Mud Sliding at Jackass Ginger


In high school we were encouraged to join clubs or do volunteer work to show college admissions officers we were “well-rounded.” I joined the Chess Club and went to one meeting. I don’t know how to play chess and after taking one look at those who do I didn’t want to learn. I joined the Camera Club and went to two meetings. I like photography, but the folks in the Camera Club were just interested in geeky aspects of developing film.

Looking further afield, I spoke to our local community theater and discovered they needed folks to run the follow spots. These are the large lights in the back of the theater that put a performer in a bright circle of light — and follow the performer as they move around the stage. What could be better? I could see each performance from a prime vantage point and have the fun of firing up a large arc lamp and trying to “hit” the performer when I opened the shutter.

I live in Honolulu. Our community theater is very active with its own building (a World War II theater built to only last a few years), some semi-professional actors, and an enthusiastic audience. My fellow follow spot operators were old. Very old. They were happy to have a younger volunteer and I was happy to have them pamper me with homemade cookies.

Off I went to university, apparently having convinced the admissions officer that my “well rounded” credentials were bona fide.

When I returned home after my freshman year at college in New York, I went back to my follow spot booth for evening performances. My elderly friends were still there, and I was pleased to find a young lady, Tiare, had joined the crew. Tiare was in her early 20’s and what we in Hawaii call “hapa” — a chop suey of Caucasian, Polynesian, and Oriental ancestry. Lovely caramel color skin, slightly wavy long black hair, athletic body, and gorgeous almond-shaped eyes. It’s “hapa” ladies that make male tourists’ knees tremble.

Tiare was gorgeous — yet modest. Her outward beauty was complimented by her cheerful personality and perpetual smile. She was named after the Tiare Tahiti, a gardenia flower that sweetly scents evening trade winds.

Tiare lived in near-by Waikiki — in a second-floor apartment on Kuhio Avenue with floor-to ceiling glass louver windows. She worked at the front desk of the Surfrider Hotel, within walking distance of her home. Tiare didn’t have a car so she took the bus to the community theater.

Ever the gentleman, I explained that I drove by her apartment on the way to the theater and would be glad to pick her up and drop her off whenever we were on the same shift. There were two lights, so always a two-person crew. The elderly follow spot chairman could see the wisdom of scheduling Tiare and I together.

Arrangements made and we became good friends. We watched “Bells are Ringing” together many times, singing quietly along to the songs, and each trying to be more accurate than the other at hitting our performer with their follow spot. We started stopping off for dessert or drinks after each performance.

I learned her apartment had two bedrooms, the second occupied by her high school friend Keoki. He worked as a beach boy at the Surfrider. He was a large Hawaiian guy, broad shoulders, with the deep tan that comes from working shirtless on Waikiki Beach every day. His job was to set up sun lounges for the visiting tourists, bring them fresh towels, and happily fuck lonely ladies who admired his traditional tattoos and bulge in his board shorts.

The beach boy pick-up line — which I’d successfully used a few times myself — was to ask the lady if it snowed where she lived. The answer was invariably “yes,” and it’s always nice to start a conversation where the lady says “yes.” You’d then explain how you’d never seen snow and ask that it be described, particularly the feeling of snowflakes falling on your skin and tongue. All that remained was to get the hotel name, room number, and preferred meeting time. It worked on summer co-eds and mature cougars and everything in between.

But back to Tiare. When a new musical opens at the community theater the Board would host a post-performance cocktail party at Michel’s. The opening night audience was invited, as were cast and crew. Michel’s is an expensive classical French restaurant on Waikiki Beach, but the theater cocktail party occurred when the dinner patrons had gone home.

Tiare and I worked the Friday opening night of “Most Happy Fella,” and we went to Michel’s for the party. We drank free champagne, ate free canapes, and made observations about other guests at the party. On the way to her apartment Tiare asked me if I wanted to go mud sliding at Jackass Ginger the next day.

“Yes, sure” I replied, escort izmir and told her I’d pick her up at about 11:00 am.

