My Amazon Sister


There was one game left in the regular season, and then the playoffs were set to start. This was my last year of playing baseball for my high school after four uneventful seasons. I had some nice stretches where I either hit the ball really well or played flawlessly in the field at second base. The truth was that my expectations of playing college ball or of getting drafted by the pros were unrealistic. I wasn’t good enough for either, and it stung more than I cared to admit.

The stands were usually full of family members or close friends of the players. It was shocking when I saw my crush, Patty, stroll up to the backstop with a few of her friends. I had longed for the day she might see me in action, seeing me play heroically while leading the team to victory, but I had an idea of why she was there; she had recently started dating one of my teammates, a pitcher named Mike.

I was so pumped when I walked up to the plate, ready to show Patty all that she missed by not coming to my games. I looked over to her, only to see her with her back turned to me, ignoring not only the game, but ignoring me as well. My time at the plate was undisciplined, I hacked away at the ball like an inexperienced hitter. The pitcher’s slider made me look foolish, getting me to strike out to end the inning. Patty’s indifference was harder to take than the coach’s obvious disappointment.

The game was tight in the last inning; we were ahead by a run. I kept my eye on Patty, loudly yelling words of encouragement to the pitcher — anything to get her to notice me. Needing just one out to close it out, I positioned myself where the coach directed me. As Patty finally turned towards the field, the batter hit a screamer right into my glove. Game over! I don’t know how much Patty saw, but she walked away afterwards and started talking to Mike, the winning pitcher. My crush ignored me as usual.

Thoughts of Patty’s big butt contrasted with the rest of her petite features and swirled through my mind as I looked into the bathroom mirror, having just taken off my uniform. There was a bulge in my underwear, making me reach inside them to adjust my cock some. I was miserable with thoughts of my crush not noticing me in the last days of my athletic career.

Figuring I was the only one home — my parents were having dinner in the city with friends and my sister Kristina was spending more and more time at her boyfriend’s house — I took off my underwear and tossed them and the rest of my clothes into the laundry bin. It was when I stepped out of the bathroom that I saw that I was not alone. My sister, who probably thought the same thing, was walking topless down the hall. She had on a loincloth and lace-up, gladiator sandals.

“What the fuck!” She said, covering her boobs quickly.

“Right!” I said, covering my hard cock at the same

My long-haired sister cupped her breasts before me while wearing a sexy, two-piece loincloth. She looked formidable and Amazonian-like at 5’8″ tall. We were seemingly at a standoff, concealing our privates and trying to figure out what to do next.

“I’m going to my room,” she said, turning around and lowering her arms to her sides.

I watched her go down the hall, bursa escort wanting to pull up her loincloth to discover her wonders; instead, I went into my room. My plans to jerk off to my crush were now altered. Kristina had given me some seemingly more special and immediate. I stood by the door, debating whether to go to her room to ask why she was dressed like that. My dick was harder, and I felt a sense of nervousness that actually was pushing me to act.

Stroking myself to that image of her cupping her breasts was satisfying. Without doing more than stepping out of the bathroom, I felt like I had accomplished something. The baseball game and the lack of anything real with Patty was a memory. The loincloth incident was now in the foreground of my thoughts and actions, driving my energy.

I put on some shorts and a loose-fitting shirt, deciding to knock on her door before she left the house for wherever. My walk down the hall felt purposeful; I needed to know why she was dressed like that. I knocked on her door and heard her tell me to come in. I opened the door and walked in, seeing that she was at her closet with her back to me. She still had not put a top on. Her back, pale and smooth, teased me as if it were her front.

“Why are you wearing that Amazonian loincloth?” I asked, wanting to thank her for the sight of her in it.

“Costume party, later. Alex wanted me to wear something revealing,” Kristina said, turning around with her hands covering her tits.

“It looks amazing,” I said, trying not to seem too eager.

“Yeah, well, without the top it’s useless. I’ll have to find something else. You and Alex are the only ones seeing my boobies today,” she said, returning to the closet.

“I feel lucky, then.”

“You should. I see you’re soft now. Did you have a quickie?”

“I wanted to, but I came in here first.”

“Were you going to jerk to me?” She said, tossing a red bikini top out of her closet.

“I was going to jerk to my crush, but then you replaced her when I saw you in the hall.”

“Who’s your crush?” She said, discretely facing me again.

“Her name is Patricia. You might know her brother, Seth.”

“I know her, too. She was at a party I went to last week.”

“Really? I didn’t think she hung out with college students. You sure it was her?” I said, incredulously.

“Big booty but kind of small otherwise?”

“Yeah, that sounds like her,” I said, surprised.

“You’re better off without her. She’s got a taste for drinking, for getting drunk.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yeah, she’s an experienced lush.”

That news did not faze me at all; I knew that she liked to party to excess. I still had her slotted as my unattainable crush, but my sister was another matter. My sister, standing topless in front of me, was attainable for something special and rewarding. I sensed that Kristina was starting to realize that we could be more than just siblings bound by formality.

“Did you get a clear look at these?” She said, moving her tits around with her hands.

“Briefly, but yes,” I said, wanting more of them.

“I didn’t see yours so well,” she said, looking at me seductively.

“You want me to lower bursa escort bayan my shorts?” I said, not believing it was really happening.

“Yes, show me what Patricia is missing.”

