Mommies girl part 3


Part 3

This is a work of fiction and all participants are over the age of 18.

Chapter 1

The boys had pulled on their clothes and headed to the door.

“We’ll leave you three alone for a bit” said Dave. “The night is still young though and we’re just down the corridor.” He grinned.

When Don had come out of the bathroom (the last of the three to have showered) his girls were naked, giggling on the bed as they made out, their breasts squashed together as they kissed. They’d looked up at Don guiltily when he’d walked in.

“Don’t mind me” Don had laughed.

Stephanie had sprung from the bed and skipped past Don to pick up her robe and put it on. She’d looked at Maria on the bed smiling at her.

“Okay guys, have fun. I’ll see you later.”

She’d opened the door and peeked into the corridor before slipping out and shutting the door quietly behind her.

“Where’s she going?” Don had asked.

“She’s going to see the boys” Maria had replied and patted the bed beside her. “Now come here baby.”

While Stephanie was spit roasted by Bobby and Dave, Maria and Don made love slowly and sensually, expressing their love for each other. Maria came again when Don had fucked her for the second time in quick succession such was the level of his lust for her.

They’d fallen asleep in each other’s arms and not even woken when Stephanie had crept in and climbed into the other bed in the early hours of the morning.

Chapter 2

“The boys said to say goodbye” said Stephanie over breakfast the following morning. “and that they had a LOT of fun and are available ANYTIME.”

They all shared a smile.

“I’ll bet” Don said.

“So, we have another night booked here” Maria said “we could ask the boys to join us again if you guys want, but I do have another idea.”

“Ooh Mom, what did you have in mind?”

“Well, I thought we could get dressed up and sit in the hotel bar and see what happens. Usually I’d go to a bar but because of your age…..we can’t. If we have no luck then we could call the boys or one of my other friends?”

“That sounds fine to me mom.”

“What do you think dear?” Maria asked her husband.

“Hey, whatever you two want is fine with me. I do have to run a couple of errands today, so can you two entertain yourselves until this evening?”

“We’ll take your credit cards and go and buy something to wear tonight then” Maria quickly responded. “Don’t worry about us. We can always find something to keep us amused huh Candy?”

“That’s right Molly” Stephanie giggled as the girls used their playtime names.

The girls spent the day shopping and having lunch and then shopping some more while Don ran his errands in the city. When they all met back at the hotel later the girls arrived with handfuls of shopping bags.

“Have fun?” Don asked, raising his eyebrows.

“Yes thank you” The girls replied together.

Maria and Stephanie put on their various outfits for Don and once again he was reminded of just how lucky he was. They both looked incredible in the clothes they had bought.

“Okay. We are going to get ready now sweetie. I’m going to show Stephanie how to go out and get dinner and drinks paid for. It’s a skill every young lady should have. I’ll text you later with an update if that’s ok?”

“Sure darling. To be honest I’ve seen enough of hotel restaurants lately. I’ll just order room service and watch some TV and nap. You two wore me out yesterday.”

When the girls finally came out of the bathroom Don whistled in appreciation. If yesterday they dressed like street corner hookers, tonight they were definitely high end. They both wore cocktail dresses that accentuated their curves. Stephanie was in a red figure hugging strappy mini dress with a plunging neckline and Maria had on a black, off the shoulder midi dress with a long split up the leg that revealed a LOT of leg which Maria decided to enclose in lace topped stockings again and garter belt with a matching thong and bra. Stephanie showed off her young shapely legs bare and had on a matching white bra and thong that had straps across the middle of her butt cheeks and a pretty red bow.
Their hair and makeup was carefully done and Maria had lent Stephanie some her expensive jewellery. They looked like a million dollars.

“Wow” Don said. “You both look amazing.”

“Thank you sweetie” Maria replied.

“Thanks daddy” said Stephanie.

“Before I go can I see you in the bathroom please?” Maria asked Don.

Don followed Maria into the bathroom.

“Drop your trousers please” Maria instructed and held out her hand to reveal Don’s chastity cage. “You need to be locked up again”

Chapter 3

Maria and Stephanie strutted into the hotel bar swinging their hips from side to side, their 6” heels clicking against the hardwood flooring. Everyone in the bar watched them as they came in. They looked around the room slowly and located a table in the corner. Stephanie took a seat as Marie approached the bar.

