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After that I got less attention.A few months later, one of the cheerleader, Michelle came into our locker room unannounced while we were changing. It happened that I just walked out of the shower and was drying off when she came in. I did not hear or see her, she was looking for her boyfriend and walked into my row of lockers. She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw me standing there drying off. I turned and saw her face as she kept her eyes between my legs. Her face started to turn red with blush. I tried to cover up and her eyes went to my face. She smiled and licked her lips. Then without a word she walked out of the locker room.Next day I was pretty much alone in the hallway outside my book locker and Michelle walked up to me. She looked me in the eyes and handed over a piece of paper. She smiled and told me she would see me later. She walked away with a sexy sway of her ass. Right as she turned the corner she looked back to make sure she had my attention.The note asked to come to her house that evening, she stated that her parents was going to be out so we would be alone. She signed the note with a kiss with red lipstick. She had never even looked at me before and now after her surprise visit to boys locker room she was suddenly very interested.Of course, I was not going to miss this chance to be with the most popular girl at school. When I arrived at her house at 8 PM as she had asked, she opened the door still in her cheerleader outfit. She smiled and jumped up and kissed me quickly on my lips. She showed me around in her house. There were pictures on Michelle everywhere in the house, some she looked a little different in. I realized that it was her mother in those pictures, she had looked just as hot as her daughter.Michelle showed me to her room and then closed the door behind us. 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I got laid for the first time and I had a girlfriend!I told my parents the next day that I had a girlfriend and that I was going to see her parents tonight. They had a million questions and I told them I would bring her by on day this week.Michelle’s parents were very nice. Her mother, Linda was even better looking than what she had been as young. Michelle’s father was a busy man running some big company and he was often on the road for a week or two in a row. Michelle said that he was home only half the time. It left Linda in charge over most things in the house and she was a strong willed woman. We had heard her talking with contractors and I would not like to be on her wrong side.The dinner with Michelle and her parents was great. They seemed to like me and we talked until pretty late. Of course, they had lots of questions about me, my grades, my future ambitions, my sport achievements, etc.Michelle told me as I was leaving that they seemed very pleased with me and she was so happy that we got a long. Michelle and I saw each other pretty much every day, we did not have many changes to fuck. But when we did Michelle was like an a****l. She told me that before me, she had fucked guys because it seemed like a thing she should do. Now she said, she wanted to fuck all the time. She said my cock really filled her up and made her feel so much better than other guys had.About two weeks after the dinner with Michelle’s parents, I got a phone call from Linda. She sounded pretty upset and said she needed to see me. But she said, don’t say a word to Michelle and she gave me an address to come to that evening at 6.30.I told my parents that I was going out, but not leaving any details. I was worried to as why Linda had called me and sounded so upset. I was afraid that she had some bad news regarding Michelle.I drove to address Linda had given me. It was a nice big house and Linda’s car was parked in the driveway.I went up and rang the doorbell right on time.The door opened by a good looking large woman. I had a hard time to look this woman in her eyes. My eyes wanted to look at her very large cleavage. She must have been over 200 pounds and filled out her summer dress to the limits. She looked very sexy in this outfit. She introduced herself as Maggie and told me to join Linda in the livingroom.Linda was sitting in the living room with a drink in her hand. She welcomed me and thanked me for coming on such a short notice. Maggie joined us and sat down next to Linda. I sat down in an armchair across from them. Linda started to tell me that she was worried about Michelle. Linda said that she thought I was a great young man and she had hoped that Michelle and I was going to be a couple for a long time. I thanked her and said that things were great with Michelle. Linda looked concerned and told me that she had found something that might change my mind. I had no clue what she could be talking about so I waited for her to continue.Linda had a laptop on the table in front of her and she opened it up. She said that she had found this and wanted to see it before I got hurt.She turned the laptop around and on the screen was a huge penis penetrating a clean shaved pussy. Right above the pussy was a tattoo in the shape of a heart. I immediately recognized the tattoo as Michelle’s and then quickly realized that I was watching my cock entering Michelle’s tight little pussy. It was the pictures we took the first time we fucked.I turned bright red and did not know what to say. I could not believe that they had found it and then brought me here to talk to me about it.Linda saw me blushing and asked if I was mad at Michelle now? 