Mom helps with a problem


My mother had me very young and at the risk of sounding cliché, she was and still is very attractive. I remember knowing that my mom was attractive and understanding why she got so much attention. My mother even did some modeling when she was younger. We had a very open and trusting relationship and we could talk about anything. So when the time came that I had to ask my mother to take me to the doctor I had no problem telling her why, my testicles were swollen and hurt a lot, I also felt like I had to urinate a lot and it wasn’t feeling right coming out. When I told my mom she immediately made an appointment with a urologist, one that she knew and used. On the drive over my mother asked me more questions, like when did this start, any other symptoms, did I remember injuring the area, and the one I wasn’t ready for, have you had unprotected sex? As I said I was comfortable talking with my mom about anything so I told her that I hadn’t. The odd thing was that this time when she mentioned that I felt a twinge of excitement, I don’t know if it was because I hadn’t had sex in awhile, or that mom asked or because I had to admit she looked pretty sexy. She was wearing a camisole top, which showed some cleavage and her tanned shoulders, etc., she also wore white khaki style shorts which were short but not short, shorts, they showed her toned and tanned legs nicely. I also thought that she smelled sexy too. The other thing that stood out was that my mother seemed worried about me, which started me worrying too. I was glad when we finally arrived at the doctor, when I got called into the room my mother came with me and I really didn’t think anything of it at that point. I went through the usual preliminary procedures with the nurse, blood pressure, etc. The doctor finally came in and to my surprise the doctor was a woman, I guess I just expected the doctor to be male not sure why. The doctor was actually attractive not hot but attractive probably in her late şişli escort bayan 30’s early 40’s. She asked me what the problem was and I began to describe my symptoms to her, my mom interjected if she felt I had forgotten something or did not elaborate. The doctor asked me about the last time I ejaculated, I felt a little embarrassed but also aroused, I told her it was about 3 days ago, she asked me if I felt it was a normal ejaculation for me and I told her it wasn’t, it didn’t feel like it came out right and that some was still stuck in there. She dutifully wrote everything down and then asked me to lay back on the table so she could examine me. As she started I looked over at my mom and she was watching the doctor intently, when the doctor examined my testicles she could tell that it was painful for me, she made sure to feel all the areas of my testicles, though it was painful I was starting to get a little bit hard. She finished examining my testicles then examined my penis, the head and the shaft there wasn’t really any pain in penis so she stopped examining me there. She then had me stand up so she could examine my testicles that way I think she was checking for hernias, while she was doing that I looked over at my mom who was now leaning forward which gave me a nice view of her more exposed cleavage. I could feel my cock getting harder and wondered if the doctor noticed. The doctor then turned off the lights and put a light behind each one of testicles while examining them, I thought this was odd but I could see the doctor’s neck a little more which was more of a turn on. The doctor looked at my mother then at me and said, “ I am going to examine your prostate gland, many times testicular pain is an indication that something is wrong with the prostate gland”. I sort of knew that that meant but wasn’t entirely sure, she asked me to turn around and put my elbows on the examining table and relax, I looked over at my mom and mecidiyeköy escort bayan noticed how sexy she was looking. The doctor lubed up her finger and slowly inserted her finger into my ass, at first the sensation felt odd then it felt sort of good, she was examining my prostate and I felt intense pressure and got up on my toes and let out a groan. The doctor apologized for the discomfort she continued and hit two more spots that made me cry out in pain. She pulled her finger out, then said to me and my mom that she was going to examine my prostate with an ultrasonic prostate probe. I thought I saw my mom take a deep breadth I think she was both worried and curious. This probe was a little bigger than the doctor’s finger, long round and metal. The doctor explained that this might be painful and that she needed to make sure to take her time to examine the prostate with the probe. During this examine there was a mix of pain and pleasure, I could smell my mom and the doctor too, my mom smelled sexy the doctor smelled pretty. I looked over at my mom she was looking at me then at the monitor that showed what probe was seeing. The doctor was looking at the monitor then at me at my mom too. It seemed like when I looked at my mom I could see more of her cleavage, which aroused me some more but I wasn’t getting fully hard, probably because of the pain the I was in. The doctor finished her examine, wiped the lube off my ass, then said she was going to look at the probe results. She told me that I could sit or stand, I decided to stand, while the doctor and my mom sat. The doctor looked grave as she looked at the results, finally she looked at me and mother and said “you have prostatic congestion, which is when excess fluid builds up in the prostate gland”. My mother and I looked at each other, I was worried not really sure how serious it was, my mom spoke up and asked “ so what is the treatment for this”. The doctor said “ the escort şişli treatment is to massage and milk the prostate and to actually ejaculate more frequently, I recommend milking 2 times a day and ejaculating at least once a day until you see me again in two weeks”. I had no idea what milking the prostate meant and I am not sure if my mo did but she asked “ how will his prostate be massaged and milked?” The doctor said “ I am going to show you how and I recommend that you be the one to milk his prostate, he needs to have someone who he can trust to do this and he will be around enough to do it” I could not believe what the doctor just said, my mother said nothing. The doctor told me to bend over the table again, she lubed up two fingers this time. She inserted one finger into my ass and started to gently massage my prostate gland, which felt weird at first but then started to feel sort of good. My mom was sitting off to the side of me and I could see her out of the corner of my eye, this made my cock stir and start to get erect. The doctor then slide another finger in my ass and started to push on my prostate with two fingers which was painful at first, at this point there was fluid coming out of the head of my penis, it wasn’t cum it was a more clear fluid. The doctor said to my mother “Ms. Hill since you are going to be the one doing this for him you might as well try this with me here so we can tell if you are doing it right and answer any questions”. I almost fell right there, the thought of my sexy mother massaging my prostate was surreal. The doctor told my mother to put on a glove and get some lube on her fingers. She told my mother to gently slide one finger in and go towards the front of my body until she felt a walnut size bulb, she said when you feel it move your finger side to side to stimulate the prostate. The sensation of my mother’s finger in my prostate was weird but also strangely erotic, my cock was now getting rapidly hard. The doctor told my mother that this was very stimulating for males and that an orgasm and full out ejaculation could occur or it could just be milked of fluid, she told her she would know when she was done when the clear fluid turned more white like ejaculation then turned back to clear.

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