Mistress Vera and her slave part 2


Mistress Vera and her slave part 2Mistress Vera and her slave 2Chapter 3Upstairs Mistress Vera had changed. She sat relaxed on her sofa wearing a simple t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms. She was talking on the phone. “Yes at eight,” she said. “Yes okay I‘ll see you soon, bye.” She hung up the phone but almost immediately picked it up again and began dialling another number. She talked to various people before she finally stood up and wandered into the kitchen. There she selected a cookbook from a shelf and opened it on the table, it was stained with spatters of sauces and dough. She had always liked cooking but none-the-less was looking forward to the time when her slave’s training had progressed to the stage where she would do all work like that. After reading through a recipe she went to the kitchen cupboards and began to select ingredients.Several hours later the slave slowly surfaced. At first she drifted in and out of consciousness able to see or hear nothing, conscious or not, while the bruised aching of her whole body was ever-present, as was the mounting frustration in her pussy. As she began to regain proper consciousness she became more aware of it. The vibrator fitting snugly in her pussy throbbing away wasn’t enough. She tried to move her hips against the floor of her cage to get some stimulation but she only succeeded in putting more pressure on her bruised pussy. She cried out but made no sound. The vibrator was not enough. She would never cum like this. She wriggled in her hog tie hoping it was loose enough that she would be able to reach her pussy, it wasn’t. A wave of frustration followed by pleasurable helplessness flowed through her. Though she feared the second part of her punishment after the horrors of the pain, she still loved being at the mercy of her mistress and the thought only made her hornier. And there she lay, unable to see, to hear, to move or to satisfy herself, seemingly for hours until finally she heard the familiar sound of the click of stiletto heels descending the stone steps to the dungeon. She moaned, hoping her mistress would hear her and perhaps take pity, but she knew it was a vain hope.For a long while nothing happened. Anticipation built in the slave until she could almost stand it no longer. She would have shouted out but for the ball gag still filling her mouth to the utmost. Finally there was a grinding noise and the slave felt her cage descending. Touching the floor the cage clunked to a stop and almost immediately the door was thrown open and the slave felt a click as something was clipped onto her collar. There was a tug at her neck and knew she was on a lead. Pulled by the lead she crawled painfully on hands and knees out of her cage only to be pulled roughly to her feet and have the lead attached to a ring she could not see somewhere over her head. Mistress Vera said nothing but went about her business quickly. She kneeled and removed the slave’s ankle restraints and after unlocking the tiny padlocks at the tops of the slave’s boots she unzipped them and pulled them off the slave’s feet. She then took each of the slave’s arms and slowly peeled the latex gloves off them. Then followed the latex panties and finally, and almost painfully for the slave, the vibrator. She was left standing naked but for the blindfold, gag, her collar and wrist restraints. Mistress Vera then took the slave’s wrists and locked the rings in her restraints to the rings in the side of her collar. And pulling on the lead she led her up and out of the dungeon.The slave had never been anywhere in the house apart from the dungeon and it felt strange and almost scary to leave its confines. She knew her punishment was not over and dreaded anything that was coming. She was pulled up a carpeted stairway and then round a corner and finally the carpet under her feet changed to cold tiles. The room was warm and steamy and she guessed it was a bathroom. Mistress Vera pushed her forward so she could feel the edge of the bath against her knees. “Get in,” she was commanded. With no other choice the slave clambered into the bath and lay full length in the deliciously warm water. Mistress Vera clipped her lead onto a ring set in the tiles behind her head. She had not felt the experience of lying so comfortably or indeed any form of relaxation for so long that although she was still terrified of her punishment the contrast was extreme. She relaxed and was surprised when she felt her mistresses’ hands gently rubbing her down with a bar of soap. Mistress Vera took her time, tenderly washing and rinsing every part of her slave’s body, enjoying the firm feel of her breasts and the sight of her taught stomach. The slave moaned slightly as Mistress Vera passed the soap over her pussy and was surprised to find herself getting hornier. Even in the bath she could feel her own wetness mingling with the water. She moaned again and thrust her pussy up slightly as the hand again passed over. This time the hand stayed and the slave felt the soap rubbing between her legs parting her pussy lips and she pushed gently against it. Mistress Vera smiled at the blindfolded girl and then slowly pushed two fingers into her wet hole. The slave arched her back and squeezed the fingers but then they were gone leaving her with a