Mutual Masturbation: Part Two. “Would You Lik


Mutual Masturbation: Part Two. “Would You LikFirst Mutual Masturbation: Part Two. “Would You Like to Touch it?”For the better part of the following few days thoughts of that night were running through my head.  I definitely had mixed feelings, but every time the picture of us in that tent in my backyard I became highly aroused. I still liked girls, but something about what we did was different and exciting.  About a week after our first mutual masturbation session my friend and myself were hanging out enjoying the second week of summer break.   We hadn’t had an opportunity to continue our newly discovered hobby and were starting to get a bit restless. He suggested we have another sleepover at his house the following night. I agreed to the idea.  His dad was often out of town on business and his mother worked primarily night shifts.  This along with the fact that his two older siblings were off at college would work in our favor.  The next evening I arrived at his house with the same nervous anticipation I had felt a week earlier. I don’t believe that either of us wanted to seem to eager, but we both new what we would be getting to do once his mother left for work.  Around midnight, nether of us couldn’t pretend we wanted to continue watching TV knowing we had the house to ourselves. I was againa little nervous as we shut everything off and headed to his bedroom.  Instead of changing into shorts for bed we both just removed are pants tunceli rus escort and shirts leaving us standing in front of one another in just our underwear. It had been one thing to experiment in a dimly lit tent holding a flashlight, this on the other hand was a well lit room.  I could see very clearly the outline of his erect penis almost sticking out the top of his tight underwear. I could feel my cock start to stiffen almost begging to let out.  “I’m going to take off my underwear and get more comfortable” he said. I watched as he slipped them down and stepped out of them. He stood in front of me with his dick pointing directly at me. I could see his tan lines and that his pubic hair was a lighter shade of brown then mine. He laid down on the floor and asked if I wanted to have a closer look. I kneeled down next to him and watched as he began playing with his cock. With the improved lighting and closer I was able to see a lot more details then I was the previous time.   His cock was 6 inches long and about 4 1/2 inches thick, mine is just short of 7 inches with a girth of 6 inches. I know this because in a future session we measured each other. We were both circumcised.  He had very slight veins that ran along his shaft and a extremely nice looking head that fit the size of his penis perfectly. I continued watching him touch himself for a few minutes before he asked “Would you like to touch tunceli rus escort bayan it?” My hart jumped as I heard him ask the question. In the days leading up to tonight I had thought many times about asking him if he would want to touch mine. Not knowing if he was going to be open to the idea or if he would decline all together, I had made the decision to not ask.  Now, he was asking me and I was more than willing. His hard dick was resting flat against his stomach as I reached out for it.  Taking two fingers I began slowly started rubbing the underside of his shaft working my way up to the head watching it twitch and stiffen as I went. Wanting a better feel I grabbed it with my entire hand and started stroking him. The warmth of it in my hand was a wonderful feeling.  I continued to play with him for a few more minutes before he asked if he could see mine again. I released my hold of his cock, laid down and pulled my underwear off. He sat up next to me looking directly at it and asked if he could touch it. I said yes and he grabbed it without hesitation. As I lay on the floor with my cock in his hand the only thing I could think about was how incredible it felt and how I didn’t want to cum to quickly. As I watched him play with me it looked like he was examining every part of it, wanting to take it all in and remember every part of it. Without warning he took his other hand and rus escort tunceli started to play with my balls. The incredible sensation of his hands softly caressing my scrotum shot through my entire body making it shake with enjoyment.  We took turns playing with one another for the next half hour making sure to warn the other before we were about to cum, not wanting the session to end to soon. Finally I said I couldn’t take it anymore and had to finish.  He laid next to me with are shoulders touching and we started stroking ourselves. It didn’t take long before I said “I’m going to cum”  louder than I expected. My hips started to move up and down uncontrollably as I shot stream after stream of cum all over my stomach and chest. “That was a lot, I like how far you shoot it” he said.  As I laid there breathing heavy I heard him begin to moan.  I looked over and watched as he started cuming. His body was moving in unison with his strokes as he started to cum. He didn’t shoot his load as far as I did, but most of it accumulated in his bellybutton forming a hot white pool of cum. Part of me wanted to put one of my fingers in it an feel it… After our erections had long sense gone and our breathing returned to normal he reached under his bed and pulled out a light green towel that looked very similar to the one he had in the tent a week ago.   “You can use this to clean up” he said handing it to me. I could tell by the feel that this was not the first time this towel had been used to clean up cum.  I had a suspicion this was the same towel we used before.  I wiped up and handed it back to him and he did the same. After he was finished he placed it back under the bed. We both got up, put our underwear on, crawled into our beds and fell asleep.Part 3 to come soon.

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