My Daughter’s Teacher Chapter 11

Abella Danger

*Sorry for the delay for the next chapter, I just got back into writing. as always, please let me know your thoughts. Chapter 11 I followed my daughter Beth down the hall into her room. Her school blouse and bra having already been ripped off by me, were still in the kitchen. Her school skirt seemed to be hanging on her hips by a thread. When I entered her room she had already removed her skirt and was lying on her bed in the same pink thong. Her legs were slightly spread and one hand toyed with her left nipple as her other hand was rubbing her panty covered pussy. I stood there watching her tease me as my cock got harder. “Tell me everything. Tell me about you and Ms. Adams.” I stood there listening as Beth told me about how she seduced Amy. I listened to every detail, about every time Beth and Amy had fucked. About how Amy had told Beth all my secrets and about our love making. I listened and did not know if I should be angry with Amy for lying to me or happy that she secretly made this happen. After Beth finished telling me the whole story I could see her juices had soaked her panties and my dick was rock solid. Beth smiled at me, and at that moment I knew everything was going to be ok and that the one person I had wanted for the last few months was now mine and I could have her whenever I wanted. I realized that my first time having sex with my own daughter was quick and rough and this second time needed to be special. I crawled onto her bed, my body next to her as I leaned down and kissed her. Not a rough kiss, but one of love, letting her know that she meant everything to me. My mouth traveled down her neck and my lips encircled her nipple. I gently sucked her erect nipple into my mouth as my hand ran down her smooth flat stomach. I switched from one nipple to the other as my hand found her panties. I ran my fingers up and down the silky wet material, gently putting pressure on her red hot pussy. My fingers found the outline of her pussy lips and I ran them up and down the length of her pussy. After only a minute of teasing her, she asked, “Please dad, I’m so wet and horny.” I lifted my head from her breasts and smiled at my baby. My fingers made there way inside her panties and I easily slid two fingers into her wanting folds. She quickly inhaled as I began to finger her and my lips moved to her neck, slowly kissing every inch of skin. I could tell that Beth was coming close to orgasm and I didn’t want to give her everything that quickly. I slid my fingers out of her soaking cunt, causing her to grab my hand and try to force my fingers back inside her. I pulled my hand from hers and brought it to my lips, getting my first knowing taste of my daughter. Beth could see the pleasure in my eyes şişli escort bayan as I licked her juices from my fingers and she smiled. I smiled back at her, letting her know that I wasn’t done yet. I slid my body down so that my head was between her legs and she knew exactly what was coming. My fingers slowly began to roll down her wet thong, exposing her perfect teenage pussy to me for the first time in person. Her juices were clearly evident as her clean shaven pussy hid nothing. I leaned in and began by kissing the inside of her thighs, moving up, closer to the source of the heat. When I reached her glistening lips I ran my tongue up then down, finally tasting my own daughter from the source, it was amazing. My tongue licked, flicked, stabbed and probed every inch of her. Beth squealed, laughed, moaned and made every other sexual sound as I continued my exploring of her young teenage body. “Daddy, I’m so close, please don’t stop! Please don’t stop…” I gave my daughter what she wanted. I did not stop and she rewarded me with a moan that only a woman in climax could make. Her hands latched onto my head and held it in place. Her legs wrapped around my shoulders and her body exploded. I continued to lick her pussy as her juices flooded my mouth and face. When Beth finally subsided from her climax she looked down at me and said, “You have pussy juice all over your face and knowing its mine is so fucking sexy. I love you daddy.” “Yours is the best I have ever tasted baby, and I love you too.” I crawled back so we were side by side and she kissed me. Her tongue wrestling with mine, then licking my face, cleaning me and tasting herself. She looked deep in my eyes and we both knew what was next and we both wanted it more than anything else. She rolled me onto my back and straddled me, reaching down and gently stroking my cock as she said, “I’ve wanted this for so long, I’ve wanted you inside me and now I get it.” “You can have it anytime you want it baby.” She positioned my cock at the entrance of her waiting pussy and ran the head up and down her slit, coating it with her juices. I looked right into her eyes as she slowly slid down the length of my dick. Her eyes were shut solid as she guided me into her. Once she had taken all of my dick inside her she began to rock back and forth, our bodies moving in perfect rhythm. We fucked at the perfect speed, both our bodies enjoying every moment together. My hands on her hips, her hands on top of mine as she sped up her fucking. Her pussy slid up and down my cock like an expert and I loved every minute of it. I could tell that Beth was more concerned about me cumming rather than her own orgasm. She could also tell that I was close and mecidiyeköy escort bayan began to quicken her pace. “Oh baby, you are so tight and wet, I’m not going to last