Mom and I Equal Love 5


Mom and I Equal Love 5″Do I really want to know? Like am I in trouble now?” asked Linda with a do I really want to know look in her eyes.”What would you say if we told you, that we are related to each other in some way?” Janet asked.”What, like cousins, or brother and sister?””No, like in mother and son.””Are you serious? I thought you two were husband and wife, cousins, or maybe even brother and sister, but mother and son. You do not look to be old enough to be his mother.”When Janet told Linda that we were mother and son, I felt Linda’s pussy cunvuls around my still hard dick, like it was trying to pull me in more than I all ready was.”I can not keep you from him if the two of you so choose to keep seeing each other and I do hope, you do not say anything about his and my relationship towards each other.””Oh wow. This is so hot. I have to say, I want in on this from here on out and believe you me, I will never ever say anything to anyone about it, all because I want in on this loving relationship, the two of you have. That is if it is okay with you two?””I have no problem with it myself. How about you Ray?””I have no problem with it.””Miss Janet, you need to get some of this hard dick or let me have another round with it and I want to know how the two of you got this loving relationship started to begin with.””Let me clean out that pussy of your’s while Ray fucks me from behind.””Oh wow I would love for you to eat out my pussy.”I had to suck on Linda’s tits that were a little bit bigger than Janet’s tits as I pulled out of Linda’s pussy and when Janet was in place and started eating Linda’s bald pussy out, I moved in behind Janet and stuck my hard cock into her bald pussy and slowly sunk my dick all the way in to the hilt and slowly started pumping in and out.”Mmmm, Ray, your cum mixed in with Linda’s cum here has a very nice taste to it, I think I’m going to love eating this as much as I can from now on really. I do hope it works out that the two of you do have a loving relationship with each other.””I want to have a taste of it myself.”Janet stuck her finger into Linda’s pussy and pulled out some cum on her finger then stuck it up to Linda’s mouth, which Linda sucked Janet’s finger in to her mouth and licked it clean then when Janet pulled her finger out of Linda’s mouth, “Mmmm, I see what you mean about how good it taste. Now I want to have a taste of Ray’s cum mixed with your cum Janet.””Mmmm, I never get tired of tasting Ray’s cum and my cum mixed together like this, and just Ray’s cum alone is good for sure. Now fuck me good and hard Ray.” then Janet went back to eating out Linda’s bald lussy.The whole time I had been pumping in and out at a steady slow speed ankara escort and then as soon as Janet went back to eating Linda’s pussy out, I went to slowly picking up speed with my pumping in and out of Janet’s hot tight bald pussy.”Fuck, I do not know whos got the tightest pussy Janet, you or Linda. You both are so tight, wet, and hot, even.””I can not speak for Linda, but I would say my pussy is so tight is because it has been so long, since I’ve had any dick in it and all the men I’ve been with, has had such small dicks compared to your’s.”I felt Janet’s pussy squeezing on my dick as I pumped it in and out and I could hear the juices in her pussy as my hard cock slid in and out of it and even heared Janet’s fingers working, in and out of Linda’s pussy from the juices coming from Linda’s pussy, as Janet sucked on Linda’s clit at the same time.”Oh fuck Janet, I’m about to cum again… I’m cumming.”I could just see Linda squirt cum out from around Janet’s head from the moon light and felt some of it on my belly and my hands, that I had a hold of Janet’s hips with and my arms.Janet raised her head up when Linda quit squirting cum but kept fingering her, “Wow, I see what you mean Ray, about Linda’s cum, it does taste good for sure. I did think, she was going to drown me, there for a moment thou.” between breaths, Janet was breathing so heavy from my pumping in and out of her pussy.With just a few more pumps in and out of Janet’s pussy she said, “Yes right there Ray, I’m about to cum too.””Me too Janet.” Linda said then.”Cum with me Lindaaa. Nowww.””I am cumming nowwww.”I felt my rock hard cock get even wetter than it all ready was and at the same time, I saw Linda squirt cum out from around Janet’s head again.I kept pumping in and out till the two women calmed down some, then slowed my pumping down some but not much, while Janet rode out her orgasm and after a few slower strokes in and out, I started speeding up again, as Janet went back to licking and sucking on Linda’s pussy again.”Watching you eat Linda’s pussy out Janet, is such a turn on for me and I didn’t think, I would be into it so much, like I am.””I can tell.””Oh fuck Janet, I’m about to cum agaim myself.””Me too.”I could feel my cum start to make it’s way up my hard shaft to shoot into Janet’s pussy then too, “I’m about to cum three.””Cum with us Rayyy.” Linda said as she started cumming and cum started squirting out around Janet’s head again.Then I felt my balls and legs get wet from Janet’s cum as she cum just then too, which caused me to then start shooting cum into Janet’s pussy.I had leaned over and shuved my hard cock into Janet’s pussy as far as I could, as she pushed back against me.I ankara escort bayan felt Janet’s pussy squeeze my cock as I cum, like it was trying to suck all of the