My Barbershop Experience

My Barbershop Experience
Netzfund in Englisch, aber saugeil

I must tell you about my barbershop experience and my totally smooth experience.
It all started one warm day in early spring. It was one of those days that just made you want to get out and get as naked as possible! And for me, getting naked as possible meant that my body had to be totally hairless. So I jumped into the shower and lathered my body with lots of body wash to soften what little hair that was on my skin and began to shave my whole body, leaving it completely smooth. Ordinarily, I wear the hair on my head rather short, but over the winter I had t let it grow a little longer. I realized that now was the time to change that and get rid of all of it.
Instead of doing that myself, I decided to make a real occasion out of it. I would have, Jason, this sexy barber I knew, take care of it for me. Jason had a great body that he always kept smooth and more often than not, he worked in just gym shorts and a tanktop. He had a very small shop, located on a side street in the gay neighbourhood where I live. The shop was a couple of steps up from the sidewalk and the all glass front of the shop consisted mainly of two sliding glass doors that opened directly onto the sidewalk. When the weather was nice he nearly always kept them open, so it was almost like an open-air barbershop. It made for great for cruising and people watching – whether you were inside looking out or outside looking in! And “looking in” was generally good because Jason wasn’t particular with what his customers wore in his shop. I fact it seemed that “less was better” as far has he was concerned and it appeared that many of his customers took advantage of the opportunity to cooperate as much as possible on that score.
I decided to follow the tradition. Forgoing any type shirt or shoes; I just slipped on one of my favorite pairs of shorts; the “Seville short” from Prevail Sport. They are a bronze-color, semi-sheer strip with high-cut legs like split-seam running shorts; but actually they are a made of a much lighter weight nylon than the usual running shorts. I pulled the shorts up to where the waistband was just setting above the base of my cock. Not only making the fact of my totally shaved body obvious to everyone but it also gave my cock more room to flop around under the soft fabric.
I thoroughly enjoyed my near-naked barefoot stroll to his shop.
When I walked into the shop, Jason had a customer in the chair. Because of the way he was covered with the barber’s cape I couldn’t tell exactly what his customer was wearing, but I could tell that he was barefooted and his legs were bare below the cape. And too, I could tell by the way he was dressed, Jason was enjoying the warm, spring weather, as well. In stead of his usual gym shorts, he was wearing a pair of gray cotton Bootlegger underbriefs and a short, white, string tanktop. The waist band of the shorts were riding well below his navel – showing lots of skin between the shorts and tank-top and the leg elastic kept the bottoms of the shorts high against his crotch and ass-cheeks. On his feet, was a pair of thick-soled leather sandals. Like I said before, “He is one hot-looking dude!” And today was no exception.
“Hi, Ray,” Jason greeted me. “Have a seat, I’ll be with you shortly.”
“Tony, this Ray, a good friend of mine,” he said to the guy in the chair. “Ray, this Tony.”
After our introductions, I picked a seat across from them where we could easily check each other out. I pulled the waistband of my shorts up as I sat down. I sat down on the front edge of the seat, leaned back in the chrome-and-leather chair with my legs spread, giving them both a rather obscene view of my crotch. As I rather absent-mindedly (?) rocked my legs back-n-forth, I felt one of my balls slip out of the leg opening of my shorts. I pretended not to notice as we made small talk. I could detect a slight change in the bulge of Jason’s crotch and I could make out the growing outline of his cock as it lay across the top of the leg-seam of his briefs. I couldn’t tell what was going on under Tony’s cape.
Jason was giving Tony’s light brown and naturally sun-bleached hair a “high-and-tight” with a short spiked flattop. I got hot as I watched Jason smoothed the shaving cream around the sides and back of his head and then took out his straight razor and started shaving what little stubble that remained beneath the shave cream. When he finished shaving, Jason took a hot damp towel and wiped Tony’s neck and the sides of his head. Jason the poured some sort of tonic on his hands and carefully rubbed it into Tony’s neck and the areas he had just shaved. Watching all this, I could definitely feel a swelling in the crotch of my shorts. It was probably obvious to both of them, but I didn’t care. I could detect stirring in Jason’s shorts as well.