As the bar man made her two Martini’s, one virgin and one dirty. Maria had time to look around the bar in detail. She was a little disappointed in the available men. There were a few guys sat at the bar but mostly pretty unattractive. There was one… no, he looked like a bit of a nerd thought Maria as she took the drinks back to their table.

“Well mom, what do you think?” Stephanie asked.

“Not great so far” she replied.

As they chatted and drank their drinks she couldn’t help noticing the nerdy looking guy at the bar peering over at them every now and then. He looked about 50 years old with grey flecks in his hair and glasses. He was reading a business magazine and kept pushing his glasses back up his nose ala Clark Kent.
When they finished their drinks Maria went back to the bar and stood next to the man.

“Have there been any messages left for Molly?” Maria asked the bar man.

“No, sorry ma’am” was the reply.

Maria picked up her phone and pretended to look through her messages. “Asshole” she muttered under her breath. “Well, I guess same gain please”

“Must be some kind of idiot to stand you up”

Maria spun around to face the nerd who was looking at her and smiling.

“Pardon” she said.

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t help hearing you and guessed you might be waiting for someone. I’m of the opinion that anyone who would keep you waiting must be very, very dumb.”

Maria smiled at him and quickly inspected him. His suit was actually expensive and the watch was a $10000 Rolex. There was actually a good looking man hiding behind the large glasses.

“Well……..” Maria started to say.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything.” The nerd turned back to his magazine.

“No, really it’s fine” Maria said. “You’re right, he is a dumb asshole” she laughed. There was something about this guy that intrigued her.

“My names Edward and I’d love to buy you and your friend a drink.”

“Well, that’s very kind of you Edward. Would you care to join us over there?”

Stephanie watched as Maria and a guy from the bar returned from the bar.

“Edward this is Candy. Candy, meet Edward.”

“Hello” said Edward extending his hand “Candy. That’ an interesting name and very appropriate one if I may say so.”

“It’s short for Candice” Maria blurted, thinking quickly.

“Are you ladies related by any chance” Edward asked “you like quite alike”

“No but we get that a lot” Maria replied.

The new friends chatted as they drank. Edward said that he was in town on business and that he came to this hotel quite often. They told him that they were supposed to be having dinner with a friend of Molly and that he was supposed to bring a friend for Candy.

“Well, I don’t have a friend but I’d be honoured if you’d join me for dinner ladies? I’m eating alone and I’d love the company of two beautiful women such as you. No strings attached. I’m going to use the restroom. Have a talk and let me know what you decide.”

“There’s something about this guy that intrigues me” Maria said when Edward had left the table. “I think we should take him up on his offer.”

“There aren’t any hunky young guys here mom so I agree. Let’s eat and drink at his expense and we could still call Dave and Bobby later if we want.”

“We’d love to have dinner with you!” The girls chirped when Edward returned.

“Excellent” beamed Edward.

Maria and Stephanie enjoyed a wonderful meal with Edward. He was charming company and they laughed as they ate. He bought first one and then another bottle of expensive wine and Stephanie began to get quite drunk and flirt outrageously with Edward. Maria wasn’t happy that Stephanie was drinking at all but couldn’t scold her without causing suspicion. She grew a little tipsy herself and definitely found herself quite attracted to Edward too.

“So how come a handsome man like you isn’t married Edward?” Candy gushed, grabbing his arm and holding it.

“Well, I was but things didn’t work out. I’ve been divorced now for five years.”

“I’m sorry Edward. I think my friend is a little drunk.” Maria said.

“Do you get lonely Edward?” continued Stephanie, completely oblivious to her mother’s comment.

“I have an idea” she said without waiting for Edward to answer. “To thank Edward for a lovely evening he should come back to our room for a nightcap”

“Really, there’s no need. It’s been my pleasure, honestly.”

“Actually, I’d love to thank you Edward” agreed Maria “you’ve saved us from having a miserable evening. Please join us for a nightcap.” Maria smiled demurely at him.

Edward looked at the two beautiful and slightly Escort drunk women. “Well, if you insist, but please, let’s go to my room. It’s big and has a very well stocked mini bar.”

