Mistress Ch. 01

Big Tits

Chapter 1

Rachal caught her reflection in the large mirror of their hotel suite as she wandered into the main room from the bathroom. She grinned at the sight. The hours she spent in the gym and the tanning booths was time well spent, she told herself.

Her thrusting breasts jutted firmly away from her tanned body and her dark nipples were still hard from their early morning lovemaking. Her stomach was flat, of course, and her narrow waist led way to wide hips definitely gave her a sexy look. Just out of the shower, the little red g-string that passed as a bikini bottom covered the slight rise of her mound.

It only barely hid the perfectly smooth pussy that was still tingling…

Jeremy had already left the suite, heading downstairs to ask Lana some questions about tourist spots on the island. Not that they’d end up at any. His business deals would run on and on and she’d end up sunbathing all day again. Not that she was complaining. Her current boyfriend was fun to be with, hot in bed, and gave her enough time for herself.

Her soft skin still shimmered from the coconut lotion she’d lathered on and, turning one way and then the other, she nodded in satisfaction at her reflection in the mirror. She loved the admiring gazes her body drew from men and women alike, and even though it pissed Jeremy off she could never resist a little flirting.

That was as far as she’d ever go, of course. She’d always remained faithful in a relationship.

She stepped back to admire the full cleavage that spilled over the top as she fitted her breasts into the simple but devastatingly sexy top. She’d wear the white shawl over it on the journey to the pool and back, naturally. It added that little bit extra intrigue.

Pushing back the wavy, shoulder-length dark hair she’d spent ten minutes brushing, she felt ready to face the day. It would consist of sunbathing, the occasional dip in the pool, large quantities of alcohol and, when Jeremy eventually returned to the hotel, more lovemaking.


Rachal ambled down to the hotel lobby, taking a detour along the carpeted pathway that led past the thronged breakfast area before arriving at the reception desk in the foyer. She could see Jeremy through the glass window of the office, sitting at one side of the desk and talking animatedly to the hotel’s Manageress.

Lana Hopkins perfectly fitted Rachal’s preconception of a dyke. The blonde skinhead had tattoos on both arms and quite how she’d been given the top job at one of the island’s most respected hotels always puzzled the brunette. Though there was no doubt that Lana was exceptionally efficient at managing the establishment. She exuded an air of friendly yet commanding authority that had most guests eating out of the palm of her hand.

It was impossible not to like Lana, even if the assertive woman’s all-knowing eyes gave Rachal’s body the once over every time they met. Truth be told, Rachal quite enjoyed the attention. She was no lesbian, and didn’t consider herself into women, but being the object of another woman’s desire, especially one as butch as Lana, was quite a turn-on.

She hesitated momentarily before slipping behind the long reception desk and knocking on the glass door. Lana glanced up and waved her into the office.

The butch Manageress’s deep voice was commanding as she entered. “Hello Rachal. Come in and have a seat.”

As she’d anticipated, Lana’s gaze covered her body before finding her eyes. The woman’s long, bare legs were crossed sexily as she laughed and chatted with Jeremy. Rachal hadn’t often seen her in anything other than trousers and they were more attractive than she’d expected in the tailored shorts.

“How are you, Rachal?”

“Good,” the brunette replied, placing the shawl across the back of the chair and languidly turning her body towards the woman. “And you. Lana?”

“Couldn’t be better,” the woman smiled, clearly watching every move. “I’ve just been telling your boyfriend, we have anything you want. Sailing, fishing, golf, sight seeing… though I rather thought you preferred to soak up the sun?”

“I do, but Jeremy wants to do something different,” Rachal laughed, adding sarcastically. “That’s when he’s attended to all his business of course.”

The blonde skinheaded woman eased up from her seat, picking up the brochure she’d been showing Jeremy as she walked behind Rachal. “Want to see?” her deep voice asked.

Rachal could feel the woman’s large breasts press into her back as Lana draped herself half across her, the woman’s slim fingers settling on her upper arm as she spoke. The bodily contact was a step further than the Manageress had ever gone before and as her nipples rose at the contact, Rachal wondered what Jeremy thought, or even if he’d noticed.

She glanced sideways at her boyfriend, but typically he no longer seemed to be paying attention. No doubt he was thinking about his next business deal, she wryly thought.

