Milfs Teen Conquest Ch. 05


Wearing my thick rimmed reading glasses I’m reading the Economist, whilst simultaneously flicking through emails on my phone. I haven’t been up for long, and I’ve left my girlfriend in bed.

“I missed you in bed!” She says loudly as she walk into the lounge stretching. She ties her long hair into a ponytail behind her head. “Look at you in those glasses! Just you sitting there all sexy, it makes me horny.”

I look at her and smile and put the magazine down next to me. I go to take my glasses off.

“No, keep them on for me.”

“I cant see Iz.” I move them to the top of my head and she shrugs.

“I’m going to call my mum and tell her you’re coming…” Izzie giggles.

“So immature, and I’m not.”

“…for Christmas. Is that, OK?”

“Of course, why? Would you rather I didn’t?”

I’d already persuaded my girls that this would be their first Christmas day without me. I was very reluctant to have done that, but we will be together on Boxing Day. I’m driving Izzie and myself to my house in London to see the girls after spending Christmas day with her parents.

Izzie is her parents only child, and she’s young and she too hasn’t spent Christmas without being with her parents either. I desperately want Christmas with her and my daughters but relented and let Izzie have this. I know what it’s like to be a parent on Christmas day, and I feel for her Mum.

“Of course I want you to come. It’s that I understand if you’d want to see your girls. I definitely want to see you, be with you for Christmas.”

Izzie smiles “You want to come?”

“Yes, absolutely.”

Izzie’s smile grows and she crawls along the sofa to me. My short negligee is gently rolled up my thighs and her hands start pawing me and stroking me, and her nails seductively scratch my inner legs.

“Hey, what are you doing?”

I lose my breath as she forces my legs open and I drop my phone onto the floor missing the sofa arm.

“You said you wanted to come, I’m going to oblige.”

Izzie slides off the sofa and onto her knees. Her eyes stare at me, as she rolls the hem of my silk night dress further up, exposing my matching panties. Her thumbs hook under the seams and she pulls them down my creamy thighs. The fabric pulls from my crevices, pinging and unfolding from my butt. Her fingers drag along my super smooth skin, causing tingles with the constant slide down my leg.

As Izzie opens my legs and smiles, my hand holds the top of her head and brings her face to my aroused fanny.

I moan and smile as I slide down the seat giving her full access. Her tongue slides between my lips and her thumb presses my clit. I’m in heaven, unexpected morning sex is great.

She sucks my erect bean into her mouth gently vibrating it between her lips before violently releasing it, forcing a complaint from me. I feel myself lubricate as her tongue moves between my damp swollen folds tracking up and down my vagina. Her fingers forcefully rub me, and her other hand parts my labia giving access to my pink shiny hole. Her tongue is hard as it presses at me.

I roll my hips whilst pulling her head even closer to the damp warmth of my pussy. Her nose rests on me as she forces her tongue further up my cunt. I release gasps at her relentlessness, her hand working my vagina with her swirling tongue.

My right leg arches over her shoulder as I slide my soft foot up and down her smooth back, her vest catches on my heel. In this moment I feel like the luckiest woman alive. I lay back, resting my head on the sofa and close my eyes, as she is weaving her magic, her tongue now replaced by her fingers screwing in and out of me. I feel her toy with my clit using her fingers and her wet tongue swishes and swirls around it. My pussy sounds wet.

“You like?”

She flicks my clit and it shocks me. My eyes flash open, and the fingers that are in me suddenly hit my spot. My hips buck, all in one motion.

“Oh, Iz!”

Her hands work over my cunt as her fingers expertly manoeuvre inside of me, the thrill is spilling over making my head spin, as all of a sudden, her motions create an intensity within. Spiralling waves of joy and love flow over me as I tense up and come.

Izzie raises her head, and looks at me, her expression beams with pride at getting me off, her fingers in me, but they just press and play. I sit up and we kiss, her hand holds my head to hers, as our kiss breaks and she smiles.

“Toothpaste, fresh.” She smirks.

“Cum, sour.” I answer and we giggle.

Her fingers slide out of me and she playfully slaps my pussy.

“I’m phoning my mum.”

Izzie slides her hair band off and I watch her arse as she bends to pick her phone up off of the coffee table. The high rise band on her thong disappears under her vest. The thong is somewhere up her arse, I cant see it between her tight cheeks. I get the urge to find it, I try and reach for her and notice the greasy sensation between my legs as I move.

“Come here.”

She backs towards me and I reach for her legs to bring her butt to me, but she straightens up and bursa escort steps away.

“Iz, come here. I want my face in that.”

