Mountain Angel


My story takes place back in the late 80’s, when PC’s and Digital Cameras still were a rarity, but
which I had in my possession, using them for my main hobby: taking photos.

This was a hot (well, hot by Norwegian standards, 25 deg C or 80 deg F) summers day and I had
decided to venture up to my favorite mountain spot, some 500 feet above where I lived.
Down in the valley, the air was still and uncomfortable, but I knew there would be a small
breeze up on the mountain.

I filled my backpack with some necessities like lots of water, some sandwiches, my camera,
some sunscreen and a sun pad. Whenever I visit my secret mountain ledge, I always try to lie
down nude and enjoy the sun as much as possible; back home there were just too many onlookers.
The ledge was not large, but enough so that I could lie down in comfort and be sure not to have
any audience. I put on my lightest mountain dress and went along, eager to reach my destination.

The walk up to the mountain was a steep and tiresome journey, and sweat started to wet my
wardrobe. This was not a nuisance, it meant I could lie down and consume the sun rays,
without having to put on any sun lotion until later.
I certainly hoped the breeze was up there as expected….

Whenever I want to reach the ledge, I have two paths to follow. Either straight up a mountain side,
which involves a bit of climbing, or walk around the top and enter the ledge from behind and
above, which meant a longer walk, but an easier one.
Fortunately, it would turn out, I decided to do the latter!

When I was starting my descend from the top down to the ledge, I was surprised to see someone
already occupying “my” spot. Damn! No one ever came up here, this was a first, and I thought
about retreating and find somewhere else.
But, as luck would have it, I took a closer look and found to my astonishment that whoever
was down there were lying down NUDE, and it was a female!

Wow! My curiosity (and my horniness!) made me go closer and investigate.
This was a gorgeous young female, perhaps 17, short and curvy, blond hair (blue eyes as I
later found out) and her tits were amazing; full, abundant, with thick nipples and a large
deep brown areola, but not saggy at all!
She was lying on a thin pad, wearing only a set of earplugs connected to a walkman, which
sounded like blasting into her ears. Lucky for me, because it meant I could approach her
without her noticing me. And better still, she was engaged in a serious masturbation,
her eyes closed, frigging her cunt with gusto and squashing her soft melons, moaning hard!

I already had my camera ready and started to take several shots of her performance, in different
angles, zooming in on her private parts now and again.
What a delightful sight, my manhood slowly rising to the occasion, which made me feeling more and
more uncomfortable. I let go of my camera and started to disrobe quietly, making sure she did
not sense my presence. She was too busy anyway, so I managed to shed my clothes completely
and got down on my knees just beside her. Taking one of her tits in my mouth, I barely managed
to suck on her delicious nipple, before she jumped up, tearing her earphones off, yelling
“What the fuck!” – and – “Mr. Evans!?”.

That’s when I noticed who she was: Betty, one of the few young girls in my neighbourhood!
I must admit to having ogled her (and her friends, all equally hot) whenever I met upon her.
Here she was, using “my” spot in search for an orgasmic pleasure, one I would have died to
give her myself. And soon I did!

She desperately tried to cover herself, but her clothes were behind me in her bag, and I was
holding her down slightly, even though she could not run away.
“Betty,” I said “You seem to enjoy Yourself today?”. “I, I…” she stammered.
“Don’t be afraid. I won’t tell anyone. As long as You agree to my proposal!”
“What proposal?” she whispered and swallowed.

“Well, I thought we could continue what You just started and have a good time, since we’re both
alone up here?” “What do You mean? I can not be with You! You’re old enough to be my father!”;
she started to become a bit certain of herself.
In fact I was only 15 years her senior, but when You’re at her age, everyone older than 20 is
going senile, at least in their eyes.
“Well, I have a few pictures of You, playing with Yourself, which I easily can print out and
send to Your parents, friends and school! Would You prefer that?”
She held her breath and a tear started to emerge from her eyes.
“Nooh….” she uttered, hardly audible.

My dick was now at full mast and I took the opportunity of her confusion to straddle her
chest facing her. My rod was bobbing in her face and she were staring at it, wide eyed
and grimacing. “Just open Your mouth and let me teach You how You may pleasure a man!”
“You’ll enjoy it too, darling Betty.” “Nooo…” she Escort mumbled and shook her head from side to side.
“Remember the photos!” I sternly told her, and she froze.