horrible sense of emptiness.Mistress Vera stood up and unclipped the slave’s lead from the ring she then took a towel from its place on the rail. “Get out,” she said simply and the slave obediently stood, droplets of water streaming from her hair down her cleavage and back into the bath. She stepped carefully out of the bath afraid of falling because she could not see. Mistress Vera wrapped her in the towel and rubbed her gently until she was dry. As a slave she had never felt such and she longed to see her beautiful mistress and tell her how sorry she was for disappointing her. But she knew that that would come only after the rest of her punishment and thinking of that she grew again afraid.Dry, the slave felt herself being led again out of the bathroom and across the corridor into another softly carpeted room. The lead was again tied to a ring in the ceiling tightly so that the slave was forced onto the tips of her toes. Mistress Vera stood for a moment admiring her lovely naked slave before going about dressing her in her uniform for the evening. The uniform was that of a French made: she started by buckling six inch black high heels onto the slave’s feet; followed by a tight black leather miniskirt. The shirt was tight and low-cut so that the slave’s nipples were clearly visible above the material. A pair of long, tight leather gloves were then ankara escort added. Finally the steel restraints were locked back onto her ankles and her wrists were locked in front of her. The slave felt Mistress Vera unbuckling her gag and the ball was removed; the feeling of having her mouth empty was strange to her and she felt loose and bare. Hoping she would be able to talk to her mistress she started: “Mistress I…” but another gag was thrust almost immediately into her mouth. This consisted of a single leather strap with a widening at the middle out of which protruded a rubber bit. The bit was pushed between the slave’s teeth and the buckle of the strap done up at the back of her head. The bit was not large and the slave thought she would be able to make noises even though she could not speak but then Mistress Vera fitted a short tube to a fitting on the outside of the strap and began to pump. The slave felt the bit in her mouth grow and inflate as air was blown into it. The rubber was thick and hard and it grew to fill her mouth entirely. The gag was totally effective- she could not make a single sound. Then to her surprise the slave felt another buckle being undone. Her blindfold fell away and she found herself blinking and squinting in the sudden light. Behind her, her mistress walked out of the room. The slave tried to turn to look at her but could not. As she became accustomed to the light she saw that she was looking directly into a mirror and for the first time in her short slavery she saw herself. Horrified she looked away but aroused she looked back. She was the perfect picture of a slutty sex slave. The shirt she was wearing pushed her breasts up into two globes while still revealing her erect nipples. The skirt was tight and left little to the imagination. The fact that she knew she was wearing no panties only made it more obscene. Her long toned legs were fully displayed and the high heels made them seem even longer. But setting the tone of the whole picture was her collar. The slave stared at it fascinated and appalled. The shiny steel circled her neck leaving no question as to her status. Anyone could see she was a slave. She hung her head in shame, thanking God that no one but her mistress could see her, while at the same time wishing for something to fill her pussy. And there she stayed.Chapter 4Downstairs Mistress Vera had just finished changing when the first ring came on the doorbell. She smiled to herself and got up to answer it. She wore long thigh high leather boots and a tight black leather dress. Her long brown hair hung about her shoulders and she carelessly carried a riding crop in her hand. She opened the door to reveal a tall heavily built man wearing a dark suit. He had a lead in his hand which had a female slave kneeling at the end of it. “Come Slut,” he said simply. The two moved into the house and mistress showed them into the living room where she invited the master to sit. His slave kneeled at his feet. Mistress Vera noted with interest the girl’s collar, it was thicker than most and made of black leather, it was ringed with long steel spikes. The girl herself was carefully made up. She wore a lot of powder to whiten her face; heavy black eye make up and bright red lipstick. “You can tell a lot about people by their slaves,” Mistress Vera thought, amused both by the makeup and the girl’s name. The doorbell rang again and excusing herself she went again to answer it.Upstairs the slave listened to the opening and closing of the door and wondered what it would mean. She stood quietly the sense of anticipation growing with every ring of the bell. Finally the bell seemed to have stopped and she found the silence worse. After another half hour of waiting she heard footsteps coming towards her. There were other people in the house. “What if it’s not mistress?” She thought desperately. She tried to move her tied hands to cover her stiff nipples but could not and then it was too late. Someone entered the room. It was Mistress Vera, and she smiled to see the fear on the face of her slave. This psychological part of the punishment would be a lot more effective than mere pain. It would debase her and make her more her slave than ever. She put down the bag she had been carrying and stepped around to the front of her slave. “Now my little slut,” she said simply, “you will finally have the chance to be a real slave and serve me as is your purpose. I am having a dinner party tonight for some friends of mine and you will be serving us.” The slave finally realised what was to happen and what the final part of her punishment was to be. She would be displayed! She cringed at the thought and struggling shook her head desperately at her mistress.