She spins and smiles at me. Her hair seems messy as it hangs and her face is partially hidden, she looks so sexy. I glance down and notice a damp patch in the fabric over the mound of her lips. My stomach swooshes as I lust for it. I move to her, but she giggles and backs off.

“Stop teasing, come here.”

She brings her phone to her ear, she dances a little toward me then away.

“Hi Mum, how are you?”

Izzie laughs at me and walks off to our bedroom as the conversation with her mum begins.

I sulk a little and the lust turns to disappointment, I still want to play with her. I pick my panties up and my tits press at the negligee, I wipe the sofa down with them and go to our bedroom. Izzie is lying on our bed talking to her mum, she smiles at me and I kneel by her feet.

I pick up her foot and stroke her ankle and lick her white sole. Glancing at her I see her watching me as she twirls hair between her fingers. Kissing her ankle slowly and rubbing her foot, but she gently tugs it away, and I win it back, keeping a hold of it, and bring her toes to my mouth. I kiss each one tenderly, and lick between her toes. I cradle her heel in my hands and suck as she spreads her toes for me, my saliva glistens across her baby pink nails and I suck her big toe.

I glance at her, as she stares at me smiling. I’ve zoned out of her conversation and my lips start kissing her foot, small delicate kisses up to her ankle and her shin and lick back down. My hand strokes her softness, her smooth feel in my hands feels luxurious.

“…Jess is fine, thanks Mum. She sends her love…”

I smile at Izzie, but her face turns serious and she snatches her foot away from me, and rolls away. I stand and take my top off and toss it at her before walking to the shower.

Feeling nice and clean I walk into the bedroom and unwrap my towel from around me. Izzie lies on the bed looking at her phone, she doesn’t even glance at me as I rub cocoa butter into my skin.

“How’s your Mum?”

“She’s good, looking forward to seeing us at Christmas. Can you not play with me when I’m on the phone!”

“Sorry. I wanted you.”

“I’ve not showered yet. Play with me when I’m clean.”

“I don’t care, that doesn’t usually stop us, I was in the moment and wanted to return the favour sweetheart. I’d not showered either and you fucked me last night then ate me out on the sofa.”

“Yes, but you’re fucking sexy. You’re my dirty girl.”

“As are you, to me.”

I finish massaging the cocoa butter into my skin and go to my drawer, I remove black stockings and suspenders, a tiny black thong. Ignoring Izzie I dress seductively pulling my thong on last. Izzie sits up and watches me.

“OK, I’m a lucky girl!”

“No, it’s not for your benefit, it’s for mine, and mine alone.”

“OK, later…”


I put on a matching bra and heave my breasts into it before getting a leather knee length skirt out and sliding it up my legs. I do up the big black buttons that run the length of it and straighten it up. A tailored white shirt is put on next, then I stand in front of the mirror to put my makeup on.

Izzie stands behind me and wraps her arms around me. She squeezes my tits and arse but I shrug her off me.

“Leave me alone. You had your chance, I’m off out to go shopping, and to have a coffee. What are you going to do?”

I continue not looking at her.

“I’m meeting Josie to study with her, so suit yourself.”

“Getting your fingers wet?”


“Right, is she?”

“Don’t be stupid Jess.”



I take my black knee high boots out of the wardrobe and walk to front door and place them on the floor. Izzie follows me and I turn to face her and smile. I loosen my skirt, dropping it down my thighs, and allow her to glimpse my thong, suspenders and the bare skin between.

“You want this?”

Izzie smiles.

“Well we’ll trade later then. I’m going out.”

I do my skirt back up and put my boots on using a long shoe horn to help my heel into the tight boots and zip them up. They’re tight on my calf and Izzie leans against the wall, arms folded watching. I feel taller as I balance on the metal spiked heels.

“I forgot my jacket, be a darling and grab it for me?”

Izzie springs from the wall and goes back to the bedroom, in a moment she’s coming back with my Gaultier patchwork coat. I smile at her and take it from her. I make sure my fingers skim hers to get a feel. She looks at the contact, her face is bothered and confused.

“Let’s go back to bed. You’re so hot Jess. I’m sorry.”

“Sorry is a bit late now, you’ve lost your chance. You’d better not flick your bean while I’m gone.”

Izzie frowns.

I kiss her cheek, and turn to walk through the door.

“What time will you be back?”

“I don’t know. When I’m done I suppose.”

Izzie frowns and shuts the door loudly behind me.

I’ve bursa escort bayan been in town for a couple of hours having purchased some things for Christmas and I decide to go to Costa and look at emails on my phone. Standing in the queue to order I’m half dreaming, half keeping an eye on the available seats when I get a tap on my arm.

