Mother in Law 1


Mother in Law 1Kimberly and I had been dating off and on for a few years during high school and into our collage years before we decided to marry. I loved her family and had always had an eye for her mum; I had always thought she was hot.But due to her father’s bad health and we rushed the wedding plans so he could be there. It was a beautiful day and everything went great. Kim danced a slow dance with her father while I danced with her mother. I was a bit surprised when she cupped my ass during the dance; I passed it off thinking she was just playing, and drunk. After the dance we gave each other a polite kiss on the lips. Unfortunately Kim’s father passed away six months later. It was hard for all of us to deal with. As time passed we grew closer as a family and I spent more time at Hazel’s house (Kim’s mum). It seemed as if something always need looked at or fixed and I was always called on to go over to fix it. It seemed that I spent more time at Hazel’s house then I did at my own apartment with my wife, but even so it worked out Kim and I had conflicting hours at our jobs and I did enjoy fixing things. One night Kim and I were sitting down to have dinner together at our apartment for the first time in months. As we ate dinner we talked about each other’s day’s events, and during the conversation Kim brought up our bills and the cost of the apartment and everything that went with it. I was confused until she suggested that we move into the house with her mother. This did not shock me, yes we were just making by on both our pay-checks, but we were just getting started on our own.I told Kim we would think on it. After dinner we cleaned up then cuddled on the couch with a movie then one-thing lead to another. I wrapped my hands around her waist then slowly worked up across her ribs to the underside of her right breast giving it a light squeeze. Kim pushed her ass back into my growing cock showing her approval. It did not take us long until we were both naked and Kim mounted me. She was riding my cock while I gripped her tits until we both exploded in an orgasm causing Kim to scream out loud. We collapsed together then rolled into a spoon position, as we caught our breath I said, “If we move in with your mum we may need to give this up, or you will need to be quieter and I would not like that.” Kim did not say a word; we just drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms. The following day Kim and I met Hazel for lunch at a local deli. We had the normal chitchat about what was going on in our lives, but really not touching on the issues. It was Hazel that really brought the question to bear she asked, “What would the both of you think about the idea of moving into the house with me?” Hazel went on to say, “There is plenty of room and it would help us all with bills.” I looked at Kim and I could see in her eyes that she liked the idea, so I agreed to move into my mother in-law’s house. We worked out the plans to move and within weeks we were packing up and moving out of our apartment and going to the home of which Kim grew up in. Mind you I am not knocking it, it is a very large and beautiful home but I still felt odd moving into such a large house and with my mother in-law.Things worked out better than I had thought, I still worked my hours and Kim still worked hers, and even though they were not the same we still found time to be close to each other and have sex. But like most things in life there was a change, first it was a change in our hours, either I had to work late or Kim did. Then it was that Kim had to fill in on weekends and next Kim had to travel out of town for the company. It put a strain on us both. I was feeling frustrated with it all to say the least.Hazel was very supportive of the both of us and did not interfere in our lives. Of course she would offer “her” suggestions and such, but she never seemed to push them, more so she would just let us find our own way to work things out.During one of the rare evenings that the three of us had time to sit down to dinner together, Kim informed us she had to go out of town for a week on business. I was not happy about this and the fact she had not told me before dinner when we were alone pissed me off. I knew that with her job that travel could come up, but I did not expect it so soon. I sat quietly during dinner at that point listening to Hazel and Kim chat about the trip. They both seemed to be excited about it. After dinner I told Kim to go pack for her trip and I would help clean up after dinner. Hazel and I cleared the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen. Hazel then turned toward me and placed her hand aside my face as she drew me closer and kissed my cheek, then said “Thank you for your help.” I felt a little embarrassed but passed it.I then headed off to help Kim pack for her trip. I found her dashing around the room almost in a panic, tossing clothes everywhere. It was not until she heard me laughing that she stopped running around and she too started to giggle at herself. I walked up to her and we kissed and hugged deeply, and I could feel her relax in my arms. I then asked, “Can I help you pack?” I helped her clean the room and sort her clothes to pack and she felt much better. After packing Kim headed to the shower, and I