My First_(5)


My First

My name is David; I grew up in a pretty stable home with my sister Mary. My parents weren’t rich but they tried to give my sister and me many of the things the other kids had. When I was thirteen my parents went out of town for the night, to work on their marriage it turns out. They got a babysitter who was a senior in high school and a family friend to watch my sister and keep me from destroying the house. Her name was Heather and she was very beautiful; five foot eight, 120 pounds, dark brown shoulder length hair, 36C breasts and lightly tanned skin. She looked kind of like Ally Sheedy when she was in “The Breakfast Club”.

It was close to the end of the school year, the last weeks of May. I was already tall, six foot and weighed about 140 pounds. I had light brown hair and was skinny. I had discovered the art of masturbation almost six months before and my cock was almost eight inches long, did I mention I was of Irish decent. I usually had at myself just before I fell asleep; I found it made me fall asleep very quickly and it still does. I was a little upset that my parents thought it was necessary to leave us with a sitter but when I found out it was going to be Heather I thought it wouldn’t be too bad.

My sister and I were watching TV when her dad brought her to our house, her car was totaled by her ex-boyfriend after a party the week before, and that’s why he was the ex’. I saw her get out of the car and she was wearing a cream colored sun dress with a brown flower pattern on it, her hair was pulled back away from her face and she reached into the back seat and grabbed a small suitcase. She told her dad thanks and headed to the front door as he pulled down the driveway honking goodbye.

I was still a little upset about having some one “watch” me but when the sun hit the back of the dress and I saw her body silhouetted, I began to think of ways to incorporate the image into my jerking off that night. I became very excited but was able to hide it well in my jeans. I said hi to Heather and my sister dragged her upstairs to play. I was sitting in the living room watching something on TV, when she came into the room. My parents had called her down and I didn’t even hear them I was lost in erotic thought about her. I saw her walk in and she sat down right next to me. The way she sat made me feel kind of strange as it was a large couch and she sat on the edge of my cushion. Her sun dress was lightly holding her breasts in and they bounced with her slightest movement. I think I was staring because my dad had to “clear his throat” when he noticed. I looked away but kept peeking back to them. I could feel the heat from her body sitting so close to me. I could smell a light scent of vanilla from her.

My parents were talking to her about the “ground rules” and I think they were talking to me too but I wasn’t even aware they were there. I managed to fake it with some uh huhs and yes’s. I did notice that Heather had been looking over at my crotch and when I looked up from her chest she looked away. I saw her nipples poking through the very thin material of her dress, which was making my bulge bigger. I pretended to get lost in the TV again until they finished their speech. They got their luggage, said goodbye to my sister and me and finally left. I was ready to make my move….

It was almost dinner time when I thought I would put my arm around Heather who was sitting between Mary and me. Just as I started the old stretching move, Heather asked us if we were hungry. Of course we were hungry, Mary for food and me for something else. Heather got up and went into the kitchen and started rummaging through the fridge. She found some left over pot roast and made each of us a plate, heated them up in the microwave. While she did this I helped set the table, which was funny because I usually preferred to eat while we watched TV. Mary didn’t think anything of it and when it was time she came in and sat down. I sat across from Heather and Mary sat beside me, we ate exchanging small talk and were almost finished when Heather asked if we wanted more. My sister was stuffed and I was a little hungry still. Heather made a comment that, at the time, went over my head; about me being a “growing” boy and needing my vitamins. I almost ate another plate full of food.

Mary went back into the living room and watched some dumb kid show. I helped Heather clean up the dishes and we started talking about our plans for the summer. She was going to be getting ready for college and I was going to pick berries, not many choices at that age. Our bed time was nine o’clock but Heather let us stay up until ten. I was noticing my sister falling asleep on the other end of the couch. I started to feel tired too. Heather saw this and had me carry my little sister to her room, it made me feel strong to show off in front of her. I put Mary to bed and Heather tucked her in. I said good night to Heather and went to my room. I was taking off my clothes when I noted a very wet spot on my underwear where my cock was leaking. I took them off and put on a fresh pair from the dresser. I didn’t notice the door was ajar about two inches.