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She demanded again that I would tell her who the person was.I told her it was me and I was sorry to have taken the pictures.Both Linda and Maggie looked at me and said at the same time, No way it is you!They said that cock was too big to fit a guy like me. Linda walked over to me and told me to stand up. I did, since she kind of scared me. She looked very intense at me and then told me to drop my pants. I did not know what to do. Linda did not wait for my answer, she stepped up to me and unbuckled my shorts. She also pulled down my underwear.She looked at my cock with big eyes and got a wicked smile on her face. She told Maggie to come over and tell her if she thought this was the cock?Maggie told me to come over to her. She sat on the edge of the couch and waited for me to move closer. Linda pushed me towards Maggie when I didn’t move fast enough.Maggie looked at my cock and said it might be the same but she wasn’t sure since it was so soft right now. Without asking for permission, she reached out and touched my cock. She started to stroke my cock, or attempted to. I was soft and kind of scared so I was not getting hard. Linda stood next to us and asked Maggie if she could make my cock erected? Maggie said sure, she had her secret weapon for this kind of stuff.Maggie let go of my cock and pulled down the top of her dress. I watched her unsnapped her bra and let her huge tits come out. She grabbed her tits and pressed them together. She looked at me and said that if I was that big cock, then I would be allowed to put it between her tits. She reached out and started to stroke my cock again. I could not help but growing when I watched her tits sway as she moved her hands up and down my shaft. My erection came very quickly as it also felt great to have her hands on my cock. Maggie said it looked like I was very big and then she started to lick my shaft and work her way up to the head. 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Then she asked if I wanted to cum again….?I kissed her and told her that I had already blown a load inside of her, but yes I would love to do it again.Linda jumped up and said that she was fertile and had always had an easy time to get knocked up. She then crawled up my body until her pussy was touching my lips. She demanded that I clean her as good as I had cleaned up Maggie.I was my pleasure to lick and nibble on my girlfriend’s mother’s tasty wet pussy. I took my time and cleaned her well. In the process, I also managed to bring Linda to a second orgasm. She held my head in a lock with her legs as she came over my face. I had trouble getting enough oxygen.I thought I was done for the evening when Linda got off my face. But I was wrong. Maggie was ready for another round and told me to join her on the couch. Maggie was laying with her legs spread wide open and playing with her pussy as she told me to lay on top of her. Instead of laying on her, I got down between her legs and started to give her oral pleasure again. I ran my hands over her big wide thighs and up over her big belly. She was a big woman and I was so turned on by her. I was hard again before she reached another orgasm. When she started to cum, she told me to get inside of her. I climbed up and started to make love to her. This time I was not fucking her, I took my time and made sure my hands explored her whole body. I kissed her and she moaned that I was a great lover.I raised one of her legs so that could have one legs underneath me and the other sticking up against my tummy. I held her thigh against me and thrusted my cock deep into her. I reached down and touched her tummy, she was laying on her side and her breast looked huge. In this position I could easily reach her clit and started to stimulate her to get closer to an orgasm. Linda sat down on the floor in front of the couch and started to suck on Maggie’s nipple. Maggie pulled Linda closer and kissed her. It was extremely erotic to see these two beautiful women pleasure each other.Maggie grunted to Linda that this cock was unbelievable. I kept stimulating her clit and it seemed like she was going to cum yet again. Maggie turned and looked at me. She said that she was cuming and asked if I could cum inside of her again. I was so excited that I had not problem granting her request.I pressed her big beautiful soft thigh against me as I thrusted deep and let my load erupt in Maggie again. We had a beautiful orgasm together.Both of us were spent after so much sex and so many orgasms.Maggie and I laid on the