Finally Jason finished cutting Tony’s hair and removed the cape and shook it out.
The haircut was perfect; the spiked flattop accentuated his square cut jaw line. I could see that he was one hot dude. As Tony stood up, he looked at himself approvingly in the mirror and then he stretched his body, reaching his arms high over his head revealing his smooth armpits. He was wearing a tight, one-piece unitard made of lightweight white cotton-spandex – almost see-through. It would definitely be see-through it got wet. It was so tight that the whole thing fit his body like a glove. The center seam disappeared in the crack of his ass and the bottom edge of the leg openings crept up his ass cheeks as he stretched. The seat of the unitard was transparent due to the sweat from his ass-cheeks sitting on the leather seat. The unitard had a T-back with very low-cut arm openings and narrow shoulder straps. When he turned to face me, I could see that the low-cut front was open almost to his navel. There was no hair visible on his body anywhere and I wondered if he as one of those “smooth from nose to toes” peo-ple.
His exposed nipples, made even more noticeable by the small silver barbells in their piercings, stood out from his well-developed pecs. Looking down his body, I could see that he, too, had been enjoying his hair cutting experience. His cock was pointing straight up his belly, almost reaching his navel. A damp spot was clearly visible around the PA at the tip of his cock.
He seemed to enjoy his obvious exhibitionist display, because he never made any effort to re-arrange his cock or re-adjust the seat of the unitard. Instead, he left his semi-rigid cock in its upright position pointing to his navel, the rear seam of the unitard still embedded in his ass-crack and part of his ass cheeks still showing beneath the edge of the leg openings.
As Tony paid for his hair cut, looking from Jason’s crotch to my crotch, he said, “Well, I would like to stay and visit, but I have to meet a couple of friends up the street at the Patio Bar.”
And look directly at me, he added, “But, I hope to see more of both of you soon.”
Jason and I both watched Tony as he left and then Jason picked up the cape again, and stand-ing between me and the door, he opened the cape slightly and looked down at my shorts.
Looking at me, Jason laughed and said, “From what I see, there is not much more of you left for him to see. However, wouldn’t you like to get out of those cramped shorts and get more comfortable?”
“Sure thing,” I responded and I quickly pulled down my shorts, stepped out of them and tossed them aside. Totally naked – my full but still soft cock – -– flopped from side to side as I walked over and sat down in the chair, my legs spread so that my cock and balls could feel the cool leather of the seat.
“Now, what can I do for you, today?” he asked with a smile on his face as he covered me with the barber’s cape.
“What you just said about leaving little to the imagination may be true, but with all this hair on my head, I still feel a bit over dressed and I want to feel TOTALLY NAKED; it must the spring weather or something, I guess. How about cutting off what hair I have left, and shav-ing my head completely? I’m in to being ‘totally naked’.” I responded.
“But, before you do,” I continued, “and I know this may be an odd request. But, could you do me a favor and give me a shampoo first?”
“Be glad to. Anything to please the customer,” he replied. “But first of all, you don’t mind if I take off my tank-top and get comfortable, too, do you? I don’t want to get it all wet and messed up.”
“Of course not. Make yourself as comfortable as you like,” I replied.
He quickly pulled the tanktop over his head and picking up my shorts, he placed both his tanktop and my shorts on the shelf next to his workstation. He was left standing there in just underbriefs and sandals. Nodding toward the open doors onto the street he said, “With the front of the shop being so open to the street like it is, I can’t quite get as completely comforta-ble as I like; but I guess this will have to do.” He said as he quickly pulled the tanktop over his head.
He then opened his arms out over his head showing me his smooth, nearly naked body. “Is this okay?” he asked.
“Looks good to me,” I answered.
He then turned my chair around so that my back was to the sink: he then turned on the water and adjusted the temperature. Next, he lowered the back of the barber chair so that my head was over the sink. As I began to lay back, I could feel the barber’s cape gradually climb up my legs until the hem almost reached my crotch. Lying in an almost completely prone position and with the lower part of the cape stretched straight across my spread legs and I could feel the cool air between my legs and on my cock and balls. If anyone had been sitting across the room, were I had been sitting earlier, they would have had a great view. Too bad.
