My anal iniation 2


After my step mother began to finger fuck my ass at least once or twice a week I began to wonder if she and the old man on the corner knew each other. I would make sure that I got to go by his house at least two times a week. After I had been to his house the third time I thought it was strange that I hadn’t seen a woman there but really didn’t think that much more of it.
The third time I went there he invited me into the big house and didn’t even act like he was trying to seduce me, but rather just took my belt off and dropped my pants and looked at the clock and mentioned that we only had a few minutes before someone got home. I really didn’t care, I knew what he had in store for me.
I bent over and raised my butt to him and he just gently turner me around and stuck his long dick up to my mouth and I opened my mouth and let him stick it in. I closed my mouth on it and began to moan. It was so warm and like I said earlier soooo long. Just as I began to moan and suck he started holding my head and moving it up and down. It was about this time I sensed another presence in the room. I couldn’t get my mouth off of his dick to look around but I felt something really slick go up my ass crack. It felt like butter or something and I looked around that’s exactly what it was. There was a younger man standing behind me with a stick of butter and he had just greased my asshole and it looked like his dick too. His dick was larger than the old mans dick was. It was about two inched across and about 6 inches or so long. I had taken some things up me before but wasn’t sure I could take that. Slowly he put the head of his dick at the entrance of my ass and began to slowly push, as I began to scream, but no one could hear me because my mouth was full of the old mans dick and he was holding me there.
I felt the head go in and out once and it didn’t hurt too much. He pushed the Yenimahalle Escort head in a little farther and let it stay there a while. I kept sucking the old man and began to really go down on him. The younger man pushed the head of his dick a little farther in me. I don’t know if I was numb or scared or maybe a little of both but I just wanted to get this thing in me so I wouldn’t be afraid of it hurting me by surprise.
So I started wiggling my but backwards down on it as slowly as I could but letting him know I wasn’t fighting him but was wanting him to slowly fuck me. As I began to get the fullness of him in me I began to rock a little.
“Damn, Dad you weren’t kidding when you said this kid liked getting fucked were you?”
” I told you he has a wonderful ass and it would stretch to fit even a cock like yours. No shut up and fuck that little ass before he gets cold feet”
And with that the son pulled all six inches back to the edge of my ass and slowly sank it back in. I moaned but I also heard him moan. I began to buck and he began to fuck. I had never had anything that big in my ass before but again I was beginning to really like it.
He sank it in me several times and then I heard him moan and he got still and I felt his dick begin to pulse. It really felt good and I began to moan real loud into the old mand dick. That’s when I found out the old man could really shoot a stream of cum too. He tensed up and let me have a load of spunk that I didn’t really know what to do with so I tried to swallow it as best I could.
The son began to worm his dick around in my butt some but I could tell it was getting soft. He pulled it out of me and took my head and forced his dick into my mouth. This time there wasn’t too much shit on it but just a smell. I sucked it and cleaned it for him. He Ulus Escort looked down at me and I just smiled up at him. He said” Can you come by again tomorrow? Because I would really like to fuck that sweet ass again.”
I told him I didn’t know for sure because we were getting ready to move, but If I could I liked it too and I would come back. I was hoping that we wouldn’t get moved before school was out which was about six or seven weeks away. He picked me up and sat me on the old man’s lap and helped him get his dick in my reamed out ass. I clinched my ass cheeks toghethr and began to squirm for the old man and he began to make a fucking mothion into me then.
Out of the corner of my eye I caught a shadow movement and recognized it as the shape of a woman. That was about the only time I really recognized the shape but was sure she was watching other times when I was gettting fucked.
After the old man shot his wad he bent me over his knee and a soft set of lips (I’m still not sure whose these lips belonged to) closed around my asshole and began to suck. I felt some stuff come out but I didn’t know exactly what it was. But it sure felt good.
I looked at the clock and it was just now 4:00 o’clock. That didn’t take very long. I could go home how and see if it was the right day for my step mother to check my ass out. Man could she get her fingers back up there now.
The old man took some tissue and wiped my butt and pulled up my pants and sent me scampering home.
When I got there I didn’t think my step mother was home so I changed clother and went outside to play. But just as I got to the back door she came back in from hanging clothes out on the clothes line.
“How was your day?” she asked
“Oh, fine I guess.” I said
“Is your bottom still hurting?” she asked
“Just a little sometimes” I lied.
“Do you want me to check it out for you again?” she asked, but suddenly her voice had become huskier and just a little above a whisper.
“If you want to, I guess it’d would be ok. I mean you’re just checking me out to make sure I’m ok, right?” I knew what her answer was going to be and that she had only about an hour and 10 or 15 minutes to check me out.
“OK, tell you what let’s do, you go take off your pants and get up on the bed and I’ll get some stuff to help it go in easier and be right there. Alright?
I guess this is when I began to form the idea that sex alwas had to do with the ass anyhow i ran to the bedroom and did as she said.
She came in with a jar of vaseling and set it down on the table beside the bed. Reached under me and got me by the penis and pushed my ass upward. She spread my cheeks an gently blew across my asshole with a cool breath.
“Your little butt is really red today isn’t it.?”
“I don’t know is it?”
“Is it sore?
“Sort of”
What happened? Did you slide down the slide at school and hurt your bottom?” she asked.
” I could have I guess. It’s been a little sore since the last time you checked me out” I said.
“I’ll be more careful today. I’ll put some of this cream on it first before I put my finger up there to check you out. OK?”
“Sure, I said. ” I really appreciate you checking me out to make sure I’m Ok. It feels really good when you do that.”
She put her finger next to my butthole and began to stroke it. Slowly probing it up to the first knuckle as she reached under me and played with my dick. She brought her mouth up next to my ear and began to slowly tell me how much she enjoyed our time with each other and that we would be moving to the country soon and she could teach and sho me some other things that would feel goo then too. Her finger was deep in my ass as she pulled it out and inserted two of them together in and began to work them deeper into me.
I would be able to give her like treatment as I got older……………..

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