couch cuddling and Linda kept touching our skin all over our bodies. It was very relaxing and I felt content with my life right then.Maggie asked if I could come back soon again? She said she thought she was already addicted to my big cock and if she had more energy she would fuck me again.Linda started to clean up and said it was time to return home. She told me never to mention this to her daughter, but she also wanted more of my cock.Linda kissed me goodbye and left. I was still getting ready to leave when Maggie came up to me and hugged me. It felt so natural to have this 40ish woman to hug me tight and close to her. She was big and soft. I liked her naked chest on my naked chest. I felt a tingle in my cock and the longer Maggie held me the more I was growing. Soon Maggie felt my cock poking her in her tummy. She pulled back so she could see my face and asked if I was getting turned on again. I answered her that holding her like this made me turned on and that I had never held a “real” woman in my arms before. Maggie asked if I didn’t think she was too fat?I laughed and told her she was a goddess in my book and I had never seen anyone as beautiful as her. I also told her I wish we were the same age so that I could marry her and be with her forever. She laughed and said I was silly. I did not laugh and pushed her back on the couch. I started to kiss and touch her whole body. I kissed every inch I could reach. Her belly was nice and soft and she moaned when I started to lick her pussy again. I tasted every part of her. I even licked her anus and she giggled and moaned at the same time.I was very turned on and mounted her slowly. Maggie moaned that it felt so awesome to feel her pussy stretched like this. She said she never wanted this to end. I could not disagree with her. This was heaven.Maggie was now laying with her legs spread apart, her big thighs put high and her pussy getting stuffed with my big cock. I told her that I loved this view of her with her pussy full of my cock and her big tits swaying with each thrust. Maggie answered with that she loved being fucked by my big, fat, hard cock! 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Maggie fell back on the couch and said that she was too tired to do anything else.I helped her to her bedroom and asked if she wanted to shower, since she had my cum all over her chest. She said it was fine. She invited me to sleep next to her. But I told her I needed to get home before my parents started to ask where I was. I promised to be back very soon. Maggie told me to grab a key from a cookie jar in the kitchen. She said I was welcome to come to her home any time I wanted to.I got dressed and talked with Maggie the whole time. I told her I had a date tomorrow with Michelle, but I think I could come over after the date. I said it might be late, but if she wanted me to come over I would. Maggie kissed me and told me she would be naked in bed and waiting for me. She told me to lock the front door on the way out and that she would see me tomorrow.My parents were awake when I got home and they asked how my evening had been. I told them I hung out with some friends and that I had a good time. I took a shower and crashed as soon as my head touched the pillow.I woke up early the next morning and decided to go for a run. I started out in a nice pace and without thinking were I was headed I soon realized that I was on Maggie’s street. It was only 6 AM and I barely saw anyone out yet. I ran up to her house and it looked like she had not got up yet. I decided to pay her a visit.I went around the back and opened the kitchen door. The house was very still. Everything was like when I left the night before. I carefully sneaked up to Maggie’s master bedroom. I could hear Maggie breathing and it sounded like she was sound asleep. I entered the room and saw Maggie laying naked on her tummy with her legs spread apart. She looked very sex in her position and I decided to give her some oral pleasure as a wake up gift. I undressed and climbed carefully up on the bed. Maggie did not even stir, she did not know that I was in the bed with her.I laid down between her legs and started to kiss her pussy. I tasted some dried cum and juices on her pussy lips. It did not take long before I felt new fresh juices cuming out of Maggie. I carefully licked her pussy and caressed her big thighs. She moaned in her sleep and opened up even more. I felt her clit grow and swell in my mouth. I sucked on it like it was a nipple and my nose was getting wet from her pussy. I felt her thigh muscles tense and then she closed her legs around my head and started to cum. I heard her say, Oh My God! She moaned and grunted in a huge orgasm.When she started to relax, I sat up and lifted her leg. I mounted her with one leg underneath me and her other leg against my chest. It was my favorite position with Maggie, since I could still see all of her and touch her everywhere. Plus that my cock went deep into her wet pussy. She looked up at me when I was fucking her and thanked me for the wake up call! She told me