Midnight Dip Ch. 02


Firstly, thank you for your comments on Part 1 of the story! I have taken them into consideration and hope you like the second instalment 🙂



Jenna tried to focus on the predicament she was in, but passion was overwhelming her, passion she didn’t even know she had. She was 19 years old, on vacation, her boyfriend was asleep in the hotel room just inside.. and she was naked in a hot tub making out with the sexiest girl she’d ever seen.

Through the entwining of tongues and soft lips, Jenna began to forget. She didn’t care that she didn’t know this woman. She didn’t care about Cody, he was just a young boy. She had never felt like this with anyone. She didn’t care that anyone could be watching them. It was in the earliest hours of the morning, the music had stopped and the only sound to be heard was the soft chirping of crickets, along with the gentle splashing of the bubbles.

Jenna gradually became more aware of what was happening inside the tub. Beneath the warm jets of water, Danielle’s tight, toned, tan body was inches away from her, strategically sitting far enough that their skin wasn’t in contact. Their kissing was soft, delicate, and Jenna could feel herself willing it to go further. She felt herself edging closer, ever so slightly, just a little more force in her lips, her fingers reaching up to Danielle’s gorgeous red hair to pull her closer…

She felt Danielle smile, her breath tickling Jenna’s chin as she pulled away slightly, giggling.

“You’re eager, aren’t you baby?” she cooed.

Jenna couldn’t even summon the words to reply. Instead, she pulled Danielle closer, kissing her harder, more passionately, her fingers wrapped tightly around her head, forcing her closer. Danielle responded by slowly snaking her hands around Jenna’s body, her fingers lightly grazing against the bottom of her tits before settling on her lower back.

Just the contact of skin felt like electricity. Jenna knew she wasn’t a lesbian, so why was she so turned on? She’d experimentally kissed girls before and had felt nothing, so why was her cunt aching to be satisfied by this bewitching woman? Beneath the sexual tension and crushing lust, Jenna knew she had to ask.

“Wh.. what is..” she began, stumbling on her words. As soon as she’d broken off the kiss, she’d caught sight of Danielle’s face. She was so fucking beautiful.

Jenna noticed the water, dripping down from izmir escort her hair over her dewy, golden skin. The plump lips, pink and pert from the kissing. Her breathing was heavy, regulated, but nearing breathlessness. But her eyes, her eyes were something else. Glistening, a gorgeous emerald green. Full of passion. Hungry.

Danielle could tell Jenna was hesitant. “Don’t be scared,” she whispered. “I’ll look after you.”

With that, she slowly guided Jenna back through the water and up against the other side of the hot tub. They were facing each other, naked bodies inches away.

Danielle pulled Jenna’s arms up from under the water, over her head, to lean against the side of the tub as she began to kiss her again, with a lot more force. Teasing, biting her lip, her hands pushing firmly but not painfully against Jenna’s to keep her still. Jenna reciprocated the kiss, feeling Danielle’s body closer to her, the heat and the tension building up. She pressed her lips harder to Danielle’s, moaning softly whenever the sexy redhead nibbled at her lip. Eyes closed, head tilted back, she gave in to the lust. All she could think of was the images in the gallery. The raging sexuality, the beauty of the female form. She wanted this.

Danielle broke off the kiss, to plant one on Jenna’s cheek, to her ear, nibbling at the lobe softly as she nuzzled into her neck. She began to kiss there, biting, but careful not to leave any marks. She smelt the sweetness of her perfume, which only added to her own arousal. Her lips moved lower, gradually, her arms still holding up Jenna’s, until she got to her sizeable breasts. She breathed in, taking in the shape, round, firm and supple, but soft and juicy. The skin was paler than hers, and the nipples were small, but fully alert and so delicious.

Danielle hesitated, looking up to find Jenna gazing back down at her, eyes full of lust, begging. She decided to wait no longer and slowly flicked the tip of her tongue over one little pink nipple, causing spasms of pleasure to course through Jenna’s body. Wrapping her sumptuous lips around the hard little nub, Danielle sucked softly, enjoying the look of sheer bliss on Jenna’s face, her head back, eyes shut, lips parted. Turning to the other nipple, she let go of Jenna’s hands to take hold of the impressive tits, taking hold of them and squeezing them as she playfully bit into the nipple and its surrounding flesh.