took the opportunity kızılay escort to join her after a few minutes.It was if Kim was expecting me, as I opened the curtain to the shower she had a smile on her face. I stepped in and we traded places to let the water cascade over my body. Kim had already had a scrunchie loaded with soap and began to lather me up, needless to say my cock was hard before but she made it hard as steel. I caressed her tits and pinched her nipples knowing how much this turns her on. Kim was ready to go to bed and fuck but I teased her more by slowly working my hands down along her sides and over her hips. I made my way to her pussy and slowly rubbed her mound, without warning I slipped a finger in, she was so wet and ready to be fucked, as I pumped my finger in and out she kissed me and begged me to take her to bed. We rinsed off then turned the shower off, stepping out we towelled each other dry, kissing and fondling each other.Kim wrapped a towel around her body then headed off to bed, I finished in the bathroom the wrapping a towel around my waist then I too headed to the bedroom. I found Kim in bed and she had lit some scented candles, as I neared the bed she pulled the sheets back to reveal her naked body to me. The glow of the candles danced on her body, I dropped my towel and she could see my approval from my erection. I slowly slide into bed and began to caress Kim’s tits thinking she wanted soft and slow, but she quickly showed me what she wanted. Kim pushed me down on the bed and went straight for my cock sucking me until I was about to cum, she then pulled off and mounted me driving her pussy hard onto my cock. She almost seemed to be possessed as she rode me, pounding her pussy on my cock as she gripped her tits. The site and feel of her pushed me over the edge and I shot deep into her walls sending her over the top also. The sounds she made were not what I was used to, but I liked them, she really let herself go and so did I. We drifted off to sleep for the night.The next day I had taken off work so Hazel and I could take Kim to the airport to see her off. We kissed and hugged Kim in turn, wishing her a safe flight then watched as her plane left the ground. Then Hazel turned to me and said, “Let’s go get lunch, my treat!” We went to what seemed to me a very high-class restaurant, some place Kim and I had never been to before, but they seemed to know Hazel or maybe it was just there way. They sat us in a corner table that overlooked the waterfront; it was a very scenic view I thought. When the waiter come to our table Hazel took control, she ordered our appetizers and wine for us both; and then ordered our lunch, never asking me what I wanted, even so it all sounded good, and she was buying. As we ate lunch Hazel and I chatted and drank wine, I became very comfortable with her that afternoon. We did not talk much on the way home and when we arrived Hazel gave me a polite hug and thanked me for a wonderful afternoon. I returned her affection and thanked her for everything she has done for Kim and me. We parted and went our separate ways. We really did not see much of each other for the next few days, mostly from our work schedule and part from the large house. The days had past and Kim was to return the next day that was when the call came in, and it was late in the night. Kim had to stay longer than expected and would not be home for three more days. I was very upset by this and Hazel overheard the conversation with Kim and me. After hanging up with Kim, I told Hazel of the delay and she could see I was upset about it. She tried to comfort me with a hug but I brushed her off and went to make a drink. I had several drinks before I started to calm down, I knew it was not right to be angry but something just did not seem right. Hazel entered the room and asked, “Can I join you for a drink?” Hazel was wearing a long blue satin nightgown of which clung to her body and showed her curves and erect nipples. She was a very sexy woman for her age, hell for any age! As she walked across the room I just stared at her hot body as she made her way to the bar to fix her a drink. She walked toward me and handed me another drink then sat down across from me. I gulped down the drink I already had in my hand then took a sip of the one she had made it was much stronger. Hazel just sat there looking at me sipping her drink and licking her lips slowly, it started to turn me on. Hazel spoke first, “Feeling better?” I just nodded, and then took another sip of my drink. Hazel went on, “I know the both of you are working hard and doing your best, and that moving in here with me has put a strain on the two of you, I have not heard you making love as much as when you first moved in.” She could clearly see the embarrassment on my face. “Don’t worry,” she continued, “Kim does not know. Besides sometimes when the two of you were making love I would sneak into the next room to listen and masturbate while you were making Kim scream with pleasure.” I was speechless; all I could do was gulp down the last of my drink. Hazel slowly rose and walked toward me taking the glass from my hand she said, “Let me get you another drink.” I finally spoke up and jokingly asked, “Are you mamak escort trying to get me drunk and take advantage of me?” Hazel did not say a word until she handed me the