Melody at the waterfall


Sweet Melody at the waterfall

Sweating beneath the blazing summer son, I take off my shirt to reveal my tanned body with muscular shoulders and arms. I sit back and rest on the bench. My feet are a little tired from walking around the lake. I try to take a few laps around the lake every Sunday morning. It’s very quiet here and peaceful. Very few people come here.

I am always hypnotized by the beauty of the waterfall that freely flows from the green mountain. It’s calming. It’s peaceful, it’s sexual.

“Hi, are you here by yourself?” I break my gaze from the waterfall to see who the angelic voice belongs to. A short petite woman with long light brown hair, sparkling blue eyes, small nose and a captivating smile stands a few feet in front of me, just off to my left. She’s wearing a red bikini top which hides a set of 34 B breast. She had a slim midsection and short blue shorts which top her toned legs.

A big smile forms on my lips as I say, “Hi, yes I am here myself I’m just relaxing. my name is Jonathan. I have not seen you here before. Is this your first time here?”
“HI, yes it is. My name is Melody. I moved here a few weeks ago. It is nice to meet you.” She says as she extends her small hands and I take it in mine. A sexual electricity flows from her hand to mine as my cock response with a pulse of excitement as it extends to its full hardness. “mind if I sit?” She asks. “No, not at all.” Melody licks her lips and her sparkling eyes burns down my body and focuses on my very noticeable hard on. She blushes and meets my eyes. “so where are you from?” she says. I smile, trying to keep my eyes on her sparkling blue eyes. “I live on Johnson Av, just through the woods.” I gesture to the woods behind us that face the waterfall. Melody gives a soft laugh “I live on heaven’s way. Not too far from you.”

My eyes roam down her body once again as my hard cock throbs to remind me that I haven’t had sex in a long time and that with her angelic voice, I wonder if she is a moaner or a screamer and tries to imagine what she would look like without all that clothing on. “Would you like to walk around the lake with me?” She asks in her perky voice. My eyes go back to hers and I smile, not saying a word, we both stand up and I let her get a few steps ahead of me so I can check out her ass and mmm what a nice ass and a pair of legs she has. Muscular cavs, well toned upper legs leading up to a small and I can only imagine, a firm ass from all the walking she does. My hard cock throbs in approval as it begins to ooz pre-cum, hoping to bend her over the bench and fuck her brains out from behind. She turns towards me with a grin, as if she had caught me checking out her cute ass and I just smile back.

We begin to walk along the water’s edge. She tells me that she is 27 years old, is a teacher, and is single. My cock likes the sound of that as it nods it’s approval. I tell her a bit about myself. I am 32 years old, a carpenter by day and a security guard at a local dance hall at night during the weekend .

She looks at me blushing and says “A carpenter? So that’s where you got your incredible hulk muscles from.” I laugh and say “incredible hulk? Hardly.” I look at her and she is still blushing as she smiles back at me.
What happened next, made me feel like a schoolboy in a dream as she reaches to hold my hand in hers. Her soft and silky skin sends sexual electricity through my body and especially to my painfully throbbing cock. We walk a quarter the way around the lake holding hands and not saying a word. It wasn’t an awkward silence but rather a peaceful calmness which surrounds the intense sexual feelings which is passing to and from our bodies through our conjoined hands.

She stops abruptly and squeezes my hand to get me to stop too. I face her and I am captivated by her beauty outlined by the water which falls a few feet behind her. I can feel the mist from the water fall. It feels good against my red hot body. She moves so she is facing me and puts her free left hand on my right shoulder, smiles and then all in a blink, she is on her toes and pressing her lips against mine. A burning of lust like I have never known before rips through my body as her tongue is dancing with mine and my heartbeat accelerates.

She runs her hands down my muscular chest, over my stomach and to the waistband of my shorts. She pants as she runs a hand over my hard member and gently squeezes it. We both grown and then I pull myself from the awestruck mind freeze and put my arms around her, running my hands down her smooth back to cup her firm ass. I can hear her soft moans just over the sound of the waterfall. I’m not sure I can get any more turned on.