“Kay” Stephanie immediately replied.

“Yes. Alright Edward. A quick nightcap before bed” Maria confirmed. “I think I’ll let my lousy friend know that despite standing me up I’ve had a wonderful time.”

Maria took her cell phone from her clutch bag and messaged Don.

‘We met a guy called Edward. Going to his room for a nightcap. Will msg you again soon.’

Edward smiled as he watched Maria type.

Chapter 4

“What can I get you ladies?” Edward asked when they got up to his room.

The ride up in the elevator had been a little awkward until Stephanie pretended to fall into Edward.
Edward had caught her and held her steady and Stephanie left her arms around him as they rode to the top of the hotel.
Edward’s room was bigger than Don and Maria’s even though it only had one bed. There was a couch and a coffee table as well as a small table with two chairs.

“I’ll have what you’re having” Maria said “but Candy’s had quite enough I think”

“Yeah, if I drink more I could barf” Stephanie agreed showing her age.

Maria frowned at her daughter and Stephanie excused herself and went to the bathroom.
Edward handed Maria her drink and then removed his suit jacket and placed his glasses on the table.
Maria could see that he was a well-built man and very handsome without his glasses. She decided to make her move.

“Edward. You’ve been a perfect gentleman all evening but now I need you to kiss me.”

She moved toward him cat like and he took her in his arms.

“Certainly madam” he whispered before kissing her.

Maria melted in his arms, she could feel his muscles beneath his shirt and his hard body pressed into hers. He was quite a kisser and she parted her lips to allow his tongue into her mouth. She was surprised by how assured and confident he was, he made no attempt to grope her ass or tits as most men did when she was first with them.

“Well don’t leave me out” Stephanie said, returning from the bathroom.

Edward broke away from Maria and opened his arms so Stephanie could join him on the other side of Maria. As he kissed Stephanie Maria began to unbutton his shirt and pull it open, pulling it of his suit trousers he was completely smooth and muscular, surprising her on both counts. She ran her wet lips down his neck and kissed his chest. She reached down and unbuckled his belt and opened his fly letting the trousers fall around Edward’s ankles displaying his white boxer short underwear.

“Let’s see what you have in here.” She murmured and yanked down his shorts.


Stephanie broke away from Edward to see what had caused her mom to react like that. She looked down and then then joined Maria standing back, looking at Edward.

“Jesus Edward, your hung like a fucking donkey!” She exclaimed.

Edward stepped out of his trousers and shorts and removed his shirt. His muscles rippled and he picked up his clothes and folded them neatly and placed them on the chest of drawers. He was smooth like a porn star from the thighs up and tanned. A circumcised flaccid cock hung half way down his thigh in front of a pair of large heavy balls. It was easily 8” long in its flaccid state and thick like a baby’s arm.
Edward looked at the two women.

“Undress each other” he instructed “slowly”

The girls just stood staring at the body of the man they thought was a nerd as he looked back at them unsmiling.

“Now” he commanded.

Maria and Stephanie began unzipping each other’s dresses and peeling them slowly down and stepping out of them. They looked at each and smiled and then kissed wetly, hands running over each other’s bodies.
Edward watched, sipping his drink as the girls made out in their underwear. He watched the girl he knew as Candy undo her friend Molly’s bra and drop it to the floor revealing a magnificent pair of D cupped tits. Her nipples were erect and Edward watched as Candy rolled one between her thumb and fore finger as Molly removed her bra. She too had a fantastic rack he thought. Both girls began to pant and hands disappeared into panties. Edward out down his drink and locked his hands behind his head.

“Erm, ladies. How about sucking my dick now?”

Maria and Stephanie looked up and sank to their knees in front of Edward. Maria held it in her hands. It felt really heavy. She licked the end and then opened her mouth and sucked the end as Stephanie licked Edward’s balls, sucking one into her mouth.
Marie felt Edward begin to harden and she stroked him as she sucked, pulling his velvety skin backwards and forwards. Stephanie joined her and took over sucking it into her mouth as Maria licked up and down the shaft as she massaged his balls.
Soon Edward was fully hard and Maria held it and admired it. It was a full 10” long and thick. She couldn’t close her hand around the girth and she used two hands on the shaft at once to masturbate him.

