My Curious Little Sister


It was a hot Friday morning in August, so I was sleeping without a blanket in just my underwear. I awoke woke up to to a strange feeling on my cock. Like any teen, I’d frequently have morning wood and jerk off to relieve some of the pain. But this morning there was something on my cock. It felt like a tiny hand touching the tip of my cock and playing with it. I thought I was dreaming, so I did nothing, not wanting to disturb the amazing feeling.

My cock is about 8 inches long and relatively thick. The little fingers pinching my cock felt tiny. It traced the veins down to the base and gently brushed against my balls. This feeling was too amazing to be a dream. It took me a while to realize that the only person who’d have a hand that small in my house was my little sister Emily.

I wanted to shout and tell her that she shouldn’t touch me like this since she’s my sister and years younger than me but just as I was about to open my eyes and say something, she took both hands and squeezed my cock. Her hand was so small that it couldn’t wrap its way around my entire dick. The pleasure I felt was so overwhelming that I let out a moan and didn’t want to stop her. She began to stroke my long cock with both hands.

I opened my eyes and saw my sister bent over the side of my bed gently milking my cock with two small warm hands. She saw me stirring, and instead of stopping or running away, she jumped onto my bed.

“Emily! What are you doing?” I started.

My little sister had straddled herself onto my right leg. Her wet panties were on my shin while her hands continued to stroke my cock. Oh god, she was getting turned on by this! I tried to get up but she gently pushed against my muscular chest back down. Truth be told, I probably could’ve stopped her, but I didn’t want to.

“What does it look like? I’m stroking your cock” she said with a giggle.

“Stop! You can’t do this! You’re my sis-ohhhh”

Before I could finish that sentence, she pressed her lips against the head of my cock and stuck her ass up into the air. I felt her lips brush the head of my cock and then make their way down. With the first few inches in her mouth, she looked up at me with her emerald green eyes. I took in the view for a moment. My little sister tucked a strand of her long light brown hair behind her right ear and winked at me. A cute butterfly clip held the rest of her hair in place. In her doggy position, I was able to peek down her loose white shirt and see two perky tits dangling with her nipples just barely out of sight. Her white panties were covered with little flowers and tightly hugged her slim heart shape ass while she sucked my cock. She was quite literally stunning. I was so shocked and euphoric I couldn’t move.

First she was only able to suck a couple inches but she realized if she didn’t swallow any saliva, she’d be able to take in more. Soon my cock was covered in her spit while she gagged and took 3-4 inches down her throat. She stroked the rest of my cock with her tiny hands. She was so young, and to my knowledge she was a virgin. Her blowjob skills were definitely amateurish, but her tiny mouth, tongue, and hands made it feel like Escort heaven on earth.

The sensation of her small tongue running from the head of my cock to the middle coupled with the suction felt divine. My cock constantly bumped into the back of her throat, where I’d be awarded with a gagging sound. She continued sucking for another minute while grinding her wet panties along my leg.

She stared at me with those large innocent green eyes and winked. I couldn’t take it anymore. That was what finally pushed me over the edge. My morning wood erupted into her small mouth. I tend to cum buckets and today was no different. Emily attempted to swallow my cum but her mouth quickly filled while she swallowed a little bit. As I grabbed her hair and forced my cock deeper in her throat, some of my cum managed to come out of her cute little button nose! She choked and opened her mouth, letting it all out. A small pool of cum now lay between my legs, but my cock was still spurting. Emily pointed it back at her face. One shot hit her forehead while another shot went right into her shirt and landed on those perky breasts.

“Ohhhhhh my god Emily! That was amazing”

She giggled with her eyes closed. They were sealed from cum. I took off my shirt and wiped the cum off of her face.

“Where’d you learn to do that?” I asked.

“My friends talked about blowjobs nonstop at school yesterday and I couldn’t get it out of my mind, so I had to try it! Sorry for not asking you about it!”

“How are you already learning about blowjobs?”

“Well… we’re learning sex ed next week in school… I guess I’m just ahead of the class” she giggled.

“Let me give you an extra lesson then.” My cock was still hard as a rock. “Real sex is when I push my cock into your pussy and pump in and out.”

She looked at me with wide eyes, “How is it supposed to fit? Your penis is massive and my pussy is so small!”

“Well your pussy is a lot like a balloon,” I explained, “it gets bigger when I push into it. What do you say we try it?”

Part of me thought this was crazy. I knew she’s going to say no. She’s clearly scared. But at this point my dick was in control, and my dick didn’t care how much younger she was than me or that she was my sister. I just needed to fuck her tight body.

“Mmm…. okay!” She said excitedly.

I figured the best way would be to get her to lower herself onto me so that she could at least control the speed she was fucked. She began to slowly take off her panties.

“Climb on top of me and face me”

Emily did as she was told. She slowly lowered herself onto my eight inch slab of meat. Her wet pussy made my cock twitch in excitement. It pushed into the entrance of her pussy where she slowly lowered herself down. She began to move up and down, wincing in pain.

“It helps if you quickly drop on my cock. It’ll make it go by faster.”

Emily nodded meekly and then dropped all the way down my cock. I felt a pop as I broke her cherry and made her a woman. Four inches made it in as she squealed like a little puppy. I moaned out loud from the immense pressure of her tight wet pussy squeezing Escort Bayan my massive cock. It really did feel like my cock was forced into a tight balloon.