Jenna was in heaven. alsancak escort Usually Cody playing with her titties wasn’t the most amazing experience, but to have them in the mouth of such a sexy thing was amazing. So sensual and liberating, so fucking hot. Jenna became painfully aware of the fact she was naked. Completely naked, exposed, and vulnerable. This girl could do whatever she wanted to her. Jenna didn’t care. As a matter of

fact, her clit was starting to throb so much, in need of attention, that she was considering just playing with it herself.

As if reading her mind, Danielle pulled away, sitting up to once again kiss Jenna passionately while her fingers softly traced over her skin. From her tits, down towards her bellybutton, ever so slowly running down along the skin beneath the water. She reached down to Jenna’s knees and separated them so she could move closer, further towards her goal. Pushing her against the side of the tub quite forcefully, she began to scratch her nails up along Jenna’s soft thighs. Tracing her fingertips, the mixture of slight pain and the tickling anticipation was too much for Jenna. She took hold of Danielle’s hand and pulled it closer to her desired destination.

Danielle pulled away from the kiss, smiling knowingly as she stared into Jenna’s eyes. Her fingers ran closer to the sexy blonde’s heat. She felt the soft, smooth, shaved skin surrounding Jenna’s pussy, her fingers slowly tracing around the outside of her slit just to tease her to breaking point.

“Please…” Jenna begged, her eyes shut, breathing heavily.

Danielle watched the expression on Jenna’s face as she took one finger and ran it ever so slowly up her soft slit, feeling the extreme wetness despite the water, the flesh of her tight teenage cunt lips, right up to find her hard little clit poking through, aching to be stimulated. She brushed her thumb over it, as Jenna’s whole body convulsed, a squeal of pleasure escaping her lips as her sensitive little button was softly rubbed.

Danielle pulled away, not wanting to over excite her pretty young lover, instead slipping a finger into the tight opening of her hot little body, kissing her hard to stop her from moaning too loudly. Her insides were slippery, soft, warm, but the flesh was tight around Danielle’s finger, causing her to gasp as she felt Jenna’s pussy give way to her, gripping her. She slowly inserted a second finger, again feeling buca escort it force its way inside, before beginning to curl her fingers up inside Jenna’s body with a force. Right up against her g-spot, pumping hard, a swift wrist motion. Along with rubbing her thumb over Jenna’s swollen clit, she was hurtling towards orgasm.

Jenna felt her whole body tingle, her pussy clenching around Danielle’s magic fingers as they worked on her, feeling the ache inside her get repeatedly slammed by the movements. She wanted to scream, it felt so fucking good, but Danielle’s lips remained pushed firmly against hers as her fingers pumped in and out of her hot cunt.

Jenna felt her body tighten, jolting uncontrollably, the warmth inside her tummy building up as Danielle rubbed at her engorged clit faster and harder. She broke from the kiss, throwing her head back and biting her lip so hard as her hips twisted, pushing up to meet Danielle’s fingers as waves of electricity flowed through her. Even in the water, Danielle could feel Jenna’s powerful orgasm flooding her body, gripping around her fingers, soaking them. She continued to thrust into the gorgeous blonde’s pussy as she watched her subside, her chest heaving, getting slower as her body relaxed and came down from the strong climax. Her breathing began to shallow, and she opened her eyes, immediately sitting forward to tenderly kiss Danielle while her fingers were still inside her, as if to say thank you.

All Jenna could think about was pleasuring this amazing woman just like she had pleasured her. She ached to see her pretty cunt, to taste it, to feel it enveloping her fingers as she fucked her to orgasm. God, she just wanted to fuck her.

Almost as if to say, not now, Danielle pulled away and began to get out of the hot tub. Jenna felt nothing but disappointment and hurt as she watched the beautiful girl grab her towel and wrap it around her gorgeous body. Sensing her frustration, Danielle explained.

“I have to be up early for work, baby,” she whispered softly. “But meet me by the sun loungers tomorrow at around the same time. I know somewhere we can go.” Her eyes twinkled as she bent down to kiss Jenna softly on the lips before walking back towards the hotel.

Jenna could only sit there and contemplate what had just happened. She felt deliciously refreshed and satisfied, but she was also yearning for more of Danielle. Begrudgingly, she climbed out of the tub and slid her dress back on, clinging to her soaken skin. As she made her way back to her hotel room, she knew the boy behind the door would never be able to make her cum like her new friend had. Smiling, she climbed into bed next to Cody, knowing it was about to get a whole lot juicier tomorrow night.

To be continued….

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