Martha My Dear!


This is based on my actual experience with an ex-girlfriend.  I write it from her perspective because we would talk about it after our experiences, and the experience is hers, not mine..   I wanted to put it under straight sex, but after reading it over, realized it is a BDSM story.  Not as intense as the others in that category, but i realized this was more dominance/submisssion. For BDSM folks, this is about a woman “bottoming from the top”, as the story will reveal. Tom and I met at college and had been together for a year.  We were very different people, I grew up a wealthy Boston Brahmin, owned horses, a very upper crust social pages type girl.  Tom, in contrast is a son of immigrants who has slaved away in restaurants all his life.  Very much a Joe-six-pack working class type. It was just this contrast that attracted me to him, a little princess like me being intimate with the hired help.  He was obviously a very smart, attractive, kind and funny young man, traits all girls would love.  But our obvious class distinction was particularly attractive for me.  And this element of our relationship worked into our sex life.  I liked it when he was rough with me (at my request, he is a gentleman and would never do anything to hurt me).  I would fantasize that I was a British aristocrat being raped by the stable boy!  I would tell him these fantasies, which he merely found hilarious, but being a good boyfriend he always obliged me, and rather enjoyed himself. As we got deeper in our relationship, we started getting into other things, spanking (I love being spanked!), tying me up, making me stand in the corner with my hands over my head for punishment, etc.  And the fantasies we would share with each other got even more intense, although most of these fantasies we were not ready to try. One Sunday, Tom was going to have three friends, Tim, Brant, and Doug, over to watch the Patriots game.  His friends were just like him, working class types, great guys, alot of fun, friendly.  I liked hanging out with them.  Oh, and they were all hot, hot, hot!, I should mention! When he told me that morning, and of course invited me to join them, I had another idea.  I told him my idea and he was willing to go along with it if it turned me on. (For you people heavily into BDSM, I am a sub who definitely ‘tops from the bottom’)  he was very good at acting out these scenarios, which made the turn on even greater.  I looked forward to game time. I arrived at his apartment at 11AM, before his friends came. I gave him a kiss, “Tom, good to see you.  I’m so much looking forward to hanging out with you guys today.  You guys are so funny when you’re together!” He clutched my arms and pressed them, almost lifting me off the floor with his strong hands, “Martha, you will not be watching the game with us, we want to have a boy’s day out, and I don’t appreciate you thinking you can drop in whenever you feel like it, you bitch!” As I told you, he plays the part well! “Oh, Tom, but I came all this way and it’s cold out!  I don’t want to go home!” “Well, if you want to stay here, you’re not hanging out with us.” “Do you want me to just Şerifali Escort wait in your bedroom?”, I replied, with a coquettish smile. He gripped me even tighter, “Oh, no, I can’t trust you to not ruin our party, you spoiled brat.  I have another idea.” He got behind me and started pushing me towards his bedroom.  I struggled to resist him, but he was much too strong.  And one of my favorite things about these games is when I get to howl in protest and try to resist him to no avail! “Tom, stop!  You’re hurting me!  Tom, don’t be so mean to me!” “Shut up, bitch!”, was his reply, as he handled me even more roughly.  I loved it when he called me a bitch, because he is always such a gentleman. He led me to his bedroom and into his walk-in closet, and tossed me forcefully to the ground.  I shrieked when I hit the floor.  “Take off your clothes.” he ordered. “Tom, no, why….?” “Just do it, you whore!” I loved it when he called me that, too, the spoiled rich girl whore.  I undressed in front of him and sat on the floor naked, with my head hung down.  I pretended to cry. “Oh, Tom, why are you so cruel to me.  I offer my body to you if it will satisfy you….” He slapped me on the face.  “Bitch, I have a football game I have to get to!  Do you really think you are more satisfying than a football game!?” I didn’t respond, and just continued the pretend sobbing, with my hands draped over my pussy and my little breasts, in false modesty. “Stay here!”, Tom ordered, he turned off the closet light, walked out and slammed the door behind him, leaving me there naked in the dark.  I took this opportunity to stroke my clit a bit, turned on by this scene. Tom returned with some bungee cords and other things, “On your knees, face the wall!”, he barked out.  I complied. “Now, reach your hands between your legs and grab your ankles!” I complied, reaching between my legs and clutching my ankles, a position that left my face on the floor but my bare ass arched up, my spread ass and pussy clearly visible behind me. He proceeded to tie my wrists to my ankles with the bungee cords.  I struggled a bit, but he held me firm. Because of my position, I couldn’t see what was happening, but I suddenly felt cold plastic being shoved into my exposed anus. A butt-plug. “Oh, Tom, why..?” I whimpered. “Shut up!”, he curtly replied. Then I felt another cold feeling on the lips of my labia, cold plastic.  He slowly slid my dildo inside me, as far as he could get it in and left it there.  He stood up and looked at me with the butt-plug and dildo inside me, hands tied to ankles, such a prone and humiliating situation. “Tom, why did you put those inside me?  If you want to fuck me, just fuck me! Oh, please Tom, you are so cruel.  Oh, you know the dildo gets me excited!”, I pleaded. “Yes, you seem to like the dildo more than you like me.  I’m sure you would fuck yourself with it and be pleased with that, but all tied up, you just have to deal with it, you whore!”, he snickered. “Tom,”, I pleaded, “Let me go, I don’t like this, stop!”  (We had a ‘safe word’, so I could enjoy protesting, begging, pleading, as much Şerifali Escort Bayan as I wanted.) “You are making too much noise, Martha, my friends are coming soon, and I don’t want you ruining everything for us with your bitching.”  