Married Preachers Daughter Sedcution Ch 12 Rachell


Married Preachers Daughter Sedcution Ch 12 RachellRachelle was suspicious, and had horny dreams about me fucking her sister Laura and wondering what my cock, a strangers cock, would feel like. She felt guilty, but horny. She remembered when her and her dad had played a long time ago. She got wet and horny. She was sitting at the breakfast table, tired and wondering about the sticky mess she found, it seemed like dried cum.That day was uneventful and fun for all. Ray and I were gone a few hours with the k**s allowing sisters to talk and gossip. We caught them on hidden camera and audio talking again about Laura’s affair with me. Rachelle asked her more details, Laura replied and confided she was experiences with some bondage and submissive actions, she would not go into detail. Rachelle was curious, shocked, and it appeared in the video, jealous and horny. Maybe these sisters were more alike all the time.That night we went to dinner, I ordered wine, these ladies did not drink. But I got them to drink one glass, then Rachelle had a second. Even that made her a little tipsy. As we sat at the table, I made sure my leg was w=touching Rachelles and she did not move it this time. I also rubbed Laura under the table as she sat by Ray with my foot. She jumped, looked up shook her head no but smiled. When we got home the k**s got to bed and the sisters chatted. I kept after them and they split a bottle of wine, something they were against and never did. They were feeling loose. Laura glanced at me and said she had to take cloths to the washer, as she left the room to get them, Ray and Rachelle chatted. I knew Ray wanted to free her tits and fuck his sister in law. I was hoping to make that happen in the near future.I grabbed a few of my cloths and walked into the laundry room and closed the door. I kissed Laura and turned her, she kissed back and said we could not. She would come to me again at midnight, to meet her here again. I reached up her dress and she was soaked. I pulled my cock free and ordered her to suck me a few seconds, she did. Then off to bed she went.I knew Ray would have to fuck Laura thinking of Rachelle. After a while Laura was putting the k**s down and Ray went to shower. I walked into the bedroom where Rachelle had started to change. She told me she was about to change and I needed to leave. I looked her in the eye and told her I wanted to watch. She whispered, “you pervert, you are having a affair with my sister, you are sleeping with your friends wife…now you are looking at me like I am a whore, now get out!” I walked towards her and grabbed her wrists, pulling them from her open blouse she was holding and I said gently, “Rachelle, you are beautiful. I know it is wrong, but I cant help fucking your sister, she is hot as hell, and you are just as hot, actually türbanlı hakkari escort you are hotter!” I kissed her, she tried to turn away and I kissed her neck and bite it, I turned her check to me and said I would go but after a kiss first. Rachelle kissed me back, pressing her tits into me as I pulled her full mommy body against me. I pressed my hard cock against her and whispered, “I am going to fuck you Rachelle” and then I walked away. I felt her eyes on me. Fear, shame, humiliation, lust, confusion, all at once. She had let me kiss her and kissed me back. She was a married mom, a preachers daughter. Yet, she allowed this and was turned on by it. She understood Laura’s attraction to the taboo lust and her willingness to accept the control. NEVER had ANYONE said to her bluntly that they were going to fuck her. I did.I walked out of her room as Laura walked by, she gave me a dirty look and said, “what are you doing in their with Rachelle?” I said, “nothing but I would love to have her and you together.” Laura was pissed and stormed off, the wine working on her too. I followed her into the kitchen, kissing her neck as she was getting a drink of water, pressing my hard cock into her ass crack telling her to be in the laundry room at midnight. About that time, Rachelle walked in, she had not changed, just fixed her blouse still in her skirt with a wet pussy. She caught Laura in my arms. Laura was upset and Rachelle looked at me coldly. Rachelle said I should leave her sister alone and leave this house. I said, “I really wish we could have a threesome, even a foursome if Ray wants to play!” They both said I was sick and left the room as Ray came in. He asked what was the matter, I told him and he said, “dude, you are nutts!” I told him to fuck Laura, and as he fucked her to talk in her ear asking her if she ever thought of fucking someone else, thought about fucking me, or having a three way with her the center of attention, to watch how wet she got and reacted. Watch how her body reacted regardless of words. Ray said no problem as he was horny as hell and he would also be thinking about fucking Rachelle.So, I went to the sofa, soon I could hear Ray fucking Laura, I could here her moaning and knew he was talking to her. I was thinking about how I planned to have her suck me at midnight. I knew Rachelle would be hearing them fuck also.I waited. At 12:15 AM Laura got up and come to the sofa. She said softly, “I cant believe it but I am here Master” and I got up leading her to the laundry room. Closing the door I ordered her to suck me and I pulled her big tits free. I watched her with a flashlight (and so the hidden cam caught it all) I watched her suck me good, trying to make me forget about Rachelle, she sucked me good and türbanlı hakkari escort bayan was begging to swallow. Instead, I made her stop, raised her black night gown and I bent her over and straddled