“Ooh Edward, you’re beautiful” she said slowly stroking it. “Candy. Get my cell and take some pictures. I want to show Don what happens when you stand me up. Is that okay with you Edward?”

“Sure, that would be fine” Edward said smiling “only fair to show him what a real cock looks like in your mouth.”

Stephanie retrieved her mom’s cell phone and took lots of pictures of her and Edwards cock. She took one with it resting on Maria’s forehead and then several of her forcing various amounts of it into her stretched mouth. Stephanie had never seen a penis this large, not in even online she thought. It wasn’t just big, it was perfectly proportioned and as her mom had said, beautiful. Edward had a quality that Stephanie didn’t understand but she felt something akin to love for him. She wanted to please him and feel the power of that massive phallus.

Edward led Stephanie to the bed as Maria took her phone and started sending Don the pictures with various messages. She glanced up as Edward laid Stephanie on the bed with her feet toward the head of the bed and her head hanging off the bottom of the bed.

“It’s sooooo big” said Steph as Edward dropped his heavy prick onto her face, moving the shaft along her lips.

Stephanie opened her mouth and pushed out tongue as the massive dong was moved backwards and forwards across it.

“Do you like big cock’s young lady?” Edward asked.

“Mnmmmm” replied Steph reaching up to touch it but Edward gently moved her hands back to her sides.

Without even realising it Steph’s hands moved under the small triangle of her panties and she began to toy play herself. When she noticed what she was doing she looked at Edward guiltily and pulled her hands away..

“It’s okay my dear, you can play with your pussy. I don’t mind.” Edward said soothingly “maybe Molly would like to help you?”

Maria’s was just heading to join Edward and Steph when her buzzed. It was a message form Don.

‘Holy shit he’s fucking enormous. I want to watch him fuck you’

“Is that your friend Molly?” Edwards asked.

“Yes. He’s very sorry he stood us up now.”

“I’ll bet he is. Why don’t you come and join us?”

“Edward” Maria said sheepishly.

“Yes Molly”

“My friend wants to join the party”

Edward stopped rubbing his dick along Stephanie’s lips and stared at Maria.

“It… it’s okay if you don’t want him to, I’ll tell him no” Maria blurted.

“It’s not that my dear” said Edward “it’s just that I think I deserve to have you both to myself since he stood you up and I paid for dinner. He can come up if you’d like but he can only watch.”

Maria grinned, this guy was amazing. She hoped that he’d be willing to be one her regular ‘special’ friends.

“Oh I’m sure he’ll be okay with that, thank you Edward.” Maria gushed and began typing quickly on her cell phone.

“He’ll be here soon” she said and practically skipped to the bed.

Edward supported Stephanie’s head and had her stretch her open wide as he pushed his prick into her warm wet mouth. Maria crouched between her daughter’s legs and pulled down her panties, guiding them over Stephanie’s heels and then buried her head between her legs. Her daughter was already very wet and Maria slurped and licked at her juices.

Stephanie snorted through her nose as Edward pushed more and more of his dick into her mouth. Every now and then he’d pull out and allow Stephanie to rest her jaw briefly, gasping for air before he’d push back in adding more dick to her mouth.
He’d positioned her head so her throat was as open as it could be and soon he was bumping at the back.
Stephanie knew what was coming and desperately tried to relax which was extremely difficult when her mouth was stretched painfully, as wide as it would go and her mother was rubbing her clit and licking her cunt, making her moan from deep in her tummy.

“Very good. I’m impressed” Edward praised as his member entered her throat.

Stephanie felt herself swell with pride as she controlled her gag reflex and Edward pushed forward sinking into her throat before pulling back and all the way out. Saliva spilled from her mouth and hung from his cock as she took several big breaths of air before opening wide for him again.

Chapter 5

Maria looked up from between Stephanie’s legs when she heard the knock on the door. She looked at Edward who nodded his head to confirm she could answer it. She climbed from the bed and stopped in her tracks. Edward was pushing his entire cock in and out Stephanie’s throat until his balls banged against her forehead. Maria watched Escort Bayan as Stephanie’s throat expanded as the enormous hard cock entered. Stephanie had her eyes closed and incredibly, was breathing very calmly through her nose.

