Mile High to Vegas


My eyes scanned the interior of the private jet, taking in the luxurious appointments around me. There were four plush, cozy seats near the front. Behind was a lounge area with a couch and coffee table. It was my first time flying this way and I was looking forward to the experience.“This sure beats flying economy,” I commented.“Hell, it beats a lot of business class I’ve flown on. That’s why I’ve been using private charters ever since my husband introduced me to them,” my client, and lover, Angie agreed, smiling at me.I slumped into one of the seats, leaned back and looked at my companion.“Damn, I need to travel this way more often,” I sighed.Angie giggled as she settled into the seat across from mine. The model was dressed to kill in a very short black leather miniskirt, thigh-high fishnet stockings, spike heels, and a loose black top whose plunging neckline flashed glimpses of her renowned boobs with almost every movement. I felt positively dowdy in slacks and a golf shirt.A crew member came out and talked briefly to Angie in whispers. I noticed an odd smile on his face as he went back to the cockpit. Not long after, the plane started moving. I was a bit nervous. The business jet was a lot smaller than the airliners that I was used to and I wondered what would happen if we hit turbulence. Once airborne, though, I relaxed and closed my eyes.“Fly much?” Angie asked as I yawned to clear my ears.“Recently, yes. Four trips in the last year between business and vacations,” I answered, “I was actually in Vegas just a year ago. I had a conference one week and then Julia joined me for a vacation the following week.”I sighed and smiled a little as memories of the trip with my ex-fiancée piled on. It had been a glorious trip, basically one week-long date. We had taken in a couple shows, played some blackjack and slots, and hiked in Red Rock Canyon. And every evening had been full of steamy action back in our luxury hotel room. The trip had climaxed with me proposing at dinner on the last night. It could have been our honeymoon had it been a year later. And had we actually gotten married.“You still think fondly about your ex, don’t you?” Angie said with a smile.“I guess I’m still in love with her, Angie,” I replied. “I’m baffled by how it ended but I’ll be missing Jules for a long time, I think.”“You guys ever join the mile-high club?” Angie asked.I laughed.“We joked about it on the flight home from Vegas,” I replied, another memory flooding in. “It was a night flight and the lights were turned down so we did make out. Neither of us was brave enough to go all the way, though. You?”“I’ve got frequent flyer miles. Most of them with Grant,” she responded with a big grin.I laughed and tipped my seat back. A crew member came out and opened the drink fridge at the şişli escort front, offering us beer, wine, and soft drinks. We had her crack open a bottle of wine and pour us each a glass, then she disappeared and we drank and chatted. Eventually, I dozed off a little.A touch on my thighs awoke me. I opened my eyes and looked down. To my surprise, Angie was kneeling in front of me, her top removed to expose her breasts in a black, strapless bra. Slowly, she slid her hands back and forth along the tops of my thighs, then worked them in between and guided my thighs apart.“The crew?” I said in a slightly panicked whisper as Angie moved in between my open legs.“They know what’s up,” the model answered as she slowly drew down my zipper. “I asked for privacy and they know full well what that means. Grant and I used to do this all the time on these flights.”Pulling out my cock, she licked her lips hungrily. After kissing the tip lightly, Angie began licking my swelling dick, running her tongue up and down the shaft and circling the head. Forcing my concerns to the back of my mind, I sat back to enjoy what was coming.When I was half-hard, Angie put her lips around my cock head and began a slow, gentle suction, working my cock deeper into her mouth as she sucked. Her tongue was at work inside her mouth, stroking and circling the head. The expert fellatio had me rock hard in very little time, at which point she released me.“Ever fucked a woman’s tits?” she asked, getting up and undoing her bra.“No,” I said weakly. Julia had small breasts with minimal cleavage so it had never been an option.She dropped her bra on to her seat and I feasted my eyes on her shapely breasts.“Come on back. The couch will be more comfortable,” Angie said, holding out her hand.She led me back and then knelt in front of me. Guiding my cock into her cleavage, she began slowly moving her tits, rubbing me between them. The soft flesh felt beautiful wrapped around my erection. I let it go on for a few minutes, watching the sight of my cock between those famous D-cup breasts with fascination.“You like this?” my lover whispered.“Yes. It feels good.”“You want to cum like this?”“On your tits?”“Mm hm,” she said, “Or would you rather just fuck me now?”“Fuck you, I think,” I said. My eyes kept darting to the cabin door but it remained closed.Releasing my cock, Angie got up and unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. She had no underpants on, just her pull-up fishnets. Climbing on to the couch, she got on all fours along it.“Go ahead, baby,” she moaned, “Take me.”I got behind Angie and slipped a hand between her thighs. Stroking the soft lips, I found them already slick with her juices and ready for my entry. I replaced my hand with my cock head, then thrust in hard. The model gasped, but şişli escort bayan didn’t protest. I started fucking her slowly and deeply, driving my cock all the way in, then slowly pulling back, with each entry.