My Changing Life II

Double Penetration

My Changing Life IISomehow I think one of my stories got deleted. So, here it goes again. Sandra got home from work on Friday at about noon. We both showered and did our rituals to get “really” clean before heading to Chris and Terri’s for the weekend. I was pretty excited, as I hadn’t seen Chris in a week. He had been out of town. Some weeks it’s hard on me, since my retirement, and Chris is still working. Terri and Dr. Glenda had started me on some hormones or whatever to make me lactate. I did, and still am at this point. It’s been about 4 weeks since my milk has come in. Chris loves to nurse on me, as do the girls, at times. One day, several weeks ago, I was full and hurting and Chris was out of town. Sandra told me to hang on and she would be back soon. She got back in about 30 minutes with a new breast pump. She showed me how to set it up and once we had it ready, for the first time in my life I pumped my breasts! I remember when she would do that years ago, but had forgotten. It did the trick and relieved my discomfort. I had pumped earlier in the afternoon, so I knew that I would be ready again sometime after dinner. Off to Chris and Terri’s we went. To our pleasant surprise, Dr. Glenda was there to spend the weekend with us. The girls immediately began sipping wine and touching each other- girl love kind of things. Chris and I sat and talked a bit until it was time to eat.Terri had a nice dinner prepared for us, which we greedily devoured. As we ate, the sexual tension grew. The girls were playing footsie under the table with each other. Chris was rubbing my leg and the inside of my thigh, making it difficult to eat. Once we finished, the girls all headed to the master bedroom and Chris took my hand and led me out to the hot tub. We stripped down and stepped in the tub. As we did, I felt my milk come in. I knew Chris was in for a treat! I didn’t tell him. I wanted him to find out on his own. He started in biting n my neck and moved down to my aching breast. Once he took the first nipple in his mouth, he realized that they were full and waiting for him to nurse away. He was going at it like a hungry baby when I whispered in his ear for him to rub my cock while he suckled me. Oh my gosh! I was on fire. It felt like electricity going back and forth from my nipples to my dick. He drained the one and move immediately to the other and as he sucked, brought me to an orgasm. I came like a fountain, the whole time Chris sucking away on my breast. He finally drained me. I was so hot- from the sucking, the cumming, and the heat of the water, I was exhausted. I stepped out of the hot tub and took Chris’ hand and headed toward the house. I wanted more. I wanted his juice and I wanted his cock in my love tunnel.I laid on the bed and Chris followed. I rolled him onto his back and went down on his cock and I nursed away. he was so turned on out in the hot tub, I knew it wouldn’t take long before he rewarded me with his sweet nectar, and reward me he did! I don’t ever remember him cumming like he did then- hard and in a huge amount. I almost couldn’t swallow it all, but I gaziantep escort bayan did. Damn I needed that. I gave him a couple of minutes to recover before I rolled over on my stomach. He moved behind me and I raised up a bit and presented him my throbbing, hungry man pussy. He face planted between my globes and began licking and tonguing my hole, getting me good and wet. Then, he slid into me with one thrust. My ass has become so used to his cock that it now just relaxes and lets him in with ease. I clenched around his cock once he was all in. He began pumping away on me while he reached around and fondled my breasts. Oh shit, that was feeling so exquisite. Before I knew it, I started cumming. With him sliding over my prostate, I just kept flowing. In about 30 minutes, I felt his cock start to swell and twitch, then explode deep in my bowels. Four, five, six strong jets of hot man milk flooding me. I started to feel it running down my leg as it was so full it was leaking out. He must have really been saving up for tonight! We collapsed in a heap, with his cock still buried inside me and fell asleep.Oh shit, I was in pain. I don’t know what time it was, but my breasts were hard and heavy with milk and hurting. I must have slept right through my normal 6am pumping time. Chris was still asleep with his arm around me. I needed relief, but didn’t want to go pump. I slowly rolled over and positioned myself where I could get my nipple in Chris’ mouth. I knew he had been breast fed as a baby and wondered if the instinct was still there. Would he suck my nipple while he was still asleep? I placed my nipple in his mouth and expressed (see I have learned those girly terms) some milk onto his tongue. He responded by locking on and sucking away. I wrapped my leg over him while he nursed, feeling so good. When he finished that one, I moved him to the other. He was still asleep and he sucked that one dry. When he finished, I slipped out of bed and slipped on a shirt and some underwear and went into the kitchen. The girls were all sitting at the breakfast bar in their nighties drinking coffee. “Good morning, sleepy head” Terri said.”Good morning. What time is it?””It’s a bit before 8″ Sandra chirped. “Did you get up and pump?””No, I slept through, but Chris took care of it just before I came in.””Where is he?” asked Terri.”Still asleep.””Did you wake him up to nurse?” she asked.”No, he actually nursed while he was sleeping. Guess some things you never forget how to do.”I answered.”I have a surprise for you” Glenda said.”Really? What is it?”She went and brought a plastic bag in from the living room and pulled something out and held it up. “It’s a nursing bra.!” she exclaimed. “I figured this would be better for you in your present state and make it easier on you when you need to pump or feed someone” she said as the other two giggled. “Well, thank you. Help me put it on, if you don’t mind.”She came around the counter as I took my shirt of and slipped it over my arms and fastened it between my breasts. “It’s a front closure. I figured it would be easier for you.” escort bayan Then, she showed me how to undo the front flaps. “Nice. Thank you” I said. I reached