“Go on then, answer it”

Maria shook herself out of her daydream and quickly opened the door to Don and showed him in.

“Ah, you must be Don, welcome” said Edward “forgive me not coming to shake your hand but I am somewhat busy as you can see” he continued, not missing a beat as he continued fucking Stephanie’s throat.

“Molly, would you please undress Don, if he wishes to stay he must be naked like us.”

Don stared as Maria undressed him. His daughter Stephanie was laid on the bed with her head hanging off the bottom, she wore nothing but her red high heels.
An Adonis of a man was pushing his enormous dick in and out of her mouth until his balls smacked her in the forehead. It looked even bigger than the pictures he was sent and the guys body was ripped too, not huge in a body builder way, just big and hard.

Edward slowly withdrew his dick and motioned for Stephanie to sit up as Don stood with his hands covering his caged penis.

“Don’t be shy Don; we are all going to be good friends. I can feel it” said Edward walking to his drink his dick swinging as he went, dripping spit over the floor.

“Can I get you a drink?” he asked.

Don shook his head.

“Molly” Edward paused “That’s not your real name is it?” he didn’t wait for an answer “That’s of no consequence to me. I shall always know you as Molly and Candy and this….” He motioned toward Don with his hand “would be your husband if I had to guess.”

Maria nodded dumbly.

“And Candy would be your….” He stopped to think “you look so alike you must be related. Is she your niece perchance, or maybe even your much younger sister?”

Maria looked at the floor “daughter” she mumbled.


“Daughter” Maria said again, louder.

“How perfect” Edward chuckled. “How old?”


“Mnmmmm, that’s just wonderful. What a naughty slut at such a young age. I love it. Molly, please move Don’s hands for me”

Maria moved Don’s hands to revel his caged penis.

“Ah. Don’t be embarrassed Don. Many of my women have husbands or boyfriends like you. Please have a seat wherever you like. The couch is comfortable and you’ll have a good view from there, but please feel free to move about at will.”

Don sat on the couch and Edward held his hand out to Maria who took it and followed him to the bed.

“You see Don, what we have here is a pair of sluts who need a real man. They took one look at my dick and now they belong to me, after tonight they will worship my cock and wish I could fuck them forever. I can’t believe how you’ve let your wife and daughter stray. A real man wouldn’t allow it. I’ll show you what a real man would do.”

Edward took a chair from the table and placed it on the floor in front of Don and sat on it.

“Candy. Come here.”

Stephanie climbed off the bed and stood next to Edward.

“Across my knee” he commanded.

Stephanie dutifully lay across Edwards lap. Edward looked at her milky white buttocks and ran his hand gently over them, feeling the soft, smooth skin.

“Aghhhh!” Stephanie cried as Edward brought his hand down sharply.

“I’m sorry to do this Candy” Edward began “but your daddy hasn’t been strict enough with you and you deserve a proper spanking.”

Again he brought the palm of his hand down hard on Stephanie’s butt cheek and again she squealed, a red handprint rising against her white flesh.

“Now you are all here of your free will and can ask me to stop at any time. If you do, you will all have to leave immediately. Would you like me to stop Candy?”

“No” Stephanie sobbed.

“Okay then. Molly. Please come and kneel beside us.”
Maria knelt down beside Edward like an obedient dog as Edward proved who the alpha male was.

Don sat in his chair and watched his daughter spanked by this stranger. This was a real punishment being administered. Large red marks appeared on her buttocks and upper thighs and Stephanie cried with each blow but it didn’t stop Don’s prick from swelling and pressing against the confines of his chastity cage.

Presently Edward stopped and positioned Maria on all fours with her legs under Edwards chair and her butt by Stephanie’s head.
Stephanie pulled her mom’s thong out of the way and placed a hand on each buttock, parting them before using her tongue on her asshole as instructed.
Edward caressed Steph’s red buttocks lovingly and then began spanking her again, Stephanie’s cries and squeals muffled as she rimmed her mom.

Chapter 6

Maria lay on her back, hugging her legs up to her chest, watching as Edward crouched between her legs and pressed the tip of his prick against her pussy.
She had been feeling almost guilty as Edward had spanked her daughter but she could tell by the way that Steph had licked her that she was enjoying it and she joined Maria, moaning in between her squeals.

