Maria’s Sugar Daddy


I am a university student, majoring in biochemistry. My professor, Dr. Robert is a hot and muscular man in his mid 40’s. The first day I saw him, I was attracted to him. His deep husky voice, his tall muscular built and his overall charisma was enough to make my pussy wet. I have a thing for older men, and he was just perfect. He was quite introverted, just like me…and didn’t talk much apart from giving lectures in classes.

During the second semester of my university, I got a text from my professor saying he needs to discuss something with me, so I should meet him in a cafe on Saturday evening. I was wondering what it could be about. Was he going to discuss about my scholarship? Or some kind of internship? Or something else? I couldn’t figure out, but I was happy I was meeting him.

On Saturday, I picked out a floral dress which hugged my body tightly. It was the perfect length and I loved how my boobs looked in them. I put on minimal makeup, hoop earrings and paired them with my heels. I was not comfortable in my heels, but they made me look sexier. I don’t know why i was trying to look sexy for him; he was my professor, not a potential boyfriend. However, I went to the cafe and waited for him. He was there after 5 minutes. We ordered some coffee and some croissant. We were having casual conversations about life in general.

Then I asked him, “Umm sir, you said you wanted to discuss something. What is it?”

“Well Maria, are you a virgin?” he asked.

I was so fucking surprised. I was too stunned to say anything.

He continued, “actually it doesn’t matter if you are a virgin or not. I want a partner and a companion. But I don’t want a relationship; it’s too much of a responsibility. So I was thinking you could become my sugar baby. I’ll pay you a good amount monthly, also bonuses occasionally….in exchange you will have satisfy my needs. You can reject this offer if you want to, I won’t force you. And don’t worry, I won’t mess with your grades if you reject me” he smiled.

I was still surprised, but excited AF. I could feel my hormones rushing in my blood. I said, “o-okay sir, Kumköy Escort but….” I was too shy to say anything. He smiled and said, “yes, I like shy girls…dominating them is a different kind of fun. You will see” he winked. I was blushing, and I could feel my panty getting wet. As shy as I was on the outside, the real me was a naughty slut.

“Can I call you baby?” he asked. I smiled and said, “Only if I can call you daddy.”

He grinned and said, “Okay baby, let’s buy you some sexy lingerie. Let’s go.” He paid the bill and we sat in his car and drove to the mall. All of this was happening so quickly that I didn’t have any time to think. Was I doing the right thing? Did he have some other intentions? But who cares, I was blinded by lust and greed.

We reached the mall, and he walked into a Victoria’s secret store. This is the first time I walked into such a store. OMG who wears such expensive lingerie?

“What is your size baby girl?”


“You will only wear lace bras and thongs from now on, is that clear?”

I liked that commanding tone, I said, “Yes sir, erm daddy”

“Call me daddy, not sir…or else I’ll bite that little tongue of yours” he said as he picked out a red lace bra.

“Do you like this? I think this will look good on your boobs.”

I blushed as I nodded. We picked up some more bras and matching thongs. He got me a red lipstick and two perfumes. I was told to wear the lipstick only when he tells me to.

We drove back to my apartment. We were still in the car when he said, “Okay I’m in a hurry now, gotta run some errands. We will meet tomorrow. Open your panty and give it to me.”


“Your panty baby, the one you are wearing right now.”

I started getting off my panty reluctantly. I was red in shame. As I took it off, he grabbed it from my hands, and sniffed it. “Umm delicious”, he smirked as he said that. “This will remind me of you.”

He drove away; I walked up to my apartment. I could feel the breeze on my bare pussy as I walked.


It was the next day, a bright Kumköy Escort Bayan Sunday. Someone rang a bell on my apartment door. I opened the door, daddy was there. He was wearing a grey t shirt, and black denims. I smiled at him and said, “Good morning daddy”. “Morning baby. Did I disturb?” “No daddy, I was just doing some work out.” “Okay, continue” he said as he walked in. “But I want to spend time with you daddy”

He stood in front of me and asked, “Were you running on that treadmill?”

“Yes daddy”

“Okay then strip for your daddy now”

I took off my sweatpants. Underneath, I was wearing a blue thong he got me yesterday and a sports bra on top. He took off my bra. I was really turned on, and my perky and erect nipples were a proof of my horniness. He pinched my right nipple really hard. I let out a groan.

“My slut is horny isn’t she?”

“Yes daddy, I’m very horny right now.”

“Turn around”

I turned around, and he took off my thongs. He then spread my ass cheeks and I could feel something entering my small hole. I thought to myself, he wants to do anal already? What a horny man!

“It’s a butt plug baby” he said, interrupting my thoughts. “Now go and run on the treadmill”

“Like this?”

“Yes like this. Naked, with a butt plug in. Of course you can keep your running shoes on.”

This man turned out to be way hornier than I imagined. Who wants to see a naked girl running?

I walked to the treadmill, while my hole was aching a little because of the butt plug. It was my first time using one. He went and sat on a small couch on the left side of my treadmill. I started running, but it was weird. I had no bra on, my boobs were jiggling and my asshole feeling sore and on top of that he was watching me. I was humiliated as he was watching and smiling.

“Faster baby, move that body. Remember you have to satisfy this daddy”

I ran as quick as I could, for what felt like an hour.

“It’s been only three minutes baby. Already tired? Come and sit here.”

I wasn’t tired, but this weird humiliating feeling stopped me from Escort Kumköy running. I walked towards the couch and was about to sit next to him when he pointed at his lap and instructed me to me to sit there. I sat on his lap, my back facing him and my head resting on his broad shoulders. His two hands rubbing my two thighs slowly, he kissed my forehead. He planted plenty of kisses on my face and neck. I felt so loved and cared for while he was doing this. He had a pleasant perfume on, which added to the mood. He then kissed my lips, and it was one passionate kiss! I could slowly feel his hand stretching my thighs apart. After a few seconds I was fully spread apart. And BAM! He slapped my pussy so hard that I screamed. However, I was also fully aroused. His rough hands dominating me made my inner slut hornier. This was followed by two more slaps. I begged him to stop.

“AHH daddy, please stop daddy please. It hurts!”

Daddy then turned me around and made me lie on my stomach. He then started spanking my ass.

“Now daddy won’t stop until he wants to. You will lie here and take it. I don’t want to hear a single word.”

As the spanking got harder, I moaned. He reached for my nipple and pinched it hard.

“Didn’t I tell my baby I didn’t want to hear a single word?”

He pinched so hard that my nipple was sore. I was scared of any more punishments so I buried my face in the cushions so as to make no more sound. The spanking was going on, and though it was paining I loved being used by daddy for his sexual pleasure.

After spanking both my ass cheeks red, he turned me around again and whispered to my ears, “You have been a naughty girl. But that’s enough punishment for today.” He got up and ordered some pizza. I was expecting to get fucked by him, but clearly he was teasing me by not giving me sex. He said, “You won’t be getting this dick easily baby girl. You need to earn it.”

“How do I earn it daddy?”

“By being a good girl and listening to daddy.”

“Okay daddy.” I smiled. He hugged me tightly and I hugged him back. He kissed my neck and my ears, and I was simultaneously kissing his neck. He hugged me tighter and said, “You are beautiful Maria, breathtakingly beautiful. Now get dressed.” I got dressed, meanwhile pizza was there. We relished the pizza and some beer. After some time he left, and after giving me one kiss on the lips.

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