Mud sliding takes place in the rain forest, on a red dirt slope above a stream. Over time the hundreds of butts going down the slope wear a deep groove in the mud. It’s like the luge — but with your ass in the mud. The slope was surrounded by fragrant wild ginger and yellow bamboo.

There are lots of cut-off bleach bottles near the slide. Folks use them to carry water up from Nu`uanu Stream to the top of the groove to wet the mud and speed the ride.

I met Tiare in front of her apartment. As mud sliding is rough on your clothes, she was wearing cutoff jeans and t-shirt and carrying and old towel. I dressed in a similar fashion.

I drove us up the Old Pali Road, and we hiked the relatively short distance to Jackass Ginger. This is long before social media, and its location was largely secret. We were pleased that it was deserted, although there were signs that many had gone sliding the day before — the groove was very wet, and the slides were fast.

Up and down we went until we were exhausted — and thoroughly muddy.

Below Jackass Ginger is a natural pool in the stream. The water is very cold compared to the Pacific Ocean, but we were hot from all the sliding. We jumped in — fully clothed and encased in sticky mud.

While swimming we did our best to get the mud out of our hair, off our faces, and off our clothes. The routine is to take off your shorts and t-shirt and toss them on a dry rock while you continued to enjoy the pool. I’d done this on many occasions with my friends, but never with a lady. Tiare also knew the drill. She wiggled out of her shorts and t-shirt while still in the water and tossed them up on the sunny rock. I did the same.

We swam a bit, talked some more, and the hot rock worked quickly on our shorts and shirts. They were no longer soaking wet, just damp.

We climbed out of the water and both realized our white underwear was now see-though. With guys we’d simply shed our underwear, make jokes about penises shrunken by the cold, and put on our warm, slightly damp clothes. But Tiare was definitely not a guy.

Tiare and I were, at this stage, good friends. While I certainly was observant of her beauty, I’d never held her hand or kissed her. But I hadn’t seen her in a near naked state before, and she was lovely. Her breasts were firm and fulsome, and I could see her perky nipples through her wet bra.

My view of her boobs and her athletic body soon sent my blood heading south and my growing erection was now visible through my see-through Jockeys.

Tiare smiled, shrugged, and took off her bra. She stood there for a moment looking at me as I marveled at her perfect boobs. I smiled back and pulled off my Jockeys. I stood there as she looked at my fully erect cock.

She pulled off her underwear and I admired her nice black bush with its gorgeous sheen. We said nothing. Neither of us were bashful about having a long look at the other.

We then put on our damp clothes and hiked back to the car. We chatted along the hike as though nothing unusual had just happened.

I was staying at my grandparents’ house a short drive away while they were on a tour of Eastern Europe. I parked in the garage and we both went down the path to the kitchen door. Tiare said we shouldn’t go into the house in damp and slightly muddy clothes and took hers off. I followed her lead.

The two of us walked, naked, down the hallway to the bedrooms. I got fresh towels and showed Tiare into the guest bathroom. It had a sunken Japanese furo tub — with a shower head above. I offered to shower in the master bedroom, but Tiare simply asked “Why?”

She jumped down in the furo tub and ran the shower water until it was warm. I joined her.

Warm water. Naked skin. Shampoo. Soap.

She tipped her head backwards to let the shower run through her black hair. I moved closer and bent over to kiss her neck. I heard a slight moan, and she brought her head forward and pulled me towards her. We kissed for the first time. My erect dick folded up against her firm tummy.

I cupped my hands beneath her butt cheeks and felt very happy. Our kisses were gentle — not hungry. Not yet.

It is impossible for a man to shower with a woman and not want to thoroughly clean her boobs with soap. Lots of soap. Lots of rubbing and gently squeezing nipples. Tiare reciprocated with her efforts to clean my prick with her soapy hands — very clean. I was no longer thinking of Tiare as a friend and follow spot companion. I was thinking about the dark bush of her pussy and hoping that I’d soon be sliding my penis around izmir escort bayan it, along it, and into it.

The hot water began to fade, so we quickly rinsed and dried with the fluffy towels. Tiare walked across the hall into one of the guest rooms. We stood by the side of the bed and I began kissing her again. Hungry. She wrapped her arms around my chest and nibbled on my lips.