Edward had stopped and when both girls stood Stephanie’s face was streaked with tears but she was smiling and she had even thanked him.
Edward had stood and led them by their hands to the bed. His dick had softened and swung between his legs as he’d climbed onto the bed and sat up against the headboard. Stephie and herself had lain on the bed with their heads in his lap and worked on his cock again until he was hard, the massive member jutting up proudly as they’d sucked and licked it.
Stephanie now lay beside her, idly stroking her tits as Edward pushed the tip of his dick into her mother’s waiting fuck hole.

“OH GOD!” Maria hissed between gritted teeth as her cunt was stretched by the first couple of inches of Edward’s dick.

Edward rocked back and forth slowly inching his penis into Maria’s warm welcoming cunt.

“So big, so big,” Maria moaned “you’re so fucking big. Oh my god.”

Edward pulled back until the tip popped out and then sank down, pushing in about seven inches.

“Oooohhh” Maria moaned as she was impaled on seven inches of thick, throbbing cock.

Edward’s hips moved back and then again he sank down pushing in another inch.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck” Maria whispered as her pussy was filled with Edwards throbbing meat.

Eventually Edwards’s balls rested against Maria’s butt cheeks and Maria stared up at him trying to control her breathing.
Edward pulled back and then plunged down, driving his cock into her.

“Oh my goodness, you’re sooooo big” She purred as Edward began fucking her in long deep strokes. “I luuuuuuuuuv your big cock inside me.”

Maria was no stranger to cock and she had experienced some big ones before she was sure Edward was the largest she’d encountered but better yet he knew what he was doing and she quickly reached an orgasm.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop” she groaned as the tell-tale signs started in her tummy. “I’m gonna cum”

Edward had no intention of stopping yet and looked down as a Maria’s chest and face flushed pink and her toes curled as she began to shudder and her face contorted with her mouth opened in a silent cry.

Maria’s whole body shook as the biggest series of orgasms she’d experienced in a long time or possibly ever washed over her. Edwards cock found her G spot every time it filled her and he didn’t stop fucking her until the multiple orgasm became painful and she pushed at his chest with her hand.

“My turn, my turn!” Stephanie cried as Edward withdrew and climbed off Maria.

Edward smiled knowingly at the young girl and lay on his back.

“Oh my lord” sighed Maria with her eyes closed.

Stephanie placed her knees on either side of Edward’s body and reached back and held his dick, guiding it toward her pussy. She wiggled herself into position and slowly began to sink down.

Chapter 7

Don shifted in his seat and cupped his balls. They felt really cold and looked quite blue. He looked at his caged penis. It was so painful now where it had been pressing and pushing against the bars of the chastity device. Not that Don wanted to be released, oh no, he was having the time of his life. The large amounts of precum that were oozing from his dick and hung in large threads from the cage were testament to the fact.

Don had watched Edward fuck Maria until she had cum like Don had never seen. He loved to see her having such a good time and it turned him on greatly likewise, Stephanie.
Edwards cock had looked even bigger between her cute little ass cheeks as she had knelt over him in cowgirl position. It had taken her considerable effort to lower herself onto Edward and Don was quite concerned that his daughter was going to be split in two.

Still, there was something incredibly erotic about hearing is daughter panting and groaning as she rocked back and forth as she forced him into herself.
She’d cum almost as soon as she managed to sink down on his entire length. My god how she’d moaned as she rode Edward, her hands moving from her belly to her tits which she’d squeezed hard.
By this point Maria had recovered enough to mouth the words “I love you” to Don and then having looked at the dick sliding between her daughters buttocks “Oh my fucking god”.
Don couldn’t remember when he’d seen his wife with so much lust in her eyes as she’d turned and laid next to Edward and kissed him as Stephanie rode him.

It was at this time that Edward once again reminded Don just where he stood.

Stephanie had said “Oh my god Edward I love you’re big hard cock inside me” to which Edward had replied;

“That Bayan Escort seems very formal Candy. I’d like you to call me daddy”

Stephanie and Maria had both looked nervously over at Don.

