My Boss Banged Me In Office


I’ve been in a relationship with my boyfriend for two years, and he’s very nice and all but recently I’ve been cheating on him…with my married, older boss. My boss is about 20 years older, a very nice man with a nice wife and 2 kids.

I’m 24, of Irish background, and this is my third job and the first one that I’ve really liked. My boss is a very sweet man, and he’s worked hard to make sure I like working for him. His last two assistants have been total losers, apparently, and he insisted HR take a chance on me. I appreciated his confidence and worked hard to do the job just right.

It wasn’t an easy job, the hours could be long, as Richard, my boss, worked on a number of high profile projects that were time consuming, needed attention paid to detail, and were important to the company. My boss is a shade over 6-2, a slight paunch and slight whiting in his hair. I know, it was grey, but it seemed more white than grey. He has an outstanding sense of humor, and has ability to get right to bottom of a problem.

Richard was constantly under pressure at work as the deadlines always seemed tight, and his wife didn’t help things as she was always calling, asking for him, and complaining about his time at work.

Once she confided me that “He spends more time on the job than at home.”

But I think they had a great life, as those long hours produced a great paycheck and bonuses. I know, as he’d give me little bonuses each and every time he received one. He was a great boss and I was learning a whole lot.

My boyfriend Jason was a fun-loving guy who enjoyed a good time. Weekends we’d head to the shore and party into the wee hours before heading back to where we were staying. Most of the time he’d insist I suck him off until he was ready to cum, then he’s jerk off somewhere on me. Sometimes my ass, sometimes my breasts and onto my face.

He’s say, “Sharyl, you have such nice soft skin I just love messing it up with the sticky stuff,” as he called his ejaculate.

Oh, we’d actually make love when we had time, and I liked that. But at the shore, it was quickie time. I didn’t actually get bothered by that.

There were times and places for afternoon sessions, or middle of the night wake-me-ups. Our sex life was fine, good enough to make the toes on my 5-5 body tingle. Jason loved playing in the car with my legs and especially reaching over and fondling my 34c breasts. We surely gave some other drivers or passengers reasons for pause.

At Kundu Escort work one Tuesday afternoon a major league project came out way and Richard informed me there would be extra hours but he’d make it worth my while. It would involve some weekend work, which wouldn’t make Jason happy, but what can you do?

Over the next month we spent hour upon hour trying to solve the customer’s problems and have a big time solution that would make them very happy to sign a big time contract. The project had little details that were important, but some very important big accoutrements that was so much different than the competition.

I loved working with Richard, as he provided a new and different way of doing things. He was in his 40s yet a distinguished streak of white set off the jet black of his hair. He wore that white like a merit badge, joking he’d earned every strand of white/grey by the long hours he worked. He worked out a couple times a weeks, and walked wherever he could, so his physique wasn’t bad to look at. Yes, I loved checking out his ass as he walked!

Like a lot of great ideas, one afternoon the big solution came to Richard, and we worked feverously into the night to get it onto paper and storyboards. The pressure was intense, but the next day we reviewed everything and knew it was the big solution.

We worked up the financials, the presentation and went over and over until everything was just right. Later that evening we felt the pressure but we also know we had it nailed. Throughout that night I had playfully flirted with Richard, telling him to make this solution work while I showed him some cleavage or leg. A little flirting couldn’t hurt. I thought the playfulness would help relieve the pressure.

We were tidying up the conference room table and getting ready for departure when without thinking I nonchalantly began reaching over the table to pull papers toward me.

I heard Richard say, “That’s a nice, nice view.” Damn, I realized my skirt had ridden up and my panties must have been showing.

Oh, I said standing and pulling skirt modestly down. He said he liked it better before. I knew I had a nice ass but surely inappropriate. Oh, I worked hard to make it look good. I didn’t have a massive set of boobs but the ass generally drew attention from guys.

I really didn’t know what possessed me, but I turned around and lifted my skirt as before, and then slowly lowered by blue cotton panties about three Kundu Escort Bayan inches to give him an unobstructed view of the topside of my ass.