I got into bed and waited until I heard Heather changing channels on the TV downstairs. I was so horny my blankets were tented and the pressure wasn’t helping. I started stroking my cock thinking about Heather. It didn’t take long for me to cum and when I did it was so intense I think I passed out.

I woke to the smell of vanilla and I felt very warm. It was very dark but I could feel Heather licking my cock and the cum from my body. I reached for the small lamp on the night stand and flicked it on. It startled her just a bit but she didn’t stop her assault on my cock. I reached down and took her breast in my hand and gave it a hard squeeze. Heather pulled back slightly but moaned in pleasure when I loosened my grip. She sat up and said that she had to have my cock. I thought I was dreaming but knew better. I reached for the zipper on the back of her dress and pulled it down to the small of her back. I felt inside the opening and could feel her hot smooth flesh under my hand. I caressed her back up to the shoulders and could feel her arch it as I passed my hand up and down. I pulled the spaghetti straps from her shoulders unleashing her firm tanned breasts, I guess she sunbathed nude. I began kneading these perfect breasts feeling the nipples get very hard. I kept doing this until I thought I was hurting her because she got stiff for a moment and her body began to shake. I noted her skin got goose bumps and she was gasping in quite loudly.

I thought this would wake my sister so I stopped, seconds later Heather told me not to stop and explained that it felt good. I was still a virgin but knew some stuff about girls and what felt good. My dad gave me the talk and showed me some magazines that had naked women but no actual sex shots. I resumed my massaging of Heather’s breasts and she stiffened three more times before she stood up and let her dress fall to the floor. She stood there bathed in the glow of my lamp and four orgasms. She had on maroon string bikini panties made of satin. They were form fitting and I could see that at the crotch they looked wet. I watched as Heather hooked her thumbs in the strings of her panties and pulled them down over her thighs and let them fall past her knees to the floor. I felt my cock throb at the sight of her neatly trimmed pussy. It was beautiful, with very short hairs over the top and nothing on the lips. I saw a little pink bump sticking out of the lips up by the hair. Heather moved her hands down her chest over her stomach and between her legs. She pulled her hand over her little pink bump and pushed her fingers just inside the lips, they came out glistening with what looked like water but was thicker somehow. She moved over to me and put her fingers to my mouth and I could smell the liquid, it smelt sweet and also had a hint of vanilla. She said “taste it, I tasted you it’s only fair”. I opened my mouth and she put her fingers on my lips I reached out with my tongue and tasted what has become my favorite flavor of all. I licked her fingers clean and while I did this she used the other hand to rub that little pink bump. I had not been told what it was but I could tell it was pretty important.

Heather told me that I was going to eat her out and I had no idea what that meant. She told me to stay where I was, lying on my back and she straddled me putting her pussy right on my mouth. She grabbed my hair with a death grip and pulled me into her. I felt her moisture on my chin and lips and the smell was so much stronger. I felt my cock pulse with every breath I took. I reach out my tongue as before but this time she seemed to be moving her hips and pelvis to make my tongue go where she wanted it. She said to lick her clit. I just started moving my tongue in circles until I hit something kind of hard and I figured that was it because she twitched hard when I hit it. I felt her body tense again and soon after felt more liquid on my chin and was starting to run down my neck. I heard her breathing quicken and then it seemed she stopped breathing all together then came another flood.