She undoes my shorts and pushes them down along with my underwear, She groans in appreciation as she raps her little fingers around it before dropping to her knees and before I know what she’s doing, my throbbing hard cock is wrapped around her lips Escort and being pulled into her hot, wet mouth while the underside of my hard cock is being butterflied by her tongue. I grown out loud and she looks up at me with her lust filled eyes, knowing what I need.
I run my fingers through her silky main as she is slowly bobbing her head. I let out a grown from my toes as my head is thrown back and I arch my back and grip her hair a bit tighter. She stops bobbing, and moves a hand to my balls where she tickles it gently with her fingernails. I look down at this angel opening my eyes to this beauty staring right back at me with a grin around my hard cock. She pulls her head back with a pop and my pulsing hard cock waves freely.

Melody stands up and takes a step backwards and with a grin on her face and lust burning in her eyes, she slips her bikini top off and tosses it on the ground next to me.

I have seen plenty of tits in my life and these are up there with the perfect ones. Her boobs are small and perky, standing out away from her chest without a sag. Her nipples are small and pointy. They’re just begging me to suck them.

I reach a hand out but she twirls away giggling, and with a knowing grin says “not just yet big boy, I got more to show you.”

She puts her thumb in the waistband of her shorts and seductively sways her hips, teasing both of my heads. She pushes her blue shorts down and they fall to her feet. I let out a gasp as she steps out of them and is left with this red almost nothing of a bikini bottom, barely covering her charms. I notice a strip of dark red, letting me know that she is wet for me. I feel a lustful ache in my lower stomach and a strong pulse from my hard cock in approval.

She does a half spin so she is facing away from me. My eyes dart right to her tight ass covered by a few strings. After a long stare, my eyes travel down her legs and back up them to her silky smooth back. and finally back to her looking over her shoulder at me with that grin still on her lips. We lock eyes for a long second and she breaks it by bending forward and her hands on her hips and she grinds her ass in the air at me. I do all I can not to reach out and grab her hips and grind my hard cock against her ass. She slowly, very slowly pushes the string down her legs leaving her perfect body naked to my eyes.

She stands up, keeping her back to me and puts her hands back on her hips and shakes her hips, showing off her cute ass.

I can’t take it anymore and I step up behind her and put my arms around her, my painfully hard cock resting between her ass cheeks as my arms go around her and cup her breast. She moans out loud in her own approval. I kiss behind her ear and she shakes as a sexual chill runs from her tits to her pussy. I nibble on her ear and breathlessly say “you are a fucking tease. I am going to fuck your brains out till you beg me to stop.” I make my point by sucking hard on her earlobe. She responds with a lustful moan and her body is starting to go limp in my arms.

I lay her down on the soft grass. towering over her, my eyes take in this sight of beauty. I see her pussy for the first time. She is shaven bare except for a patch of hair just above her slit which is shaped into a heart. Her pussy is puffy and a dark shade of pink as she is dripping her love juice. I kneel between her legs and lean over her. She raps her arms around my back and I kiss her passionately as I trace her breast with my fingers. My thumbs find the pointy tips of her nipples and rub them gently. She is moaning and squirming beneath me. I kiss down her throat and she lets out a throaty cry of need. I continue to kiss down to her small grapefruit size breast and I lick around her right breast, being careful not to touch her nipple while I squeeze and gently caress the underside of her other breast. I bring my tongue within centimeters of her nipples and then I move my lips to her other breast and play with the right one. However, this time I am not so gentle. I squeeze a bit harder on her right breast and rub her nipple between my thumb and index finger while using my teeth to graze her left nipple. Sucking on it and teasing it with my tongue. She arches her back, grips my head and mashes my face into her warm breast. She lets out a low grown and she flops back to the grass beneath her. I guess she just had an orgasm.

I kiss down her stomach and kiss her heart patch and I smell her sex. It drives me crazy but I hold back my desire from diving my tongue into her horny pussy. I spread her legs and alternate kissing down her inner thighs. With each kiss she lets out a soft per. I glance up to see her lustful eyes staring right into mine as her fingers are playing with her own breast. I kiss down to her knees than travel back up her inner thighs with long licks of my tongue. Her hips are squirming, almost like a dance. I am now within an inch of her love tunnel. Her sexual sent envelops my nose once again and Escort Bayan I am feeling high. I look right into her eyes once again to see her begging me, pleading with me to stop teasing with her. Her desire is burning hotly through her body. I look down at her pussy and I see that of a waterfall as her love juices are freely flowing from deep in her pussy, down the crack of her ass to pool in the grass beneath her.