Trying to concentrate on the brochure wasn’t that easy with Lana’s hot breath in izmir escort her ear and the woman’s fingers idly stroking across the tanned skin of her arm. Despite herself, she imperceptibly leaned back. Lana rewarded her with a soft exhalation of air on her cheek as she settled her other hand across Rachal’s shoulder. With each of Lana’s unhurried description of the various attractions, she could feel the very ends of the woman’s fingertips gliding back and forth openly on her upper arm.

Her breath caught just as Jeremy spoke.

“Okay, darling, I need to go.” Damn. Men had such an impeccably bad sense of timing. “Why don’t we get you settled in a lounger and I’ll be back to join you mid afternoon.”


Lana watched the young woman stride through the lobby, swaying her hips from side to side with each step. Every eye in the vicinity turned to stare at the sexy girl. Like all of Lana’s pets, Rachal knew how to flaunt herself and how to tease, there was no doubt about that. She’d even flaunted herself at Lana. Turning her was going to be an absolute pleasure.

Rubbing a hand across her blonde skin head, she turned off the monitor when Rachal reached the lift. She’s be with her soon enough. The invitation to a light lunch in her suite had been delivered by Francesca, another of her pets and the most efficient of her hotel employees. Francesca had kept Rachal’s sangria topped up throughout the morning, too, just as she’d directed. And ensured it was extra strong…

Lana answered the door at the first light tap, her eyes drinking in the flawlessly tanned bikini covered body as Rachal entered the suite. She followed the young woman to the centre of the room, her gaze fixed on the smooth interplay of her buttocks as she walked. They were virtually naked apart from the tiny triangle of her little red g-string. Even with just the two of them present, it seemed the sexy girl couldn’t resist putting an extra swing in her step.

“Some wine?” she asked, pouring two glasses from the bottle already opened on the small circular table beside them.

Rachal shook her head. “I think I’m already tipsy,” she laughed. “Goodness knows how much I’ve had to drink so far today.”

Too much? Francesca had done her job well and would reap the benefits later. “Nonsense,” she replied, thrusting one of the glasses into Rachal’s hand. “Lunch will be here shortly and you’ll feel better with food on your stomach. For now, another small glass won’t do any harm.”

She grinned to herself. There was no doubt that the large glass of potent red wine would be enough to tip her young guest over the edge.

“Maybe just one,” Rachal replied, sipping at her drink and flopping down onto the comfortable couch. She pulled her long legs underneath her. “I appreciate you inviting me for lunch, Lana. That’s very kind of you.”

“I thought it was time we got to know one another even better,” the Manageress replied, smiling at her guest. Rachal’s were already cloudy with the effect of the sangria. “Have you had a good morning?”

“Yes, reasonably…” she replied, pushing away some of her dark wavy hair from infront of her eyes. “Though right now I think I’ve had too much sun. I definitely feel a little light headed.”

“Mmm, your shoulders look a little red,” Lana concurred from behind her. “Here, let me put on some after-sun. You’ll feel better.”

Before Rachal could respond, she was unscrewing the top from the bottle she’d conveniently left on the table and was pouring some into her palms. The young woman stiffened momentarily in surprise at the first touch of her hands across the bare, tanned shoulders but soon relaxed. Her eyelids fluttered shut and she emitted a small, soft sigh of pleasure as Lana’s strong fingers began to caress the oil into the flawlessly bronzed skin.

“That feels heavenly.”

“That’s good,” Lana murmured. This was going to be easier than she’d anticipated. She took advantage, caressing her fingers along Rachal’s soft skin and feeling the young woman’s muscles becoming more relaxed and pliant under her expert ministrations “Relax…”

“Mmm.” Rachal’s voice was a low purr of pleasure. She sipped languorously at her half-finished glass of wine as Lana’ hands slid beneath the heavy sheaf of her hair and gently began to smooth the tension from her slender neck and shoulders.

A soft, satisfied smile played across Lana’s lips. She had plenty of time and even had a diversion in place should Jeremy return early. That afforded her the luxury of subtlety for the time being, but that would soon change…

“You like to tease people with that body of yours,” she softly said, turning the movements of her fingers into a soft caress. She could see Rachal’s nipples stiffening involuntarily through the skimpy material of her red bikini top. “I’ve seen you around the pool…”

“Doesn’t every girl,” the young brunette sighed contentedly. She was breathing more heavily now. “Isn’t it all part of the game.”

“Indeed. There are some good looking alsancak escort men around here. And women…”

“Sure are,” Rachal murmured, sipping slowly at the last of her wine. Had she finished it that quickly?