This continued for over an hour at which point I felt her release my hair as she fell backward. I had lost count of her orgasms around thirty something and that was almost twenty minutes before. I thought it was over and I started to grab for the covers and she said “what are you doing? I need that cock inside of me.” She grabbed my cock by the base and squeezed it so hard I thought it was going to pop. Heather straddled my cock now and rubbed the tip against her very wet pussy. I had never felt pleasure like this before and thought Escort I was going to cum right then. She must have sensed that and stroked it a couple of times and then pushed her pussy down onto it, impaling herself. Her pussy was so wet and quite tight around my cock. I was afraid to move. Heather began slight movements of her hips which made her clit rub my pelvis and I felt her pussy tighten around my cock and another gush of liquid came out and ran down my cock, over my balls and into the sheets. Heather leaned forward when she came and started kissing me licking my chin and neck of her juices. She seemed like she was in a frenzy and we started moving in a rocking motion. I felt her pussy grab me several more times each one followed by a flood of juices.

Heather must have felt my orgasm coming as she held my face with her hands and told me to look into her eyes. We locked eyes and I began cumming. I don’t think I have ever shot so much semen in my life. As I came Heather came again, milking my cock dry with her pussy. We were sweaty and breathing hard, Heather collapsed on my chest and our bodies became a twisted heap in the bed. We fell asleep like this.

I woke and it was still dark out and I could see the clock and it said 4:15am. I looked around and was surprised to see Heather was gone. I turned off the light and went back to sleep thinking it was a dream. I woke to a knocking at the door; it was Mary telling me to get up so we could watch cartoons as it was Saturday morning. I threw back the covers and noticed I was naked and had dried cum all over me. I told my sister to start without me and I got into the shower. I was running over the “dream” from last night when I heard the door open. It was Heather she opened the shower curtain and looked me over. She was wearing a pair of short shorts made form an old pair of sweat pants and a short white tank top. I said “it wasn’t a dream, was it?” she smiled and reached out her hand and took hold of my cock stroking it as she spoke. She said “you are going to make a lot of women happy with this thing and I am glad I was your first.” I reached out to her and pulled her into the shower clothes and all. I kissed her passionately letting the water run over our bodies. I lifted her shirt over her head bearing her breasts. I leaned down and started sucking on the nipples very hard. I felt her melt in my arms; she wrapped her arms around my head and held it to her tits. I moved my hands down her sides to her soaking wet shorts, mostly from the shower, and pushed them down. She wasn’t wearing any panties this time. I let the shorts fall to the floor with a sploosh sound. I spun us around and pushed her against the shower wall, kissing her neck and squeezing her tits with my hands. I felt her take my cock in her hands again stroking and rubbing the tip with her fingers. She began playing with my balls and this drove me crazy. I put my hand between her legs and felt the intense heat from her pussy. I rubbed her outer lips and could feel her grinding her hips to get me to enter her pussy and massage her clit.

I teased her for a short time until she almost made me cum. I kissed her again and as I did I entered her pussy with two of my fingers and rubbed her clit with my thumb. Her eyes opened sharply and she gasped against my mouth. She resumed the kiss and continued stroking my cock. Heather was licking and nibbling my ear when the water started getting cold. I turned off the water and had to take Heather then and there. We got out of the shower and I started drying her off with the towel. I wrapped the towel around her shoulders from behind and gently rubbed them through the towel. She seemed to go into a trance or something. I moved the towel down her body drying her as I went. I started to dry myself off when she got down on her knees in front of me. She took my cock into her mouth all the way. I was looking down at this beautiful eighteen year old woman sucking me. It was amazing; she would lick it as she moved up and down the shaft. Every third stroke she would pull it out and gently use her teeth on the head, kiss it and then suck it back into her mouth. I was on the verge when I wanted to fuck her. I reached down only to be pushed away. I looked into her eyes and they were staring into mine and I could see what she wanted me to do. She wanted me to cum in her mouth while we locked eyes just as we had last night. I nodded in understanding and took her head in my hands. I saw the passion in her eyes and I think she saw mine. I was getting closer when I felt Heather’s hands caressing my ass, it felt surprisingly good. I felt her hands heading toward my sphincter and I tensed, still looking into her eyes they almost said “trust me” so I relaxed a little. She didn’t put her finger inside of me but instead just pushed on the outside. The second she touched it I let loose with a very powerful orgasm. She had to know it was coming as she got a gleam in her eyes just as it started and had prepared herself for the flood of cum form my cock. She didn’t stop sucking until I was drained of semen. I felt weak in the knees and almost fell down.