that she had never cum in her sleep when someone gave her pleasure. It was the wildest and most romantic thing she had ever felt. I could not believe how good this pussy felt around my cock. I never wanted to cum, I wanted this pleasure to continue for ever. Unfortunately, her pussy felt too good and I could not hold back for long. Even it had been only hours since I had cum last, I managed to blow a huge load into her again.We stayed in bed for awhile before Maggie said she had some appointment and that she could not miss it. Maggie offered me to stay at her house and wait for her return, but I had a date with Michelle and she would not be happy if I did not show up. I was a little bit worried about how I was going to conceal that fact that I had fucked all night long and on top of that one of the women had been her mother. After I went home and showered, I left for Michelle’s. She greeted me in the door and jumped up in my arms. She was very happy and told me she had a long talk with her mother this morning. Her mother had been very encouraging in keeping Michelle’s and my relationship going. She said that she thought we were a terrific couple. I was happy too when I heard that. Michelle took me in to the kitchen where her mother was cooking something. Linda smiled when she saw me and gave me a big hug. We talked a little and Linda asked what our plans were today? Michelle said she wanted to get out of the house and we would be back in the afternoon before dinner.Michelle said she needed to take a quick shower and ran off. Linda talked to me as I had not fucked her hard 12 hours ago. I watched her working with her back to me and I started to think how good it had felt to be inside of her.Michelle had been gone for a couple on minutes, when Linda walked up to the doorway and listened for the shower noise.Then she quickly turned and walked up to me. She lifted her dress and exposed her naked pussy to me. She sat down on the edge of the table and told me to lick her. She spread her legs apart and I put my mouth on her pussy lips. I let my tongue explore her folds and found a wet pussy. Linda quietly moaned and asked if I was hard yet? Without an answer, I lowered my shorts and let my cock out. I stood up and placed my cock at her opening. I felt Linda’s hands on my ass as she pulled me closer to her. My cock split her pussy open as I entered her. As I slowly thrusted myself into her wetness, I reached down and started to rub her clit. Linda answered with thrusting her hips towards me. I felt her pussy tighten and she started to quietly moan as she reach climax. I had only been in her for less than two minutes when she started to cum. I did not want Michelle to find us with my big hard cock deep in her mother pussy, so I let go and started to cum too. It felt awesome to have a quick fuck totally unexpected like this. Linda held me tight and whispered that it felt so good to feel my cock pump her full of cum.Linda then said it was best that we stopped right now, even if she could cum again soon. I pulled out my cock and fixed my shorts. I still had a big bulge in my pants as I sat down at the table again. Linda was walking over to the counter to find a towel to wipe her pussy with. But before she got to wipe herself, we heard Michelle come running down the stairs. We had pulled apart just in time. Michelle asked if I was ready and told her mother good bye. I told Michelle that I had to use the bathroom before we left. Michelle said she would wait for me in the car. I turned around and looked at Linda when I walked out of the room. She had her back towards us, but I could see how my cum was travelling down the inside of her leg. We were lucky that Michelle wanted to rush out of the house. She might have seen my cum on her mother’s leg otherwise.I cleaned up and washed off my cock good before returning to my car. Michelle was all smiles and said she wanted to go for a drive. She directed me to a quiet park and then lifted her skirt and exposed her newly shaved pussy to me. She told me she had missed me and wanted to make love to me now.It turned me on to see her like that, but I was getting pretty spent and was not sure I could get another erection. Michelle started to rub her pussy and then lifted a wet finger to my mouth and told me to suck her finger. What a little horny girlfriend I had. I started to get real excited again and felt my cock grow.I went down and licked Michelle to an orgasm. As she was cuming she commanded me to fuck her. While licking her I thought about how cool it was to fuck her mother moments ago and then Michelle offered herself up like this. It was going to be the third fuck with a different pussy in a few hours time.When we returned to Michelle’s before dinner, my cock felt so sore. It was throbbing and I was a little bit swollen, but not from an erection. Instead my cock had been worked so hard the last 24 hours, that I was sure I wasn’t going to be able to pee even.Linda had made a big dinner and I was starved. After all that sex and very little food, I was more like famished than simply