Lana moved around to the front of the couch and lifted the empty glass from the brunette’s slim fingers. It clinked as she set it on the coffee table beside them. Easing herself down onto the sofa beside Rachal, her fingertips trailed onto the firm, tanned flank of the young brunette’s thigh. “You’re into women?”

Rachal’s glossy lips parted with surprise and her eyes fluttered open. Of course she wasn’t and it suddenly felt like she should make that clear from the outset. “No, Lana, women aren’t my thing,” she murmured.

The blonde skin headed woman smiled, not put off at all by the answer as she smoothly ran her fingers back and forth across the full length of the supple thigh. Rachal’s nipples were now like two bullets inside her skimpy bikini top. “You’re sure?”

“I’m sure,” Rachal murmured, slowly pulling her long legs from under her as if she was about to get up. “This is very naughty, you know.”

Lana smiled again. “What is?”

Their eyes met again. “What you’re doing.”

“And what am I doing?”

“You’re coming on to me.”

“I am?” Lana laughed as she deliberately held those dreamy eyes, enjoying the barely controlled arousal she saw in them. “But you’re enjoying my touch, yes?”

As if in answer, Rachal inadvertently allowed her thighs to part slightly under her host’s deft ministrations, giving her fingers room to slide between them. “It is nice…” she admitted, breathing softly as she felt the slender hand ease between her legs.

Her eyes slid lazily shut as if being unable to look at Lana would remove any sense of naughtiness. Lana took advantage, gliding her fingertips deliciously over the warm, sensitive flanks of her guest’s inner thighs.

“Then just relax…”

Her free hand rose to Rachal’s head, cupping her scalp and digging her fingers deep into the thick, wavy hair. Her other hand continued to stroke back and forth over the brunette’s inner thighs. Each sweep took her closer to the warmth she could sense emanating from the area barely covered by the tiny red triangle.

The pained expression on Rachal’s face sang out a combination of confusion and need. Lana knew she’d have to be careful but had confidence in her abilities. She’d done this so many times, after all. When Rachal involuntarily eased her curvy hips forwards on the sofa, her breathing beginning to quicken, she gripped the way hair more tightly.

Holding the young woman in position, it was important to send out the subliminal message that she was the one in control. The smoothly gliding fingertips of her other hand slid along Rachal’s inner thigh and brushed against the g-string.

“Open your legs a little further,” she softly whispered, tugging the silken hair.

“I can’t…”

“Of course you can,” Lana’s soft, persuasive voice murmured. Her free hand pushed at the brunette’s legs in encouragement and suddenly the curvy hips inched forwards on the couch as she obediently spread her legs wider.

It took only a few seconds for Lana to have her half-reclined and gasping softly as she brushed her fingertips deftly over the slippery silk covering Rachal’s rounded pubis.

“Good girl,” she whispered, tilting her head to stare into those beautiful half-open eyes. She flicked out her tongue, letting the girl see how extraordinarily long it was. It flicked along the full length of her lips as her fingers traced the contours of her victim’s oiled vulva.

Rachal’s head rolled slowly to one side as she whimpered and placed a slim hand on Lana’s forearm. The skinhead though she was going to try to push her away, but instead the girl’s trembling fingers simply lay passively over her slowly working wrist.

Lana lifted her head, her triumphant eyes fixing on the beautiful face, watching every expression, every breath and every flicker of her closed eyelids. “You like this?” she huskily breathed, leaning forward and sweeping her extraordinarily long tongue forward and back along the full length of Rachal’s neck.

“Yes.” The word came out as a whispered gasp. Then it changed. “But we shouldn’t…”

With an effort, she forced her eyes fully open, as if she was finally realising the position she was in. Reluctantly, it seemed, she pushed her body back against the sofa cushions in an attempt to escape the pleasuring hand.

Lana followed the movement, her practiced fingers never breaking their circular rhythm as she stroked the wet labial lips through the material.

Rachal’s dilated eyes hooded again at the sensation, her blurred mind wavering as she fought the internal battle. She moaned very softly, for several seconds teetering on the brink of surrendering control to the expert touch. Lana could sense the conflict. She couldn’t, she was telling herself… she wasn’t into women… buca escort especially one as butch as this one. It wasn’t right…

“I should go,” she whimpered, but even as she spoke her smooth hips were responding helplessly to the caressing touch. “Jeremy will be back soon.”