Heather used the towel to finish drying my body of water and I thought how was Heather going to get out of the bathroom without being seen? Now I had the towel wrapped around my waist and Heather’s clothes were still soaking wet. I took them and wrung them out as best as I could but they were visibly wet. Heather told me she didn’t bring any other clothes with her but we thought we could, if my sister Mary was still glued to the TV, make it to the guest room down the hall past the living room. I started walking by the entry to the living room with Heather a few steps behind. I saw my sister watching cartoons and eating a bowl of cereal. I looked back at Heather holding her dripping clothes skin getting goose bumps from the cool air. Her nipples were hard and pointing right at me I was starting to get an erection again and Heather noticed it too. She pointed to the living room as if to ask if the coast was clear and I nodded. We slowly walked down the hall until the floor creaked under my foot. I grabbed Heather and pulled her down the hall behind me until we reached the door. I flung it open and we ran inside, slamming it behind us. I didn’t even notice that my sister had not even heard the sound but our nerves were so tightly wound that we were trembling holding each other.

Heather had draped the wet clothes over the back of a chair and was looking at me with lust in her eyes again. I felt the towel get tighter around me as my cock pushed on it. I took the towel off and tossed it aside. Heather looked at my cock and licked her lips as if she was going to have a repeat from the bathroom. I shook my head to tell her that was not the case. I walked over to her and moved her to the edge of the bed. As her legs came in contact with it she went to a seated position and then I led her to lie back on the bed. I began kissing her neck and shoulders and moved down her chest to her breasts. I spent some time licking and sucking her tits until I felt her cum a few times. It was her turn to feel the pleasure. I felt her body buck with her fourth orgasm and I slowly moved down her body with my tongue. I teased her by passing her pussy completely and going down one leg and then up the other. I thought she was going to scream. I felt her hands starting to hold my head and guide it to her pussy but I gave her a light swat on the side of her ass and she let out a little yelp. I told her to behave herself or I’d hit her harder. I took my time teasing her by gently licking her around her pubic hair and along the natural folds where her legs met her body. Her body seemed to sense where I was and moved there. I would breathe over her pussy and every time I exhaled she would give a little moan.

Finally I made contact with my tongue where she wanted me to. I saw her pussy was running over with juices. I lapped at them like a thirsty dog and as I did she let out a shuddering groan and more juices came out of her. I looked up to see her hands grabbing the blankets and her head bent back so far I thought she would break her neck. I positioned myself so I could look up her abdomen and see her tits and face as I licked her wet pussy. I watched her try to keep eye contact but with every orgasm she would seem to gyrate even more. I took my fingers and slowly rubbed them through the juices she was pushing out of her pussy. I probed her gently with my fingers and felt her push down whenever they were at the opening. I let them go in a little maybe to the second knuckle but not much further. I felt her disappointment when I pulled them out but it was quickly replaced with pleasure when I licked her clit to give her another orgasm. I started thinking about the move she put on me in the bathroom and I slowly made my way with my fingers to her sphincter. She gave no resistance and actually moved her legs up and back to allow ease of access. I started to lick her tight little hole and as I started she began to squeal with pleasure.

Heather’s orgasms were more intense and the flood seemed to be steady now and not in bursts. I slowly eased a wet finger into her ass and as I did she came all over my mouth and hands. I didn’t really notice because I was so focused on her pussy and ass that she had begun to moan very loudly. I was strumming her clit with my fingers on my left had and licking her slit and ass with my tongue and still pushing a finger into her asshole. Heather came for about an hour solid. My hand was starting to cramp up when I heard a knocking at the door.