“Please,” she tried to say but the gag filling her mouth prevented any sound from emerging.“Now stop that,” Mistress Vera continued. “This is an important night, your behaviour will be a reflection on me. I will be punishing any disobedience most severely. Now spread.”Kneeling, Mistress Vera pulled her slaves legs apart and reached into the bag that she had brought with her. She took out a harness on which were mounted two six inch metal dildos. The harness consisted of a leather strap, which would run around the slave’s waist; attached to this was another strap, which would run between the slave’s legs. The dildos were mounted on this strap. There was also a small black box attached to the back of the waist strap. She reached up and pulled the slave’s skirt up to her waist to reveal her wet, shaven pussy. Mistress Vera applied some lube to one of the dildos and slowly pushed it into the slave’s ass. The slave wriggled at the invasion. Her mistress had never put anything in her ass before but Mistress Vera did not slow down and soon the dildo was pushed into her up to the base. Mistress Vera then ran the leather strap of the harness between the slave’s legs and pushed the other dildo into her pussy. The other strap was then run around the slave’s waist and buckled tightly and then locked with a small padlock. The dildos were going nowhere. Mistress Vera then bent down again and after rummaging in the bag returned with a small remote control on which were several sets of buttons. “This,” Mistress Vera said, “is the remote. The plug in your ass can be activated to cause you a lot of pain while the one in your pussy can cause you a lot of pleasure. Your actions will determine which you get. Each of my guests has one of these and if they feel you have done badly or well they will let you know through this.” The slave stood shocked and stared at the controller. She couldn’t believe it. ankara escort bayan She felt the two dildos filling her holes and shook with fear. She couldn’t get them out; they were locked inside her. She tried to moan from behind her gag.Mistress Vera removed the lead from the ring in the ceiling and tugging on it led the slave downstairs. She took her into the kitchen and the slave was surprised to see a number of plates containing food laid out on the work surfaces and also several plane white dog bowls on the floor containing the same food. Mistress Vera unclipped the lead from the slave’s collar and unlocked her wrists. “Now, I am going into the other room. You will start bringing food into us when you hear me ring this bell.” She held a small bell up for the slave to see. “Bring the plates first, then the bowls. She indicated the dog bowls on the floor. “Be good my slave, and make me proud.” There was a touch of emotion in her voice and she bent forward and kissed the slave on the cheek. With that Mistress Vera turned and left the room. It was only when she was left alone that she moved and suddenly realised that she was free. She was not in bondage; her wrists were not even tied. She felt strange and naked although there was a rush of excitement when she realised that she could go anywhere in the house. Her mind cringed away from the thought of disobeying her mistress as she realised that her punishment for her last disobedience was still not over. So she sat down at the table and waited for her mistress to summon her, her heart swelling at the great trust that her mistress had placed in her, though her palms sweated inside her gloves at the thought of all those people seeing her for what she was.Chapter 5Finally she heard the tinkling of the bell and she stood slowly her stomach a pit of anxiety. She moved towards the first pair of plates as if in a dream and then carried them through the door and, after hesitating, out into the living room. The talk in the room stopped as she forced herself forward towards the first two people she saw. Her vision had tunnelled and she seemed only to be able to see the people she was looking directly at. She felt a blush rise up her face as she bent to place the plates on the small tables before each guest, as she realised that the people behind her would see the straps of her harness under the bottom of her short skirt. The plates down, she turned and almost ran from the room. But rushing to the door she bumped the table in front of one of the guests and the woman’s glass was tipped over. Luckily where was not much in it, but water trickled onto the woman’s lap and the slave stepped back in horror. The woman dabbed her lap with a napkin and then wiped the table while the slave stood there still in shock. Then calmly the woman picked up a