Marie’s bag was packed and in her car. She took one more look around the house. Everything was good, so she set off on her short break. Marie had booked herself in a five-star hotel. It was a gift to herself for being a bad girl.After checking in, Marie went straight to her third-floor room. It was better than she expected.Marie bounced on the bed, ‘Oh, yes,’ she said to herself.She hadn’t gone there to pick a man up, but if she did, her bouncy bed would be a great place to fuck.Marie checked the rest of her room. She walked to the window and looked out. There wasn’t a view. The hotel was in town, so all Marie saw was the main street and offices across. Has she looked out, Marie had the urge to be naughty.Marie had never been an exhibitionist. But she was doing a lot of things she hadn’t done before.’Why not?’ she thought.Apart from her nylons and garter belt, Marie stripped naked. Marie flaunted herself. She pushed her tits against the glass and then her pussy. The worst, or best depending on you look at it, was when she faced away, bent over and spread her ass cheeks.When Marie looked out again, she saw a woman and a man looking at her from an office window. Marie got a shock and covered her crotch with beylikdüzü escort her hand and her nipples with the other arm. She shuffled back so they couldn’t see her.”What’s wrong with you, Marie?” she said out loud.She walked back to the window and waved at them. To make it more interesting for them, Marie played with her breasts and nipples.Marie waved goodbye and laid on the bed. Marie fell asleep, and when she woke, Marie had a quick shower. It was only late afternoon, but Marie decided to have a drink.The bar was empty, apart for a couple who looked in their mid-forties. Marie chose a table and sat down. From where she was, Marie could see the lady.’She’s pretty,’ Marie thought.The woman had blonde shoulder-length hair. She was wearing a white blouse and a blue skirt; white heels finished her outfit. Marie tried not to look, but the woman’s long bare legs and plump breasts were too much for Marie to keep her eyes off her for too long.Marie was caught out. The lady saw Marie looking. Marie looked away, but when she looked back, the woman was still looking over. She smiled gently at Marie, and Marie smiled back.The woman leaned forward and spoke to the man she was with, bahcesehir escort bayan but kept her eye on Marie. Marie assumed it was her husband. He turned and looked at Marie and then said something to his wife. Marie got another gaze, and he came over to Marie.”I hope you don’t mind me asking, but are you waiting for someone?””No, and no,” Marie answered.He looked at Marie with a question in his eyes.Marie smiled, “Sorry. I meant, no, I don’t mind you asking. And no, I’m not waiting for anyone.”He gave a relieved smile, “Would you like to join my wife and me? By the way, my name’s Tom.”Marie said she’d love to, and Tom carried her drink over.As Marie walked over to Tom’s table, his wife crossed her legs in an exaggerated movement. It reminded Marie of the scene in Basic Instinct. Marie instantly wondered if she was wearing panties.”This is my wife, Ruth. Ruth meet…” Tom realized he hadn’t asked Marie her name.”Marie,” Marie said.Ruth stood and hugged Marie, and kissed her on the cheek.”You looked lonely, so I thought you might like company,” Ruth said.While she spoke, Ruth’s hand slid down Marie’s back and rested on her ass. Not for long, but long enough that Marie escort bayan beylikdüzü thought Ruth was sending a message.They chatted for a while. Tom didn’t say much, Ruth did most of the talking. Ruth kept touching Marie’s hand and arm, and then Ruth asked if she could ask a personal question.Marie said she didn’t mind being asked, but she may not answer.”How old are you Marie?” Ruth asked.That was a question Marie didn’t mind answering. With everything happening in her life now, Marie felt twenty years younger anyway.”I’m seventy-one.””You’re joking,” Ruth said, “Tom guessed fifty,”Marie took the compliment but knew there was more to this couple than met the eye. It didn’t bother Marie. She liked Ruth and Tom and was willing to see where they were leading.They chatted some more and Ruth said, “Marie I have to be honest with you. Tom was naughty, he told me he liked the look of your breasts.”Marie knew where this was leading. She looked at Tom, “Why thank you, Tom. It’s always encouraging to receive a compliment like that. Especially at my age.”Marie looked around. There still wasn’t anyone in the room, not even the bartender, “They’re natural. Would you like to touch them, Tom?”Tom reached over and felt one breast then the other.”Do you mind?” Ruth asked.”Not at all,” Marie said, and she let Ruth feel her breasts.”Now we understand each other, why don’t we go to my room?” Marie suggested.Tom looked at his watch, “We have a private sauna booked. Why don’t you join us?””I’d love to,” Marie answered.

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