much longer…” “Do it daddy, cum in me, cum inside your little girl.” I didn’t need to hear anything more. I grabbed her hips tighter and thrust up into her a few more times before I shot my load deep inside my teenage daughter. “Oh yes, yes, yes! I’m cumming baby, I’m cumming inside your pussy!” Beth rode me for another minute, making sure she milked every last drop of cum from me, then with my softening dick still inside her she leaned down and kissed me. “That was awesome daddy! You are the best I have ever had.” As she said this she slid off my dick and lay down next to me. Sweat covered both our bodies as her head found my chest. We lay there for a few minutes, neither one of us saying anything until Beth looked at me and said, “Don’t get me wrong daddy, I loved making love to you, but you know you can be rougher with me, I want you to fuck me when ever and where ever you want, just like you do with Ms. Adams. I want to be your slut, your whore, whatever you want, I’ll do, now matter how dirty.” After she said this she reached down and slid two fingers into her freshly fucked pussy and then pulled them out. There was a mixture of my cum and hers on her fingers and she brought them to her mouth and sucked them clean. “You are one dirty little bitch Beth and I promise you that the things I’ll do to you will make you cum over and over again. Now I think we need to figure out a way to punish Ms. Adams for lying to me all this time, you think you can help me with that?” Beth smiled and giggled as we lay in bed coming up with a way to make Amy pay for her lies, a way that when it would be over she would be thanking me and Beth and nothing would ever be the same again. After coming up with a plan to get Amy back, Beth and I got out of bed and took a shower together. We washed each other’s bodies and did everything in our power not to fuck again in the warm water, we both wanted to be fully charged when we put our plan into action. I checked my phone and saw that Amy had called 3 times and Beth said that Amy had called her twice too. Since neither of us answered and we hadn’t called her back yet, this would be the perfect time to put our plan into action. We both got dressed and Beth got in her car and headed to Amy’s house as was the first part of or plan and I waited 20 minutes than did the same. I knocked on Amy’s door and when she answered I walked right in and said, “I fucked up Amy, I really fucked up.” “What are you talking about?” “I confronted Beth about her language and the way she walks around escort şişli the house half naked and she started screaming at me. She said she would dress how she wants and fuck who she wants and there was nothing I could do about it.” I could see that Amy was worried, and this meant that the first part of our plan was working. “Sam, don’t worry, I’m sure Beth is fine and was just saying that. I’m sure she didn’t mean any of it.” “You weren’t there Amy, you didn’t see the look in her eyes, she meant it, she meant every word of it.” Right on time Beth walked out of Amy’s kitchen and said, “He’s right, I meant every word I said. I’m going to fuck who ever I want and there’s nothing you can do about it! I’m, going to be a total fucking slut and I’m going to love every minute of it.” I acted surprised to see my daughter here, at my girlfriend’s house and said, “What are you doing here Beth? Amy? Why is she here?” Amy’s face showed only one emotion, fear. She had no idea how to answer, so Beth stepped closer and answered for her, “I’m here because me and Ms. Adams have been fucking for the last month. Who do you think is teaching me to become a slut? And like you have any room to say anything, she tells me all about what you’ll do. You are a fucking pervert, you look at the pictures of me and Sarah and jerk off and wish it was me you were fucking!” I stood there trying my best to act surprised at the revelation Beth was telling me. Amy didn’t move, she had no idea what to say or do. No one said a word for a solid minute and then I turned to Amy and said, “Is this true? Is what she’s saying true? Are you fucking my daughter?” “Sam, I can explain, I …” Beth cut her off, “You don’t have to explain anything, its all true dad, we fuck like rabbits. We lick each others pussies and do things that would make most men sick…but not you, they would probably turn your perverted ass on.” This was now the most important part of the plan. I walked over to Beth and slapped her across the face. She was the one who suggested I do it, she said it would sell the plan. I was worried about hurting her but she wouldn’t hear of it, she even made me practice before we left the house. Hearing my hand slap Beth’s face must have shocked Amy because when I turned around her face was in total shock, almost in tears. I walked back to Amy and said, “Is it true? Have you been fucking my little girl?” The tears began running down her face like a river. She couldn’t look me in the eyes as she sobbed. “Answer me? Amy could not even look me in the eyes as she answered, “Yes.” “Yes, what?” She sniffled as she answered, “Yes, I’ve been fucking Beth.” I gave Beth a quick glance and saw her flash me a smile, our plan was working to perfection. I moved right in front of Amy and ran my hand through her hair, gently stroking, trying to put her at ease. It worked as she looked up to me trying to smile. I suddenly grabbed a handful of her hair and turned her face upward to me. “You think you can smile your way out of this.

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