Midnight Surprise


You’re not expecting me until tomorrow afternoon. But I drove through the night. That’s how much I miss you.

I find your truck in the lot with only a little difficulty and use the key you gave me to quietly enter the sleeping cab. It’s mostly dark, however your laptop is open to the side, the screensaver emitting a blue glow. In the minimal light, I can see you sleeping on your side, your bare back to me, your right arm up by your face. I slowly close and lock the door.

Curious, I swipe my finger across the computer’s touchpad and then smirk, seeing you’ve been reading one of my stories.

I plug my phone in and turn on the ambient nightlight app before closing the computer, strategically shifting the light now up above your head. Stripping silently, I bite my lip at the peaceful look on your face. Even after carefully lying down behind you, I prop myself up on one arm and watch your closed eyes…your slightly parted lips.

I can’t help lightly running my fingers through your short, silvery hair. You shift in your sleep, turning more on your stomach. I kiss the back of your neck. All along the top of your shoulders. Dragging the tip of my tongue mersin escort along the word across your shoulder blades. With each letter–skipping the E because it’s super sensitive and I’ll risk waking you too soon–I repeat the meaning in my head. “I am you.”

With my fingertips, I trace an outline of wings on your back down to the waistband of your boxers. Dragging my finger over the material to where you said the bottom of the feathers would stop. Imagining the black and purplish colors adorning your skin.

You moan in your sleep, making me pause with my fingers at your right hip. I can feel your body’s heat when I lay my cheek against your back.

I scoot in and spoon up to you. Nuzzling my face into the back of your neck to breathe deep, I slide my hand all the way up your side. Forward to fondle your breast. Stroking your nipple with the pad of my thumb. Then back down to your waist. Slipping beneath the elastic band to caress your hip skin-on-skin. Then forward again until I touch your soft mound.

My middle finger slinks through the trimmed bush into the cleft of your pussy. Searching for and finding your clit. My other fingers gently part your mersin escort bayan lips and begin rubbing you. Stroking deeper into your heat. Closer and closer to your tight entrance. My breasts rubbing harder against your back as I get turned on. I nip the back of your neck with my teeth then lick at the spots before starting over.

You’re moaning more, making me wonder if you’re still asleep. I think you are because you would normally have growled by now. Probably taken control.

I move again, this time between your legs as I pull the comforter back and your body rolls onto your back all on its own. Maybe you miss the heat or pressure of my body there. I know I miss your body against mine. Regardless, it puts you in the perfect position.

Trying not to rouse you, I remove your boxers and part your legs. I can smell your essence. Spicy and musky, just how I like it. It reminds me of my favorite scents, patchouli and sandalwood. You may be a woman in body, but you have the masculine characteristics I crave, especially that scent. Maybe it’s from the nicotine in the cigarettes you smoke. The same thing that lends a deep southern gruffness to your escort mersin voice, making me whimper at a mere, “hello.”

I linger, just smelling you, watching your face against the bluish-green glow from my phone. How your head is tilted to the side now, that peaceful look still there. I wonder for how much longer while I dip my head and dart out my tongue to touch your clit. Tasting that aroma. Nudging your sensitive button a little more.

Spreading you wider with my fingertips, I go in for the kill, covering your pussy with my mouth and pressing the flat of my tongue between your swollen lips. Getting a taste of your cream when I dig deeper. Teasing the rigid ring there but not entering. And then back up to flick your clit. Sucking at your hot flesh, my fingers moving up to stroke your hips.

My gaze trains on your face.

Slowly, your eyelids start to part. I can see the dazed look in your eyes as they search side to side. How they focus more as you wake further. As you realize what’s happening.

Just before your mouth parts in a surprised gasp, I slide my middle finger up inside you, latching onto your clit with my teeth. Your body jerks to attention, your eyes wide now.

I hear the telltale growl just when I find your G-spot and rub the pad of my finger over it. I break free from the delicious hold I have on your pussy to grin up at you.

“Hi, honey. I’m home.”

~ H

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