My Brother, My Best Friend


A loud slam of the front door announced to Mark that his little sister had arrived home from her friend’s house. She skipped into the sitting room where he was watching TV and promptly snatched the remote out of his hand. “Hey, what was that for? I was watching that!” Mark grumbled. Sophie stuck her tongue out at him. “You’ve been watching TV all day, it’s my turn,” she retorted. Mark grinned. He couldn’t stay angry at his little sister and she knew it. Mark and Sophie had a unique friendship. They had been home-schooled by their parents until high-school due to the remote region where they lived. The lack of other children around meant that the two spent most of their time together and had formed a very strong bond. Mark, at 17, was a year older than Sophie. He was 5′ 5″ and 11 stone. He disliked most sports but was naturally fit nonetheless. He had brown, shoulder-length hair and deep, brown eyes. Although he was the older of the two, he was definitely not the one in charge. Sophie liked to get her own way. Mark often joked that he spoiled her more than their parents and although it was a joke, there was a lot of truth to it, as he liked to make his sister happy. They had grown to become the best of friends.Sophie was 16 years old. She was quite short at 5′ 2″ and had a quite toned body. She had disliked her looks as a young teenager istanbul travesti and took up running to get into shape. At 15, she had started to blossom and at 16 she had become a very beautiful girl. Her hair was light brown and came down to the middle of her back and she had bright green eyes. It was because of Sophie that the family moved from their remote village to the suburbs of a large city. Her mother was struggling to keep up with homeschooling her and, after consultation with an educational specialist, they decided that Sophie was not being challenged enough with her education. So the decision was made to up roots and move closer to the city. Sophie was enrolled at a special school for talented children and mark was enrolled at a public high school. Sophie enjoyed the school and made friends, but as she was no longer the smartest, she disliked having the attention off of her. It was because of this that she liked to constantly have Marks attention on her.Sophie threw a cushion at Mark. “Move over, you big lump!” she teased, and scooted over beside him. It had become a habit for them to cuddle up on the couch after school until their parents got home. Mark threw the cushion back at her playfully. “How was your day today?” he enquired. “Oh it was okay I guess.” Sophie muttered. ” Caroline kept going istanbul travestileri on about her holiday to France.” Mark gave his sister a hug. He could tell that she had had a bad day. “How about some hot chocolate?” he asked. Sophie’s face lit up. “Ooh yes please!” she squealed with delight. As Mark made the hot chocolate in the kitchen, Sophie called into him from the other room. “What are you getting up to tonight?” she asked hopefully. “Maria is coming around.” Mark called back to her. Sophie’s face fell. She didn’t like Maria at all. Mark and her had started going out three months ago and she came to the house every other Saturday. Their parents loved Maria and complimented on how polite she was, but she treated Sophie like a little girl, teasing her and demeaning her. Nobody else seemed to notice though and when she hinted at it to Mark, he teased her about being jealous of not getting his attention. Mark walked in, carrying the mug carefully. “Careful, don’t burn yourself.” he said. Sophie forced a smile. “Of course I will be.” she replied.That night, Sophie sat in her bedroom reading. Mark’s bedroom was next to hers and she could hear him and Maria giggling in there. The last time Maria had been around, Sophie had gone in to borrow a book off Mark, and had walked in on Maria under the covers travesti istanbul and Mark looking disheveled. She pretended not to notice anything and Mark didn’t say anything when Maria left, but that night Sophie felt very uneasy thinking about her brother with a girl. It didn’t seem right to her. She eventually dozed off with the book in her hand but was awoken by raised voices in the next room. Mark and Maria seemed to be having a fight. Sophie put her ear to the wall and could just make out Mark say”… why don’t you just leave?” before Maria stormed out of the bedroom. She shot Sophie a glare as she passed the open door, and slammed the front door to the house indignantly. Sophie tiptoed into Marks room. He was sitting on his bed looking both furious and shaken. “What happened?” whispered Sophie. “Nothing… ” responded Mark. “Tell me.” urged Sophie and mark hesitantly obliged. “She… she said you were a spoiled brat. I was just so angry. I don’t want anything to do with her. I’m sorry I didn’t believe you that time you told me… ” croaked Mark. Sophie wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him close. “It’s okay, Mark.” she whispered, looking into his eyes. As she gazed into his deep, brown eyes, shimmering with tears, her heart melted and she wanted nothing but to make him happy. She inched her head forward, her lips moistening. She felt her eyes close of their own accord as she tenderly placed her lips against his. She kept them there for what felt like an eternity. She felt tears build up in her eyes as a wave of emotion flooded over her. She pressed harder against his lips as Mark moved his hand to the back of her head.

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