over and hugged her and felt her 40DDs rub against mine. “What’s on tap for today?” I asked.They all kind of looked at each other as Sandra said “we are just going to hang out around here for a while, then maybe go into town and do a bit of shopping. What are you guys going to do?””I’m not sure. We’ll see when Chris gets up.””Oh, I’m sure he will get up a lot today” giggled Terri. “He was so excited about you coming this weekend. I think he likes your “extra” presents here lately.” “Yeah, I kind of figured that out. He does seem to enjoy me feeding him.” They all laughed. “I think while he is still asleep I’ll go shower and get cleaned up.””Mind if I join you?” Glenda asked.”Not at all” I replied. Off we went.Once in the shower, Glenda began lathering me up. “I have been wanting to see how you were doing with all of this. I mean, with the lactating.””I guess you see it seems to be doing ok, I think.””She began to feel and massage my breasts. They do seem to be holding shape well” she said. “You know, you are the first man that I’ve given these hormones and supplements to for lactation.””Really? So, I’m your guinea pig?””Sort of. Are you doing ok sexually?'”What do you mean?””I mean, can you get an erection and cum?””Oh, yeah. Last night, I had Chris jack me off while he drained my milk.””How was it?””I don’t think I have ever felt anything like it. I felt like electricity shot from my nipples to my dick and back again. I can’t wait to do that again.””So, during the week, how is the pumping going?””It’s ok. Not as much fun as Chris sucking me dry.”She reached down and began to stroke my cock and bent her head and took one of the nipple in her mouth and sucked and nibbled on it. It felt so good. “How would you feel about a night with just us girls?””You mean without Chris?””Yes. I bet we can give you even more of a sensation than Chris did.””When do you want to do this?””Tonight.””Really? What will Chris do?” “Oh, Terri has a friend coming over to take him away.””Who?'”Someone you will get to know soon enough.””I’m game.””Good. Be sure you don’t pump or let Chris empty you before then.””Well I will have to sometime before then, but I’ll be back full again.””I know. Remember, I am you gynecologist.” she chuckled, then left.The girls played around the house all morning in nothing but their panties.They had me stay in nothing but panties and my nursing bra.I was actually getting to be one of the girls! It was a lovely sight. Just thinking about what they had in store for me made me hot. About 10 Chris got up. He looked a bit disoriented. “What’s up?” I asked.”I had the strangest dream.””Really?”Yeah, I dreamed I was a little k** and was sucking on my momma’s titties.”Everyone laughed. I didn’t have the heart to tell him right then what had really happened. He drank some coffee and ate a roll, then went to shower. The girls went and dressed and went to town about 11. I felt that oh so familiar feeling of my milk coming in. Chris was standing in the kitchen in nothing but a thong. “Chris, it’s time.””Time for what?””Lunch.””What are we having?””You are having me.Then, I am having you.””Oh, I see!” he excitedly exclaimed.To the bed room we went. I laid on the bed and Chris followed. I positioned him like he was this morning and fed him my nipple. He was getting quite good at nursing on me. I took his hand and put it on my cock. He got the hint and started stroking. Oh shit, there was that electricity coursing through me. He emptied the one and immediately moved to the other. I wrapped my leg around his as he continued to drink from my womaness and stoke my cock. Just as he was draining the last bit of milk from my breast, I exploded with a huge (well, for me these days) cum! I whispered in his ear, “Chris, clean up my cum, please.” He turned and moved down to like me clean. I moved so we were in a 69 and I hungrily began sucking on his 10″ of hot meat. He followed suit and took all of my little cock in his mouth and sucked as earnestly on it as he had my tits. He was so turned on and fed me a nice big, sweet meal of hot man honey. I drank it all down. When I finished he moved back up beside me and started sucking on my nipples again. I had to stop him. They were pretty tender. I told him there would be more later. I didn’t tell him that the girls were sending him away. I rolled him on his back and stoked his big cock back to an erection then climbed on top and slid down on it until it was totally buried in my ass. We fucked away like that for an hour or so before he exploded in me. I was done. I had to save something for tonight. I rolled off and fell asleep. I woke up to the sound of the girls rustling in the kitchen. Chris was gone. I got up and pulled my panties on and put my bra back on to go see what was going on. They told me that a friend of Chris’ that he hadn’t seen in years had taken him for the night. He was surprised, but they assured him that it would be OK. Terri pulled me aside to tell me that this was the guy who had turned Chris bi and that I would get to meet him tomorrow and that I would love the guy. We ate a little, and drank several glasses of wine. The girls were only in panties, so I took my bra off. Soon, we were all rubbing and kissing on each other when my milk came in. Dr. Glenda could see it in my face. She came over and asked me if it had. I told her it had. She said that we would wait until I couldn’t stand it before they “took care of me.” After about 30 or so minutes, I was hurting, needing to be emptied. I told her it was time. They took me into the bedroom and laid me on the bed and spread my legs. The finished stripping down and then remove my panties. Terri got on one side, Sandra on the other and began to nurse at the same time. Glenda went to work on my cock. I was writhing in pleasure. Being suckled on both breasts while having my man clit being worked on was almost more than I could take. The girls were massaging and squeezing my breasts, milking every drop of milk out, as I came in Glenda’s mouth and she sucked every last drop of cum. I don’t remember much after that, as I think I passed out. I woke up a little later just enough to see the girls going after each other. Then I was out again.More to cum…

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