remote control from beside her and pressed one of the buttons firmly. Pain exploded inside the slave’s ass and her hole clenched around the dildo locked firmly inside it. The slave fell to her knees her back arching from the pain. But just as quickly, it disappeared, she looked up; the woman had put the remote down and had turned to her neighbour to resume their discussion. Tears starting from her eyes the slave picked herself up and ran from the room.Finally each guest had a plate and each of the several slaves had a dog bowl on the floor in front of them. “Come here,” Mistress Vera commanded, and turned to see her mistress smiling at her. She knelt at her mistress’ feet and immediately felt a slow vibration start in her pussy. She looked up at her mistress who smiled at her again and placed her hand on her head. The slave knelt there for the rest of the meal, listening to the innocuous conversation and again feeling the apprehension building in her stomach.After everyone had finished eating the slave was commanded to clear up and she rose. She piled the plates and carried them safely back into the kitchen, for which she received several buzzes in her pussy. The thought of that vibrator locked inside her turned her on as much as the butt plug scared her. The constant buzzing she was receiving was getting her really wet. She longed to be fucked.After clearing everything away she returned to her mistress’ side and knelt down. Mistress Vera leaned forward and whispered: “Now my slave, go into the kitchen and look in the far cupboard. There are some clothes there. Get changed and then come back here.”Unnoticed the slave went back into the kitchen while the buzz of the guest’s conversation continued. She opened the cupboard she had been commanded to and she cringed with fear at what she saw: a pair of knee high leather boots; the bondage bra and a pair of latex stockings. She shivered in her already revealing uniform, wondering how she would ever get through this day. As slowly as she dared she removed the maid’s costume and put on her new uniform, tightening the bondage bra until her breasts formed globes sticking out from her chest. She realised that this was the uniform of a slave who is to be punished and shuddered with fear. Filled with shame at what she was about to do but more with fear of the punishment her mistress would wreak on her if she disobeyed the slave walked slowly back into the living room. Mistress Vera eyed the entry of her slave with admiration. The girl had done well getting changed, the bondage bra had been applied correctly and the stockings were unwrinkled. She was impressed. She held the vibrator button down on her remote control for a few seconds to show her appreciation. She saw the slave pause and almost felt the moan that was muffled by the perfect gag. Suddenly Mistress Vera felt a rush of pride for this beautiful slave that she was able to display to her friends. She smiled and held the button down a few moments more. The slave came and kneeled beside her, knowing that the eyes of the room were now on her. Mistress Vera leaned forward and said allowed to the room, “Here is our after dinner entertainment! Be sure to show your appreciation if you enjoy and your displeasure if you do not!” The slave, confused, looked up at her mistress questioningly. “You are our entertainment,” said Mistress Vera, “now go and dance for your audience. Make it sexy.” Mistress Vera watched her shocked face with pleasure but then realising that she had kneeled for a moment too long, gave her a brief shock from the butt plug. The girl stiffened for a second but then got to her feet in fear and slowly walked into the centre of the room, head down, almost crying with shame. Mistress Vera put music on and gave the slave a little encouraging shock in the ass.Slowly escort ankara the slave began to dance. She had her eyes almost closed and her face was crimson with bushing but dance she did. Mistress Vera watched with pleasure as her movements flowed more freely and the dance began. She looked around and saw that masters and mistresses were pushing buttons on their remotes. This was exactly what she had wanted. To put the slave in a position where she was at the mercy of the crowd, filled with pleasure and with pain simultaneously and with no hope of rescue from her mistress. This would show the girl what having a mistress was all about. Mistress Vera turned her attention back to the dance and was surprised. There had been no doubt in Mistress Vera’ mind for some time that the girl was a born slave, but she still surprised her sometimes. The vibrator had clearly made her horny and her dance had developed into a lap dance for the entire audience. The buzzing of the vibrator could almost be heard over the slave’s horny moaning. Suddenly Mistress Vera sensed that the slave was about to cum and shouted to every one in the room: “Stop!”The slave’s eyes opened and the dance stopped. Mistress Vera could see her trying to keep from bucking her hips at the air so intense was her need. Exactly how she wanted her. Mistress Vera stood and in front of the guests and removed the harness, sliding the butt plug and vibrator out of her dripping holes. “Sit down,” she commanded and the slave did so immediately. Mistress Vera looked over at the heavily built man and his slave. He grunted and