Memorable Nite Going Home


Memorable Nite Going HomeI remember it was late, I was meandering home after roaming thru a few bars downtown on a Saturday night That usually meant checking out one or two of the all nite Arcades hoping to maybe get lucky before reaching home. It seemed to be a slow night all around and I was about to give up and head out when I heard this woman say, “Are you looking for something baby?” I stopped in my tracks and looked into an open booth to the source of that voice. “Something like this?” There she was, Black wig, white fake pearl necklace, Black mini-skirt and white control top stockings, black three inch heels, and a sultry smile. Then I saw it, right there in her hand, one magnificent clit, which she held in her fist, there was about four or five inches of it hanging over, and it wasn’t even hard. Was my mouth watering?, did I even answer, I truly cannot remember, just that in a matter of seconds I was in that booth, with my hand wrapped around that piece of wonderfulness. She chuckled as she gently closed the door to the booth and leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. There was just a hint of alcohol but it was over powered by the aroma of her perfume. As we kissed I could feel her Clit begin to respond to our closeness. Slowly I stroked her and she in turn ran her hands sincan escort from by head to my back. One of us, her I think, dropped tokens into the machine and I could see her in shades and shadows. “Please she pleaded, please, and her hand on my shoulders pushed me gently to my knees. Lord, it was bigger, a little over 8 inches, with that warm soft hardness and an upward bow pulsing in my hand with a life of its own. She smiled down at me, and whispered, “please,” and moved her hips forward towards my face. I gave it a kiss, then a lick, up one side down the other. Allowed my lips, now wet with saliva to go back down the side to those marvelous sacks hanging below. Licked them, sucked them in, first one then the other, moved again to that marvelous mushroom head, and took it in. Ohhhh man, it filled my mouth, and I went slowly down on it as far as I could. Yesss, she moaned and lifted one of her legs onto my shoulder. With a loose seal I bobbed up and down making my prize wetter and wetter. Her hips flexed slowly in time with my strokes…..mmmmm baby, that is good, she said and placed her hand on the back of my head. I moved back to the head, and ran my tongue around it, then pulled off, back on, once, twice, then slowly pushed down over the head as she moved forward. mamak escort I kept trying to get more, I controlled my breathing, then swallowed as she pushed forward, slowly in increments we worked until suddenly I was nose to her stomach, and I reveled in having her all inside of me. Damn, she whispered, baby, you are special. She retreated until she was just inside my mouth, then slowly moved forward again, to the base, and paused.I was salivating like crazy, I looked up at her into those brown eyes, and that sardonic smile. ‘Ready, she asked, I nodded, it started. slowly at first, her going deep, as she retreated I would tighten the seal on her shaft and flick my tongue beneath her glans, then I would allow her to bury herself again in my throat. Each time it got easier, and before long I could hear her ass bumping against the wall of the booth as she retreated. uuuuummm she moaned, good, baby that is good. oooohhh so good.’ I don’t know how I kept up, I didn’t lose her once, and the speed of her strokes told me she was getting close. She has both hands behind my head, then suddenly I felt her cock seem to harden then expand. She buried herself in the depths of my throat and held my face firmly against her stomach. Oooooohhhh sssshiiiitt, and her whole body spasmmed. kızılay escort I could feel her seed sliding into my stomach but could not taste her essence. Slowly, as she ceased spasming she eased herself from my throat, I could breath, but didn’t try to hurry her departure. Breathing hard she lay against the wall and I slowly and gently continued to worship her clitty. She ran her fingers thru my hair, looking down at me she gently stroked in and out, then relaxed and I allowed her member to fall from my mouth. She was breathing hard, and looked down at me, baby, that was good, she laughed, damn, that wasn’t good, that was great. She helped me to my feet, laughed and kissed me. It has been so long since anyone has been able to come close to that.’She reached around me to a chair in the corner of the booth and picked up her purse, she took out a paper towel and handed it to me. As I cleaned myself up she gathered her things, Honey, I hope we meet again, she said. I’d stay longer but I gotta go. What is your name she asked? Scott I replied, she repeated it, and in a flash she was gone. For some reason I felt like I had run a couple of miles, there was a very wet spot in my pants, and I had to adjust my shirt. I put a couple of tokens into the machine and sat down, suddenly the door opened, it was her, she handed me a card, it said Dawn and a number, and like a puff of smoke she was gone. I memorized that number, put the card in my wallet and sat there with a smile on my face. Did I see her again?, well, that’s another story.

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