Mom and Uncle Jessie: Their Story


I walked into the living room where mom had slunk down into the leather couch. She was worn out from hosting family members that only showed up once a year. Mom had changed into her night shirt and her 40 year old leathery legs jutted out from underneath the hem in tired fashion. I sat beside her and patted her on her bare knee.”So, was Jessie everything you thought he would be?” Mom asked after I settled in beside her.I gave her a very peculiar look. I really did not know how to answer her. How did she even know?I ended up trying to avoid it by responding, “Oh yeah. Uncle Jessie was definitely himself that was for sure.””Really Natalie? Is that what you found when you and him disappeared to your room for 30 minutes?”I turned red after mom said that; much like she did when we were at the bar together.”Was his nine inches everything you imagined?””MOM! Really!””Oh Nat, don’t evade the question. I’ve had it also, remember?””I had to mom. After you told me, I turned around and saw him and got instantly wet. So wet, I soaked my panties all the way through!””Yep, I know the feeling. When I was 18, he always made me drip on a dime. Jessie has that aura around him.””I left droplets of myself on the floor in my room as he exposed his cock to me. When he told me to bend over, I actually thought I was going to explode!””So Jessie still likes to do it doggy style huh? Damn, you’d think he’d change after all these years!””That’s how you had him when you were my age, mom?””Every time except once. It was either bent over the edge of my bed or bent over something else. The one time I actually spread my legs for him in my bed was the one time that felt natural. Unfortunately, it was the last şişli escort bayan time he was ever inside me.””Wow mom, I can’t believe you let Uncle Jessie inside you more than once.””It’ll happen with you. Trust me. There was something about his nine inches Natalie. It just made my pussy water. It’ll make yours do the same.””I was so afraid I would never take it, mom. Uncle Jessie’s cock is so long and thick and so fucking hard! I don’t know how he ever got it up! In sex ed, we were told guys with rather large members never reached full erection. That teacher needs to meet Uncle Jessie!””Yes, Nat, I have to say, I was also impressed. And when Jessie stuck it inside, God the feeling! Just that initial penetration was enough to keep me wet until the finish.””Is that why you gave into Uncle Jessie, mom? Because you got instantly wet and needed relief?””I could have used my fingers for that Nat. No, it was the fact I was 18 and, unlike you, still a virgin, and I knew Jessie wanted me anyway. It was the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.””It felt like I was a virgin when Uncle Jessie told me to bend over. That was my first time doing it doggy.””That’s how Jessie took my purity, Nat. I held on to the foot board of my bed, spread my legs slightly and waited. Jessie had to feel for my pussy before he could put his cock in.””Feel for your pussy? Really mom?”Laughing, mom answered. “Yes, really, because he couldn’t see it. You have to remember Nat, times were different when I was your age. Girls then did not shave everything smooth like your generation does now.””I am sure that must have felt strange having a guy touch you there for the first time, especially mecidiyeköy escort bayan your brother.””A little, Nat, a little. It actually felt enlightening. The tingle that went through my body as his finger explored through the heavy patch of brown covering my personal pink spot filled me with sexual desire. It was my first opposite sex touch in that way and my body reacted perfectly. Jessie’s did too; to bad he did not know at the time how to use it correctly.””Well, Uncle Jessie sure knew how to use it today!””Yeah, because I taught him how to be gentle. I know 18 year old guys get hard on a dime and can’t wait to use there erections, but they can’t just ram it inside.””Oh, that’s what Uncle Jessie did with you, huh mom?””He didn’t even care I was tight. I still remember it like yesterday. Jessie guided his cock’s head to my vaginal opening. I felt the warmth of it there for a second, and then the sharp pain. It felt like Jessie was ripping me a new entrance as he jammed his hard nine inches inside. Even though I was as wet as a mop, I started to cry as I felt warmth trickle out. I knew it was not my natural moisture. Jessie had torn my hymen. It felt as though I had been invaded. I wanted to yell stop. Luckily for me, I didn’t have too.””Uncle Jessie came didn’t he?””Your Uncle Jessie did not even pump me three times and he popped like a balloon pricked with a needle!”I laughed and thought back to my first time with my ex, which had been the same. Then I thought of the massive load Uncle Jessie left on my back and wondered if mom felt it inside her.”Oh, I am sure Uncle Jessie’s massive load felt good inside you!””Well, Nat, you should know.””Mom, escort şişli Uncle Jessie exploded on my back, not inside me. I didn’t want him to cum in me.””Smart girl. I felt every pulsing spurt Jessie released. They were so hot! And the volume was so huge. I thought he would never quit ejaculating. Your Uncle Jessie filled me until my pussy was overflowing! I swear, I leaked his wad for a couple of days!””I could only imagine. His hot streams of man juice covered my back in waves. When I looked in the bathroom mirror and saw just how much Uncle Jessie had expelled, I was in awe.””Wow, at his age, I can’t believe he can still cum such a huge load!””I just wished I could have seen it, mom. I sure did feel it. It was so strong, the first spurt landed between my shoulder blades, almost to the back of my neck!””Oh I know Natalie. Jessie has always been a shooter. I must say, I always loved watching him shoot his cum across the room. He has amazing distance.””Really mom? You’ve actually seen Uncle Jessie unleash the swimmers?””He wanted to watch me masturbate one day and the only way I told I would do it is if I watched him jerk one off. Jessie had no problem with that. He immediately got naked and went to work. It was a good thing we were in the kitchen with a tiled floor!””I could only imagine what that looked like.””First time I had ever seen a cum fountain. The streaming white arch in the air and the way it splattered the kitchen floor! There was so much of it! It was no wonder I felt every hot spurt inside of me.””Wow mom, that sounds so fucking hot!””Oh, it was Nat. It most definitely was, but to tell you the truth, not quite as hot as when I first spread my legs for Jessie, instead of being bent over backwards for him all the fucking time. That Nat, was special.””In what way mom?””Because I felt like Jessie and I were actually making love instead of fucking. The way he walked into my room and I was lying there naked on my bed waiting for him.

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