My sister Mary had heard Heather’s moaning over the TV and said “are you okay Heather?” I froze and thought that she might come Escort Bayan in to see as the door doesn’t lock. Heather, thinking quickly, said to Mary “I’m okay sweetheart, I’m just sad about my car.” I still had my finger in her ass and she didn’t even flinch. I heard Mary walk back down the hall and plunk down in front of the TV again. I looked at Heather who was leaning forward enough to see my hand disappear between her legs. I smiled at her and she started to laugh, which squeezed my finger. I took my finger out of her and she shuddered again. I was so hard I thought it was never going to go down. I looked down at it and Heather said “what do you want to do with that?” I grinned and Heather said “fuck me in the ass!” She grabbed her small suitcase and opened it I saw why she had not brought only one change of clothes. Inside the suitcase was a series of graduated butt plugs from about as round as a thumb to the size of a soda can. I also saw a gold metallic vibrator that was maybe six inches long and about half the size around as my cock. I glanced at Heather who just smiled at me and said “I knew what I wanted to do when I told your parents I would watch you this weekend.” I think my mouth was hanging open because she closed it and reached into a pocket in the lid of the suitcase and removed a tube of something that looked like toothpaste. She opened it and aimed it at the tip of my cock slowly squeezing on the tube releasing this clear but very slippery gel. I looked at the tube and it said KY Jelly and I remember the guys at school saying it but had never seen it before. I liked the way it made Heather’s hand slide over my cock with no resistance.

Heather gave me the tube and bent over in the doggie position and buried her face in the pillows. She reached back with her hands and pulled her ass cheeks apart slightly opening her ass. Her instructions were pretty clear: “I’ll pull them apart you rub in some of the lube and insert the butt plugs working up to the biggest one.” I followed them to the letter and with each plug she would scream into the pillows louder than before. I would move the plugs in and out gently twisting them and holding them at point the widest part was in her sphincter, stretching her ass for my cock. I was on the second to last one when Heather reached into the suitcase and removed the vibrator. She turned it on and it had a low steady hum. She was very wet with lube and cum running down her legs so she just rubbed it over the outside of her pussy which made her cum again. I was amazed at how many orgasms she could have. I had only had two and she had to be close to 100.

Heather took the vibrator and held it up to her very erect clit and as it came into contact with it she came again almost pushing the butt plug out of her ass. I heard her screaming into the pillows again and had to fuck her. I slowly removed the plug and held her ass open as I positioned my cock at the entrance to her tight hole. I squeezed more lube onto my cock and her hole. I slowly eased my cock into her ass. I heard her scream like a banshee as I pushed it in deeper than the plugs had gone. I felt her ass resist me slightly by squeezing; trying to stop it, but that wasn’t going to do it. I had put all eight inches inside her ass and just held it there to let her get used to the sensation. And to be honest I’m not sure I could have moved it with her squeezing it. I felt her muscle relax and I began to move my cock out slowly. I stroked in and out of her ass for what seemed like twenty minutes but was probably more like five. I could feel her body tighten up and I felt pressure from inside but it was different from the pressure of the sphincter, then it hit me; it was the vibrator in her pussy. She had started to fuck herself with it and in the process made her ass tighter and given me the sensation of the vibrations. I reached under her and found her clit with my hand and began rubbing it really hard. I began cumming in her ass and as I shot my load deep inside her she bucked harder than she had before cumming so hard she pushed the vibrator out of her and onto the floor where it buzzed away. I felt a hot flood of her juices hit my balls and thighs and she went limp under me and I, still inside her, fell on top of her. I stayed there listening to her breathing, well more like panting and heard the buzzing on the floor from the vibrator.