Without much hesitation, I simply let my cock head slide inside her warm and wet oral cave,
the experience sending a chill down my spine. “Damn, this is heavenly” I thought to myself.
She on the other hand seemed somewhat uncomfortable, having such a large object entering her
mouth for the first time. It turned out, she was a virgin in all respects and her sucking
skills were nonexistent. I began to move my dick further inside her mouth and was soon entering
her throat, but not without her starting to gag. I retreated from her throat to ease her pain.
“Stay calm, breath thru Your nose and simply try to swallow it!” I told her.
She seemed to get my message and calmed down.
“Now rotate Your tongue around the head and along the base.”
“And stick Your tongue in my peehole as much as You can!”
She was an attentive pupil and tried her best to comply.
I continued my attack on her throat and moved my dick back and forth,
holding on to her head and fucking her face vigorously.
What a unexpected treat this mountain trip turned out to be!

While she tried her best to satisfy me orally, I had my hand in her slit, moving first one,
then two fingers inside her shaven cunt.
I really enjoy women who shave their crotch; it makes their important parts so much easier
to access and there’s nothing to obstruct the view of the delicious female genitals!
By now, Betty was squirming and moaning “loud” (she was almost muted by my cock).
Her throat muscles flexed and tensed hard around my cock deep inside her,
which sent me over the edge in no time.
My cock started to swell inside her, which she noticed too.
“OK, I’m starting to cum, Betty!” “Make sure You swallow ALL my cream!!”
Then a huge load of cum blasted deep inside her throat, making her gag slightly,
but she managed to swallow most of my precious cream.
After 5-6 spurts, most of which my dear Betty managed to gulp down, I was drained.
Some sperm leaked out thru her lips, running down her chin and neck, glistening in the
bright daylight. I scooped up as much of the leakage as possible and fed her.

“Keep sucking my dick, Betty!” I ordered her.
I kept my rod inside her mouth for a while, enjoying the warmth of her saliva.
As I removed from her mouth, my dick was still fully erect, thanks to Betty and her
continued pleasuring of my cock.
She on the other hand slumped down on her pad, seemingly exhausted.

Moving down to her chest, I took first one tit in my mouth, sucking and biting her nipple.
The other tit, I massaged and squeezed quite hard. Then I swapped tits.
Betty started to moan and cry softly. She would gasp each time I bit hard on her nipple,
almost to the point of blood leaking out.
I mauled and kissed each tit, enjoying her response to my performance.
Her nipples seemed to grow even bigger from my administration,
and they were so delicious I could have licked and sucked them forever.
She was soon covered in hickeys and bitemarks from my intense action.
Sweat started to appear on her forehead and in the valley between her tits.
It tasted ever so sweet when I licked all over her beautiful mammaries.
Squeezing them together, I straddled her chest and began to pound my cock in and out of this
artificial orifice, which gave me intense gratification and led me to the brink of cumming.

Not wanting to risk cumming too early, I moved further down her abdomen
until I had her vaginal paradise in full view.
Holding her thighs back and wide open with my hands I started to kiss and lick from the top
of her mons, all the way down to her anal opening, causing her moaning to go faster and louder.
Moving back again I sucked her engorged clit firmly into my mouth.
This caused it to swell noticeably and made Betty squirm, her moaning increasing to an even higher
level and I could feel her getting seriously moist and sensitive.
I curled my tongue and started to penetrate her cunt with it as deep as possible,
wiggling my nose against her clit. This was unbelievably hot!
I inhaled her delicious scent and slurped her cream, never wanting this moment to end!
Within minutes she bucked her hips, shook furiously and cried out her orgasm and flushed my
face with her warm cunt honey. I swallowed as much as I could of her sweet nectar,
but most of it escaped, wetting my face, her thighs and the sun pad.

Seizing the opportunity of her ecstatic bliss, I prepared my next move.
I took hold of her knees, lifting them and forcing them back, until her arms were locked down,
keeping her fully under my command. Her butt lifted from the pad, giving me perfect access to
my most desired target: her virgin cunt!

