My Friend’s Hotwife


My tongue ran the length of her luscious labia, the slight womanly tang from her prodigiously wet pussy saturating my mouth and my mind. Her tanned, sleek legs were spread wide, her white heels rested on my back while I nibbled and licked her pretty, pink pussy. She lightly pushed her loins against me with increasing satisfaction.

Lifting my gaze I noted her right hand cupping her large right boob, the fingers of her left hand tweaking her hardened nipple. Reaching for her left breast, my right hand mimicked her loving assault on her opposite nip.

I’d wanted to fuck Stacy, my buddy’s uber sexy wife, since we’d first met. She was a blonde knockout and without even trying oozed sexuality. The way she moved, her stylish wardrobe, and her natural beauty including her drop dead gorgeous body, worked a certain trance-inducing magic on me and any red blooded male she met. When John told me she enjoyed being a ‘hotwife’ and was interested in me joining her for a session, how could I refuse?

Soon after, I found myself with this unbelievably sensuous creature. Sliding her skimpy dress down past her DDD breasts, I kissed her supple lips, and teased those voluptuous tits with my mouth and hands. She leaned back on the couch as I performed cunnilingus on her slit voicing her approval as I ate her. I was rock hard and wanted to slide into her immediately but waited patiently for her lead.

“Stand up baby, let me see what we’re working with.”

Not wanting to disappoint I stood before her as she unbuckled my belt and dropped my jeans. “Ummm, I like seeing a man with a bulge in his underwear. It turns me on knowing it’s for me.” She pulled down my briefs and grabbed my extended cock. I could feel her moist tongue beneath my rod as she slowly ran her mouth up and down my massive hard-on. Gripping the base with her left hand, the fingers from her right deftly teased my balls and eryaman arabaya gelen escortlar scrotum.

Pulling me from her lips she stroked me with both hands watching my re-action with her big blue eyes. Her make-up was done masterfully, accenting her already beautiful face. Our eyes locked expectantly as she slid me back into her saliva coated hole.

Gasping inadvertently, I watched the length of my cock disappear in her mouth and throat. Her hands rested on my thighs and I covered them with mine. Her manicured fingernails matched the shade of her lipstick. “What a beauty,” I thought to myself as she backed off the deep throat she’d been delivering.

Lightly, I took her head in my hands and began slowly fucking her mouth with my extended manhood. Our eyes met again before she grabbed my ass cheeks in approval of my oral fucking.

Pausing momentarily, she took my hands to stand in the white pumps and said, “I love your cock Timothy. It’s so…symmetrical.” I embraced her in a long, luscious kiss, her breasts pressed against me as our tongues battled inside our mouths. “Now fuck me baby, fuck me with your beautiful cock. Fuck me like the dirty slut I am!”

Whispering in her ear I said, “You’re one gorgeous slut for sure.”

Lying back against the armrest of the couch with her light blue dress bunched around her waist, she beckoned me. “Missionary first baby so I can see your eyes and your cock too.”

After removing my remaining clothes and lubing our privates liberally, I teased Stacy, slowly parting her vaginal lips with the bulbous head of my dick. Slowly, gradually, I entered her sweet honey pot, easing in and out. With each additional teasing thrust I gained access, slowly easing into her inner tissues, her womanly deliciousness.

“Oh my god that feels good. You really fill a girl up!”

Our eyes locked in sincan escort bayan pleasure as I increased the speed and depth of my penetration.

“Ummm.” “Ughh.” We exchanged guttural confirmation of our increased passion.

Closing her eyes Stacy lifted her pelvis to meet my thrusts. Arching her back her big tits spread across her chest. “Hold your tits up for me,” I instructed as I sucked one, then the other nipple.

“Pound me Timothy, pound my pussy!”

Like animals we fucked with abandon. “Oh, oh. Slow down baby- that was good but now I need to ride you.”

Standing before her, she took my tool in hand and fellated me briefly before indicating I should lie on the couch. Straddling me she lowered her sweetness on my rigid shaft. Guiding my hands to her tits she rocked on my cock taking me deeper and deeper in her juicy vagina. Her curled blonde locks hung down her back. The view from below, from her tits to her beautifully made up face, gave me pause to relish this lucky coupling.

“God you are a good looking woman Stacy.”

“You’re not so bad yourself.” Lowering her chest to my face she added, “Now hush and suck my big tits.”

Obliging, I alternated breasts while she continued riding the deep penetration of my stiff dick. Thumbing her clit while she sat straight up appeared to intensify her satisfaction. “Oh, ooo, oh,” was all she could muster as her body shook in absolute pleasure.

Climbing off of me Stacy assured me, “I need some more of THAT, Timothy. Fuck me doggy?” Without waiting for an answer she engulfed my erection in her mouth before arranging her body for rear entry. She’d lubed my cock generously before availing her beautifully rounded ass. I licked her anus and pussy lightly before shoving my hardness into her love tunnel again. Holding her curved hips I plunged in and out of her pussy, the actuality of being gölbaşı sınırsız escort with this beauty spurring me on.

Touching her asshole with my thumb I asked, “Would you like my finger in your ass?”

Glancing back she smiled wickedly. “You ARE a naughty boy! Use some lube and be gentle, ok?”

My right index finger mimicked the penetration of my hard on. As I slid my dick into her my finger eased out to the tip, then back in.

Remaining stationary, she allowed my backdoor bashing of her love nest and ass. I continued my invasion before removing my finger. Grabbing those shapely hips I increased the intensity of my deep strokes.

Holding a vibrator to her clit she was soon bucking against me reaching for another climax.

“Oh baby, you feel so good, make me cum for you! I want to cum for you,” I said.

“Oh, oh, oh, ummmm, oh!” Stacy seemed to be in another dimension as she writhed with orgasm. “Oh Timothy, oh keep fucking me. God that feels good. Now pound me until you’re ready then feed me your cum. I want to taste your load.”

She felt amazing and I was at the edge of the precipice. I could feel my ejaculate building as her pussy continued to stoke my fire. “Ok Stacy, turn around- I’m ready- I’m going to cum…”

I pulled my love pole from her pussy. I stroked my length gently as she turned and arranged herself on the couch.

Plunging over the edge of sexual satisfaction I came in spurts of viscous love juice. Splashing her pretty face with my first two seismic shots, I lowered my aim to unload in her mouth. I continued to spurt and watched as her mouth overflowed down her chin. Some of the semen dripped on her big breasts making her look like a pornstar in a Peter North video.

Stacy made a show of swallowing part of my load before grabbing my staff and re-inserting it between her moist, pink lips. With a smile on her cum plastered face she remarked, “Oh my god that was amazing Timothy. You’re an awesome lover!”

“You’re pretty good yourself,” I said in response.

“I’m going to tell John to make sure we do this again! Maybe I’ll let you fuck my ass next time,” she said coyly. “Now get down here and kiss me…then get out of here!”

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