Maggie Pt. 02


When Maggie went into her house, she took a shower and then fell into bed and slept the rest of the day. When she got up, it was evening and she grabbed some leftovers from her refrigerator and a glass of wine. As she ate, she replayed the time she spent with the two young black men at their apartment. “What in the hell was she thinking,” she thought to herself. “I’m a 50 year old divorcee and I just completely gave my body to two very young black men that I met in a bar. I crawled on the floor to them and begged them to make me their slut.”

She helped herself to another glass of wine and sat on her couch. “I can’t do that again,” she thought. “I have to live and work in this town and I have my reputation to think of.” She looked out her window and smiled as she thought, “But it was certainly a wonderfully exciting night.”

On Monday, she went back to work and tried to forget about her failed marriage and her night of debauchery. Every time she thought of Lester and Ray abusing her body and treating her like a common whore, her nipples got as hard as bullets and she knew that her pussy was wet. She tried to get them out of her mind, but the thought of her crawling to them or licking their ass holes or telling them that she was their slut kept coming back to her mind.

Finally, after a couple weeks, the thoughts of her debauchery were coming less often, and she accepted a date from a man who worked in the next office. John was a handsome well built 40 year old man. She dressed in a tight skirt that was a couple inches above her knees, which was somewhat risqué for her. Her top was a satin button up blouse with the top two buttons undone. They had a wonderful dinner followed by dancing at a nearby night club.

When John took her home, she knew she needed to get laid. She invited him in and, although it took him almost an hour to get her out of her clothes, he carried her to her bedroom and gently massaged her body. He kissed her thighs and then licked her wet pussy. He slowly and gently moved up her body and inserted his cock into her waiting pussy. She climaxed almost immediately. John slowly and gently pumped her cunt for almost 10 minutes before blowing his load into her. When he pulled out and fell beside her, she immediately went down and cleaned his cock. When she finished and came up beside him, she tried to kiss him and he turned away.

“Wha-what’s wrong?” She asked. He just shook his head so she asked again, “What’s wrong?”

“I can’t kiss you after you did that Maggie. That was gross,” he said.

Maggie smiled, got up and went to brush her teeth. While brushing, she smiled as she wondered what he would think of her licking Lester and Ray’s asses. She came back to bed and when she laid back down, he finally kissed Kolej Escort her. John got up and used the bathroom and then announced that it was probably time or him to leave. Maggie just nodded her head. While John was dressing, Maggie put on a long robe and then walked him to the door.

At the door, he turned, kissed her and said, “We’ll have to do this again, Maggie.” She gave a lame smile and nodded as he walked away.

She shook her head in frustration and went back to bed. She began thinking of her date with John, but was shortly recalling her abuse at the hands of Ray and Lester. She lay awake for a long time before finally falling asleep.

Maggie had no desire to go back out with John so she avoided him over the next couple of weeks. She focused on her job and spent time with her friends and watching old movies on Netflix. Finally she had watched enough movies, so on Saturday night, a month after her time with Lester and Ray, she dressed in her new outfit and decided to go out. She wore an extremely short skirt, for her. It was a tight mid-thigh length skirt with a short slit up the right side. She thought she was too old for a thong so she wore her new bikini panties. She wore a tight silk blouse that she left unbuttoned well below her usual comfort zone.

She caught a cab to the same bar where she had met Lester and Ray. Before getting out of the cab, she sat and thought about what she was doing, then she gave the driver another address. When the cab dropped her off, she nervously entered and approached the apartment door. She listened at the door and heard the television. She had butterflies in her stomach and her nipples were almost bursting from her top. She was surprised that her pussy was gushing down her legs.

Maggie closed her eyes to reconsider what she was doing, and then slowly lifted her small white hand and knocked on the door. She heard movement inside the room and then the door swung open to reveal the smiling face of Lester. “Well, well, well, what do we have here?” He asked.

Maggie stood frozen to the spot trying to find the right words. She saw Ray walk up behind Lester and both men leered at her. Finally she quietly said, “Please let me be your slut tonight. Use my body as you want. It now belongs to you. I need you. Please.”

The two young black men smiled and looked knowingly at each other and then looked back at their 50 year old white slut. They motioned her into the apartment. As the 5’3″ woman stood in front of the two big men, she wasn’t sure she should be here until Ray leaned forward and covered her lips with his own. As soon as his lips touched her, her whole body tingled and she knew she wanted to give up total control of her body to them. She was almost in a trance as he Escort Kolej kissed her. When he finally stepped back, she looked down and realized that Lester had removed all of her clothes while she was kissing Ray.

She smiled sheepishly at the two fully clothed men. “I-I didn’t even f-feel you taking off m-my clothes, baby,” she said to Lester.