Next, Jason squeezed some shampoo into his hands and began to rub them together. He then slowly and firmly began to massage the shampoo into my scalp and the back of my neck. I brought my arms out from under the cape and let the rest on top of the cape as I was lying there. I could feel his near-naked body lean against my shoulders and bare upper arms as he thoroughly worked the shampoo into a lather. He certainly knew how to give a great head massage [I’m not referring to that head, Stupid] and before he was through, I was purring like a kitten.
When he finished shampooing, he reached for the hose nozzle on the faucet to rinse away the shampoo. He was so vigorously rinsing away the shampoo that accidentally (?) some of the water splashed on my face, upper arms and the upper part of the cape -– and on him, too, I was to notice later. He quickly apologized as he turned off the water and grabbed a towel. After blotting my face and arms with the towel he wrapped it around my head and slowly lifted the chair into an upright position. After I returned to a sitting position, I noticed that he had gotten even wetter than I had. His chest was wet and the front of his cotton briefs was totally soaked and sticking to his body.
As he briskly dried my hair with the towel, I brought my arms back under the cape, pushing the hem back down toward my knees. To hide the fact that my cock was sticking straight up in the air, I tented the cape straight across my arms on the armrests, so that it hardly touched my lower body at all. My legs were still spread wide in the chair with my balls were still rest-ing on the leather of the seat. My cock would have rested there, too, if it weren’t for the fact that, now, it was sticking straight up in the air.
After Jason towel-dried my hair, he reached for his clippers. He pushed my head forward and without any attachments on the clippers; he started at the back of my neck and ran the clippers straight up the back of my head an all the way across crown of my head. I could feel the cool-ness on my scalp as the hair fell away. Gradually I could feel the cool area widened on the back of my head as he continued the process, yet I couldn’t see anything yet. The fact that I couldn’t see what he was doing made it even more exciting. I felt his near naked body pressed close to my arms on the armrests as he began to cut my sideburns and the hair on the sides and top of my head. I was getting more and more turned on and I could see that he was too. Soon I was completely shorn except the short stubble all over the top of my head. When he had finished with the clippers, he laid them down and picked up a fresh towel and heated it with hot water. He then covered my head with the hot towel for a few moments and then reached for the hot shaving cream and covered my head completely. He as very adapt with the razor and soon my head as smooth as the proverbial billiard-ball. He then reached for a pair of small scissors and trimmed all the hair from in and around my nose and ears. He was doing a thor-ough job. I liked that.
He then asked, “Would you like for me to trim your eyebrows, too?”
“No,” I replied, “shave them off completely,”
“Glad to hear it,” he replied continuing with scissors.
He quickly cut off my eyebrows and dampened the remaining stubble and applied the shave cream. In another few minutes the area above my eyes was as smooth as the rest of my head.
After drying my face, he asked, “How’s it look?”
“Great,” I replied. “But it needs just one more thing more.”
“What’s that?” he asked quizzically.
“Trim my eye-lashes as close as possible.”
“Anything for the customer,” he replied. “Close your eyes”
Picking up those small scissors again, he trimmed my eyelashes until even their roots were hardly visible.
When I opened my eyes again and looked in the mirror, I had to smile.
“Totally awesome, Jason! Out of this world! That’s just the look I wanted!”
As he unfastened the barber’s cape from around my neck, Jason looked out toward the street. There was no one in sight.
Jason removed the cape completely and said, “Stand up and take a look at yourself in the full length mirror on the back wall. That way you can get the total effect.”
I was nearly hypnotized by the view in the mirror. It seemed that the shaved head and eyes accentuated my shaved crotch – giving me the total look I desired. I could not help but reach up with both my hands and rub them back across my smooth head. In that position, my eyes moved down, feasting on my own smooth torso. Looking first at my smooth arm-pits, then to my smooth chest and six-pack abs, then to my smooth crotch with my rather full but still soft cock, beneath that, my smooth balls and finally my eyes moved down to my smooth legs and my bare feet. There was not a hair to be seen anywhere on my body from the top of my head to my toes, really ultimate NEKk**. I was entranced.