With that, he took a t-shirt, wound it up and put it over my mouth and tied it around my head, gagging me.  I was helpless.  I made an effort to shout and scream but couldn’t with the gag. “Now I’m going to get the snacks ready for the game.  You just stay here.”  He laughed a sinister laugh, shut off the light and slammed the closet door closed again.  So there I was, naked, on my knees with my hands tied to my ankles, a butt-plug in my ass, a dildo in my pussy, and a gag over my mouth. I could hear him cooking downstairs, and heard the doorbell ring, heard the greetings between he, Brant, Tim, and Doug. Being like this, knowing they were in the house, it turned me on so much.  I was maneuvering my bound hands, trying to reach the dildo inside me, but I couldn’t reach, it was so frustrating. I heard them downstairs, when the game started, laughing, cheering, rooting.  They were very funny when they were together. I thought of Tom and his three hot friends and started fantasizing.  All sorts of forbidden sexual dreams about them.  It was all I could do, tied up, was think.  I wished I could reach that dildo! I heard footsteps up the stairs.  The closet light flicked on and Tom opened the door.  He stood there for a bit.  I tried to speak but of course could not. He knelt in front of me and pulled the gag from my mouth with his finger.  “How you doing, Martha, do you want some water?” “Yes.”, I replied meekly.  He put a sports water-bottle to my lips and I had a few slurps.  He was such a gentleman. “You doing OK? Anything you need?  You’ve been very good, considering what a slut you are.”  I loved it when he talked to me like that! “I’m OK, can you just untie me?  This is very uncomfortable.” I replied. Again, if I didn’t truly like this, I would use one of our safe words. “Afraid not, OK, commercial is over, gotta get back to the game.”  He let the gag fall back over my mouth, shut off the light and went back to his pals.  I remained in my prone position, engaging wild fantasies in my head.  Although what was happening now was my fantasy, I was frustrated that I couldn’t go further.  The dildo inside my ever hotter and wetter pussy, the humiliation of the butt-plug, I was frustrated, but in a good way.  I wondered if the country club crowd that I grew up with saw rich, smart, sophisticated young Martha in this situation, what would they think? Being tied up in the closet by the guy who mows their lawn!  What would they think? An American aristocrat whose descendents were on the Mayflower, being treated this way by this ruffian, this Mediterranean immigrant, with his common laborer friends. Oh, the scandal!  I loved every second of it! I was in this state for a while when I heard Tom’s footsteps as he came upstairs.  He was very conscientious when we played these little games to make sure I was safe and comfortable.  But I was wondering Escort Şerifali if he told his friends why he had to go upstairs every 10 minutes?  Did they know he was checking on me? Tom opened the closet door and turned on the light.  Kneeling, he removed the gag, and I whimpered and pretended to cry. “How you doing Martha?  Here’s some water.  Do you need to use the bathroom?”  Such a gentleman.  He fed me some water out of the sports bottle. “Tom, please let me have a hand free so I can work that dildo? Please?  I’m so hot right now!” “Martha, Martha, Martha, you make too much noise when you are aroused.  They will hear you downstairs if I let you get yourself off!  Now be patient.”, he replied. With that, he gave my lily-white ass a couple of smacks.  I yelped, just loud enough that maybe his friends  would hear. I was excited by the thought of these working class men finding out that the rich kid was getting spanked by the calloused hand of her working class boyfriend. After the brief spanking, Tom took the dildo and stroked it three times inside and out, I moaned in pleasure.  “Oh, Tom, please keep doing that!  It feels so good!” But he stopped, and left it inserted inside me.  He leaned over and whispered in my ear. “Martha, you are so wet down there!  What sort of dirty thoughts have you been  thinking?  Tell me.” I looked away from him and muttered, “No!  What I’ve been thinking is too dirty!  You’ll just spank me if I told you.” With that, he wacked my bare ass several more times, and again, I yelped just loud enough that maybe his friends would hear. “You’re going to get your rich girl ass spanked, anyway, Martha, I suggest you tell me, so I don’t have to go through the hassle of taking off my belt!” I loved it when he trashed me with his belt, but it was too early for that. “OK, I’ll tell you.”, I relented. “I was fantasizing that I got loose, that I undid these cords.  All I want to do is get out of here. I don’t bother looking for my clothes that you hid.  I run out of this closet and run down the stairs.  Naked, the butt-plug still inside me, but the dildo slides out of my wet pussy and falls on the stairs.  You and your buddies hear it fall down, and you catch me as I try to get to the door to get away.” I paused, so turned on, and Tom slaps my ass a few more times, to get me to continue. “You grab me by my hair, and drag me, screaming, kicking, crying, into your living room.  Brant, Tim, and Doug look over from watching the game, and start laughing, saying things like, ‘Oh, what’s up with your rich girl whore?’, ‘Hey, is that a butt-plug in her ass?’, ‘What’s the little blue blood aristocrat doing with a butt-plug?’, I feel completely humiliated as you drag me to the middle of the room, tugging my hair.” I paused, too embarrassed to continue.  Tom says, “Yes, and then what?  You better tell me, before I get out my belt.” “You throw me over the coffee table, and grab my hands and pin them behind my back.  Then you tell your friends, ‘Little princess here was being disciplined but just tried to run away.  Can you believe this little whore was about to run away, run out of the house completely naked?’ “Then I imagine your friends laughing at me, as I lay there naked with a butt-plug in my ass.” “Then what?”, Tom replied. “Then, you take turns spanking me for my misbehavior, three of you hold me down, while the fourth slaps my bare white ass with his calloused, labourer’s hand.

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