She fell backwards onto the bed and I gently fell on top of her. I held my dick and moved it up and down her wet slit, thinking of sliding down the groove of wet red dirt a little while ago.

I then did slow circles of her swollen clit with the head of my cock. Her moans told me I was getting it right, so I did it more.

When I could take no more, I put the tip of my penis at the entrance to her vagina. I knew that simply pushing would change the nature of our relationship. I didn’t know if she wanted to take this step.

“In me,” she whispered, “you in me.”

“Fuck yes,” I said, without much eloquence, and pushed. She moaned. I moaned.

She felt wonderful.

When I lost my virginity with Mikki I knew her vagina would be wet and slippery, but its softness and warmth were an amazing surprise. I’d been with a few women since, but none as voluptuous or as warm inside as Tiare. Tiare wasn’t shy, and that was refreshing. No pretense. She simply told me what she liked and I dutifully obliged.

I was ready to cum, but on some semi-conscious level I didn’t want to soil the inside of this lovely lady with my semen. A minute or two later I had no choice, and I pulsed and ejaculated multiple times, sending my semen deep into darkness.

In these days, in the late 1960’s, I knew nothing of female orgasms. Looking back, I doubt Tiare had an orgasm, or even knew what she was missing. We lay side-by-side, and I started gently playing with all that luscious black hair on her pussy. After a while she sat up, moved a little, and I found the head of my limp penis in her mouth. She was gently moving her tongue over the head of my penis, and my moans directed her to my frenulum, the “V” notch on the bottom of the head. As with many guys, that’s the most sensitive part of my dick — and even a gentle rub here will turn me on. Tiare’s tongue licking my notch quickly produced a new erection. I rolled her on her back and put my nose and mouth near her pussy. I was approaching from the side, to eat her out left to right rather than up and down. I find it easier to quickly move my tongue sideways rather than up-and-down.

My tongue found its way into her vulva — and I could tase and smell our earlier fuck. The earthy smell of cunt, the slightly salty taste of cum, and the overall smell of sweat blended with Tiare’s own scent.

The front doorbell rang.

I lifted my head for a moment and said, “Ignore it.”

“Yesss,” she whispered.

I continued to lick and suck, and the doorbell continued to ring.

Reluctantly, naked and very erect, I went into the hallway and shouted, with obvious annoyance, “Who is it?”

“Keoki,” came the reply.

I went back in the bedroom, grabbed a towel, and wrapped it around my waist, and went to the front door to politely ask Keoki to go away.

When I opened the door, Keoki, dressed in a t-shirt and cut-off jeans, was grinning at me.

“Hey, I came to go mud sliding with you and Tiare,” he said.

“You’re too late, b’ra. We’re pau,” I replied. B’ra is pidgin for brother — or friend. And pau is Hawaiian for finished.

“I saw your car and thought you’d both be here,” he replied.

Before I could say anything Tiare shouted from the bedroom, “Hey, b’ra, we’re fucking.”

Keoki laughed, and in a surprise move grabbed my towel and pulled it off me.

“I thought so,” he said, looking at my dick and giving me a big smile.

He then walked down the hall and found Tiare lying where I left her, spread eagle on the bed.

“Got room for me?” He said, grabbing his t-shirt collar at the back of his neck and pulling it over his head.

I was reminded how muscular he was.

“You wait,” Tiare replied.

Keoki’s cutoff jeans were off in a second. He wore no underwear and was already erect. I expected a huge cock to match the size of his torso but was pleased to declare the Cocksmanship Race a tie. He got points for thickness, but mine was longer.

Tiare looked at me with her come-hither eyes, and said, “Come, Keoki can wait.” She spread her legs and little and started to rub her clit.

I felt self-conscious. I’d seen my share of dicks in locker rooms and had watched porn. I’d had a threesome with two college girls. Keoki’s bulk made him a presence that couldn’t be ignored. Tiare’s scent izmir escortlar and the glistening hair of her pussy grabbed me — and I was soon quickly sliding my tongue back and forth in her vulva again.

