Meeting Her Mom , Grandmother Ch. 3


As I enter my apartment I think of what just happened outside in the hallway. I again fucked Mrs. Wilder and Mrs. Grant my girlfriend’s grandmother and mother. How did this situation become so routine for me and where will it lead. I am a little confused but I have to admit the pussy is good.

My plan for the remainder of the evening is to get some rest then try to go to my girlfriend Tina’s apartment and stick this black dick in that tight little white pussy. Tina is down for anything sexual and loves how this dick feels when it enters her. I decide I going to lay down and get a quick nap.

After a few hours, I hear a knock at the door and get up to answer it. I cannot believe who is standing in the hallway. Mrs. Grant, Tina’s mother, is standing in the hall smiling at me through the peephole. I quickly open the door and let her inside.

Mrs. Grant is wearing a nice green sweatsuit with the top zippered down very low in the front. My dick responds and begins to get a little stiff. She tells me that she is here to talk to me about her mother and her. She sits down on the sofa and I sit on the chair across from her and she begins.

When she was child her father died and left her, her mother and her younger sister alone. As the years passed her mother started dating and things were normal. As she got older, she would hear noises coming from her mother’s bedroom at night. She started to listen and then would try and peek into the room to see what was going on. She looked in and saw her mother getting fucked really hard on almost a nightly basis and looked forward to the show every night. Her younger sister would still be asleep and didn’t know about the show.

One evening she heard noises coming from the living room instead of her mother’s bedroom. She peeked around the corner and was astonished at what she saw. Her mother was riding this guy’s cock hard and throwing her head back and forth and had her arms in the air. She couldn’t take her eyes off the scene and started rubbing her young tight cunt in response. She closed her eyes and got into the feeling and Tunalı Escort almost came. When she looked up her mother was smiling at her with the guys cock still buried in her pussy. Her mother motioned for her to come over to where they were on the floor. She walked over to them, when she got there her mother grabbed her by the hips and lowered her onto the guys mouth.

She was wearing a T-shirt and white panties; the guy was so hungry for her pussy that he ate her right through her panties. She came immediately, while her mother was telling the guy how tight her young pussy was and how nasty her daughter had become by watching her fuck at night. This lead her to another orgasm in which she leaned forward and her mother grabbed her head and lead her mouth to her hard nipple. Her mother told her to suck mommy’s nipple just like she did when she was a baby. She told her to suck it hard and bite it a little. She couldn’t believe the feelings she was experiencing that night and came and came and came. After that they fucked and sucked guys from then on.

She got up from the sofa to leave and headed toward the door. I was so excited from the story I needed some quick relief. As she reached the door, I grabbed her from the back a slid my hand into her top. I took hold of her tit and started squeezing roughly. I stuck my other hand down her pants and was pleasantly surprised to find out she wasn’t wearing and panties. (What a nasty bitch) Her snatch was soaked. I yanked her pants down and she stepped out of them. I pulled my shorts down and shoved my hard black cock directly up her pussy. She moaned rather loudly, so I decided to pump harder to give her something to moan about. I tried to push my dick through her pussy. She was so wet, and her juices were flowing freely on my dick, it made me pump her for all I was worth.

She turned her head toward me and said,” This is your pussy to do with what you like, now make me hurt from your fucking.”

That sent me over the top and I came with powerful burst. After I was sure all of my cum was deposited in her cunt, Escort Tunalı I pulled my cock out and retreated to a chair in view of the door. Mrs. Grant slowly turned to me, smiled, rubbed her hand in her snatch, got a big glob of cum on it and stuck her fingers in her mouth.

“Mmmm, that is so good,” she said. “You better get that big black thing hard again because we just started to play,” Mrs. Grant warned.

She walked to me, turned around, stuck her asshole in my face and said, “Lick my asshole, stick your tongue deep in there.”

I did what she asked and she captured my head and shoved my face all the way up her butt. She was grinding her ass into my face and yelling out. My dick got as hard as it has ever been, she looked down and noticed this and stopped. She told me it’s time to go have a little fun.

She didn’t bother to put her pants back on she just lowered he jacket top to cover her ass. I put on my shorts and asked where we were headed.

She opened the door and said, “Where going to fuck that nosey bitch across the hall.”

She knocked on the door with me standing in front of her almost totally hiding her. Mrs. Kravits opened the door nervously and looked at me with a questioning gaze. Mrs. Grant then pushed open the door knocking Mrs. Kravits backwards. She moved me inside and shut the door quickly.

She started to speak, “I saw you watching as Devon fucked the shit out of me and my mother. I know you liked what you saw. Now you will get your own taste of how good that big black dick can be. Bend over this couch you nasty big tit bitch.”

Mrs. Grant was right about the size Mrs. Kravits tits, they were huge. Maybe 40DD’s or larger. Mrs. Kravits got up and walked toward the sofa. Mrs. Grant grabbed her and pushed her over the arm, with her face in the cushions. She raised up her rope and pulled her panties down. I was shocked to see she wore bikini style with a sheer tint. Her ass was plumb, but nice for a woman I guess to be about in her late fifties.

She smacked her on the ass, turned toward me, pull Tunalı Escort Bayan my shorts down and stroked my dick to get me hard.

Mrs. Grant said to me,” Now fuck her hard, and make her need for your dick.”

I grabbed my dick and placed it at the entrance to her hole. Mrs. Grant got behind me and pushed my body hard into Mrs. Kravits pussy. She had a very deep and big snatch. When I entered her even Mrs. Grant said damn on the size of her cunt.

I was long stroking her pussy and feeling really good at how deep I could enter. Mrs. Kravits’ head was in the cushions and she was humming as she moved with my rhythm.

After about ten minutes of this ecstasy, Mrs. Grant said,” Now fuck her in her ass.”

Mrs. Kravits turned toward me and said, “I’ve never been fucked in my ass, it’s to tight, please don’t.”

Mrs. Grant replied,” Shut up bitch, we’ll do with you what we want.”

She yanked my dick out of Mrs. Kravits pussy and placed it at the opening of her ass. She told me to push it in slowly, but it was just too tight for anything but a portion of the head to enter. Mrs. Grant then did something I could not believe. She pulled up her top, hopped up on the back of Mrs. Kravits and began rubbing her pussy on my dick and on Mrs. Kravits’ butt. She stuck her tongue in my mouth and kissed me deeply. She really got into it and raised her legs and started to come. She reached behind her and grabbed one of Mrs. Kravits’ big tits and started to squeeze hard.

The lubrication from her cumming allowed for me to enter the tight butt of Mrs. Kravits. It felt so good and tight I knew I could not hold out long. Sure enough after about twenty deep penetrating strokes I came in blast of fluids.

Mrs. Grant told me to get dressed because we were finished here. Mrs. Kravits lay over the sofa with cum on her back and dripping from her asshole.

As we were leaving Mrs. Grant looked toward Mrs. Kravits and told her,” He can fuck you whenever he wants and you will beg for his black dick daily.”

She smacked her on the ass and kissed her butt cheeks. We turned to exit and waved goodbye.

Mrs. Kravits said, Thank you I enjoyed that thoroughly.”

As we entered the hallway Mrs. Grant looked at me and said,” Lets get showered and clean and then we can see about fucking my hot little daughter Tina.”

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