unclipped his slave’s collar. “Make her cum, Slut,” he said to his slave, “you have five minutes. If you succeed perhaps you will be allowed to cum.” He gave her a bottle of massage oil. The slave with the spiked, leather collar stood and walked towards her victim who was sitting on the carpet. She kneeled beside her and without further ado took one of her nipples in her mouth and begun to suck on it. Her tongue traced the base of the nipple, playfully flicking over the head. The slave moaned arching her back and pushing her swollen breast into the girl’s mouth, enjoying the feel of the collar spikes sticking into her other tit. Soon the sucking stopped and taking the bottle of massage oil Slut began to massage it gently into the slave’s breasts. The slave moaned again and soon was lying full length on the floor moaning and bucking against the girl’s skilled hands. Suddenly the massage stopped and the slave felt the other girl begin to move her head down towards her pussy. She felt the girl spread her legs and begin tentatively to lap at her sopping pussy. The slave’s ass left the ground as she tried to push her pussy deeper into the others mouth. Mistress Vera watching intently saw that she was about to orgasm. “Remember,” she said softly, “I have not given you permission.” She saw the girl’s brow draw into a frown of concentration as she desperately tried to hold off the inevitable orgasm that she felt building deep inside her. Involuntarily she bucked her ass again at the girl’s mouth, feeling her tongue go deep inside her. Writhing, she almost came but again the look of concentration crossed her face and she just held on. The licking continued for what seemed like centuries to the tortured slave. Time passed. She writhed and the whole body shook but still she did not cum. Finally she was able to hold on no more. She felt the orgasm come to the surface and about to explode she heard her mistress speak. “Five minutes. That’s it.” The licking stopped and the slave felt the girl get up. She lay on the floor, eyes closed, legs spread, writhing and bucking in frustration. She needed to cum so bad she felt she might explode. Firm hands laid hold of her head and suddenly her gag was removed. She gasped and moaned simply at that contact. Lips were pressed to hers and she again heard Mistress Vera’ voice. “Well done my love. Well done.” A tongue entered her mouth and she sucked on it hungrily. “Mistress, please” she moaned “please, I need to cum so badly.” Mistress Vera watched her slave’s hands as they squirmed on her stomach. First trying to go down to the pussy that so desperately needed them and then being restrained. She smiled and walked over to a desk draw. She removed a large dildo and a portable video camera. She handed the dildo to the slave and said, “This is the final part of your humiliation. You are going to fuck yourself now until you cum with this. In front of all my guests and I am going to film it.” The slave didn’t hesitate for a second. Her shame had been stripped away leaving her raw need. She rammed the dildo inside her tight hole and fucked herself with it over and over. Quickly the orgasm built and suddenly it took her. Her whole body rose from the floor, supported by her feet and head as her back arched, and the wave of orgasm ripped through her exhausted body. The dildo kept pounding in and out of her hole, until the juices were dripping onto the living room carpet. The slave came again and again until she seemed to lose the strength to fuck and collapsed to the floor panting, the dildo still hanging half out of her steaming pussy. She lay there for several minutes almost u*********s, unaware of the guests, unaware of her shame, knowing only that she was a slave to her loving mistress. After the guests had had their fill of watching and had returned to talking Mistress Vera slowly and gently picked up her slave. She carried her up stairs and laid her gently into her bed. She unbuckled the bondage bra and removed the boots, stockings and gag; leaving her naked but for her collar and restraints. Mistress Vera locked a chain to her collar, attaching her to the bed and locked her wrist restraints together. Then she tucked the blanket over her slave and tenderly kissed her lips. The slave moaned slightly and responded, but nothing more. Mistress Vera stood and watched her slave for a while, knowing that the girl had reached a new stage in her slavery. She felt a glow inside as she thought of all the things the girl would now do willingly at her command. Dragging herself away from the beautiful girl she made her way downstairs and saw her guests out of the house before finally making her way back up to get into bed with her lover and slave. Mistress Vera awoke slowly from a deep and complete sleep. Something odd was happening. She felt movement between her legs and almost instantly after that she felt the wave of her own orgasm, she had not even realised she was horny but it ploughed through her and as she came she felt a tongue lapping up her juices. When she had finished she pulled on the chain that ran down her body and the slave emerged from the duvet. She placed her arms around her and kissed her gently on the lips. They lay together for a long time, whispering quietly and kissing again and again.

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