I could see by the response in Jason’s still wet briefs that he was also satisfied with his work and liked what he saw. Still standing there stark naked, I suddenly grabbed Jason and re-warded him with hot, wet kiss. I reluctantly slipped my shorts back and paid Jason -– with a generous tip I might add – and started to leave.
Jason was slipping his tanktop back on just as another customer entered the shop. Looking at me, with my totally shaved look and seeing Jason putting on his tanktop, the customer gave us a quizzical look, but said nothing.
In fact we all exchanged quizzical looks, because the barefoot customer had walked in off the street wearing nothing but a yellow, skimpy -– I’d say it was a 2″ side-seam – bikini made of a light-weight nylon. It was the kind that had a roomy contoured pouch and because it was un-lined, it was showing off his contours very nicely, if you know what I mean. The waistband was so low that the base of his cock was clearly visible, it was obvious that he was another of those nose-to-toes smoothies.
“It looks like Jason is having a good day, today!” I thought to myself as I left.
As for me, it was still in the middle of the afternoon and I was hot to show off my new look. Where should I go? I then remembered Tony. Didn’t he say that he was going up the street to the Patio Bar to meet some friends? That was about three or four blocks up the street. Might as well check it out.
But more about that later.
I left the barbershop after Jason had removed all the hair from my head, shaving not only my head, but also my eyebrows and even cutting off my eyelashes with his little scissors. (I was already smooth from nose-to-toes before I got there.) I stepped out into the warm sun-shine wearing only my semi-sheer nylon Servile split-sided shorts and sandals. The sun felt great on my near-naked body and I wanted to enjoy it as much as I could. I remembered that Tony had mentioned that he was going up the street to the Patio Bar to meet a couple of friends. That sounded like the best place to go, because they have a great out-door patio out back where I could enjoy the sun, all well as other things. And, who knows, Tony might still be there as well.
Since I was going to be soaking up some sun, and as my apartment was on the way, I decided to stop by there. I wanted give my head and body a good covering of suntan oil, especially since my now bare head was going to be exposed directly to the sun. As soon as I got inside my apartment, I slipped off the shorts and began to give my head and body a lavish coating of oil. The feel of rubbing the oil on my smooth body was such a turn-on. And since the oil was non-staining, I gave my ass and cock and balls a generous, even more than necessary, coating of the oil. I then slipped the shorts back on, again letting the waistband set low in front, near the base of my cock, and I headed back out the door and up the street.
I couldn’t help checking myself out in the store-window reflections as I strolled up the street. I loved the sight of the sun reflecting of my oily skin. Judging from the looks I was getting, others liked it too, that is, after they got over the initial surprise of my being totally shaved. It was so cool – maybe “hot” would be a better word – to stroll down the busy street, almost naked in the middle of the afternoon, showing my totally shaved body to the rest of the world. I had to be careful with that stirring in my shorts!
When I got to the Patio Bar, I grabbed a cold beer at the bar and headed out back to the patio. Sure enough, I spotted Tony still in his white cotton unitard sitting with his two friends, his back to the door. He obviously and been sweating and the back of his unitard was now rather transparent because of the perspiration. When I started walking in their direction, both his friends were starting to watch me. Tony turned to see what they were looking at. When he saw me, his face lit up and he hollered for me to join them. As I was walking over to their table I noticed that his two bare-chested friends both had nice bodies and obviously worked out regularly, they had runners bodies and I saw that they both were wearing unlaced running shoes – without socks.
“Hey, I like your new look; Jason does great work, doesn’t he?” Tony said to me when I got to their table.
Then introducing me to his friends, David and Hal, he said, “This is the hot dude I was telling you about that I met at Jason’s barbershop today. Only, Jason did a number on his head and face since I saw him last. Looks great, doesn’t it! Makes me want to do the same thing!”
“Never mind,” I responded, “I think the haircut Jason gave you is hot and gives you look great look.”
“In fact, you look hot just the way you are,” I had to add as a pun as I glance at his unitard. The front of his unitard was as soaked with perspiration as the back, if not more so. His pierced cock was even more clearly visible under the damp fabric than it had been in the bar-bershop, but at least he was no longer supporting a woody – at the moment at least. But it was obvious that he was enjoying having his well-toned body on display.