I didn’t hesitate to lower my shorts, quickly realizing that my shirt was covering my cock. My sister shook her head and laughed. I then took off my shirt, placing it on the floor on top of my shorts. Suddenly, I was naked in Kristina’s room with my soft cock that looked afraid. I wanted to shake my head at it.

“It gets bigger, right?” Kristina said, smirking.

“Is Alex hard all the time?” I said, making my case for looking small.

“He doesn’t like me to see him soft, so I pretty much only see him half-hard or fully-erect.”

“Big Alex has a small cock?”

“He’s not small. He’s a grower, I guess,” she said, taking her hand away from her left titty.

“Should I be jealous?”

“Of course not, but go ahead and make yours grow,” she said, exposing her right breast.

“Can I sit down?” I said, seeing there was a chair with some clothes on it behind me.

“Sure, get comfortable.”

I moved the clothes on the chair onto the dresser and sat down. Kristina was watching me, keeping her eye on my still dormant cock. I was partly nervous and partly afraid of what this interaction might unleash on our lives. I wanted so badly to at least have an open door to sexual adventure with my sister. Her boobs were more amazing the closer she got to me, but they were not making me hard because I was on edge.

“Are you afraid of your own thing?” Kristina said, noticing that I was in no hurry to touch myself.

“A little nervous, and your tits being so close are getting my attention, too,” I said, looking at her boobs greedily.

“These things?” She said, shaking them for my benefit. Her nipples were harder than my cock.

“Yes!” I said, finally taking hold of my dick to begin stroking it.

Kristina was surprisingly playful with her boobs, tossing her long. black hair in front of them to obscure them. My thing started to react appropriately, competing with her boyfriend’s grower for a starring role in the sexual life of Kristina. She even lifted the front of her loincloth a little, denying me a look at the jewel underneath.

It didn’t take long to get hard, and I stopped working myself, so she could see how big her brother had grown. She appraised me, seemingly shuffling her memory for a cock that I reminded her of. When she finally placed my piece in the appropriate penis file, she looked me in the eyes and smiled.

“What does that smile mean?” I said, taking my cock in my hand again.

“It’s nice and thick,” she said, shaking her ass for me.

“Thank you, sis,” I said, jerking enthusiastically for her.

Kristina continued to tease me with her loincloth. I could only see the string connecting both pieces and no other material, confirming that she was not wearing panties of any sort. Her thighs looked thick and in shape from her dedication to keeping her body in optimal condition to attract men. I was part of those men — attracted to her and wanting to experience her beauty.

She jiggled her boobs, placing them in front of my escort bursa face. I reached out to brush aside her long and silky hair to get a better look at them, but she smacked my hand and laughed.

“You touch when I say you can touch,” she said, crossing her arms in front of her chest.

“I want to so bad,” I said, looking at her desperately.

“You will, just let this play out,” she said, centering herself in the middle of the room.

Kristina continued to shake her ass for me, teasing me with her tush and her tits; it was as if she was working up the nerve for her next move: the life-changing move we both knew was coming. I slowed my jerkin’ down, sensing that I needed to save my orgasm for something special between us.

“Okay,” she said, coming straight at me.

“Yes?” I said, expectantly.

“You can fuck my thighs from behind me,” Kristina said, lifting the back cloth as she turned to offer me her bare ass.

“This should be fun,” I said, unsure of what I had to do.

“Just slide in between my thighs and pretend it’s my pussy,” she said, encouragingly.

It was not hard to find the proper angle to fulfill our wishes, melding our two bodies as one. I slid in and found her space accommodating and snug. Her crevice was amazing — gapped for pleasure. I could feel her pussy lips standing guard against any threats to her inner treasure.

Reaching for her hips felt mandatory, steadying our journey of discovery. She felt so smooth and capable of ensuring that we would attain what we sought: a sibling bond born of curiosity and attraction. Along with the touch of flesh and the feel of the tightness of her thighs, Kristina smelled amazing. I lowered my face onto her back, to get the feel and scent of her long hair.

Being coupled with my sister felt primal, and it felt as though it was long overdue. Having Kristina — who was usually bitchy and self-absorbed — in a position like this was incredibly satisfying to me. It felt new, but it also carried the weight of undeniable familiarity.

She tightened her thighs, placing me firmly in her grip; she then took my right hand off her hip and placed it on her right titty. Finally! Her tits always were a part of the scenery. They were not huge, but they were big enough to tease and entice. I felt all the landscape her tit offered, especially her erect nipple that challenged me to squeeze it. Kristina moaned in approval, giving in to her brother’s touch.

Kristina wanted my other hand to give attention to her pussy, taking hold of it and putting it on her vaginal lips for some exploration. I used my middle finger to slide into her wet walls, seeking out the insatiable clit. She seemed more compliant than I had ever known her to be, letting me use her body to not only satisfy her, but to make sure I got off.

The Amazon was mine, I thought to myself, as I rubbed my cock against her skin. Her crevices were a perfect host, pulling me in and pulling my orgasm out. My load felt huge, filling in as much of her spaces as possible. I rested my head on her shoulder, kissing her and licking her sweet-tasting skin.

I continued to fiddle with her pussy, drawing out a seemingly short orgasm from her. She exhaled, signaling that we had finished our adventure, but I wanted to hold that position as long as possible. I felt safe with her, delaying the inevitable moment of her departure. She had a boyfriend that coveted her, and she had a brother that loved her.

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