hungry. We ate big and then relaxed in front to the TV and watched a movie. Michelle was cuddling up next to me on my right and Linda got comfortable on my left. Both women covered themselves with blankets. Michelle was leaning into me, while Linda had her legs towards me. Michelle took my hand and under the cover she put my hand on her breast. I played with her nipple and she wiggled in her seat. She started to breath a little bit heavy, so I moved my hand down to her crouch. She had lifted her skirt and was fingering herself.I felt Linda’s foot on my arm and when I looked over, she motioned for me to put my hand under her cover. I reached out and found her thighs wide open with my panties. I did not intend to reach out and touch her pussy, but since there was nothing between my hand and her pussy, I landed right on my wet pussy when I reached down. Linda grabbed my arm and held it in place. I started to rub both pussies at the same time. Both mother and daughter was very excited and neither of them knew that I had my fingers on the other’s pussy. Linda was even more wet than her daughter. I felt her legs tense and she grabbed a pillow and covered her face as she started to cum. Only seconds later, Michelle reached her orgasm and tried to not make any noise either. I carefully removed both my hands and put them both at my mouth. I licked off my fingers and tasted both mother and daughter’s juices at the same time.We kept watching the movie as nothing had happened. My cock was still very tender and the erection I got from fingering the ladies, finally came down. It was getting pretty late and when the movie ended, I told Michelle that it was time to go home. She whined that she wanted to feel my cock inside of her one more time before I left and tried to get me to her room for a quickie. She was pretty upset when I told her no. She grabbed my hand to lifted her dress and put my hand on her wet pussy. She said she needed to cum again!I shook my head and she kissed me goodnight and left before I even had my shoes on. She mouthed that she would send me a picture of her pussy stuffed with her dildo….I sat down and tied my shoes on. Linda came out in the hallway and thanked me for a great orgasm on the couch. I smiled and said it was my pleasure. Linda walked up to me and kissed me too. She rubbed her hand on the front my pants and said she would like to be fucked right now if it was possible. I told her I was too sore and Michelle might find out. Linda said that maybe tomorrow we could get together again….As I drove home, I got a phone call. I thought it might be Michelle, but it turned out to be Maggie. She asked if I could stop by on my way home. I told her I was extremely tired and would like to go home. Maggie said that she had talked with Linda and heard that I had been out all day with Michelle. So she knew I might be tired, but she still wanted to see me for only a few minutes.I drove over to rus escort tekirdağ Maggie’s and parked in her driveway. She opened the front door and asked me to come in. Right then I got a text message and it was Michelle sending me some pictures of herself masturbating with a dildo in her pussy. Crazy girl!When I got in Maggie told me that she had been seeing some guy for a couple of months, but she broke up with him today. She said that she wanted more of my cock and her ex-boyfriend should not have to be treated badly because she wanted to fuck this big cock. She said that they had sex on last time and that he left right before she called. She lifted her skirt and showed me how his cum was cuming down her leg. She said she had fucked on last time, but now she wanted to feel the real cock. I thought I couldn’t get it up one more time today, but when Maggie stood there with her leaking pussy exposed to me, I started to grow. Maggie begged me to fuck her. She really needed it, she said.I grabbed her hand and walked in to the kitchen. I leaned her over the kitchen table so her big ass was pointing to my cock. I lifted her skirt and pulled out my cock. I felt very little resistance when I entered her. She was soaking wet, maybe from a big load of cum, or just from being so excited.I fucked her hard, I hit her cervix over and over. Maggie whimpered and called out that she was a whore who needed to be fucked good!I don’t know how I could fuck again after all this sex I had performed that last 24 hours, but somehow I was harder and hornier than I had been before. I had been good fucking both Linda and Michelle earlier in the day, but to stand behind Maggie’s big wide ass and feeding her my hard cock was sexier than anything I had experienced. On top of that I was about to unload in her pussy and mix my cum with another man’s. It drove me almost insane with desire for this woman. She screamed out that she was cuming and I slapped her ass and told her to hold on because I was cuming too.Maggie held on tight as her body was hit by orgasm after orgasm. My cock rubbed her cervix and I felt so good filling her tight pussy with the very last of my cum. When I finally took out my cock, Maggie’s