Mrs. Parker’s Massage, Part III


Margaret arrived at Matthew’s studio for her now regular Saturday morning appointment.  Matthew was already naked and opened the door with his characteristic grin and welcomed her with a tight hug.  Margaret could feel Matthew’s swelling cock against her belly as she was just wearing a loose t-shirt.Margaret undressed in the bathroom.  When she came naked into the massage room Matthew was seated next to the massage table. “Mrs. Parker, today I uh, I want you to start by laying on your back.”“OK, sure sweetie, that’s fine.  Something different each time,” she chuckled.“Well, uh, actually, I want to talk to you about something.”“Matthew, is everything OK?” Margaret asked.“Yes, everything’s fine.  Here, lay down and let’s get started.  I kind of have a confession to make,” he said without making eye contact.“A confession?  What do you mean?”Matthew stood up along side Margaret and placed his left hand on her shoulder while his right hand stroked her leg and thigh several times before resting gently on her pussy.“Well, do you remember when I was in school and you had hall duty outside the locker room?”“Of course I do.  When you and Stephen came out of the shower and you both waved to me naked?  You were bahçesehir escort both so cute when you did that.  It was our fairly well kept secret, except once when the dean, Ms. Smith came to talk to me and saw you two boys walking past.  She almost fainted.”“Well, I have to confess that the times you saw me naked weren’t exactly innocent or coincidental.”“What do you mean?”“Well I always fantasized about you, Mrs. Parker.  I knew you were standing there and I wanted you to see me naked.  I fantasized about making love to you.”Now, for the first time, Matthew started gently playing with her pussy with his fingers.  Margaret’s pussy started getting wet.“Each day I would get braver and stand naked in front of the open door longer.  I was hoping that you would look my way.  I was hoping you, well, you liked what you saw.”“I went home each afternoon and masturbated to you.  Jerking my dick wildly to the thought of being naked in front of you.”“Once I almost got busted by Stephen because after one of those extended exposures when you seemed to be staring at my cock I returned to my locker with a full blown erection.  Stephen asked me if I got a boner because of his mom.”“I lied and told him beylikdüzü bayan escort it was because three cheerleaders walked by, saw me, stopped and stared at me.  But it was because of you.  I feel so ashamed, but I thought you should know.”“Matthew, since we are sharing, I have a confession to make too.  I loved looking at you naked after your shower.  When I was done with hall supervision, I had my planning period.  I usually went into the teachers’ washroom and masturbated to the thought of you.  Actually, I always fantasized about you being inside me.”With that comment, Mrs. Parker took her hand and placed it over Matthew’s hand and pushed his fingers inside her wet pussy.  He needed little encouragement and quickly pushed his fingers in and out of Margaret’s pussy stopping only to rub it with his open palm.  Mrs. Parker moaned quietly.“Matthew I have always wanted you inside me ever since I saw you in the locker room.  I want your fat, hard, throbbing cock inside of my pussy.  I want to feel you stretch me out with your engorged cock.  And then I want to feel your hot cum blasting into me.”Matthew leaned over while keeping his fingers in Margaret’s pussy.  Their lips met escort beylikdüzü and Matthew placed is chest on Margaret’s breasts.  Their tongues danced feverishly as their mouths locked.Matthew looked down at his hand and playfully rubbed it over her pussy.  He looked back at Margaret and grinned as he brought his hand up to his mouth and slowly licked each finger clean of her juices.  Once his hand was clean, he said, “Mrs. Parker, you came for a massage and I am going to give you one!  Now turn over!”Margaret was in no hurry as she had the entire day to make love with Matthew.  She slapped his ass and said, “You big tease,” as she rolled over on her stomach.Matthew poured warm oil on her back and started long flowing stretches as he stood at her head.  Margaret loved looking at Matthew’s youthful feet through the face rest. Margaret lowered her arms and reached over to pull Matthew’s nude body closer towards her.  She placed her hands on his ass and squeezed tightly leaving a little bruise as he stretched down the length of her back and pinched her pussy.  On the return stroke he ran his fingers across her asshole making her shudder with delight.Margaret lifted her head and guided his cock into her mouth with her tongue.   She swirled her tongue around the tip of his cock and then without warning the entire length of his cock disappeared into her mouth.  Matthew collapsed onto Margaret’s back and gently bit her ass cheeks as her head bobbed up and down his shaft.

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