Betty seemed to know what was about to happen and started to protest:
“NOOO! Escort Bayan Mr. Evans! Please don’t! I’m still a virgin!! AAAAGGHHHH!!”
Not giving her protests any attention, I led my hard cock to her cunt opening and forced my way in.
“AAAAUUUU!!! NOOOOO!!!” she cried.
Her vaginal tunnel was narrow, clasping my dick as I continued inside.
Not far within her cunt I reached her virginal defense, as I expected.
With a quick thrust, I ruptured her hymen and moved further inside, until I reached her cervix.
An inch of my dick was still outside her vagina. God, was she small!

I let my dick rest inside her for a bit, to let her recover from the violent attack.
She bled quite a bit, but this only added to the lubrication of her cunt and the bleeding
soon stopped. Betty was now sobbing but also shaking.
I leaned down and took hold of both her tits, mauling them with my hands.
Not stalling any longer, I started to withdraw my cock until only the head was inside her.
Her vaginal walls tried to hold me back, but with a forceful push I again bottomed out.
Betty yelled out loud: “AAAAUUUUGGGGGHHHH!!”

I started a rhythmic in out movement inside her, slow at first, but picking up speed fast,
until I was fucking her with vigour and great force.
Since I had already cum in her mouth (a lot too) I managed to keep up for almost 40 minutes.
Meanwhile, Betty was both moaning and sobbing, eyes closed.
She seemed to enjoy her unwelcome fate more and more and I soon noticed a smile on her face.
No doubt this was a hot little bitch! I could feel her orgasm hard at least twice, holding
her breath and shaking uncontrollably, wetting my fuck pole with more of her warm elixir.
As could be expected, I was in pussy heaven, and even Betty beamed ecstatic satisfaction
from our magical love making!

“Oh shit!” a sudden thought entered my mind!
“How ooold aaare You, dear Betty?” I managed to stammer.
At first she seemed to ignore me, but finally she opened her eyes and spoke:
“I just turned 16!”. “Ah, Thank God!!” (Our sexual age limit is 16)
I suddenly pictured myself locked up and saw my freedom vanish before my eyes!
Thankfully, I could keep on fucking my hot vixen, her butt and abdomen shaking wildly
while her mugs were trapped under her legs. She was so incredibly hot!

At last my member started to swell and another thought came to me:
“Shit, she probably isn’t on the pill!” and of course I had no rubber on.
Too late, my volcano was erupting, sending hot baby-making lava out my hard and hurting manhood,
filling her ripe uterus with my tiny, tail wagging soldiers of misfortune.
Betty could also feel what was about to happen and cried out loud:
“NOOOOOOOHHH!!! You cannot cum inside me, Mr. Evans!!!”
“Sorry, mi amor! AAAAAAAAHHHH! Sweet Jesus!”
Spurt after spurt came gushing out my cock and kept filling my hot young bitch.
Shock and satisfaction were both evident in the eyes of my baby, filled with tears of joy.
I kept pounding her cunt hard till I was totally spent, feeling well how long her
orgasm kept flowing, her body shaking and her cunt pulsating trying to milk my cock.
I have never cum so hard in my life and stars seemed to shine before me.
Streams of semen came in a steady flow down her butt as soon as I removed my now deflating cock.

I slumped into Betty’s embrace, letting her legs down and kissed her softly.
She was still breathing fast, but I wrapped my arm around her neck and pulled her close.
I forced her lips open with my tongue and pushed deep inside her mouth.
I went on an oral expedition and sucked her tongue with force.
Soon our tongues were fighting hard in a sloppy form of WWII, sucking, licking and
penetrating each other mouths.
This hot man teaser really gave her all and kissed back like a pro.

All this oral excitement soon trickled down to my “virgin conqueror” and I could feel it
stir once again. I ordered Betty to lie face down on the pad and to get on all fours.
She happily complied and I moved behind her.
I started to lick her bum hole, which made Betty shiver and gasp.
I entered two fingers inside her cunt and was greeted with a thick mixture of semen, blood
and pussy juice. With my soaking fingers I managed to pry open her ass hole and make sure
she became well lubricated inside her bum.
She was soon ready for my third “unwelcome” attack of the day: her ass!

Betty probably anticipated what would happen, so when I led my cock to her bum and was ready
to enter, her ass hole was shut tight. But she never saw my next move coming:
SLAP! I used my right hand to spank her right buttocks hard. Her nice round ass cheek vibrated
and got red in an instant. SLAP! My left hand hit her left cheek in the same manner.
Betty squealed like a beaten pig at each blow and her tits bounced wildly below her.
SLAP! On the third blow I managed to enter her sphincter with ease since her body Bayan Escort now was
occupied with the slapping pain. With a loud plop I finally was inside her bum.
Betty managed to keep silent, but gasped and started to breath fast.
Her rear hole were even tighter than her pussy, but I managed to wiggle my way inside her,
until my balls met her pussy. I rested for a bit, but soon withdrew my cock completely.