The first thing I see is the red hair as I turn around.

“Hi Josie. Fancy seeing you here, I thought you’d be studying?”

“Nope, I feel burnt out.”

Josie smiles, full ruby lips spread across her face and fiery emerald eyes look at me, I see her examining me.

“You look very sexy. How come Jess let you out the house like that?”

I laugh and shrug.

“Sit with me?”

“Thanks Josie.”

She smiles as I place my order and ask her what she’d like.

Our eyes meet again and we make small talk as we wait for our coffees.

Josie is in all black, tight ribbed high neck jumper, tight jeans, and shiny black DMs, her leopard print coat is unbuttoned and hangs at her shins. Her hands have black nail polish, and my eyes are drawn to the hoop she has in her nose.

The small talk stumbles awkwardly and finally our coffees arrive and we take them to a table, a table with used coffee cups, sandwich wrappers, crumbs and a sticky substance that’s dripped over the table. I turn my nose up.

Josie clears the table taking the items to the counter and returns with a cloth to wipe it down.

“They should have done that.”

“But they’re busy, there’s a big queue, we have to help each other, and they’re probably on minimum wage and short staffed.”

In my opinion, they have a job to do and they should do it, it probably shows my age, but we’re paying customers not unpaid assistants.

I smile at Josie and she takes the cloth back and sits with me, she smiles awkwardly and we both silently sip our coffee.

“Are you not seeing Izzie today?”

“We hadn’t planned to.”

“Iz said she that she was planning on going to yours to study.”

“Oh, she had mentioned it.”

Josie picks her phone out of her pocket and checks it.

“You don’t have to cover for her you know.”

Josie looks at me.

“I’m your friends girlfriend, stop it.”


“Undressing me. I see you.”

I smile and cross my legs as I sip my coffee. Her eyes leave me for a moment, but quickly return to my boots, I see her eyes wander up my knee, legs and to my tits.

Josie laughs.

“Izzie is a lucky girl.”

“Your girlfriend will be a lucky girl too, one day.”

“How old are you, sorry?”

I gasp and put my coffee down.

“How old do you think I am?”

She takes my hand in hers. It’s warm and soft and her thumb gently rubs across the back of my hand.


I let out a giggle.

“You’re a long way out.”

“I can’t be, I thought I was being a little unkind too.”

I take my hand back and reach for my coffee.

I change the conversation and steer it to safer ground and ask about University and how she’s doing.

My focus is on her face and mouth as she talks. I imagine her kissing me with her lips. I think about the lipstick marks she’d leave on my skin and her fingers stroking me, and finding their way into me. She’s a very sexy young woman, a woman I would happily let fuck me, well before I’d met my Izzie.

As we talk I offer advice and coach Josie, helping her make her own decisions and deciding on more practical ways of improving her grades.

“Do you help Izzie with her work? You seem very knowledgeable.”

“No, I help when she asks, but it’s more mentoring her, a bit like this. She’s an intelligent girl.”

“That’s why she’s top of the class. She’s so popular too, you’ll have to keep an eye on her.”

“An eye on her?”

“Well, she’s very flirty and she’s becoming quite pally with Zoe, you probably don’t know her.”

“A blonde girl, very bubbly. She’s straight though?”

“I don’t think being straight will stop anyone chancing their arm. Especially with Zoe.”

“She’s a nice girl, my Izzie, I trust her.”

“Well, good for you.”

We both quickly sip our coffees and clatter our cups down.

“You could always give me your number Jess, and I’ll give you mine. We could meet up for a drink. Just to talk obviously.”

I look at Josie, and find her a little less attractive.

“Obviously. I’ll think I’ll skip for now. Thanks for the offer though, maybe next time.”

We smile at each other, mines a little more forced.

“Well, I’d better get on.”

I stand and Josie gets to her feet too, and kisses my cheek.

Smiling again I grab my shopping and make an exit.

My hands are full of shopping bags, containing gifts as I fumble for my keys, and push my way through the door.

“Iz?… Izzie!”

I call out for Izzie, but the flat is full of silence. I walk to the bedroom and put my bags in the wardrobe and slump on the sofa and text Izzie.

“How’s your studying? Say Hi to Josie. I’m home if you want to get some?? Xx”

Staring escort bursa at the ceiling my heart is pounding as I think about what Josie said. I’d never thought about Izzie cheating, but now the seed has been sewn and I’m starting to feel scared and foolish. My phone pings.

“All good x. Josie says hi too. I’m on my way you beautiful woman.”

