fucked. Not moving, laying motionless naked in this stranger’s home James’ cock was ridden, not moving as he had not been instructed to. “You want to cum in me cunt?”“Yes Sir”The fucking stopped, James kept his eyes closed wishing that he was blindfolded, it took a lot of effort to keep his eyes closed, but loving not seeing. A hand grabbed James hair pulling his head up…moving his arms to support himself the hard cock was forced back in his mouth.“Suck rus escort aydın it you fucking cunt.”In an uncomfortable position James followed his instruction and sucked the hard cock now fucking his mouth again. The hand never leaving its grip on James’ hair, the cock thrust into his mouth.“Play with yourself!”James followed his instruction moving to rest on one elbow, allowing his other hand to begin wanking as instructed, as his head was held and his mouth fucked by a hard throbbing cock of someone he had only messaged and text a few hours ago.“Do you want my cum, cunt?” The hard cock pulled from James’s mouth to allow an answer.“Yes Sir”“Open your mouth.”James opened his mouth, still supporting himself on one arm as his other hand continued wanking. James felt ‘Sir’s’ cock bounce on his lips as it was wanked, then the head of the hard cock was placed in his mouth as he felt the thick cum land on his tongue…not swallowing or closing his mouth until he was sure that ‘Sir’ had finished cumming. The cock jerked in his mouth as ‘Sir’ continued to wank making sure that all his cum had left his cock and rested in James’ mouth. Once he had finished cumming James felt the cock leave his mouth, taking this as a sign James swallowed this stranger’s cum, thinking that he had finished with James. But then the next order came.“Eat your own”James knew what this meant as he was still wanking, trying not to cum. Laying flat on the floor with the stranger ‘Sir’ standing over him, James continued to wank to completion. The fact that he was naked laid in a stranger’s home, wanking while being watched meant that it was not long before James felt the pleasure of his orgasm, his cock jerk in his hand and his cum landed on his chest and stomach. Taking one hand James scooped up some of his cum from his body, then sucked his fingers of his own semen.“You filthy cunt.” Was the stranger’s response.After a few seconds to recover James opened his eyes and saw ‘Sir’, he throw some paper towel at James.“Clean yourself up and then fuck off.”“Yes Sir”James wiped the cum from his chest and stomach, the returned to his discarded clothes by the door of the room, and dressed. His cum still sticky against his skin and the taste of his and stranger’s cum in his mouth.As James was leaving ‘Sir’ gave James some final instructions.“Come prepared next time.”James knew that this meant that he had to arrive wearing stockings, so that when he stripped on entering the house again he would be not naked, but looking more submissive solely in stockings. As the thought went through his mind, and aroused him, ‘Sir’ continued what he was saying.“Be prepared for pain you cunt, Now fuck off.”“Thank you Sir”James left the house, after being used and realised that he never knew the stranger’s name, nor had the stranger asked for his name, James was just ‘cunt’ or ‘filthy cunt’ and the stranger ‘Sir’ and this thought aroused James all over again as he drove back to work, wondering if anyone in the office would smell sex or cum on him…also looking forward to the meeting that had been originally arranged for Monday morning with ‘Sir’ where James would be blindfolded, bound, spanked and abused…..James could hardly wait for Monday to come.

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