Missouri is just fine


Marie Amadeur Claude-Bonet was a thirty-two year old professor at a big university in the state of Missouri. Standing at five-foot-eight with the figure of a model and the exact same face as actress Eva Green, Marie was the most attractive professor at her university. Of French heritage, Marie was born in the United States and taught politics at a large school in her state, where tensions were flaring high. On a long Friday afternoon, Marie was teaching her lecture where the debate was flaring up.”I think he needs to be fired, he doesn’t care one bit about us or our interests!” said Lisa, a black girl that looked exactly like singer Kelly Rowland.”How does he not care?” asked Marie.”He doesn’t, he is a selfish man who is a racist,” said Lisa.”Pull the race card huh,” said Marie.”Excuse me? What are you trying to say?” asked Lisa, as the class was dead quiet.”Look, there are issues in the world we should be attacking, but this issue is not one of them, you are just being sensitive for no reason,” said Marie.”Okay, well then I don’t know who has you teaching either, you both need to go!” said Lisa, as the lecture ended and students left.”Don’t talk to me, we will settle this in front of a council,” replied Marie.”Oh we will!” replied Lisa.Marie was tired from the day, and decided that now was the time to head home. Being tenured, Marie made a great salary and could afford a nice place all to herself. The brunette bought a beautiful two story house which was about three miles out of town, secluded, and was the only house within a mile. The house was hidden in the woods, which the brunette preferred, she wanted it to be peace and quiet. Driving a nice Audi, the brunette would make it to her house and park her car. Using her keys, Marie opened the door to her house, entered, shut the door, locked it, and stripped down to her black two piece. The brunette had a nice tall slender body with natural breasts, pink puffy nipples, some pubic hair around her pussy, and nice ankara travesti toned abs. Marie put her hair in a pony tail and walked to the kitchen where she would start cooking dinner. Covered in sweat from a long hard day at work, the brunette did not bother to shower, and instead went directly to cooking dinner.As the brunette was chopping up vegetables, a naked, tall, and muscular black man with a large penis came up behind her and started to massage her shoulders. Marie smiled as the man would kiss her on the neck, and gently rub his hands over her thighs and abs. The man was named Von and he was Marie’s boyfriend, living in the same house as her. Working as a fitness instructor and school teacher, Von made decent enough money to make ends meet, but hardly had to worry about much after that as Marie made plenty herself. Von looked a lot like actor Terry Crews, and initially met the brunette when she was looking for a fitness instructor.”I guess I don’t have to cook dinner for you,” said Marie, laughing.”I am going to kiss my beautiful love, have some of her appetizer as she tells me about her day, and then we will work out together because dinner can wait,” said Von, smiling as he kissed the brunette around the neck and on the cheeks some more.”Appetizer” was a keyword for Von eating the brunette’s pussy as she stood up in the kitchen and prepared dinner. As Marie would get eaten out by Von, she would usually tell him about her day, and Von would enjoy eating his girlfriend’s pussy which had a powerful smell coming from it. “So nice and perfect,” said Von, slapping his girlfriend’s pale buttocks.”This is nice and perfect,” said Marie, grabbing Von’s large and thick cock as she stroked it.”So is this,” said Von, putting his hand inside of the brunette’s panties and fingering her hairy pussy.”Well about you come have some of this perfect appetizer,” replied Marie, smiling at her boyfriend as she fingered her pussy. Von would get a short travesti ankara stool to sit on as he positioned his head in-between the brunette’s legs, and pulled down her panties. The powerful odor coming from Marie’s crotch consumed her lover, who would kiss her thighs and kiss her pussy. Putting both of his dark powerful hands on her pale buttocks, Von would start to kiss, sniff, and lick the brunette’s pussy as she moaned. After a long hard day at work, Marie always felt that strong rush in-between her legs whenever her lover would initially put his mouth on her pussy. The brunette’s heart would beat faster as her breaths became deeper, she couldn’t help herself.”So, I was giving a lecture today in class and out of nowhere, I was accused of being a racist,” said Marie, as Von would keep eating the brunette out.”I mean really, we were arguing over whether or not the president should be fired, and I get called a fucking racist for saying that she was being sensitive,” said Marie, chopping vegetables as Von would start to massage her buttocks kept eating her out.”Know what, it’s like you can’t win here, anything you say and you’re automatically a racist,” said Marie, taking deep breaths as Von would kiss her pussy, and started to finger her anus.”Fuck this, all of this, you don’t even give a shit, you’re just trying to get some white pussy and a comfortable life!” shouted Marie, as Von stopped eating her out and stood up.”Just trying to get white pussy?” asked Von, looking the brunette in the eyes as he smacked her hard on the buttocks.”Well ya, it’s like whatever I do, I am the racist for no damn reason,” said Marie, becoming sad.”Take that bra off,” said Von, smacking both of the brunette’s buttocks hard again.”I don’t know what I am doing wrong,” said Marie, almost breaking down about to cry as she took her bra off.”Marie baby, you’re right, I don’t care for your wealth, this house, that car, or your job. I just want you for these soft nipples, ankara travestiler this soft skin, this cute pussy, your nice ass, and this slender body, you’re right, I am just trying to get some white pussy,” said Von, kissing the brunette on the neck.”Fuck it, we’ll cook dinner later, the day has been rough, don’t be so gentle anymore because I just want to get destroyed,” said Marie, kissing Von.”Well lets destroy that pussy and that ass,” said Von, putting the naked brunette over his shoulder and carrying her upstairs to the bedroom.Von would slam the naked brunette down on the bed hard and lay on top of her. The man locked lips with the brunette and stuck his massive dick inside of her pussy, any sound which would have come from Marie’s mouth was blocked as she locked lips with her lover. With massive powerful hands of Von holding her tightly coiled around her back, the brunette laid on her back as her lover laid on top of her. Von would start to slowly pound the brunette as Marie moaned, only for the moan to be blocked because she had her lips locked with Von’s.The brunette felt her lover’s thrusting his penis inside of her even more intensely as her heart rate sped up. Von’s penis would pound right through Marie’s pussy as she moaned and tightly grabbed her lover who would not let her go. Eventually, Von would stop locking lips with Marie and start to kiss her neck.”Tonight’s the night I am gonna have one!” yelled Marie, as the penis pounded her pussy hard.”Gotta have a mixed race baby tonight!” shouted Marie, as sounds of wood chopping came from Von pounding her pussy.”Just leave it all inside, give me that mixed race baby, please baby!” shouted Marie, as Von pounded the brunette even more intensely.Marie screamed and shouted as she was covered in sweat and getting pounded hard by her lover, taking deep breaths. Eventually, the brunette’s legs would start to vibrate as she felt the strong feeling coming from her pussy. Marie had her usual orgasm as Von felt fluids go all over his body, still pounding the brunette who at this point was half-way unconscious. Von would tightly hold on to the brunette and after a few seconds, drop a large load of cum inside of her pussy, as the two lovers let out loud moans.

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