cum from me as it could, to make sure I was drained of all cum and I felt Linda’s cum, get on my face when I leaned over onto Janet’s back and even caught, just a little bit in my mouth too.I managed to keep my waight on my elbows, as I collapsed down over Janet and she collapsed down, with her head laying on Linda’s belly and Linda’s legs and arms collapsed down, on each side of her as we all calm down and tryed to catch our breath.When my dick went soft and slipped out of Janet’s pussy, I rolled over onto my back next to Janet and Linda, while still trying to catch my breath.After a few minutes when we had finally caught our breath, “I don’t know about you two beautiful women, but I need a drink now.””I was just thinking the same thing Ray.” Janet said rolling over to a sitting position.””Oh yes please. But first Janet, let me eat Ray’s cum out of your pussy please.”Janet laid back on her back and Linda got between Janet’s legs and started eating out Janet’s pussy and sticking a finger into Janet’s pussy and then fed Janet a finger with our cum mixed together.In just a minute of Linda licking and sucking on Janet’s pussy and clit, Janet was cumming again and after she had rode out her orgasm, while Linda finger fucked her, Linda pulled her fingers out of Janet’s pussy and sat upright, “Mmmm, I see what you mean about having Ray’s cum and your cum mixed together. I will want to have a taste of that as much as I can from here on out too.””You hear that Ray. You better be the man, I tryed to teach you, to be.” Janet said between breaths.”I intend to do just that Janet.””Now I’m ready for that drink.””Coming right up.” as I stood up and went to the car and got three beers out of the back seat of the car.As we sat and drank our beer, Linda wanted to know how our relationship started, so mom told Linda about her accident that lead us, to where we are to day, and then Linda wanted to know how long mom felt the way she does toward me and how long, I felt toward mom the way I do, which we both told her.When mom and I finished telling Linda our story to her, “Wow. That is so cool. I really do want to get to know the two of you better.””Even thou I do not turn eighteen for three more months and still, have one month of high school left to go?””I’m only nineteen and still have at least two more years of collage to go, if not longer to be an exray tec.””That’s cool.””I think we need to be heading home myself.” Janet said then.”Where are our clothes now?””Looks like Linda’s and mine are there, next escort ankara to Janet and Janet’s are over here, next to me.””Since they need to be washed to get the dirt off from them, why should we put them on now, unless one of you need to make a stop before getting to your house?””Mmm, that will be a new experience for me even.” Janet said.”For me too really. I don’t know why I even thought of it.””Just thinking of it is making me hard again.””It has got me all wet with the thought of it too. So, what do you think Ray?””Since just the thought of it has given me a hard on, it will be very hard to fasten my pants up, so why not. Let’s do it.”With all the clothes thrown into the middle of the blanket, I gathered the blanket up around the clothes and picked it up and put it in the back seat of the car, with the few beers that are left and opened the passanger car door, for Linda and Janet to get in, then I shut the door and went to the driver’s side and got in and started the car up.As I drove home, Linda had a hand wrapped around my hard cock and her other hand in between Janet’s legs and when I wasn’t having to shift gears, I had my hand down between Linda’s legs with a finger in her bald pussy.I pulled into the driveway when we got home, then opened the garage door with the remote, pulled into the garage, stopped then closed the door with the remote and shut the car off, then waited till the door was closed all the way, before getting out of the car.I went around and opened the car door for Janet to get out and then Linda got out, then with Janet wrapping one arm around one of my arms and Linda doing the same on my other arm, we walked into the house where the washer and dryer are and then on into the kitchen.”I need to use the restroom and take a bath before turning in for the night myself.” Linda said. “I think it is what we all may need to do. The shower in my master bathroom should be big enough to fit all three of us in there together if you want to.”The three of us made our way to the bathroom off of mom’s bedroom, were we washed each other off and I got a blow job, from both Linda and Janet after we were rinsed off and free of the soap we had on us. When I finally cum again on both of their faces and then they cleaned each others faces off we then went to mom’s bed and climbed in with me in the middle.Since it was so late in the night and being early morning, we just lay there and went to sleep.Linda and I did end up dating and got married one year after I graduated high school and we held off from having any k**s, till both of us were out of collage and in a well istablished job, which we had a boy first then a daughter three years later.During all this time and still yet today, we share the same bed with mom and on two nights through out the month, it’s just mom and I in the bed and then two nights, it’s just Linda and I in the same bed.I do hope that everyone that reads this story likes it.

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