drink, then said, “Something like that. You always had an eye on my body and I could see in your eye that you still had that lustful spark for me that you have had since high school, hell you wanted me then didn’t you?” My mind flashed back to the first time I meet Kim’s parent, just seeing her mum made me hard, I had many a night fantasy’s of her in my bed while jacking off. The touch of her hand on my leg jolted me back to reality, which made me jump, Hazel giggled and said, “You were remembering jacking of to me, weren’t you?” The lustful look in my eyes told her what she wanted to know and her hand found that she still could make me hard as it slid up my leg to find my growing cock buried within my jeans. Hazel took control and undid my belt and zip slowly pulling my jeans down and off. My cock made a tent out of my boxers and this brought a smile the Hazel’s face. I sat up and finished my drink then pulled my shirt off tossing it to the floor. Hazel downed her drink as well then stepping back she took my glass and hers and headed to the bar. The sight of her made me even harder if that was possible. Before she returned with our drinks Hazel turned on some music, it was soft blues/jazz and sounded great, returning to the couch she sat the drinks down on the table and started to do a slow dance in front of me. With her eyes closed she swayed back and forth as her hands caressed her body rubbing her hips raising the night gown to expose her thigh moving up to her breast’s playing with her nipples making then stand out hard. I could not take any more teasing, I started to stand up and Hazel opened her eyes and as quick as I had seen anyone move she placed her bare foot on my chest pushing me back down onto the couch. Hazel looked at me and waved her finger at me saying, “Not yet lover!” She went on with her dance and began to do a striptease for me. She rubbed her hands across her tits and the lower to her pussy rubbing her satin gown against her folds. Slowly moving her hands back up taking time to glide across her body she reached up and lowered the straps from her nightgown letting it slip down catching on her hard nipples. Hazel looked me in the eye while she licked her lips and she liked what she saw. My eyes gleamed with lust and my black member was pushing through my boxers. She then gave a quick shake letting the gown fell to the floor exposing her tits and thong. I had always know that she had a boob job and maybe that was part of my lust for her, but when I saw them out in the open I could not believe just how hot they looked, I just wanted to jump up and suck them, Hazel had other ideas.She stepped right up in front of me, so I sat up and placed my hands on her thighs then looking up into her eyes I hooked a finger into her thong and gently pulled it down and off helping her step out of it. Her pussy was in full view and eye level and dam did it look good. She was shaven but for a tuff of fur just at the top to tickle ones nose and her pussy lips were puffy and wet showing she was ready for sex. I reached around to cup her firm ass and pulled her closer to my face going right for her clit sucking it hard and fast, flicking my tongue over it. She was so wet I had no trouble pushing a finger into her pussy while I sucked her clit. I felt her knees buckle as she gripped my shoulders for support, and with the pussy cream running down my hand and face I knew I had made her cum. Hazel collapsed on the couch beside me which gave me the perfect chance to fondle and suck her delicious tits, this brought her back to life. She pulled my body closer to her so she could pull my boxers of, as she did my black cock caught in the waistband and sprang up slapping hard against her tits. Hazel gasped as it did part from surprise and part from the size, gripping my cock she said, “I can see now why Kim screams with so much pleasure!” She started to stroke my length with one hand and cupped my swelling balls with the other, and then slowly started licking the head. I could see the pre-cum trail from the tip of my cock to her lips as she backed off to lick them clean. That was when she took me whole into her mouth and down her throat and held me there, something Kim could never do. I almost shot my load right then, but Hazel knew how to pinch me off and stop me from cumming too soon. As she pulled off and gasped for air she stroked my saliva coated cock, looking up into my eyes with a lustful look she said, “Cum for me now!” Then sank her mouth back down on my cock sucking me hard while stroking me. This time she did not stop me, she wanted my seed so I gave it to her. I felt my balls clinch and the sperm burst from my cock and down her throat, she did not miss a beat; she just sucked harder and stroked faster until I was done. It was then she slowed to more of a soft massage and licking me clean. Hazel sat back and licked her lips savouring the taste of my protein as she looked at me with that lustful gaze. She motioned to our drinks and knew what she wanted right away; I knew I could use a drink right then. As yenimahalle escort Hazel sat up I handed her a drink and picked mine up and was about to take a drink when Hazel stopped me with a toast, “Here’s to a long awaited night for the both of us.” With that she clinked our glasses and downed her drink, so