pussy looked puffed and swollen. She said that she had never cum so strong in her life. She was still leaning over the table and not moving. I got down behind her and looked at her pussy. She said that she was tender in places where she did not know a man could reach. I kissed her pussy and started to lick her clean. She moaned and told me to be gentle. She was sore to the touch, even from my tongue. I carefully cleaned every fold of her pussy and tasted another man’s cum for the first time. Maggie managed to reach another climax before I was done.I stood up and told her I was going home to sleep. I told her the truth of what I had done earlier in the day. Fucking Linda before fucking Michelle, then masturbating both women to orgasm, before returning here. I told her it was no chance that I would fuck again for a couple of days…..I crashed hard in my own bed about 20 minutes later. I felt more satisfied than ever and slept deep for the next 10 hours.When I woke up the next morning, it was like any other morning. I had a normal hard erection when I woke up. I thought about the amazing turn of events the last day and how much sex I had managed to get. I got up and found that my family had left the house and they left a note stating they would be back late afternoon. Oooh, some time for myself. The next couple of hours I kicked back and relaxed. Right before lunch, I got a phone call frohem Michelle letting me know that she and her mother would be out for the day and that she could not see me today. She asked if I liked her pictures and I told her they were hot.When we hung up, I looked at the pictures again and started to feel a bit horny once again. As I flipped through the pictures my cock started to grow. I pulled my cock out of my shorts and started to stroking it. It felt good. But then I realized that instead of using my own hand, I should have my cock buried in a wet pussy.I called Maggie while still stroking my cock. She quickly picked up the phone. I told her I had an erection and was currently stroking myself. She did not say much in return, so I told her I was coming over so she could get to enjoy my hardness as well. Maggie said with a husky voice that this was not the best time. I asked why and she said that she had a friend over right now. I told her that I was coming over anyway. I told her that she had said I could come over any time and I really wanted to feel her tightness right now.She said OK, come in thru the front door and then go up to her room. She would have her friend in the backyard and make sure she did not hear me coming in.I quickly pulled on some shorts and a tank top. I was over at Maggie’s in minutes. My cock was still pretty swollen and I could not wait to fuck her again.I got in to Maggie’s room undetected. I looked out of her window and could see Maggie and her friend having coffee in the backyard. Maggie was facing me and her friend had her back towards me. I stepped up to the window to show myself to her. I could see that she gave me a quick glance. I felt a longing for her and got harder as I watched her sitting down there. She had a light dress on and I could see much of her big thighs. My cock grow hard again and I could not wait to feel her.I pulled out my cock and stood in the window stroking my cock so Maggie could see how hard I was. Maggie looked up and her eyes grew big. Maggie’s friend must have seen her face and started to turn. I quickly dropped out of sight. I laid down on Maggie’s bed and waited for her to come. It only took a couple of minutes before she showed up. I had imagined Maggie coming hot and horny to me, instead she was pretty mad at me. She asked what I thought I was doing standing with a huge cock in her bedroom window. She asked what I thought would happen if her friend saw me?I tried to be smart and answered that she would most likely want to fuck me too.Maggie was pissed off! She told me it might be best if I left and came back later when she was alone. I stood up, but instead of leaving I grabbed Maggie and pushed her down on the bed. She struggled with me, but I was naked and she could not grip anything on my body. I pulled up her dress and found her naked underneath as well. I climbed up between her legs and we struggled hard. It was a quiet struggle, no words were exchanged. Only heavy breathing. I was much stronger than Maggie, even if she put up a good fight. Soon I was in between her legs and she could not move away from me. I had both her wrists above her head and she was trying to move her hips away from me. I felt my cock on her thigh and then moved to find her entrance. My cock was very hard and felt huge. This fight made me even more horny. I was going to give it to her good this time. As Maggie was trying to move her pussy away from my cock, it had a different effect. Without my effort, suddenly I felt her wetness. Yes, she was soaking wet. My cock started to penetrate her vagina and she moaned. As I worked my cock into her, I leaned down and started to kiss her. All her resistance melted away and she held me tight as I