“Don. You don’t mind if Candy….Oh hell, why not and Molly. You don’t mind if your girls call me daddy do you? It seems like Candy really needs a proper daddy. You know, someone who can look after all her needs.”

“No sir” Don had replied quietly.

He and Maria had played around with cuckold humiliation but this was different. He really wanted Edward to dominate him and his family. Not for the first time this evening, one of the Baker family was left wondering what it was about this man.

“You see girls” Edward chuckled “Don is quite happy with me being your daddy when we’re together and that is what you should call me.”

“Okay daddy” the girls chimed together.

Don felt a strange fluttery feeling in his stomach when he heard them call him that and he’d held his caged penis tightly.

Stephanie had kicked off her stilettoes and as her ‘daddy’ supported her, had placed her feet flat on the bed so she was squatting. She had then bounced up down, fucking herself with Edwards entire cock. She lifted herself up until the tip nearly came out of her and then sank down hard, taking all of him.

“Oh daddy, you’re in me so fucking deep” she’d cried “I’m gonna cum again”

Don had listened to Stephanie wail and watched as her body had shook and convulsed as she threw her head back with her eyes squeezed shut until eventually she stopped cumming and gingerly lifted herself off Edward and rolled off to the side.

Don had looked at Edwards cock, slick with his daughters cum and still hard like concrete and wondered how the hell he managed it.

Chapter 8

Maria held Edward’s slimy cock with two hands and marvelled at it. It was so powerful and big and hard. It had given Stephanie and her so much pleasure already. She was in love with it.
She slowly licked up the shaft from the bottom to the top, working her away around it until it was clean of Steph’s cum.
Maria, on all fours, turned to face Don and pushed her ass up into the air.

“Please fuck me daddy. I need you inside me” she said, looking Don square in the eyes.

“I don’t know Molly, are you sure? Can you take more?” Edward teased, climbing to his knees.

“Yes daddy, I’m sure. Fuck me” Maria whined like a schoolgirl brat, wiggling her buttocks.

Edward slapped Maria’s butt playfully forcing her to squeal in delight as he held his cock and guided it between her legs. Maria grunted as Edward pushed the tip inside her and held it there.

“Molly, I don’t know. Tell me how much you want it”

“Oh daddy pleeeeease” Maria begged “I want it so bad. I need your big hard cock inside me. I want you to fuck me hard. I need you to make cum. Please daddy, pleeeeease”

Maria pushed back trying to impale herself on Edward’s dick but Edward pulled back making her groan in frustration until finally he grabbed her hips and pulled back as he thrust forwards sliding ten inches of thick hard cock into her cunt.

“OH FUUUUUUUUUUUCK!” Maria cried, pushing her head down into the bed and biting the covers as her hands balled them up in her fists.

Edward pulled back and then thrust forward again, with gradually building speed until he was pounding Maria’s cunt, his thighs slapping against hers.
Maria squeaked into the bed clothes, unable to talk, as she was fucked roughly from behind.
It didn’t take too long before the sensations she was feeling turned into another orgasm and finally she managed to form words.

“Cumming, cumming, cuuuuuuumming!”

Edward continued fucking her brutally as Maria was tossed around like a rag doll, her eyes rolled back into her head and making guttural moans each time Edwards cock rammed into her.

“Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh”

“Be careful what you wish for Molly” Edward said, finally pulling out of her and allowing her to flop forwards “you did ask me to fuck you hard”

Edward turned to Stephanie where she was watching with interest.

“Candy my child. Would you please lie on the floor in front of Don?”

“Yes daddy” Stephanie replied climbing off the bed.

He turned to Don. “I have enjoyed your wife and daughter very much Donald. I take it from that mess” he gestured toward Don’s caged penis “that you have enjoyed watching?”

“Yes sir” Don replied.

Edward nodded “Well I’m not quite finished. I have one more treat for Candy here and then they can both enjoy my cum.”

Candy smiled up at Edward.

“Tell me Don, have you taken Candy yet?”

Don looked down at his feet guiltily and shook his head.

“But you’d like to right?” Edward continued.

Don didn’t move.

“There’s no need to answer Donald. We all know the answer and you should have her. You’d like it wouldn’t you Candy?”

“Yes daddy” Candy replied and when Don slowly raised his head, her eyes locked on his.

