Meet Tara Everyone


It’s been a while since I last wrote about what my sexy slut Emma and I have been up to. Well Emma’s very popular and has been regularly flying interstate a lot to do big gangbangs, usually over two weeks and each gangbang is easily over 1,000 guys over the two weeks. That was until Covid stopped things.

Jordan and I are done but she’s been getting her brains fucked out by all accounts. I would like to introduce everyone to a lovely young girl Emma and I recently met called Tara.

Tara is no newbie to gangbangs and her story is surprisingly the same as Emma’s, fortunately. Tara actually made contact with me, so she was obviously keen for some more cock, even though she’s working full time as a hooker.

I spoke to Tara about writing about her in Literotica and she said “yes please. It would be exciting,” plus she doesn’t have the time that I do.

Well after we emailed back and forth a few times, I met Tara in a carpark in the city where she very nicely sucked my cock and swallowed. I could tell she was a good girl. And she’s so cute as a bonus.

The guys that have fucked her, of which are are many would now know who I’m talking about even though I haven’t used her professional hooker name.

Anyway, even though she’s fucking 20+ guys a shift, Tara loves to be the centre of attention at a gangbang and asked me to arrange a big one. I started off with 300 and she basically said, that’s not enough over 3 days.

This got me thinking that she was just like Emma and surprisingly Emma and Tara got on very well although Tara isn’t bi. Shame but hey.

I got onto my old mate John and told him to get a few up at the farm and I would invite a few as well. More about how many later.

Tara rocked up in a mini skirt (of course) and a see-through top with no shoes on, which wasn’t the best idea as the farm is mostly dirt. Anyway, her partner came along as well and he’s a very chilled out dude who encourages her well kind of pushes her to do more gangbangs and fuck more guys. He and I got on really well and just as things were getting going at the farm, we arranged for another gangbang the following week! I said “hell yeah” as Tara was a little hottie.

Unfortunately, a lot of the guys istanbul travesti that were at the gangbang were a bit grotty like they had just finished work and covered in dirt and oil and shit. After all it was a Friday so makes sense. Tara didn’t seem to mind at all and straight away big Murphy bent her over the back of the lounge and slammed into her. Tara is a cock hungry whore and I don’t think she would mind me saying that. She was taking it while guys went around the front for head jobs.

Big Murphy pulled out then slid into her arse and blew the first of many loads into her. Once he was done, it was a free for all! I’m guessing at this stage there were about 70-80 guys waiting with some asking if Emma was going to turn up help out Tara.

As the guys were slamming and pushing to get into Tara, she suggested the party moved into the bedroom so she can have some DP fun. That got the boys wound up as they wanted to fill all her holes.

She slid nicely over the guy on the bottom and proceeded to have her arse filled with cock. I must admit as a joke I started to tell the guys Tara was only 18 which really got them going as she does look very young.

I had to dump a load, so I slipped into Tara’s well lubricated arse and added to the loads. She was just a fucking machine and only took a few toilet breaks but most of the time it was all her holes filled and she doesn’t mind swallowing a few loads going from arse to mouth a lot!

Dave, her partner was more than happy to have a beer and watch Tara get pounded. Over the night he did dump a load into her but seemed content to watch her have fun. Funny story that later in the night he asked if there were rabbits on the farm. I asked John and he said heaps grab a rifle and shoot some.

Anyway, Dave and I jumped into a 4WD and headed out across the back of the farm shooting rabbits while Tara was getting fucked like crazy. As we drove away another three cars pulled up so word was out. John was there to manage things so we knew Tara would be looked after.

After about two hours we got back to the house with five rabbits. Yeah not a lot for two hours. Tara had a cock up her arse, one in her cunt, her hair was covered in cum and she istanbul travestileri was sucking a big black cock. No one knew who he was, but he was holding her by the hair and making her gag. The guys were telling him to ‘shove it up her arse’ so he did. It was magnificent to watch as he held her cheeks open and slid his cock in. Tara didn’t flinch.

The guys were saying what a huge slut she was at 18 and some even thought she was underage, but that didn’t stop the gangbang. Fortunately, Tara is 23 so everything was above board.

The fucking went on until early in the morning and guys were still turning up. John had gone to bed and a few of the guys climbed into their cars and fell asleep but Tara kept fucking. What a good girl.

I could see a couple of times she dozed off while being fucked but that didn’t stop the guys.

The next morning, I woke up to the smell of bacon, eggs and coffee, very standard. I could hear Tara groaning, so she was still being fucked. John was in the kitchen preparing a breakfast for Tara ‘so she could keep going’ in his words and fuck me she was a machine. Her and Emma could fuck the entire crew of an aircraft carrier with ease.

Tara was eating breakfast with her body and hair covered in cum. She wanted a quick shower to refresh and then she said she was ready to go again. After 10 minutes she was out of the shower and fucking. No makeup, hair still wet and tied up in two ponytails and naked.

More guys were rocking up and John said guys were texting their mates and inviting them along. Dave was getting into the action as well and fucking Tara’s arse while she had that big black cock up her cunt again. All the time Tara was calling out for guys to fuck her. It was like she was out to prove a point or was in competition with someone. After she reads this, she will probably tell me to fuck off.

Apparently, something happened during the night that pissed Tara off, but no one would tell me at the time what it was but it didn’t stop her from fucking so I thought it couldn’t have been too bad. I did find out later what it was but it’s something I can’t write about in Literotica, so I will leave that to your imagination.

Guys came and went travesti istanbul then came back with mates and Tara just kept taking all these cocks, just like Emma. And just like Emma, she insisted on DP all the time and she could just have a normal conversation with a cock in her arse and a cock in her cunt and these guys weren’t gentle. Tara was quite happy to give her mobile number out as well and Dave just smiled and let it all happen.

On Sunday morning there were a few new guys showing up and a group of young guys that looked like the local football team, darts club or something and they were pounding the fuck out of Tara. Pulling her hair, slapping her face and arse and yahooing. I think they’ve seen too many pornos and think that’s how it is but Tara loved it all.

One time she went to go to the toilet and some guy was in there stinking it out so she squatted in the front yard. Guys took this as an opportunity to piss on her and she didn’t even mind that although she didn’t open her mouth. After that pissing session she had another 5-minute shower and was back into the action.

Sunday night came and a lot of guys left but there was a core group of around 15 that stayed on. Tara was telling them how she had to work Monday as a hooker and everyone was asking how she would go after the gangbang. “No problems at all.” She replied. “If I didn’t get tired and need sleep, I would fuck 24/7.”

That got the guys horny again and her moment of rest was gone.

Fast forward one week and Tara was back at the farm with the same group of guys but more. The previous week gone we guessed there were around 600 guys she fucked over the 3 days and most did her two or three times, so she was well fucked but not sore or did she ever turn anyone down. A great chick.

The following week there were more guys and she got there early Friday morning, so she was obviously loving it all. Dave said this could be a regular thing until I told him about the mega gangbangs in Sydney that Emma was a regular at.

Tara asked me if Emma would be pissed off if she went to Sydney and I said I would arrange a Queensland gangbang to keep Emma happy, plus Emma wouldn’t care. Tara was very, very excited and asked her partner Dave who was of course keen for her to push her boundaries.

I thought fucking 600+ guys a couple of times each was pushing boundaries but I was happy to help them out and I think I’ve got myself a great back up for Emma but certainly no replacement.

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