Speaking of body display, I figured I had displayed my body long enough, so sat down in the vacant chair opposite Tony. I began to check out Hal and David as we talked. Hal, a brunette with sun-bleached hair was wearing a pair of light-blue nylon running shorts with the split legs. All right there! He was rather smooth skinned, though the little hair that was on his chest and in his armpits made it obviously that he was not shaved. David, with his black, curly hair and mustache was definitely the more hairy of the two. He was wearing a pair of VERY short and ragged 501 cut-offs with the top two buttons undone, revealing a thick bush of dark pu-bic hair. Boy, would I love to get a razor to that body! Both of them had rather short, but nondescript haircuts. They seemed to enjoy the display Tony and I was making and at the same time it seemed that they were comfortable with their own bodies. It was obvious that both of them were freeballers.
They obviously had had two or three beers before I arrived. As I was quite thirsty, I quickly downed my drink and offered to buy a round for everyone. Since the bar only had the bar-tender behind the bar, I went for the drinks.
“While you are getting the drinks, I think I’ll hit the john,” Tony said getting up and heading inside with me.
I got the drinks and as I started back outside, Tony come out of the john and joined me. He was wet from head to toe!
“I had to cool off a little bit, so I splashed a little water on body and face,” he explained, smil-ing rather lamely.
“You might have cooled off a bit. But with that wet, totally transparent suit, no one else is going to cool off, ” I answered, laughing my approval.
Not only was his, now slightly swollen, cock and cock-head clearly visible – he had also moved his cock, so that it was pointing toward his navel, like it had been at the barbershop. If that wasn’t enough, you could clearly see the sunlight glistening off his PA (Oh, and by the way, my assumption earlier in the day at the barber shop was correct, Tony WAS “smooth from nose to toes.”)
“Hope you don’t get us kicked out,” I continued, as we walked back to join David and Hal.
“Don’t worry about it,” Tony replied. “I know the bartender, and he loves it. It’s good for business.”
“Glad to hear it. And, I find that information very tempting,” I responded.
“Go for it,” Tony encouraged. “In fact you might want to go in and cool yourself off.”
By that time we were back at the table. Hal and David both gasped when they saw Tony.
“Sorry fellows, but I just felt like splashing some water on myself and cooling off a little bit. Hope you don’t mind,” Tony said lightly to Hal and David.
“No problem. You just took us by surprised, that’s all,” Hal answered as we sat down.
“Aren’t you sure you don’t need to cool off, too?” David asked me.
” I just might do that,” I answered.
“But with all that hair, aren’t you the one who might need to cool off?” I asked him in return. I realized that I was being a little brazen – maybe even rude – with someone whom I had just met. But, I was hot to get a hold of David’s body and do something with all that hair. And, by the looks of the cut-offs he was wearing and the way he kept looking at Tony and me, I felt that all he needed was a little encouragement, so I had taken the risk.
“Not that you aren’t a hot looking bear, but have you ever considered joining us smoothies, just to see what it might be like?” I asked.
“Oh, I don’t know,” he replied, rubbing his hand across his hairy chest. “All this hair is so much a part of me, I don’t know if I want to part with it.”
“Well, you could try it a least once, and if you didn’t like it, you could always let it grow back. You could start by only shaving from the neck down at first. You know, keep mustache and the hair on your head. And in the long run, it would be no big deal and at least you would have had the experience and know how it would look and feel.
“Yeah, it’s a shame to hide that great body, you’ve worked so hard on at the gym, behind all that hair,” Tony chimed in. “I agree with Ray; I think you should go for it and join Ray and me and try it.”
“Oh, I don’t know,” David repeated, nervously taking a big gulp of beer.
While Tony and I were talking to David, Hal was mostly setting there quietly drinking his beer. About halfway through my beer, I got up and announced smilingly that it was time for me to hit the john. To my surprise, Hal also stood up and announced that he need to go, too.
As we neared the john, Hal confessed, “Well, I really don’t need to piss, but I thought that you might wet yourself down like Tony and I wanted to watch. You don’t mind, do you?”