I spanked her with extensive force once again, held a tight grip on her hips and with a
quick push bottomed in her anal cave. Betty let out a loud and heavy groan and raised her head
abruptly and with eyes closed. Her rear was now a deep red from all the spanking, but I added
a few more slaps to make her bum shake in that wonderful, lustful way.
I then took hold of Betty’s shoulders and started ramming my cock hard into her behind,
sending shivers thru my spine and giving Betty great pleasure too, judging by her loud moans
and heavy pussy vibrations.

I plowed hard into Betty’s behind for twenty minutes or so, feasting on the warm and moist
feel of her bum, her bouncing tits, her moans and the contractions she (unconsciously?)
made with her anal muscle, milking my dick as I pounded her ass.
Several times during this “attack” Betty held her breath, started to shake violently
and arched her back, finally letting go with a loud “OOOOOOHHHHHH!!! MY GOD!!”
On her third orgasm I no longer could hold back and let my fire hose fill her burning bum
with white creamy fluids. I was in anal heaven, seeing stars one more time.

WOW! This feisty nymph had me completely drained and I had to lie down.
Cuddling together we both dropped off to sleep for an hour or so.
Thankfully, the sun had been blocked by thin skies almost as soon as I reached
the mountain top or we would have been seriously burned during our excesses!
It was warm enough to like naked though and we enjoyed our embrace on the sun pad.

When I finally opened my eyes again, I was greeted with the sight of Betty sucking on my newly
revived cock with a devilishly grin on her face!
I was lying on my back and when my cock was good and ready, Betty straddled me and led my dick
into her moist love canal. I could only raise my head and enjoy the sight of her lowering
herself completely on my manhood.
I never believed in angels before, but here I was being “molested” by my very own Mountain Angel
intent on giving both of us extreme pleasure.
She raised herself till only the tip of my cock was inside her, then dropping hard down on me,
exclaiming “OOOHHH MY GOD!!!”. She now started to fuck me slowly up and down, closing her eyes,
moaning and whining all the time.
The sight of her tits bouncing up and down drow me wild and I started to push up against her
trying to fuck even deeper inside her. She was now able to take all my manhood without problem,
burying it deep within her cervix.

I took hold of her tits swaying before my eyes and mauled them hard, twirling her nipples with
my fingers. I also slapped them, lightly at first, but seeing her highly sensual response to
my tit-spanking, I increased my power a notch or two, giving her tits the same deep red color
her ass received earlier.
Betty just moaned harder and harder until she could once again enjoy an earth shattering
orgasm, never once stopping her movement up and down my stiff rod.

After some 15 minutes of incredible fucking by my darling Betty, my balls started to feel
like bursting, which they did, all the way thru my steel member, sputtering several loads of
semen deep in Betty’s birth canal.
Luckily, she also came hard as I ejaculated, slumping down in my arms.
She looked heavenly satisfied staring deep into my eyes and kissed me tenderly.
I was also fully spent, merry from the fact that I had conquered both the mountain and
it’s Angel on this hot and bright day.

With a huge grin on both our faces we lay cuddling for a while, before deciding to get
dressed and head home before dark fell upon us.
When we were almost home, we kissed once again and agreed to repeat our encounter the next day.
From that day forward, we met regularly, sometimes on our secret ledge, sometimes back in
my apartment, always engaged in hot and mind-blowing sex.

A few weeks later it turned out I had managed to impregnate little Betty, probably after
our first intercourse on the mountain. Her parents were quite understanding and accepted
our newfound partnership. They insisted I should marry Betty when she turned 18, and I had no
trouble accepting this term, since my feelings for Betty had become stronger ever since we
first met on the mountain.

After two blissful years we tied the knot and are now living happily together.
And the sex still remains magic and fulfilling for both of us.

…Our three lovely children still lives at home…
…The pictures I took of sweet Betty is still on my PC…
…I never showed them to anyone, but we still enjoy a peek now and again…
…Since that day, I have photographed her body several times, both nude and otherwise…

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