thrusted deep into her body. The bed started to make a lot of noise, but neither of us seem to notice. We were deep into pleasure and fucked in a frantic pace. Maggie moaned and grunted that it felt so fucking good. She asked me to cum in her and not pull out until I had unloaded all my sperm inside of her. She did not need to beg me for that to take place. Maggie started to cum and moaned like she was in pain. I slowed down and asked if she was ok, she told me to keep fucking her hard. I picked up the pace and gave it all to her.I looked over and saw Maggie friend standing in the doorway. Her eyes were huge as she stared at my cock pumping in and out of Maggie’s clean shaved pussy. Maggie was out of it and was not aware of her friend watching us. I felt that Maggie was close to cuming and kept watching her friend to see how she was reacting. Maggie felt my attention going away from her and she opened her eyes. She saw her friend and called out to her. Maggie said: Julie, come over here.Julie, her friend stepped closer with hesitant steps. Maggie told her to check out this big cock. She said it was the best feeling in the world to have inside of her. Maggie announced that she was about to cum. Julie sat down on the bed behind us and watched my cock stretch the pussy to the limits. Maggie urge me to cum as well. I told her I was getting close and kept thrusting into her hard. Suddenly I felt Julie’s hand on my testicles and she was massage me. It felt so good that I felt my load running my shaft. Maggie also felt my cum and grunted that she was cuming again. Julie was playing with my testicles and then found my anus and started to run her fingers around it. It was very sensitive and made me cum stronger.I followed Maggie’s instructions and let all my cum out before I started to pull out. Maggie lifted her leg so that Julie could get a close look at my cock still in the pussy. As I started to pull out, Julie got closer and when my head came out, Julie grabbed my cock and started to lick me. She cleaned off all the cum and then continued to suck me with enjoyment.I rolled off Maggie to give Julie more room. I laid back on my back with Julie attached to my cock. Maggie was getting up next to us. Maggie said she need to be cleaned and climbed up over my face. She straddled my head with one big thigh on each side. Her pussy was dripping with cum and she lowered herself so that I could use my tongue to clean her. I could hear Julie gasp when she saw Maggie lowering her cum filled pussy to my mouth. Julie sucked me with more intensity and I felt myself grow fully erected again.Maggie told Julie it was the best feeling of having her pussy cleaned up after my big load had been deposited in her. Julie answer that she needed to feel my cock in her pussy. She let go of my cock and I heard her undressing. Then she climbed up and straddled my legs. I felt her hand grabbing my cock and guiding it to her pussy. She rubbed my cock back and forth over her wet pussy to make it little bit lubricated, then I felt her lowering herself onto my cock. She moaned loudly as I felt her pussy open and my cock entering her. She kept saying: Oh my god, oh my god, it is huge. I have never felt anything so big in my cunt before. -Maggie, you have found heaven here! Oh my god, fuck me boy, fuck me hard. I did nothing, I let her ride me cock to her own pleasure. It felt so awesome to have a wet pussy over my mouth and have my cock deep in a tight pussy. I could easily get use to fuck all these women!Maggie reach orgasm shortly after I felt Julie’s cervix hit the head of my cock. I love the feeling of touching a woman so deep in her body. Julie sat almost still, only a slight rocking motion as my cock head massage her cervix. Julie announced that this was the most amazing feeling she ever had felt during sex. Maggie climbed off my face and laid down next to me. She reached over and started to rub Julie’s clit. Julie had her hands on my chest and kept grinding her pussy over my cock. Her eyes were closed and she worked her hips like she was in trance. Suddenly she started howling like a wolf in heat. She was cuming strong over my cock, I felt wetness around my cock. Maggie told me that she suspected that Julie had ejaculated and sprayed me with her cum. Or Maggie said, she might just have peed on you. Either way it was a real hot experience. Julie kept cuming and cuming. I managed to hold back and not cum in her yet. Julie said that she had never had more than on single orgasm while having sex in the past, and now it would not stop cuming. Wave after wave washed over Julie’s body, she was still impaled on my cock and twitching and shaking. I asked Julie if she was ready for my cum and she did not acknowledge me. She was too deep in her climax. So I let go and started to cum. It was a very different feeling to be so deep that my cock was rubbing the bottom of her pussy and I could feel how my cum stream hit something and then came back onto my own head. I came strong again with another huge load.

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