I put my hands on her inner thighs and spread them a bit further and I lick the crease between her left leg and her pussy, tasting her sweet honey, making her squirm. I do the same to her other leg. She tries to sneak a hand down to caress her own pussy, but I quickly catch her hand in mine and rest it upon her stomach. I look up to her begging eyes and I grin knowingly. I look back down at her pussy. I study for a few seconds. Her clit is red and swollen. Her lips are bloomed and her waterfall is still flowing with warm nectar.

I gently lick at her clit. Her entire body gives an involuntary thrust. I flatten my tongue and lick at her clit a few more times. Each time eliciting a loud moan and a thrust of her hips. I put my lips around her clit and give a quick suck. She nearly bucks me off of her with the thrust of her hips off the ground. I release her hand and put a hand on either side of her hips, holding her down. She puts her hands on the back of my head, trying to push my head up her pussy. I move my tongue down though and lick along her inner lips. She is letting out moans after moans as she tries to move her hips. “please, I need you. Stop teasing me. Oh please just, oh please, just, just fuck me” She says pitifully.

I grin up at her, push my tongue up her flowing pussy. Tasting her sweet honey as she whimpers and moans. I lick her clit again. Once again sending a shock of sexual electricity to her nipples and her brain. I kiss up her belly to her chest where I give a quick lick and suck of each nipple which rewards me with a moan. I kiss between her breast, licking up the beads of sweat that runs down. Kissing up her throat to her lips. I release her hands from my grasp.

One of her hands move to the back of my head, pressing down as she hungrily sucks on my tongue. Her other hand grabs my rock hard cock and she puts the head into her tight, wet, hot pussy. We moan into each other’s mouths. The feeling is heavenly. I kiss her back, and her hands move to my back in a tight embrace. I slowly move my cock in her, slowly moving the first couple of inches in and out, feeling every muscle within her velvety walls as they squeeze me lovingly. I grown as the sensation is just exquisite.

We break the kiss and I look deep into her eyes, past the sparkling blue to see something I never seen before, something I only hear about. I see that of true love in her eyes.

I slowly push my cock all the way into her. Feeling the scents that this is more than just sex. I kiss her lips softly. I rest my chin on her shoulder so we are cheek to cheek. I can smell her green apple shampoo mixed with the scent of the earth below us. I whisper in her ear…”Melody, I love you”

Melody responds by crossing her legs behind my back and resting her heals on my ass and with a soft moan of mmm, she pushes her heals down while thrusting up, somehow pushing my cock even deeper into her tight cavern. I slide my hand under her shoulders. Lifting my head from her shoulder, I look into her lust filled eyes and give her a tender kiss on her panting lips. I slowly pull almost all the way out before gripping her shoulders and slam into her to the hilt. She lets out a cry of joy while her pussy vibrates around me. I pull back and thrust back into her juicy pussy and she lets out another moan. I pull back again and slowly, very slowly, push in, inch, by, inch. She humps up, trying to get me deep in her again but I just move with her, not letting myself go any further into her. I kiss her lips again before I continue to slowly push into her, inch, by, inch. I can feel the cool air slowly being replaced by the hot moist cavern. When I am once again in her all the way, I pull back and push back in. I move in and out as she smiles, knowing the teasing is over and she is matching my thrusts with that of her own. I never want to move from this sweet spot. She is teasing me by randomly squeezing her pussy muscles, milking my cock and singing the sweetest melody of love into my ear.

I lift my upper body, supporting myself on my extended arms, looking down at her perfect body beneath me. Her cute breast covered with a layer of perspiration topped by hard nipples. Her kissable lips formed into a perfect O, alternating sounds of moans and gasps. Her eyes are closed with a concentrated look on her face. I hope I am who she is seeing behind her eyelids.