Oh, my ass was nice. I know I didn’t get embarrassed when at the gym as I’d match it to many of my friends. But I didn’t think it was extremely special or anything, just a nice ass. But Richard, well, said it was spectacular. I liked that compliment.

Posing for the man, I heard him shuffle up behind me, rubbing his midsection against my ass before turning me around and kissing me.

That kiss was so hot. I was hot for the man. I knew it was wrong, but I was hot for him. We exchanged kisses for several minutes, holding each other tightly. While we kissed we were rubbing each other, grabbing, stroking and enjoying each other’s body.

Mentioning we had better stop, he pulled back. I pulled him right back toward me and kissed him some more while running my hands up and down his back. My mind was insisting we continue on the path we were on as I was loving the feelings that the man was sending through my body. I actually tingled at his touch. And as wrong as I knew it was, at this point it was oh so very right.

One thing led to another and I was soon turned around and bent 90 degrees over the conference room table. He lifted my skirt and slipped my panties down to my knees and somehow his cock was out and insistently rubbing up and down my soaking wet slit. I’m not sure how big he was, but it felt great. The more he rubbed, the more excited I got, as I was pushing back against his cock which sent sensations throughout my body.

I felt my soaked panties slip to the floor just in time, as his cock was hard as a rock and my pussy wanted it inside. He grasp that manhood and slipped it up and down my slash, slowly and with just the right motion to get it superbly wet.

Richard didn’t disappoint me. He slowly and deliberately slipped his cock into my pussy and began rutting in and out of me at a fevered pitch. He fucked me faster and faster while reaching around to play with my clit. The sex was hit and heavy, as he used my pussy with long, hard strokes. I willingly and with some gusto pushed back against him, receptive to his dick and enjoying his thrusts.

A free hand of his held my midsection while the other reached around to caress my breast. He fondled me while humping in and out of my pussy.

Suddenly he stopped, and I asked what was wrong. “I’m going to Escort Kundu cum, and it’s too fast. I want more of you.”

“Don’t worry Richard, cum and you can cum again later,” was my insistent reply. “Use me sweetie, cum, baby cum.”

Richard rocked quickly inside me, sending sensations throughout my body as he fucked me so deep.

I could tell he wanted to cum. Still he stopped and pulled his cock out of my pussy. Now that I got a look at it, I realized it was a hefty six incher, not huge lengthwise but very nice girth. “You are so sexy, you always make be hot when I watch you in the office,” said my boss. “I’ve fantasized about this many times.”

Smiling, I asked whether he did so when he fucked his wife. “Yes,” he admitted. “Several times.”

Slipping to my knees I sucked my boss’ cock freshly coated with my pussy juices, taking it firmly in my hand and jerking it while licking the side. Slowly I worked the big thing, hearing his groans from above. He was shorter than my boyfriend, but much thicker. His cock filled my mouth, and I loved the way he enjoyed rocking in and out of my mouth.

He was savoring the slow lip service, groaning as I’d hit a special place. The action got a little more intense. Once again though he pulled out, admitting he was going to cum. He wanted to get back into me from behind. No problem on my part.

I bent over the conference room table and once again he lifted my skirt and slid his slick cock into my hot, wet slit. It filled my pussy and this time there was no stopping him. The guy rutted me harder and harder, enjoying my pussy from behind.

Damn, I started to cum just as he shot his stuff into my unprotected pussy. It was awesome as we enjoyed getting to a mutual climax. Hot, naughty, nasty sex.

We caught our breath, held each other close and talked about having to keep this a secret. It was wrong, but oh so right. It was hard working in the same office, because there were times when my mind daydreamed rather than worked, only to be startled by the ring of the phone.

Since that first night we’ve had sex six times, and I have blown him least a dozen times. He loves having sex in the conference room, but we’ve also done it at his office and on his desk. I’ve blown him in his car, and once in the stairwell after leaving his office.

It’s wrong, of course, but as long as nobody knows about our affair we believe it is okay. He’s not going to leave his wife, that’s just not going to happen. I know for me, my love life with my boyfriend is so much better, and Richard admits him home life sex is better too. We know the boundaries, and it’s a perfect relationship for me.

I go home with a big smile on my face, having actually enjoyed work!

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