“He’ll be ages, yet,” Lana whispered. She could force the young woman and take what she wanted, but this first time it had to come from her. She released her grip on the way hair and pulled her hand away from the still undulating crotch. “I have a good idea.”

“What?” Rachal murmured, her voice quivering.

Lana slid her body across the couch, half reclining across the startled brunette. Wrapping her hands around Rachal’s naked back, she lowered her head and slid her long tongue over the muscles of the trembling woman’s neck.


But despite the objection, Rachal made no attempt to resist. With a self satisfied grin, Lana eased her head to one side and glided her insistent mouth upwards behind the panting girl’s ear. “No?” You’re sure?” she asked, her teeth gently nibbling at the studded earlobe before sliding her tongue into her ear like a burrowing animal.

As the brunette gasped, Lana slid her right knee between Rachal’s smooth, tanned thighs. Her stroking hands slid inside the back of the red g-string, cupping those firm buttocks and pulling the brunette onto her so that Rachal’s engorged vulva pressed against her upper leg.

The look on Rachal’s face suggested she was trying to hold still, but Lana was too experienced to allow that. She pressed harder, making it impossible for the young woman to resist the wonderful friction. Rachal couldn’t help herself, starting to move her hips in tiny, circular motions against Lana’s thigh…

Lana gurgled with delight and ran her long tongue across her captive’s exposed neck, leaving a sexy wet trail as it swept in long circles along the soft skin. Then she brought her head back in front of the brunette’s, her gaze fixed on those confused, aroused, dreamy eyes. “I can show you so much, Rachal. Make you feel so good. Think of me as you Mistress. Someone who will take you to places you’ve never been. I want you to think about that…”

“Mistress?” Rachal mumbled, confused.

But then Lana’s fingers were spreading across her firm ass, holding her there. “I want you to cum now,” she told her, using her thigh as leverage so that the girl could hump her hips harder. “Come on, my pet, cum for your Mistress…”

The muscles in her neck tightened as she rocked her thigh against the brunette. Rachal responded instantly, matched her rhythm with her upward thrusts. The harder Lana pushed into her, the faster she pumped back. Harder… faster…

“Oh God,” the young brunette moaned. She was close. She threw her head back and her tits up. “YES! YES! YES! AHHHH!”

Lana held her as she came, holding her tightly against her body. “So good,” she murmured in approval. This was just the start. “So good…”

When the panting young woman stared into her eyes, she lowered her head and curled her long tongue into the partly open glossy mouth. She ran the tip across Rachal’s inner lips, seeking out every detail of her teeth and gums, then eased further inside and lifted the young woman’s tongue with gentle stroking motions of her own. When she felt Rachal’s body weaken further, she knew it was time…

“Come with me,” she muttered huskily, grabbing Rachal’s hand and practically dragging the half stumbling girl to her feet and across the floor towards the bedroom.

The brunette let out a tiny whimper as her frightened eyes were drawn involuntarily to the huge, black-quilted king size bed. But as Lana instinctively knew, she gave no resistance as her lover lowered her body gently onto the soft quilt. Before she knew what was happening, Lana’s hands were pulling on the tie of her bikini top and her rounded breasts tumbled free, trembling gently as they bounced and then settled after release.

The skinhead woman’s eyes ran slowly, lustfully down Rachal’s gorgeous body. She placed her hands on the brunette’s flawless hips, her forefingers gently untying the bow on one side and then the other. Her victim lay completely passive as she pulled the garment away and swept it onto the floor together with the red top.

“Want to see your Mistress, too?” Lana purred, her hands already unbuttoning her top.

She was naked underneath, a tattoo of a dragon curling around her stomach and stopping just under her plump breasts. Dropping the blouse to the floor, she dragged down her shorts and then removed her black panties. At first it seemed that Rachal was too shy to look at her nakedness but Lana knew full well she couldn’t help herself. Her gaze ran down across the dragon and settled on the plump and perfectly smooth pussy. She bit her lip.

“I see you like,” Lana smiled as she knelt on the bed, her deft hands sliding up along Rachal’s inner thighs and parting them effortlessly.

The brunette closed her eyes, trembling as she felt the hot breath against her tanned skin. She whimpered involuntarily as Lana’s mouth parted her glistening lips. Her long tongue slid effortlessly into her soft, pink vulva, touching the entrance of her urethra before gliding deeper into her body. She curled the tip upwards, stroking the roof of her vagina.

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