We find a nice rhythm and we move as one. Sliding in and out my hard cock rubs against her wet pussy walls and we continue to hold each other tight. I can feel her nice breast pressing Bayan Escort against my chest. I slow down and she opens her eyes. I grin down at her and kiss her lips. I say in a husky voice, “I want you doggy.” She grins up at me then uncrosses her legs and puts them on the ground. I slowly pullout with a wet pop. She quickly turns over and lifts her cute ass at me. I slap her ass and she lets out a yelp and then she giggles. I rub her ass with my hands and placing my knees between hers, causing her legs to spread wider. I rub the head of my rock hard cock, up and down the crack of her ass. She giggles again and says “not there silly, lower.” I find her juicy pussy and slide in. Her pussy feels a bit different. It is still hot and wet and tight but it grips me differently. I grip her hips and slowly saw in and out of her. She is bucking back at me and she is tossing her head side to side moaning out “oh baby that feels so good. You are reaching all the right spots. Mmm please, go faster oh please faster baby.” I oblige, and grip her hips a bit tighter and pound deep into her. “you like that baby?” I groan out. “You like me fucking your tight pussy?” “oh yes, fuck me oh god yes. I am going to cum soon. Keep going baby oh fuck yes” I turn up the heat as I pull her hips into me with every thrust. “Is this what you want baby? Uh! Uh! Uh!” “Oh my god! I am going to cum! Keep going! Keep going! Oh fuck yeeessss!!”I feel her pussy contract around my cock. And I can’t hold on any longer. “baby I am going to cum too! Uh! Uh! Uh!” Her back arches and she lets out a high pitch moan then as if her body is convulsing, she is racked with a second and stronger orgasm as her body moves wildly. I slow down and keep pumping till I go soft within her. Then her body falls heavily to the soft grass panting. I let go of her hips and sit back, watching our combined juices flow from her gaping dark pink pussy as I try to catch my own breath.

After some time passing, she roles onto her back and smiles up at me with that after sex glow on her face and a huge smile on her lips. I had to laugh a little, She had grass stains on her knees, breast, forearms and forehead. She even has grass in her hair. She grins and says “what’s so funny?” I laugh again and say “you look silly with all that grass on you.” She looks down her body and giggles. “good thing there is a lake we can watch off in.” She says while glancing at the beautiful waterfall.

I stand up, contented and a bit weak on my feet and go around gathering up our clothes. She slowly gets to her feet and with our clothes in one arm, I put my arms around her with the other and we walk bare to the day’s air to the shallow side of the lake. I set our stuff on the bench which she first saw me sitting on. Turning around to face the water, I can only describe what I saw as heaven. This beautiful woman standing naked with the waterfall behind her and the sun shining brightly upon this perfect picture.

“hello? Are you there?” she says with a giggle. I break from my trans to smile back at her. “I’ll beat you into the water” she says while turning around and heads towards the lake. I walk slowly, admiring her body from behind. Just as she reaches the water, she turns her head and with a grin says “like the view?” She giggles again and walks into the water. I walk fast, splashing as I catch up with her. And wrap my arms around her from behind, kissing the back of her neck. She giggles again and says “haven’t you had enough fun for one day?” I reach a hand down to cup some water than letting it fall upon her breast, washing off the grass. “I’m just helping you wash off. That’s all.” I say before kissing behind her right ear. “mmm, I’m sure that’s all you are thinking about.” She says with a sarcastic tone. I put more water in my hands and rub her cute tummy. She giggles once again as the cool water meets her sun baked skin. She pulls away from me and turns around with a grin on her lips and a sparkle in her eyes. “I think I should wash you off now.” I look down at my body to see if there is any grass on me and she splashes me. I lunge forward with her screeching and trying to get away but I tackle her, and we both go under water. She comes up laughing and trying to swim away but I grab her ankle and gently pull her back to me. We end up face to face with the water just up to her shoulders, I lean forward and we embrace under water while sharing a long kiss.

I tilt my head up and say “I think it is pretty close to noon time. I should be heading home. My mother is probably calling for me.” She laughs and pushes on my chest, pushing me back a bit. “I don’t think your mother is calling you.” Then with a sad face she says “But I guess it is time to head home.” She comes close to me and gives me a tight hug under water and a soft kiss on my lips. I hold her against me and rub her back. She lays her head on my shoulder. “I don’t want to leave.” She says with a sad voice. I kiss her forehead and say “melody, this is only the beginning. I love you.” She lifts her head off of my shoulder. A smile shines on her face again and the sparkle gleams in her eyes as she gives me a kiss and says “I love you too.”

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