I was kissing her back and neck again when she came to and started to roll over. I was still inside her, barely, but it was inside. She reached back and caressed my hip which tickled enough to make me move and I pulled out of her ass. A flood of cum came rushing out of her and ran down her pussy and onto the bed. I started to get the towel and was preparing to go back to my room to get dressed when she turned and looked at me. I thought she was angry but to the contrary she said “will you bring me something to wear?” I looked at the desperation in her eyes and nodded. I was down the hall in a flash and had managed to get her a pair of my boxers and a white t-shirt. I changed into a pair of loose shorts and a t-shirt to match the one for Heather. I went back to Heather’s room and as I entered she had put the toys away and closed the suitcase. Her clothes were still wet from earlier and she took the clothes I gave her. I laughed a little when she got into the boxers as they were a little too big on her and kept slipping down to her hips revealing the top of her pubic hair and in the back the first few inches of ass crack. I liked the way my t-shirt almost fit her too. It was a little too tight but as she had no other options, as my parents’ room was locked, we had guns in the house, and I thought it suited her considering the recent activity. I noticed that her tits were stretching the shirt nicely and it was allowing a good look at her nipples due to the thin fabric.

We exited the room separately Heather first and about ten minutes later I joined her and Mary in the living room. We exchanged glances and once in a while I could see into the open fly of the boxers and saw her pussy as it was more pink than before and a little puffy. I also noticed that when Heather walked around she was more deliberate and almost like she was hurt. I too walked differently; my cock was so sensitive that the thought of wearing boxers myself made my stomach hurt. We all sat there in silence and watched some silly cartoon that Mary was watching.

It was nearly 2:00pm on Saturday when the call came. It was my parents and they wanted to stay another night and wanted to know if Heather could “watch” us for another night. I saw her sly grin as she answered my mom with a resounding “yes, I would LOVE to.” Mary cheered out loud and I pretended to not like the idea but would look at Heather when Mary wasn’t looking and exchange smiles.

We were surprised when the weather changed and it started raining. They say “if you don’t like the weather, wait ten minutes it will change” and they were right. When we got up it was sunny and warm and by two thirty the sky was dark, it was raining and the temperature had dropped almost twenty degrees. I could see Heather was getting cold as her nipples were almost poking through the thin t-shirt that barely held her breasts. And her long legs were getting goose bumps causing the very fine hairs on them to stand up. I grabbed the blanket on the end of the couch and pretending to be cold too, moved next to Heather on the couch and covered our bodies with the blanket. I saw that my sister seemed unaware of the move and was not showing signs of being cold. I pulled the blanket up around us and as soon as I did Heather’s hands were in my shorts. I felt her, more gently than before, grab my cock and began stroking it with long slow deliberate strokes. I was in heaven, I reached over and found the fly in the boxers and reached inside to find a very wet and hot pussy just aching for more attention.

I put my hand through the fly hole and felt Heather open her legs allowing me access to her pussy. I felt the heat and moisture of it and it made my cock swell and as it did Heather looked at me and squeezed me harder. I let out a little moan and shifted position a little. I began rubbing her wet slit and to my joy I noted her clit was so sensitive that when I just barely touched it she would spasm. After several twitches from her clit she leaned over and took my ear in her mouth whispering if I make her scream she’ll bite off my ear. I got a devilish look on my face and increased my assault on her clit. It was obviously difficult for her to keep from screaming as she had nearly bitten my ear off twelve times and it was pretty tender. I inserted a very wet finger into her pussy to have her bite me yet again. I felt her body rock in rhythm with my finger as she reached her climax. I couldn’t hold back any longer and came all over Heather’s hand. I think she was getting even because after I had finished cumming she kept stroking me, I thought I was going to die. It hurt but at the same time it felt great to have a beautiful woman stroking my cock. Then something happened I never thought possible; my cock was getting hard again.

Heather had got me up again; she leaned back to my ear and whispered to keep going. Who was I to deny her so I began moving my finger in and out of her pussy some more making flood of her cum run out and down her crack. I inserted another finger and then another each one giving her more pleasure all the while stroking my cock. I lasted for almost thirty minutes when I came again and in my pleasure I moaned a little too loudly and got the attention of Mary who turned around. Heather, with three of my fingers still in her, thinking fast said I think David is sick and I’m going to take him to bed. My sister Bayan Escort didn’t even blink and just turned back to the TV, damn she is oblivious. I removed my fingers from Heather’s soaking pussy and she removed her cum covered hand from my shorts. We got up and headed to my room.