Lester gave her an evil smile, forced her mouth open and spit into it. Then he slapped her face and said, “Don’t call me babe, slut. You will call me sir or master. Do you understand me slut?”

“Y-y-yes sir.”

He smiled at Ray and said, “I like that. The slut should show us respect.”

“Does that mean we have to respect her too?” Ray asked.

“Hell no, Ray. She’s just an old white whore. She ain’t worthy of nothing. She’s our slave and we can do whatever we want with her. She don’t deserve no respect from us.” He looked at Maggie and said, “Ain’t that right, slut?” Maggie looked down and nodded her head. “Tell us, slut,” he demanded.

Maggie knew that the first night she let these men use her body wasn’t just a fluke or a onetime deal like she originally told herself. She knew she wasn’t just ‘scratching an itch’ this time. Unlike the first time, she hadn’t been drinking this time so her head was clear. She knew what she wanted.

Maggie slowly looked up at the two big black men. She said, “Masters, I’m an old white slut and I beg you to let me be your slave. I’ll do whatever you demand of me. I am a whore and I want to belong to you. Please.”

Lester and Ray smiled at each other and slapped hands. Both men took off their clothes and then told their whore to crawl over to them one at a time and lick their ass holes. Maggie eagerly complied. She moaned as she rimmed their asses for almost 20 minutes. When they told her she was finished, the men tied her hands together and then clamped the rope to the top of a doorway. Maggie’s feet just barely touched the floor.

The men spanked her ass, slapped her breasts and face and then slowly removed their belts. Maggie enjoyed their abuse and begged them to continue until she saw the long leather belts that each man held. They smiled evilly at her. Ray said, “Beg us to use these belts on your whore body.”

Maggie hesitated and then quietly said, “Please Masters. Beat my whore body with your belts. Abuse me.” The first slash was on her ass making her scream just as the second slash hit her breasts. “Aaaaah! Owwwww!” She screamed and wildly swung in the doorway. Another slash on her ass. “Uuunnngh! Yesss! Whip me master!” Another across her breasts making her body thrash around even more. Another slash on her ass and, as she was expecting the pain on her breasts, the second slash was on her pussy. “Oww, fuck! Kolej Escort Bayan Aaaaahh! Shit shit shit! Aaarrgh!” She screamed as she had her first climax.

The men continued whipping her with their belts for another few minutes leaving the 50 year old white woman covered with sweat hanging in the doorway almost unconscious. As Lester cut her down. Ray held her body so she wouldn’t fall to the floor. He carried her to a bedroom and laid their whore on the bed. Both men walked to the kitchen and grabbed beers for themselves and a bottle of water for their slut. By the time Maggie drank her water, the two men had finished two beers each.

She smiled up at her two masters and said, “That was intense. I hope I didn’t disappoint you sirs.”

Lester and Ray spent the next four hours using their whore in any way they could think of. They DP’d her pussy and ass and then they had both of their cocks in her pussy, in her ass and in her mouth. Maggie felt like she was having one long orgasm as the men used her holes. They stopped two more times for beers for the guys and water for their slut.

Finally, the two men got up and looked down at their unconscious piece of white fuck meat. “We hit the jackpot with this slut, Ray,” said Lester. Ray nodded his head. “After we use her some more, I think we can make some money selling her ass. What do you think?” Ray nodded again. Maggie began coming around and knew they were talking about her, but was still kind of out of it. “How many brothers do you think she could do in a night, Ray?”

Ray pondered for a minute and then said, “I don’t know. At least a half dozen. Let;’s ask her.”

“Ask m-me wha-what?” Maggie mumbled.

Ray said, “How many guys do you think you could fuck in one night slut?”

Maggie was shocked. “W-w-what d-do you m-mean, sir?” She asked.

“I mean when we invite friends over, how many men do you think you can fuck in one night?”

“B-but . . . but I d-don’t . . . . I d-don’t think . . . “

Ray slapped her face hard and said, “You’ll fuck whoever we tell you to fuck. Do you understand slut?” Maggie hesitated briefly and then nodded her head. “And you’ll fuck as many brothers as we tell you to fuck. Do you understand?” Maggie nodded her head. “Good. Now answer my fucking question, slut. How many brothers do you think you can fuck in a night?”

“I-I don’t know,” she whispered.

Ray laughed and said, “We’ll start with six, slut. That’s including me and Lester. What do you think slut?”

“Yes sir. Anything you say.”

Lester and Ray grinned at each other and began thinking how best to use their whore to make money and improve their reps. Both of them thought that it would be great if she were 20 or 30 years younger, but she is still hot enough that no one will have trouble getting an erection. And if they did have trouble, when she sucks their ass holes, those big black cocks will instantly get hard.

Ray looked at his friend and said, “Yeah Lester, this slut is gonna be good for us.”

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