“Of course not,” I answered. “In fact, you can help me if you like.”
Fortunately, there was no one else in the john when we entered and I quickly did take a piss as Hal watched. I then moved over to the sink. Fortunately someone had left an empty glass on the ledge above the sink. I grabbed it and quickly filled it with warm water and leaning back slightly, I poured it over my chest, letting it flow down my chest and stomach, wetting my nylon shorts. I filled the glass again and handed it to Hal as I leaned over the sink.
“Now, you do my back,” I instructed.
He hesitated for a moment and then started pouring the water across my shoulders and down my back. When he had emptied the glass, I turned around and took the glass from him. I then refilled the glass and with my other had pulled the waistband of my shorts away from my body and poured about half the glass of water inside my shorts. I then handed the glass to Hal and turned around.
“Do the back of my shorts,” I instructed again.
When he finished, I patted down the shorts against my body causing them to cling to my skin, at the same time wringing out the excess water.
As I was giving my crotch an extra squeeze, Hal filled the glass and said, “Now you do me.”
“Are you sure?” I asked in surprise.
“Of course, that’s the other reason I came in here” he answered.
“Well, okay, if you insist,” I answered as I took the glass from him.
I then proceeded to repeat the wetting routine on him. Soon his nylon jogging shorts were soaking wet and clinging to his body. I could detect a definite swelling in his crotch.
Fortunately, we were able to finish our little session and leave before anyone came into the john. Outside the john it was a different matter. Because of the great spring weather, it seemed that quite a few other people had decided to start their week-end early so while we were in the john, the “Friday Evening Happy Hour” crowd had begun to come in a lot earlier and the bar had gotten rather crowded. That turned out to be a good thing, though, because of the crowded conditions few people noticed out wet condition. And, Tony and David could not notice anything until we were right at the table.
I thought David would drop his teeth when he saw us.
All Tony said was, “Well, it looks like you two have been having fun. Now that we are getting to know one another, maybe this party can loosen up! It’s my turn to buy a round of drinks.”
“No, let me,” David responded, getting up from his chair. “You three are no condition to go to the bar, your are all too wet.”
As he stood up, I noticed for the first time several small holes in just the right locations and that skin was clearly visible in the front pocket openings because the pockets themselves had been ripped out. As David headed toward the bar, I saw that he had left his shoes at his chair and was now barefooted along with Tony and I.
“Definitely, making some progress,” I said to myself.
As soon as David was gone, Tony turned to Hal and said, “You, know, I’ve always thought you would look hot as a smoothie – not that you don’t look hot just as you With your light-colored hair and nearly smooth skin, you are practically there already. Why don’t you try get-ting shaved? How about it?”
“Yeah, I’ve been thinking about it. I mean, I’ve always thought that your shaved body was hot looking. Now seeing Ray here, even more totally shaved, and seeing how hot you both look, I think I am about ready to go for it.”
“Hey, that’s great!” I responded, enthusiastically.
“Yeah, and Ray and I would even be glad to do it for you if you like,” Tony added, “It would be even more fun to do it that way. Right, Ray?”
“Right!” I answered. “You name the time and place and I’ll be there.”
“How about doing it today – this afternoon?” Looking at both of us Hal shocked us by asking.
I didn’t think it was going to be this easy!
“Well we can’t very well do it right here, but how about coming over to my place. I have eve-ry thing we need there. Since none of us have had anything to eat, how about us stopping by KFI and getting a bucket of chicken on the way and making an evening of it. I already have plenty of beer in the fridge.” Tony suggested.
“What about David?” I asked.
“He’s welcome to come along too,” Tony answered. “Even if he doesn’t want to get shaved he can still have fun. That is if it is alright with you, Hal, for him to watch you getting shaved.”
“Oh, I’m all for it. Don’t you know I was a closet exhibitionist.” Hal responded. “I think that would be great!”
We all three laughed as just then, David returned holding the beers high above his head, two beers in each hand.