She’s lying to me and I want to curl up and die. I decide to get up and go to the bedroom. I don’t usually wear stiletto heels in the flat, I don’t want to damage the wooden floor, but right now I don’t care, I feel confused. I sit on the corner of the bed and wait.

Eventually I hear the door open and close and I try to compose myself. Izzie comes in smiling and her eyes are wide and bright.

“There you are, wow. I couldn’t think of anything but you today.”

“Couldn’t you. Josie didn’t take your interest, or your studies?”

“Hey, what’s up with you?”

“Nothing, I bumped into Josie. So explain that, and tell me about Zoe?”

“OK, you’re going to feel stupid.”

“Try me. I’m no fool.”

“I’ve been talking to Zoe quite a bit since apologising for my behaviour, and we sort of hit it off.”


Izzie chuckles.

“She’s creative, she has an Etsy shop, and she crafts things and sells them. She tries to pay for uni with her income, but its not great yet. I’ve tried to create a business model for her, and in return she’s making something for me. Well me, for you, for Christmas.”

I do start to feel silly.

“Did you think I was fucking her?”

I get defensive and feel uneasy and embarrassed. I flinch as she takes my hand.

“You know I’m besotted with you. I think I’ve found my soul mate in you, you are my everything.”

Izzie kisses me tenderly on the lips and tightens her fingers around my hand.

“Thank you Izzie, to hear you say that. Well it means the world to me. I never imagined you’d go with someone else.”

We pause for a moment and I collect myself. I’ve been feeling emotional lately and try not to cry.

“Look, you need to be wary of Josie. I think she’s stirring things, she told me about you and Zoe and wanted to swap numbers. I didn’t, just so you know.”

“She’s a bitch, I know she fancies you. Lots of the girls and guys do too. Its par for the course here, a lot of the girls are catty and I’m learning. I’m not naive to it. You know you’re beautiful, and I don’t like to say it, a bit of a sugar mummy.”

“Look, we’ve talked about the money. You’ll be self sufficient in a few years, you can look after me then.”

“I know, I intend to. You know Zoe is straight?”

“Yes, but she’s fucking hot, I love straight girls!”

“So do I, and she is hot. But I’ve got you, and I have no interest in ruining this. You’re my straight girl, a mum to two grown girls, yummy.”

I giggle.

“I’m as bent as a five bob note sweetie.” I reply.

Izzie stands and then straddles me. She holds my face in her hands and forces her tongue into my mouth and we kiss, sloppily and noisily. I’m in no doubt, this is the last girl I’ll be kissing like this.

The passion is real, the heat is real and our love is real. My hands run over her, feeling her defined waist and tight hips. I slide my hand down the back of her jeans.

“Get the strap on Iz. I’m going to fuck you.”

We kiss and as we hold each other we stare into each other’s eyes.

“You want me?”

“Desperately, get the cock.”

“What do you want to do to me?”

“Iz, I’m going to fuck that dripping hole and take your arse.”

Izzie laughs.

“Jess, you’re my bitch. I don’t take it up the arse. You may kiss it, a tongue or a finger maybe, but nothing else.”

“Oh, why? You have mine.”

I know why I won’t give her anal, I like to tease, making out that its not fair, but I don’t mind, I like being told I’m her bitch. I enjoy fucking her and she enjoys it too, but its me who gives it up. It’s me who is fucked in the arse or the pussy, my mouth too. I love it, being used, and she loves using me, it works and it’s natural.

She can get off watching me come for her. I need it to be more physical, and emotional than she does I think, she’s more sensory.

“It’ll hurt me. You don’t want that?”

“No sweetie.”

I kiss her again. “Go and get it!”

Izzie backs off me and kicks off her trainers, and pulls her socks off. She opens her side of the wardrobe and pulls her strap on from the toy box.

“That’s the big one, do you want lube.”

Izzie shakes her head. “She’s sodden down there. I reckon I can take it, do me slowly first.”

Izzie stands in front of me and pulls her shirt off, then her vest and finally her pink bra. Her fingers ping open her belt buckle and she tugs her jeans down. Her blue cotton pants are soaked, it’s the first thing I notice and my own pussy boils and bubbles between my legs.

Her tits sit high and proud on her chest, her ribs outlined, but her six pack is disappearing.

“Babe, what’s happening? You’re letting yourself go.”

Her muscles are losing their definition too, but they’re still firm.

“Too much beer. I need to get back to the gym. I’m enjoying life too much.”

She shrugs and grins and drops to her knees. Her fingers undo the buttons that run up my skirt and pretty soon its folded off of me.

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