“Jack, it hurts” she said, tears forming in her eyes. Virgin blood began to leak onto my cock.

“Hey hey it’s okay. Why don’t you take off your shirt?”

Emily nodded quietly, crossed her arms and grabbed the hem of her shirt. She nervously pulled it slowly over her head. I saw her hips curve slightly into her thin stomach then adorable little belly button and finally the bottom curve of her tits. She pulled the shirt all the way off and revealed two perfectly round peach sized globes.

“Well? H-how are they?”

I reached forward to grab one of her boobs and squeezed. It fit perfectly into my hand and felt so soft and delicate. I pinched her nipple between my thumb and forefinger eliciting a little moan. She began to subconsciously move up and down from arousal, grinding more of my cock into her little pussy. Still, she could only put the first few inches in her tight pussy. I could slowly see the innocence leave her as she closed her eyes, moaned, and lost control just like I had. She wanted my cock more and more.

“They’re amazing!” I finally said as I squeezed her soft flesh.

She began to gently move up and down on my cock now. I let go of her beautifully small tits to let her go at her speed. Her blood, pussy juices, and spit all mixed onto my cock and made it easier to fuck her. Still only five inches could make it all the way in. Her pussy got tighter the deeper I pushed in. She let out a soft cry every time I thrust into her. Soon she began to moan instead of yelp. I looked deep I to her green eyes as she bounced up and down on my cock. I wanted to kiss her so bad.

Suddenly, I heard someone running down the stairs. I quickly grabbed her back and pressed her body against mine with my cock still inside her. Her head landed on my chest. The soft flesh of her tits pressed against my stomach as my cock went even deeper into her. She let out a soft, painful cry from the deeper penetration.

Mom opened the door without knocking, “What are you two doing?”

I felt my little sister’s tight pussy squeeze on my cock causing immense pleasure. My face must’ve looked strained because my mother could tell something was wrong. I grabbed my phone and looked at the time to avoid eye contact. I didn’t want her to see my face and notice something wrong.

“Nothing, just about to get up,” I managed while my sister’s pussy squeezed a little harder, forcing me to bite my lip and stifle a moan.

“Your room is such a mess.” My mother said while picking my clothes off the ground. She walked towards my bed

My mother smiled, “Nice to see you two finally getting along.”

“Y-yeah she had a nightmare last night,” my heart was pounding and my cock was throbbing. I gently stroked her head as I felt the tears from her eyes on my chest. She did her best to stay quiet despite the pain of my massive cock. She looked up at my mother with tears in her soft green eyes. Aside from her head, Emily’s naked body was fully covered by the blanket but Bayan Escort I was still afraid mom would pull it off.

“Aw that’s sweet of you to take care of her. Emily, don’t worry, you’ll forget your nightmare by the evening. Get up quickly because you’ll soon be late to school. You better be at the dining room in five minutes.”

“Okay” my sister said in her cute high pitched voice.

Mom left the room and I was already close to cumming, but five minutes wasn’t a lot of time to get ready. I had to relieve myself before school or else I’d spend the rest of the day in agony. I flipped my little sister so that she was under me. Her legs wrapped around my ass while I pulled my cock out almost all the way out.

“I’m sorry” I whispered. I don’t think she fully realized what I was about to do. The smile faded from her face, replaced by a look of fear as I covered her mouth with my left hand.

As I quickly thrust into her, she let out a muffled scream and threw her head back and pushed her chest out. She closed her eyes and tears started falling out of her eyes and onto the pillow. She started violently shaking her head to the side and nearly removed my hand from her mouth. Her hands pushed against my chest trying to get me off her, but at this point my dick was in control. My dick didn’t care if she was four years younger than me or my little sister. The way my dick saw it, she had raped me by sucking my dick without my consent, so I could fuck her roughly without hers. I could almost hear her muffled cries of “please stop! It hurts Jack!”

Despite all of her cries, she still had what was probably her first orgasm onto my cock. I felt her convulsions massage my cock as her cum leaked all over. Her little girl cum made fucking her even easier. I roughly mauled her tit with my free hand, eliciting another muffled cry as I started fucking her even harder. I’ve never felt tiny peach sized boobs that were so perfect and soft before. Her pussy felt so nice! It was so small that every inch of my cock was massaged tightly. I pushed in so deep that I constantly pummeled her cervix with the head of my cock and literally stretched her pussy deeper with every thrust. I guess her pussy really was like a balloon. She constantly cried and tried to scream into my hand.

There was a sense of beauty in her green tear-filled eyes. They looked like they were begging me to stop, but I couldn’t at that point. The pleasure was too immense. My balls were slapping against her ass with every thrust as I constantly struggled to force all eight inches into my little sister. Finally, I couldn’t hold back anymore. I jammed my cock deep into her cervix and released what felt like a gallon of cum into her young pussy. There wasn’t any space left in her tiny pussy, so everything spilled out onto the bed. When I pulled out, her pussy practically exploded with my cum. Emily started to cry softly.

“Emily… hey Emily?” I tried to get her attention but she didn’t care. As my dick deflated I deeply regretted what I did. I thought about what would make her feel better. I gently held her face and kissed her on the lips. She kissed me back. For a while we made out on her bed while I ran my hands on her soft breasts. Then I remembered what time it was.

“Hey, we have to get ready for school now.”

Emily nodded silently, and we got out of bed.

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