“That’s for another time” said Edward.

Edward went the bedside table and opened the drawer, pulling out a large black bottle.

“Legs over your head please honey” he said, turning back to Stephanie.

Stephanie rolled backwards until she was resting on the upper part of her back with her feet over her head, her knees almost on either side of her chin with her butt pointing up.

“Don, come and taste Candy’s ass”

Don looked to his wife on the bed who had immediately rolled onto her side. She just smiled at him.
Don stared where his daughter was upturned in front of him her beautiful, legs bent over her head and her delectable ass ready for him.
He slowly lowered himself to the floor and crawled to Stephanie. Placing one hand on each buttock he shivered at their softness. He looked down at her lovely little rosebud and her pussy which was wet and reddened from the fucking she’d received.
He looked down at Stephanie who stared up at him, breathing heavily, urging him on with her eyes.

Lowering his head he breathed in the odour of his daughter’s sex before kissing her butt cheeks lightly working his way toward little pucker.
Sticking out his tongue he licked it gingerly, until slowly, his lust took over and he began to rim her in Ernest, sucking and pushing his tongue into her ass, moaning quietly.


“Oooh you’re an animal” Stephanie cooed, pouting at her father.

“Okay, enough for now Donald, please apply a liberal amount of this” Edward interrupted, passing Don the black bottle of lubricant.

“Candy” he said “I assume you are no stranger to anal sex?”

“No daddy” Stephanie giggled as Don obediently squirted lube over and around her asshole.

Edward crouched over Stephanie and pushed his dick down and guided it to Stephanie’s asshole and after rubbing the lube around he pushed the tip of his penis down.

“OWWWW! Be careful, please be careful daddy” Stephanie pleaded as her ass lips were stretched open.

Edward paused to let the young girl try and relax and then pushed again causing her to cry out in pain again.

“Oh no daddy, it’s just too big, please stop.”

“It’s okay Candy, it will hurt at first but the pleasure and satisfaction you’ll get will be worth it. You trust daddy don’t you?”

“Yes daddy” she replied.

“Good girl”

Molly sat bolt upright watching with intense fascination as Edward pushed down again. Stephanie was grimacing and chewing her lower lip. Don was knelt next to his daughter his face inches away. Edwards cock looked impossibly thick as it forced its way inside her anus but suddenly something gave and the glans disappeared from view.

“ARGHHHHHHHHH! OWWWWW! OWWWWWW!” screamed Stephanie.

Edward just held still as Stephanie’s body came to terms with the intrusion and the pain subsided.

Steph panted “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god” Steph panted, desperately trying to overcome the agony and control herself and relax.

Edward pulled up a little and the pushed down again and again, slowly inching himself into the young girl.

“Oh my god it’s so fucking big” Stephanie groaned as Edward pushed about half of his hard dick into her.

Don stared at his little girl’s ass being stretched out to accommodate Edward. Maria climbed form the bed and joined him on the floor.

“That is so fucking sexy” she whispered “I want him in my ass too”

Soon Edward was sliding nearly his entire length into Steph and she loved it.

“Oh my gosh daddy, you’re fucking me in my ass!”

Edward fucked Stephanie harder and faster until she cried out.

“Oh Jesus, you’re gonna make me cum again! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Stephanie came hard and wailed as Edward kept going until he too made noises that he was going to cum. He pulled out and Stephanie and Maria knelt before him, mouths stretched open and tongues out as he wanked his fat cock in front of them.

Don watched in amazement when Edward unloaded onto the girls faces. He’d never seen so much cum come from a single man. He deliberately avoided their open mouths and purposefully covered as much of their pretty faces as he could.

When he had finally drained his balls he didn’t have to say anything and Maria and Stephanie looked at each other and began kissing and licking each other’s faces as they hungrily cleaned up, swallowing their daddy’s sticky offering until they finished, looking up and grinning at Edward.

“Good girls” Edward praised, patting their heads and turning and heading to the bathroom.

As he got the bathroom he stopped and turned, looking directly at Don.

“You know that I own your girls now Donald? Make sure you leave me all of your contact details before you go.”

Donald humbly nodded and watched Edward disappear into the bathroom, closing the door behind him.


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