Meeting the Major


 As Mark passed the last speed camera on the outskirts of London he felt comfortable accelerating his car and heading out West. The traffic thinned and as the houses were replaced by fields he felt a real sense of excitement.Mark was going on a date and one that every promise of being a good one.He had been in contact with Claire for a few weeks via a website of mutual interest. Their conversations had started out friendly and become increasingly flirtatious. This, in turn, led to some pretty adventurous cyber-sex. Finally, they had spoken on the phone and agreed to meet in person.With a real sense of optimism, Mark put an overnight bag in his car.He was heading South West to the borders of Hampshire and Wiltshire. Some thought of this as Jane Austen country because she was born there. Mark thought of it as military England because what was left of the British army was largely based there.As he approached his destination, more and more green military vehicles were on the roads and in the skies above him, big Chinook helicopters appeared to be training.Mark took the turning for Pewsey as Claire had instructed, he was looking for a small village just the other side of it. As he passed through he was amazed at how precise Claire’s instructions were. One by one the landmarks appeared and he quickly found himself at the pub they had arranged to meet in.The Harvester was a typical  English country pub, a very welcome sight after his drive. He went inside and ordered a pint. He chose a local beer that he had never heard of, he wasn’t disappointed.Mark Ankara escort struck up an easy conversation with the lady working the bar as he enjoyed his pint and the agreeable atmosphere. She introduced herself as Dee. Dee quickly managed to extract from him that he was here to meet someone. Mark was a Londoner and unused to small towns where everyone knew each other. He somehow let slip that he was here to meet a lady called Claire.“Oh, you mean the Major?” replied Dee.“Sorry,” Mark replied.“The Major, everyone knows her as the Major. Major Claire Hicks, she’s in the army.”Mark visibly gulped on his pint. “No, I had no idea, I thought she was a civil servant,” Mark replied.“Well, I guess that is sort of right.” Dee moved off to serve another customer.Mark was surprised, they had got to know each other quite well, even intimately online but he had never for one minute assumed she was a soldier.Mark looked out of the pub window and he saw a lady dismounting from a horse and tying it up outside. His pulse increased, there was absolutely no doubt this was Claire.Claire entered the pub exuding confidence and a commanding presence. She spoke with authority.“You must be Mark? Glad to meet you in person at last. Pint? Find the place okay?”Mark said he would love another pint and that the journey down had been easy, he complimented her on her directions.“Complete waste of time, getting lost, nobody gains anything from it, I can’t be dealing with people who don’t check out their route before setting Ankara escort bayan off.” Claire got the attention of the bartender and ordered a large gin and tonic and a pint for Mark.“Let’s get that table over there,”  Claire suggested, the way she said it made it obvious it wasn’t really a suggestion. That was where they were going to sit.One of the advantages of meeting online on a sex site is that there is no need for small talk or hesitancy both knew exactly what they wanted. Mark and Claire were no exception. Their conversation was easy, Mark was in awe of Claire’s confidence.“I bet you have never been on a date with someone who knows how to strip down and reassemble a light machine gun?” Claire asked.Mark admitted that she had him stumped, this was a first. He had thought that growing up, and living in South London gave him some street cred, he realised that he was completely outclassed.Their conversation was easy, they were instantly relaxed with one another. Claire explained her background.  “I was born in a commuter town outside London, Dad was a civil servant, mum a teacher. I was the first in my family to go to university. After that, a good job in marketing which I hated and that’s when I did my re-think and ended up like this.”They savoured their drinks and conversed easily“I just couldn’t imagine commuting into London five days a week to a job that although it was very well paid bored me to death. I’ve always been competitive and I’ve always liked to push myself.  There is absolutely Escort Ankara no point in putting yourself through Sandhurst if you are not in it to win. Especially if you are a woman. You have to be better than the men, at everything.”In some people that would have sounded arrogant or even conceited. With Claire, it was just matter of fact.Claire went on to describe what in Mark’s eyes appeared to be a stellar military career, with regular promotions and operational tours of Iraq and Afghanistan under her belt.“It has not come without a cost though,” Claire admitted. “I’m forty-two, no kids and single again. I came back from six months in Estonia to find my husband had been shagging half the village while I was away. Kicked him out, that was the end of that.”Mark was in awe and could have sat listening to Claire for hours and soaking up the atmosphere of the lovely country pub. Day’s off didn’t get much better. He was aware that he was on his second pint and would not be able to drive safely if he had anymore. He mentioned this to Claire.“Nonsense, no need to rush back, plenty of room down here, unless, of course, you want to bail out early? Claire delivered the last part of the sentence in a quieter voice while looking directly at Mark.Mark got the hint and felt a surge of excitement. He got up and got them more drinks. As he returned the easy conversation resumed.After an hour Claire announced that she had to return the horse she had ridden back to the stables. They finished their drinks and bade farewell to Dee behind the bar. Claire was as confident with the big horse as she was with everything else. Mark also noticed how fit she was taking in a lovely view of her tight-fitting riding britches. She gave Mark directions to her house and said she would meet him there in twenty minutes after she had returned the horse. 

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