mature but beautiful


mature but beautifulNote this a fantasy I hope you enjoy! Hello my name is Leo I’m 28, I am a very successful lawyer in the state of California, I needed a break from my everyday life. Between the divorce of my cheating wife and all the work I have been doing at the firm I just needed a break! So I decided to go on a vacation by myself for a week no phone, not having to worry about work just a stress free vacation that I most certainly needed. So I decided to go to the Bahamas never being their before I figured that between the beach, babes, you couldn’t get any better than that. So I arrived early in the morning and being tired from the flight and jet lag I figured I would go to straight to my resort and get some sleep. I was amazed by my room it was huge and the look out over the beautiful beach had me in speechless. So I finally got unpacked I feel asleep for about 4 hours once I woke, I really didn’t know what to do so I figured I would go to the lounge in the resort get a bite to eat. Once I made my way in to the lounge it was kinda awkward being the only person in their alone so I sat down by the bar ordering some food that’s when I saw a lady sitting by her self in the corner reading a book. Finally I built up some courage and went over to introduce myself. As I got closer it seemed she got sexier by the step I started to look harder and that’s when I realized she was a older women. I got to the chair beside her hello is any one sitting here I asked politely no your fine honey, she went back to reading I was studying her harder now I have never seen a more beautiful thing in the 28years of all my life. She had salty blonde hair, green eyes that where breath taking, little pink lips, from Lead down to a beautiful hour glass figure. So I just had to start a conversation with this beautiful goddess. Hi I’m Leo, well hello Leo I’m Ava. I hope you don’t mind me asking are you her alone, yes she answered I like to get away from home every now and then. What about yourself same reason between work and the ex wife I had to get away. Oh what do you do she asked I’m a lawyer in California, and yourself oh sweetheart I’m a retired nurse. Oh I hope you don’t mind me asking how old kırşehir rus escort are you? 54 wow I said. What she asked? I have never seen something age and be as beautiful as you are Ava. Oh well thank you, you don’t look bad yourself how old are you darling? I’m 28. Ava I said, yes? I know we just met each other but I don’t know anyone here I was just wondering if you would like to go out on a date with me tonight? Well I suppose I could it’s always nice to meet new friends! OK uh meet me here at 7 tonight? Sounds good I’ll see you here. OK I’ll see you later then. So from their I went to my room to get ready being it was already 5 in the afternoon so I took a shower and relaxed for a little while and the whole time I thought about Ava I wanted to know more about her it felt as I was hypnotised by the sure beauty of this woman. Finally it was time so I went to the lounge and their she was in the same chair that she was in earlier. Hi I said well hello I have been waiting for you. I’m sorry if I made you wait to long. No your fine so what’s your plans for us tonight I have been waiting to hear! Well first I was hoping we could go out to dinner, oh yes I’m starving! So she stood up and I was at lost for words she had but her hair in a bun, and was wearing a blue sun dress which made her figure pop really well. So we sat down and ordered some food so Leo tell me about your self besides what I already know! I have two little boys but their mother has custody I work for my dads law firm. I’m a very active guy love the sports and out doors. May I ask why you are divorced? She cheated on me. Oh I’m sorry she just doesn’t know what she’s missing then does she. No I said with a smile, now what about you tell me about Ava. I have 3 c***dren all grown. I live in Florida retired and I love reading and outdoors as well. Husband I asked? He left me when the k**s became adults. Oh well he don’t know what he’s missing does he! That’s right. So after we got done eating dinner what’s the plan now Ava asked? I haven’t been to the beach yet will you take my invitation and walk on the beach with me! I would love to so once we made are way out to kırşehir rus escort bayan the beach their was no one there just me and this beautiful woman I guess it being late every one left which was fine. So Leo what made you come over to me to day at the lounge? You want the honest answer? Well duh she said which made us laugh. I turned and looked at her Ava I have never seen a beautiful woman in my life I said! Oh that’s sweet and she kissed me on the cheek . Kiss on the first date I like it oh stop it she laughed. You know I would usually turn a date down with a younger guy. Why did you go out with me then? Theirs something about you Leo! What is it? I don’t know yet! Oh then she turned looked me right in the eyes and kissed me not just a kiss a passionate long kiss with are bodies holding each other bracefully. When she we released our lips and brace. I must say your a good kisser mister! Your not so bad your self Ava. Ava I usually don’t ask this on the first date but would you like to go back to my room? I’m breaking my own rules here bit I suppose so! Yes I thought so once we got back to the room we sat down you want some wine I asked? Oh yes thank you! Hey Leo she said yes? I don’t have anything to get comfortable in this dress is tight on my shoulders! You can barrow one of my T-shirts if you want. Oh yes that would be lovely I showed her to bathroom you can get dressed in here. OK thank you your such a sweetheart Leo! So why she got changed I did as well just putting on some shorts then she came out! Oh Ava what happened to the shirt well where’s your shirt I don’t sleep with one on do you want me to put one on? Oh know your muscles dear are nice to look at. Oh well thank you! You oh my you are sexy Ava! She came out into the room in a bra and panties which made me kind of hard seeing her little soft lips down to her breast which now where only covered just by her bra my word Ava! What I hope you don’t mind me asking but how big are your umm breath? Oh yes I’m my thirties I got a boob job and upgraded to a D oh wow! Then she turned around to look out of the over look I could now see her beautiful shaped butt it rus kırşehir escort wasn’t big but it wasn’t small! Look how beautiful it is out their I walked up behind her rapping her in a hug not as beautiful as you! Oh Leo you are so charming to which led to another long passionate kiss the feel of her soft little lips and are tounges touching was so arousing! I finally got it to where we were laying on the bed oh Leo it has been a long time since I made love sweetheart! Do you not want to? Actually a woman my age craves it I just have been waiting for the right man and I think I found him. So we started kissing again to which she kissed me on my neck then my chest then my belly then she sat up are you ready honey! Yes Ava to which she pulled my p***s out and but her lips around it starting to give me the best oral sex I had ever felt for a woman of her age she was amazing taking all 8 inches in her mouth oh Ava baby your amazing she then stood up and took her bra and panties off! Her breast where perfect with little pink nipples down to her lovely pussy with a little patch of hair put was trimmed. Pure beauty I said lifting up kissing her boob’s sucking on them! Oh Leo darling I have sensitive nipples! So I picked her up and laid her on her back and placed my lips right on her pussy licking her oh Leo baby your just what I need the smell of her aroma and the test of her juices was the best thing I ever tasted or smelled. After a few minutes of low moans Ava stood up and pushed me back on the bed got on top of me and lined my cock up with her pussy and sat down! Oh Ava sweetie this feels amazing. Oh gosh Leo your cock is Big she was so tight I could feel her muscles squeezing against my shaft. I rolled her over kissing her on the neck with her soft noises moans singing into my ear. We weren’t having sex we where making passionate love Leo baby! Yes I asked you have made my night honey no you made mine picking up the pace a little oh Leo I’m cumming feeling her orgasm run down hitting my cock almost made me bust harder Leo I might be older but show me what you got. So I did as I was told looking into her beautiful eyes Ava I think I’m falling in love! Oh Leo me to darling! Loving the moment I felt it coming I’m going to cum it’s okay darling don’t pull out. Give it to me so I did filling her with my semen which made her orgasm to. Oh that was amazing darling! To which I agreed and from their we feel asleep. And from that day forward every year we go back for a week to see each other to spend time and make love!

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