It was apparent that, although he was the dry one, some adjustment had been made in his cut-offs. Only the middle button of the fly was now holding the cutoffs together. The two lower buttons were clearly unfastened revealing hint of black pubic hair and flesh in the gap. The tops of the fly above the middle button was laying open out flat causing the front of the waistband to roll back slightly and caused the cutoffs to ride even lower on his hips. In fact in the back, about a third of his ass-crack was showing. Fortunately, (or unfortunately – I guess it is all in how you look at it) he got to our table and set the beers down just before he lost his cutoffs completely. I noticed when he sat down; he did not bother to pull them back up, leav-ing him practically setting on the waistband. Of course with them that low, his cock and balls and fallen out the leg opening.
“What would be great?” David asked. “Am I missing out on something?”
“Not really,” Tony answered. “Since none of us have had anything to eat, I was just asking the guys, if after we had finished these beers, would they like to go pick up some fried and come over to my place for the evening. Like I told them, I already have plenty of beer in the fridge. You want to come along?”
“Sure thing!” David responded excitement in his voice.
“By the way,” Tony continued, speaking to David. “Hal here, has decided to join our “smooth-ie club” and wants Ray and me to give him a nose-to-toes shave this evening. You think you would enjoy watching?”
“But of course! I could enjoy looking at Hal’s naked body any time!” David answered, look-ing at Hal with a big grin still on his face. “That is, if it is alright with you, Hal.”
“Sure! My pleasure!” said Hal. And we all laughed.
“Well, I think it is high time you become your true self and come out of that closet and started enjoying yourself,” Tony said to Hal.
“Here! Here!” I said, holding up my beer. We all laughed again.
“However, David, you be your true self, too. Don’t let us pressure YOU into doing anything you don’t want to do,” I said with just a very slight hint in my tone of voice. “I firmly believe everyone should be free to do their own thing.”
By the time we had finished our beers, Tony’s, Hal’s, and my clothes had dried out enough to be passable on the street. So we got up to leave.
“Yeah, David, you’d better stow that dick of yours out of sight if you plan to make it safely to my place,” Tony wisecracked when he saw David trying to re-adjust his cutoffs.
David grinned as he pushed his cock and balls back beneath his cutoffs and adjusted his cock so that it lay horizontal pointing to his pocket. Still, if you were standing in just the right posi-tion, you could see his cock head near the edge of his pocket opening. He buttoned one more button, the second from the top as well as the third. I supposed that would have to do, under the circumstances.
After all that, we discovered that we all needed to take a piss, so we all headed to the john to piss.
To piss, Tony just pulled his cock from beneath the leg of his unitard and let go. Hal and I just pulled the waistband of our shorts down underneath our balls to piss. Poor David, he had no trouble getting his cock out – it easily fell through his pant leg – it was getting it back in the position he had it before that was the problem. Well he finally made it, but by this time the head of his cock was almost sticking out of his pocket. But now somewhat appropriately at-tired, except perhaps for David, we left the bar.
To picture what we looked like crossing the street: Tony was wearing a thin, nearly transpar-ent, white cotton-spandex unitard with a very low scooped top and real short legs. His ex-posed nipples showing off the small barbells in his nipple piercings. His cock, pointing up to-ward his navel was clearly visible beneath the unitard, showing off the head of his cock with its chrome PA. Tony is completely smooth from nose to toes. Earlier in the day he had gotten a “high-n-tight” from Jason and so the sides and back of his head were shaved as well, leaving only a short spiked flattop of sun-bleached light brown hair on top. Hal and David were both bare-chested. Hal had light brown hair, with only a small amount of body hair. He was wear-ing a pair of light-blue nylon, split-sided running shorts. David on the other hand had black hair and was hairy all over – a real black bear. He was wearing – well almost wearing – a pair of very short and ragged 501 cutoffs. I say “almost” because he only the second and third buttons of the fly were buttoned and skin was clearly visible in the front pocket openings be-cause the pockets themselves had been ripped out. I was wearing a pair of “Seville shorts” from Prevail Sport. They are a bronze-color, (a color that blended in with my tan nicely) semi-sheer strip with high-cut legs like split-seam running shorts; but a made of a much lighter weight nylon than the usual running shorts. I have absolutely no hair anywhere. I keep a smooth body all the time and earlier today I had Jason, the barber, shave my head and eyebrows completely smooth and after he had trimmed away any hair from my ears and nose, I had him cut off my eyelashes as closely as he could. The results made me feel ulti-mate NAKED to the max.
