Mrs. Lee – Part 3

We all sat and drank wine on the back deck. It was a perfect night for it: warm summer breeze, not a cloud in the sky. Amber and I sat on a bench, and Mrs. Lee was on her husbands lap. I guess this is what they looked like when they acted to be one big happy family. I chuckled to myself thinking about it and about how Mrs.Lee probably still had my load inside her.We made small talk about our summer plans and Amber said she was excited about starting college. Mrs. Lee made a sarcastic remarks about Amber finally being able to move out, and Mr. Lee acted as a mediator between the two. I’d hate to know what these two would be like around each other without the wine! I started feeling buzzed and really relaxed around them all. Amber excused herself when her phone rang.”Must be phone sex time time,” Mrs.Lee said, looking at her watch before explaining to me, “Amber’s boyfriend is going to be in the army so he is away for basic training right now. So, whenever he gets some phone privileges, they have their phone fucks.” “You don’t know that’s what they are doing, Becky,” said Robert, coming to his daughters defence.”Oh yes I do Robert… I’m the one that does the laundry around here, unless you have another explanation why she always changes her sheets after one of her little phone calls. The big wet spots are a dead giveaway,” Mrs. Lee whispered, looking at me from her husband’s lap. “Oh my god, woman. Do you think our guest really wants to be hearing about all of this?” Robert said, trying to change the topic but with no luck.”Stop being a prude, Roger. Look at him, he’s a good looking young man. I’m sure he’s seen plenty of girls his age play ankara travesti with their little pussies,” said Mrs. Lee, still looking at me and noticeably buzzed from the wine. She startied to grind in her husband’s lap. “Some people take sex as pleasure not a chore, Robert. Must be something Amber learned from her mother, she sure in hell didn’t get it from you, did she dear?”Robert didn’t answer but he did lower his head, almost in a submissive manner. Mrs. Lee continued to look at me as she ground away, rubbing her thick ass right there on his crotch. I could tell she was getting turned on, biting her lower lip. I’m not going to lie, it was a little awkward but sexy at the same time. I’d just fucked her an hour ago and she was already craving more. Wow! I was just beginning to understand how really strong was Mrs. Lee’s sex drive. I decided to give them some alone time and excused myself to the bathroom.As I made my way to the top of the stairs, I heard Amber’s door open and she appeared in the doorway, wearing what I guessed she slept in — a long white t-shirt. She was obviously without a bra, her perky tits pressed against the thin material making it easy to see her hard little nipples. The shirt was mid-thigh length so it was hard to know if she had anything else on under that shirt. She continued talking on the phone, her voice getting louder as though she wanted me to hear.”Yes, Tony I need you. I miss you, the way you kiss me, the way you touch me… mmm, yes, the way you fuck me, too.” Her voice, seductive yet innocent, instantly turned me on. She knew it by the smile she gave me before turning around to go back into her room. travesti ankara I noticed she didn’t shut the door and I could faintly hear her voice when I entered the bathroom. I looked up and saw a vent where the sound was coming through.Her conversation turned dirty — and quite fast. I guess Mrs. Lee was right about her phone calls. I heard her telling him the way she wanted to suck him off.”Mmm, yes, nice and slow, lick up your cock , suck on the tip while my hands glide up and down your cock.” Speaking slowly, her breathing was getting heavier, her sexual moans louder. I’m not sure about the person on the other end, but I know what she was saying and how she was saying it, was doing the trick for me. I stood in the bathroom and wrapped a hand around my hardening cock. Without even thinking, I started stroking myself to her words, imagining seeing her earlier playing with herself and knowing she was doing it again in the room next to me. My cock was rock hard as I slowly stroked up and down my shaft, feeling myself throb to the point where a thick drop of pre-cum leaked from the tip. All of a sudden, I couldn’t hear Amber any more but I was too worked up to stop stroking now. I kept it nice and slow for a couple of seconds, before hearing Amber’s voice once again. But this time she was standing in the bathroom doorway looking right at me. She smiled, putting one finger to her lips: be quiet.She kept talking dirty on the phone while she stepped closer to me, sittingt on the edge of the bathtub next to me. She reached out with her free hand and took hold of my hard cock. She looked up, smiling and having one of the dirtiest phone sex sessions ankara travestiler I’ve ever heard. She began to stroke me, her tiny hand too small to fit around the girth of my thick nine inch black cock. Her hand squeezed tight, gliding slowly up to the top , finally reaching the thick head of my pre-cum dripping dick.I saw the amazement in her eyes, both from my size and how much my cock was leaking. She rubbed my fat tip with her small palm as if to lubricate it with my pre-cum. She then slid her hand down my cock with great ease, coating me in my own juices. She repeated this until my whole length was slippery. Then she pumped my cock faster as she told the voice on the other end how she was imagining stroking him.”It’s so big and veiny,” she said, “I can feel you throbbing. You like the way my little hand looks around it ,don’t you? Hmmm, I bet you do; I bet you love the way it looks, stroking your big yummy cock.”Her words were so true — for me at least. I watched as she stroked faster and faster, keeping a firm grip on my cock.”Please, I want it… I need it… cum for me, baby,” she said looking into my eyes. At this point, I had no clue if she was still talking to the person on the phone or me. But my cock did not care, erupting to her words almost on cue. I shot a thick load, hitting her face, phone, and neck. She didn’t even blink but kept smiling, even more excited, while pumping my cock. A couple more thick streams shot out, not as far but twice as thick, splashing to the floor.It felt so good, letting her finish me off. Her handjob skills were even better than her step-mothers. After she had every drop out of my cock, she winked, stood up, and left me, still talking on the phone and not even bothering to wipe away the big thick gob of cum dangling from her chin. I watcher her leave: she looked so cute but now I also had a clue to how dirty she was. 

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