Heather shut and locked the door behind her as we entered. She stripped me of my shorts and t-shirt and started removing her clothes; I helped by ripping the thin t-shirt from her large breasts. I moved into her and took her left nipple in my mouth as I reached down to the loose fitting boxers pushing them down about halfway down her thighs when gravity took them to the floor. Heather had wrapped her hands around my cock and was stroking it again and in no time it was hard as it has ever been. It felt like I could drive nails with it. I started towards the bed and Heather stopped me by wrapping her leg around me. She jumped up and in one swift move had me holding her with her legs around my back and her arms around my neck. My face was in her chest and I could feel the heat from her pussy hovering just above my cock. I looked up into her eyes as she slid down onto my cock slowly as far as it would go. Gravity was very helpful today first with the boxers and now with making me go deeper than I had been inside Heather. I could see the lust in her eyes as she held me there; her pussy muscles tightening and milking my cock. I watched as she began to push up and down with her legs and as we got into a rhythm I was lifting her up and down with my arms. I carried her to the wall and we crashed into it kind of hard but that didn’t stop us. We were going to fuck until we passed out.

It was almost an hour later when I finally came, Heather had cum for most of the session. I let gravity pull Heather down onto my cock so that the tip was up against her cervix (thank you Mr. Taylor my health class teacher). I shot so much cum into her my balls were pulled up inside of me. I started to lose my ability to stand and we went to the floor. I was lying there twitching this time, breathing hard and totally spent. As I pulled out of Heather I saw a stream of cum run out of her pussy and down her thigh. She reached down and gathered some of it up and tasted it. I looked at her and she smiled and said “it’s us, do you want to taste us?” She took another bit of the mixture and brought it to my lips. I reluctantly took it into my mouth and tasted it; it was salty and sweet at the same time. It wasn’t gross; I began kissing her deeply letting the taste mix in our mouths.

We took a fast shower, making sure to get those hard to reach places. We got into some more presentable clothes as her shorts and tank top were now dry she wore those, still no panties or bra. I got into a pair of black sweat pants and a t-shirt. We came out together this time and went to the kitchen to make dinner. We had spaghetti and garlic bread with corn on the cob. I couldn’t help but notice that Heather was teasing me by pretending the corn was my cock and she was giving it the licking it deserved. I could barely eat but not because of the teasing. I was hungry but not for food. Mary ate her dinner and went to the living room to play. Heather and I took care of the dishes and cleaned the kitchen. I was watching her as she was at the sink; her long legs were glistening in the light as if they were wet. I couldn’t help myself and I would run my hand up the back of her thighs to the bottom of her shorts; which were just at the line where the ass cheek starts and the leg ends, I would run my fingers across the shorts toward her tightest hole causing her to jump a little when I did. She was starting to tremble when I looked at the clock.

Time had gotten away from us some how and it was now eight o’clock. It was still before our bed time but Mary had fallen asleep already on the couch. I took her to bed again and Heather tucked her in like the night before, this time I stood behind her cupping her tits and pushing my cock against her as she did it. Heather reached behind her and found by pointing cock and took it out. We hadn’t even left Mary’s room when she did this I was so afraid she would wake up and see us. Heather sensed my fear and led me out of the room by my cock. We went to her room as the bed was bigger and it was on the opposite end of the house from my sister’s room. Heather sat me down on the bed and proceeded to strip for me. I loved it because she would rub her pussy and let me taste it. She took her time and I think she had an orgasm or two during this. I was hard and pre-cum was running down my shaft. When Heather saw it she would lean in and lick it off swallowing it each time. Of course that got me even harder. Heather knelt down in front of me and took my cock into her mouth with out using her hands; those were busy rubbing her pussy and ass. I was so close to cumming in her mouth. I watched her head bob up and down on my cock. I looked into her eyes and saw the total lust she had for me and I think she saw mine. I pulled her up off of my cock and laid her on the bed. I slowly began kissing and licking her naked body feeling her react to my actions. I started to move down her body when she grabbed me and got my cock into her mouth again. I was straddling her head and my mouth was just over her pussy. I figured out later that it was the sixty-nine position. I licked away at her clit and pussy gently probing her ass with my fingers. Every time I did she would suck harder and deeper on me. I made her cum several times and after about an hour of this; Heather pulled me out of her mouth and moved me onto my back. She climbed on top of my wet and hard cock allowing gravity to take over she slid down to the hilt. It felt tighter that normal and then I noticed I was in her ass again this time under her control. I flexed the muscle and made my cock lurch inside her ass. She squealed and said “what was that?” I did it again and she squirted some juices out onto my belly. I reached down and took a taste; it was so sweet. I began rubbing her clit and made her cum again. Heather began to slide up and down on my cock, pulling it out more each time. I found a good rhythm and fucked for at least two hours.