I did the same. She took my glass and sat it on the table with hers and as she turned her gaze went right to my cock, this brought a smile to her face, I was still semi-hard. “I see it will not take you too long to recover, so in the meantime you should lick my pussy some more to get me ready so you can fuck me!” My eyes got wide and my dick twitched, I thought we were done, but Hazel was just getting started. Hazel positioned herself on the couch on her knees upon the arm of the couch with her body face down on the cushions, this left her feet hanging of in the air and her ass and pussy spread open and ready. I stepped behind her and took time to enjoy the view; slowly working a finger along her slit I could see a bead of juice trickle out. Catching it with my finger I brought it to my lips to enjoy the taste, it was then I went for the gold. Gripping both ass cheeks I spread her open and plunged in face first, literally my nose was in her ass and tongue in her pussy. I lapped away at her for some time, which drove her crazy, so I thought I would go one more by fingering her pussy and licking her asshole. As I slid my fingers into her soaked pussy hole I eased back with my face then dove back in pushing my tongue right into her tight ring. Hazel let out a yell then I felt her pussy contract then gush on my hand, I held my position slowing my movements until she had stopped twitching with her orgasm. By now my ebony cock was hard again so I stood up and nudged the head of my cock to her throbbing lips, not giving her a rest and pushed in, Hazel let out a deep moan as I penetrated her tight pussy walls. (I did not think of it at the time but she was as tight at her age as Kim was!) The position she was in on the couch was perfect for us both; she pushed back as I pushed forward, slamming into each other harder and faster as we got into a rhythm. Hazel started to wail and moan louder. Hazel started to really scream now and talking so dirty saying, “YES! Fuck me! Fuck me harder, give me your hard cock!” Her pussy was so wet I could feel her cream running down over my balls of which increased the slapping sound as they bounced off her thighs.Hazel had talent, I could feel her working my cock with her muscles and I could not believe how great it felt. I must have been doing pretty good myself, soon Hazel let out a low guttural moan that sounded like it came from a horror movie, that was when Hazel said, “Oh God, I’m cuminggggggg!” I felt her pussy clinch hard on my cock but I still kept pumping, then I felt her gush all over the both of us. That was when I slowed my pace and took long slow strokes in and out of her pussy as her orgasm continued until it was done and she fell face forward onto the couch panting heavily. I looked at my hard cock of which was dripping with Hazel’s cum and then I looked at the couch, it too was soaked with cum. I was afraid we had ruined the leather and my hard started to go down. I did not even notice Hazel had stood up from the couch until she approached me, seeing my cock losing it’s hard she said, “Oh No lover, we are not done yet!” Then dropping to her knees she took me into her mouth and sucked me back to life. While she did she manoeuvre me to the couch and pushed me down so I was lying on my back with my feet on the floor. She now had me hard again and ready to go, that was when Hazel surprised me, she asked “Have you every fuck anyone in the ass?” She did not wait for a reply, she just turned her back to me as she straddled me, gripping my cock and guided it into her ass as she slowly sat down on it. I will admit, this was a first for me; Kim had never let me have her ass. Hazel was in control and worked my raw black cock with her tight muscles, I gripped her ass cheeks and helped her as she raised and lowered herself on me. I could not believe how hot it felt, much tighter then her pussy, but more friction; it did not take long until she had me ready to cum. As I started to moan more Hazel could tell I was close, that was when she said, “Yes baby, cum for me, fill my ass fill!” She increased her grinding and bouncing until I was about to cum, that was when she laid her body back on top of my chest grabbing my hands and bringing them to grip her tits. I did just that; I filled my hands with her tits and started pumping her from below shooting a huge load into her tight ass. Hazel pulled off, as I was still cumming, she dropped to the floor to catch the rest on her tits as she gripped my balls and sucked me clean making sure she had drained me.Hazel stood picking up our glasses and walked to the bar pouring us both another drink then walking back to me on the couch. I watched her the whole time admiring her tight firm body. Handing me my drink Hazel just smiled then said, “That was the best sex I have had in a long time, cheers.” We touched glasses and took a drink. Hazel then suggested that it was time to go to bed, she took my hand and led me up the stairs to my bedroom. Standing at my door she kissed me sweetly on my lips, then said, “Goodnight.” I watched as she walked down the hall to her bedroom until I closed the door to mine. As I settled into my bed I took the last gulp of my drink and thought of what just happened. I felt a twitch in my cock.

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