I was vaguely aware of Keoki sitting at the head of the bed and could see Tiare gently stoking his cock with her right hand.

“Now! Fuck me!” she said, in a tone of voice she’d never used with me before.

I stood by the side of the bed, and gently pulled her by the underside of her knees so that her pussy was within easy reach of my cock. I lifted her feet and put them against my shoulders. She was wet and my cock slipped in — all the way in — easily. And there was that warmth, that softness, that squeeze of her cunt. I was absorbed and forgot Keoki.

I like to do short, shallow strokes — there are many more nerves at the entrance to the vagina than in the depths. On the occasions that the head of my penis came out, her slippery vulva — like the mudslide groove — directed me back to the depths.

When fucking I lose all sense of time. After a while I was approaching that point of no return.

“I’m cumming,” I said.

“On my tummy,” she asked, just barely in time.

I pulled out and shot my load on her caramel-colored, firm tummy. She put her finger in my cum and put a little in her mouth, like tasting cake frosting. She then rubbed the rest of it — and there was a lot, considering this was my second pop — into her skin, like suntan lotion.

I put her legs down — her feet almost reached the floor — and stepped back, proudly surveying my work.

But not for long.

Keoki sprang up to a kneeling position at the head of the bed, and Tiare knew what to do. Within seconds she was on all fours and had eagerly backed into Keoki’s waiting cock. He held her by her waist and they moved effortlessly together. They’d certainly done this many times before. I stood at the foot of the bed so I could see both of their faces. Keoki’s eyes were closed, and his breathing was heavy. Tiare was smiling at me.

It didn’t take that long for Keoki to cum, and without asking he shot his load all over her back. He put his dick back inside Tiare for a warm-down, and then rolled over on his back, spent.

Tiare, still on all fours, asked me to clean up her back. I went to get a towel and she said, “No, no. Rub it in.”

I’d have done anything for Tiare, so rubbing another man’s cum into her lovely back seemed perfectly fine.

She then rolled over on her back, in the middle of the bed, next to Keoki.

There was nothing left for me to do but the lie on my back on the remaining third of the bed. Tiare then held both of our flaccid cocks, and quietly said, “Mahalo.” The Hawaiian word for thank you.

We all fell asleep.

In very early morning my throbbing erection and grumbling stomach work me up. Tiare and Keoki were still sound asleep. I was horny and hungry, having had no lunch or dinner the day before.

But mostly I was horny. I gently moved my left hand down and began to gently move my fingernails over her inner thighs and pussy hair. I’d tried this move before with Mikki, only to have my hand pushed away by a sleeping tiger.

Tiare was different. She partially opened her eyes, and gently lifted her pelvis to encourage my fingers inside.

Keoki continued to sleep.

In a few minutes Tiare was wet, and I was more than ready. She got up quietly and I slid toward the center of the bed. Tiare put her legs astride me, and carefully, seductively, slid my cock into her pussy. And slowly, very slowly, she began to move back and forth, up and down.

She clearly enjoyed displaying her boobs, and I enjoyed watching them bounce. And soon a large, muscular hand from my left reached up to her right boob to give it a gentle squeeze.

Keoki was awake, so the need to be slow and quiet was gone. Tiare’s moves became more enthusiastic and I moved in unison. And I pulsated and squirted inside her.

Without missing a beat, she jumped on me and mounted Keoki. As I played with her left boob with my haole white arm she and Keoki bounced away until he shouted “Yes! Yes!” and spewed his load into her as well.

She stayed put for a minute or two, and then raised up and put her pussy over Keoki’s rock hard stomach. She squeezed a few pelvic muscles and a torrent of our joint cum flowed out onto his tummy. He promptly rubbed in in — as a beach boy he’s good with suntan lotion.

We had a triple shower in the furo tub. Keoki said he’d take Tiare home. She gathered her now-dry clothes and put them on. We’d all agreed we’d had a good time and would need to do it again.

And we did, on many occasions. One of them in their apartment, in full view of Kuhio Avenue through their floor-to-ceiling louvered windows.

But this time I stayed behind to raid the refrigerator, clean the sheets and towels, and have a nap.


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