I was close to cumming again when Heather got off my cock and told me to fuck her from behind. I positioned myself behind her and reached between her legs to feel the wetness there. I slid my cock against her lips making sure to bump into her clit several times sending shivers through her body. I held my cock at the entrance to her pussy and slowly pushed its entire length inside her. I felt her push back against me when I thought it was in all the way and it went in about an inch more and I could feel her cervix again. I began moving in and out of her pussy; pounding away on her cervix and feeling my balls slap against her clit. He body moved back into me with every thrust. I reached around with one hand and grabbed her tits, pinching the nipples. I noticed the vibrator was sticking out from under the pillow to my right. I picked it up and turned it on. It was a surprise to Heather when she felt it against her sphincter. I heard her yelp and as the sensation coursed through her body I could see her ass almost open for me. I slowly pushed the vibrator into her ass, which was still very wet from the foreplay. I felt the vibrations inside her pussy on my cock. I was lost in the moment and was unaware of her cumming continuously now. I kept fucking her for another twenty minutes. When my orgasm hit I thought I had died. I fell forward and wound up pushing Heather down into the bed. She and I just lie there lost in ecstasy, twitching, her pussy would grab me and I would flex my cock and she would flinch. It was and erotic circle.

We woke up in each others arms, spooning. Heather was so warm and I looked at the clock it was almost 8:00am. I smiled and started to close my eyes and go back to heaven. I sat up with a start as I realized: it’s Sunday morning, my parents were probably on their way home and I could hear my sister Mary was already up and moving (the TV was on). I kissed Heather awake and had to get her attention as she was in another place mentally. I reminded her of the situation and she jumped out of the bed. My god she was beautiful. I watched her get dressed back into her sun dress this time without panties. I grabbed my clothes and got dressed and headed to my room praying my sister wouldn’t see me leaving Heather’s room. I got there undetected and showered quickly, got dressed in some jeans and yet another t-shirt (I don’t know what happened to the one I ripped off Heather). I went out to the living room to find my sister lying on the couch asleep as if she came out in the middle of the night and fell asleep there. I woke her and she looked up and smiled. I said “Mom and Dad are coming home today, and Heather will be going home.” Mary looked so sad, even though Heather barely spent any time with her this weekend. I monopolized her time, just a little. Moments later Heather came out of her room and smiled at me. I couldn’t help but think how much this weekend had changed me and what the future would hold for us. It was pretty normal for the rest of the time we had with Heather. We managed to keep our hands to ourselves, mostly, some heavy petting. When my parents returned home Mary ran out to meet them and I think Heather looked like she was going to cry. I went to Heather’s room just before her father arrived to pick her up. I gave her a long kiss and hug. She told me to behave myself and we both chuckled. I watched her walk to the car from the front porch and saw the sun light up her silhouette again as she got into the car and blew me a kiss.

I heard her boyfriend had bought her a new car and they got back together and they went off to college together. I never saw her again. I always wonder what could have been and thank her for being my first. I love you Heather, wherever you are.

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