Dressed thus, we entered the KFC across the street and ordered a bucket of chicken. When we noticed the security camera and that monitor was placed so that we could watch it. We couldn’t help but doing a little of posturing and strutting for the camera while pretending that it wasn’t there. Hope the manager and crew enjoys the tape and unless I guessed wrong, I sure they will because the certainly enjoyed the live show. I fact, because of the way we distracted the crew, I don’t think we got served as quickly as we could have been. Since Tony was providing the beer, the rest of us agreed to pay for the chicken and we finally left.
Although it was early evening, it was still light outside and we had a great time strutting our near-naked bodies up the street to Tony’s place. Tony’s place was something else, there were attractive shrubs surrounding the walk that led up to the entrance to the building. There was a wide, glass-fronted entryway with double-sliding doors that opened onto a courtyard. In the courtyard I could see the edge a swimming pool. The apartment building was built more like a compound with six or eight two-story units surrounding the pool. Tony punched a security code number that unlocked the door and the doors slid open. As he stepped inside, right there in the lobby, Tony immediately grabbed the shoulder-straps of his unitard, pulled the them off his shoulders and began to strip right there.
“Time to strip and get comfortable, guys,” he announced.
Stunned we looked at each other, at Tony, and back toward the street. The entrance was still partly visible from the street even with the shrubbery – what about the people inside the com-pound?
Tony was enjoying our confusion. “Relax guys. This is a “clothing optional” building and most of the time nobody wears any clothes here. Enjoy!”
At that I was out of my shorts in no time; Hal took a little longer because of his shoes, but he was quickly out of both his shoes and shorts, too. Poor David, he and been holding the bucket of chicken, still with his free hand he quickly unfastened the two buttons to his cutoffs and they easily fell to the ground. He then stepped out of his shoes and cutoffs at the same time. Helpful Hal stooped down and grabbed David’s and his own shoes and shorts at the same time and we followed Tony as he led us inside the compound. Unfortunately we had the courtyard to ourselves so no one witnessed the little naked processional to Tony’s apartment. The entry to his apartment was about three steps above the level of the courtyard. Tony stepped up to the doorway and punched some more numbers on a keypad and his door un-locked.
“These keypad locks are great when you are totally naked,” Tony informed us. “You don’t have to worry about keys.”
As we stepped inside his apartment he said, “Stash you clothes on that chair by the door for now, you won’t need them. Right now let’s eat; I’m starved.”
He led us into the living room. After tuning on a few lights in the dim room, he quickly re-moved the few items that were on the big square white lacquered coffee-table. He pulled the table out into the center of the floor and grabbed some large white leather cushions from in the corner for us to sit on. Finally, he took the food David was still holding and set it down on the table.
“Make yourselves comfortable and help yourselves while I go get us something to drink,” he invited. He soon returned with four cold bottles in his hands.
“Cheers!” we said as we toasted our host and each other. It was only then that we realized just how hunger we all were.
As we ate, I began to look around at my surroundings. Tony’s favorite color, obviously, was white. Practically everything from the walls, to the leather sofa and chairs, to the carpet, was white or glass and chrome. I remembered that the unitard that he had been wearing earlier was white as well.
However the most obvious thing about the room was that the wall facing the courtyard and pool was all glass. The d****s were open when we came in and Tony left them open so that we could look out on the courtyard – and anyone passing outside on the courtyard could see in as well. Four completely naked guys and two – soon to be three – of them with totally shaved bodies setting on cushions on the floor around a table eating and drinking, all in com-plete view of anyone that might be passing by on the outside! He had turned the table at an angle to the window so that all four of us could look out and watch as his neighbours – mostly men, but some women, some gay some straight – began to come home from work. Some of them would glance inside as they passed and smile and wave to Tony.
Tony of course would smile and exchange their silent greetings. Tony acted as though it was nothing out of the ordinary for clothed people to pass by and look in on four naked men eat-ing supper. The other hand, the three of us

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