“Oh God, you’re doing this well,” Angie moaned. “You’re so good at fucking, Curt.”I kept going like that at a moderate pace. Angie was getting very wet. Each withdrawal produced a slick sound and a slight gush of her lube. My arousal began to peak and I picked up the pace, fucking her faster and harder. Soon, you could hear the slap when my body hit her bottom at the end of each thrust.“Yes, baby,” Angie said, “Fuck me harder, baby. Fill me with that beautiful cock.”She was getting very loud and very dirty with her talk. I figured the crew could hear but I was too far gone to care. For all I knew, they were getting off listening to us. That thought actually turned me on even more.“Fuck yes,” I gasped when my orgasm exploded. My body jerked and my cock spasmed, blasting a load into Angie. I kept at her until I was drained, then slipped free.“Turned around and sit,” I said.My lover did as asked, sitting on the couch with her legs wide. I got down in front of her and dove in, sliding my tongue in past Angie’s pussy lips. My cum ran out along with her juices, the taste and smell of the model’s freshly fucked pussy intoxicating me as I lapped at it. I gently massaged around her swollen clit with the pad of my thumb while enjoying her flavor with my tongue.Angie’s body began to shake. She cried out as a fresh gusher ran out on to my waiting tongue. I finished her, then slid up her body to bring my mouth to hers. I French kissed Angie, my tongue still tasting of cum and pussy. The model eagerly sucked my tongue, savoring the taste that I had just enjoyed.“Fuck, that was intense,” I said when I finally took a breather.“Yes. Tasty?”“Very. Can we clean up?”“There’s usually some nice towels in the bathroom on these planes.”We were soon dressed and back in our seats. Angie summoned the crew out for a refresh of the drinks. The woman looked at our slightly disheveled appearance and then shot me a sly wink, which I returned with a smile.“Oo, a message from Tara,” Angie said excitedly as she checked her phone when we were on the ground. “She’s invited us to see the show she’s in tonight and then meet her backstage.”“Cool. Someone you know from modelling?”“Yep,” she confirmed, “An old friend. I kind of mentored her when she started out. But she also sang and danced very well, so she ended up going down that road instead of sticking to modelling. I left her a message before we departed to see if she was in town.”Angie being Angie, there was a luxury limo waiting for us at the airport. The driver took care of our bags while we settled into the back. mecidiyeköy escort To my delight, my companion was in a rather affectionate mood and snuggled up against me as we drove up the Strip. I put an arm around her and we frequently kissed and touched. It felt a bit strange to be so close with a woman who’d once seemed to be unattainable, just a picture on my dorm wall.We were met by the hotel’s manager when we arrived. He was just as in the dark as we were about why it had not been sold as promised. Angie and I decided to get some lawyers and accountants involved in looking at the business and whether her husband or his accountant had been up to something shady. With that bit of business cleared away, the manager summoned a porter to handle our bags and we headed up to the “owner’s suite”, a penthouse overlooking the Strip.The show that night was marvellous. It was classic Vegas with lots of singing, dancing, and skin on show. Tara belted out several songs quite well; not a great singer but a very good one. And, to top it off, she was a fairly good dancer, her body lithe and graceful, her movements sensual.Tara’s costumes were, like most of the show’s costumes, very revealing. She wore mostly gowns with high slits and low necks. And they showed off a body that was easily the equal of my companion’s, perhaps even sexier. Tara had a lean muscular body with long, sexy legs and full, firm tits and ass. Aroused and intrigued by the beautiful singer, I found myself looking forward to our backstage meeting.The show ended with a big production number that brought the house down in a standing ovation. As the applause faded and the performers disappeared, Angie and I slipped out to the back of the house and found the security booth.“We are meeting Tara Maclean after the show,” Angie said, flashing the guard a smile and some boob. “Are you the one we check in with?”“I am, indeed, ma’am,” said the polite young man, who seemed only a bit flustered by her flirting. “You are?”“Angela Mackenzie and Curt Powell,” she said. “I’m an old friend. And I own the Voyageur hotel.”The guard looked a bit impressed at that.“And Mr. Powell?” he asked.“My investment advisor,” Angie responded with another flirty smile and wink.And gigolo, I thought privately. As much as I was enjoying my relationship with the former model, I was coming to the realization that I was likely just another toy in her collection.The guard had Angie and I sign a guest list, then he picked up a phone and hit a couple buttons. He was silent for a moment, then spoke.“Your guests are here, ma’am. Ms. Mackenzie and Mr. Powell.”He was silent and I could just make out that there was a voice speaking to him.“I will bring them back, ma’am,” he said, then hung up and spoke to us, “Let’s go.”He led us back through a maze of corridors to a door with Tara’s name on it. Evidently, Tara was a big enough star in the show to have a private dressing room. The guard knocked a couple times, then the door opened to reveal Tara in a long, silk bathrobe.

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