her. I rubbed my hard cock up and down the crack of her ass then I stuffed my thick hard cock up her wet soaked hole. I knew Ray, her hubby had probably fucked her with my cum inside her, now it was reversed. She was such a naughty whore. I pulled her hair and slapped her ass, I shoved the wine bottle neck into her ass with lube and she yelled, I fucked her pussy and her tight ass and she had orgasm after orgasm, me telling her she was filthy slutty wife, fucking like a whore while her husband slept, that I was her owner and she was my submissive bitch. The dirtier I talked the more she came. Finally after shooting up her tight cunt, I pulled out the body and my cock and replaced the bottle neck with my thick cock in her ass. I asked if she was my ass whore and she said yes as I pumped more cum into her. Once she calmed from cumming, I turned her around and asked if she thought of me while Ray fucked her earlier. Yes she said. I told her I heard them fucking and it made her hot to know it made me horny, then I said, “clean my cock whore then go to bed, gently kiss Ray on the cheek when you get back to bed” She did.I sat a drink some Jim Beam and got a whiskey dick, then about 3 AM Ray come into the room and said he had listened outside the laundry as I used Laura. We talked. Then I said, listen to this, as I am going to take a chance and go fuck Rachelle. We opened the door and both walked over, we uncovered her some and both began to jerk our cocks until hard, then I motioned Ray back and he hid knelt down just outside the door. I crawled into bed with her and began to spoon with her. She responded, still sleeping. I pressed my hard cock against her ass then I reached around and pulled her tit free from her gown. Soon I raised her leg and began rubbing her pussy, she opened her legs and moaned, she sounded just like Laura. Then I adjusted, and as I pressed my cock into her she woke up, thinking it was her husband she pressed back, but soon she felt my larger cock and my hands working her nipples and she jumped, she started to scream but I covered her mouth and whispered, “Rachelle, you know you want to try it, just like your sister, you know I said I was going to fuck you, I will, but right now I want to make love to you — I will stop if you REALLY want me too” By now I was pinning her and shoved my cock hard all the way into her letting her adjust to the size, then I removed my hands from her mouth, she cried and said please no, I cannot, I am married, it is wrong….she admitted she wanted it but it was wrong. türbanlı escort hakkari Meanwhile as we talked about how wrong it was and that I should not do this, I began working my cock back and forth and pinching her nipples. Her nipples were hard and sensitive, her pussy was tight, wet and warm and getting wetter. As Rachelle said she could not do this and to please stop, I began kissing her, sucking her nipples and fucking her….she began to move back and meet my thrusts. I pulled my cock from her and replaced it with my fingers and worked her clit ass I turned her onto her back. Next I pulled my wet pussy soaked fingers from her snatch and rubbed them on her nipples and lips, I kissed and licked the juice from her nipples then told her she smelled so good I must taste her…I kissed my way down and as I ate her hot pussy, I was fingering her pussy and asshole while working her clit,,,,Rachelle grabbed my head, she yelled out then bit her pillow to muffle her screams, she arched her back, grabbed the back of my head and fucked my mouth as I ate her…Rachelle tasted like her sister, she acted like her sister but perhaps wilder, and sounded like her when she cum…it was amazing. I kept eating her until she giggled and was so sensitive. She gushed out, soaked the bed and cum three times. Finally I crawled over her and pinning her wrists, I looked into her eyes as I pushed my cock deep into her. I then began to stroke and watched the humiliation coupled with the uncontrolled lust in her eyes. I pounded her hard, her tits bounced. I did not care if Laura woke up. I knew Ray was watching and kneeling at the foot of the bed. I told her I was going to fill her married fertile pussy with my cum and she fucked me back even harder. She was a real slut!!!! I pounded her and she cum a fourth time, then when she cum a fifth time I pounded her hard raising her legs that Rachelle had wrapped around me. I filled her as we cum together. I then kissed her softly and held her. I set the alarm and she fell asleep purring and content in my arms. When my alarm went off I shut it down and woke her by raising her leg and fucking her again. This time it was just a hard mad rough fuck as I bit her tits and pinched her nipples. Her sore pussy responded and she cum again as I filled her. I stood up, kissed her, then humiliated her wiping my cock in her hair. She asked it that was why her hair was sticky the other morning at breakfast.. I said yes. She said she thought so. Then she added there was dried cum on her pussy hair, on her legs and she thought in her hair, she commented that was a lot of cum. Did I do it more than once. I said no, but it was not all mine….she looked terrified and whispered “Ray?” I smiled and kissed her and told her he was the only other hard dick in the house. I told her, “Rachelle, I may make you my property for this visit, as I know I want you again…maybe I will share you with your brother-in-law!”I walked out and looked into Laura and Rays room. They were sleeping, I walked over and rubbed my softening cock on Laura’s face and lips, leaving a drop of my cum and knowing it was covered in Rachelle’s juice and smell.More to CUM!

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